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Moonlight Part 7

Story Title: What a Little Moonlight can do - Part 7
Summary: The Joker has no intention of Posting Bail.
Genre: I dunno (little help?)
Pairing: The Joker/Desdemona
Rating: PG 13
Disclaimer: I don't believe anyone owns the Joker. Joker for all! But I bet DC comics and Warner Bros. might disagree.
Author Notes: Not spoiler-y at all, but a little adult. Mild violence, and some language this chapter. Also, I use lyrics from the scissor sisters in this piece. I didn't write them. Comment are teh awesome!

Across the street a van sat silent in the dark, watching Desi twirl on the swing. Inside the van, the two thieves looked on, puzzled. "What are we doing here?" asked one. The other leaned back and replied, "We're keeping an eye on her. I'm not going back to base without her." he shifted uncomfortably, "Let her get this out of her system, then we can picked her up and go."

Just then, a police car pulled up with its flood light on Desi. "Look at this." said the first hood, sitting up to see through the windshield. "Shit." the second one commented. They looked on as she talked with the police for what seemed like twenty minutes. "Jesus, what is she doing?" the second one asked. The first made a face, "She's getting in way over her head. That's what she's doing." Just then, a spectacular explosion rocked the neighborhood, sending tiny pieces of the schoolhouse flaming into the night. The thieves looked on helpless as the cops swarmed on Desi, arresting her. The second thief swallowed hard.

"Let's go." He said, watching the police car drive away. "We better go tell the freak." he said solemnly.

It was a raucous affair at his home that morning. All the crews were returning, reporting their duties accomplished and getting paid. The Joker sat, specked with red paint, his eye repeatedly drawing to the news playing in the corner. The two thieves walked in slowly, making their way to the back of the line. As they reached the Joker, he looked at the and then looked about for Desi. "Morning, boys." He said, cheery as ever, "So, did Wayside School fall down?" he asked.

The older of the two nodded "Yes sir, its gone." The Joker furrowed his brow, reading the situation. "Where is Desdemona?" He asked cautiously. "She fell behind sir." the thief began. The Joker cocked his head, squinted slightly and turned his attention soley to this thief. "What do you mean, 'she fell behind'?" He demanded.

The second thief interjected, "It was the police. They showed up and she was arrested." The Joker ran his tongue across his back teeth slowly, and was then silent for an uncomfortable amount of time. The mob began whispering among itself. Some decided it wasn't worth sticking around and backed out quietly. Others shuffled about, distancing themselves from these two guys. Joker rounded the counter he was standing behind and approached the two men. "So you were able to get away, but she wasn't?" He asked.

The younger spoke first, "Yeah, that's what happened" he lied. They cut a nervous eye to each other. The Joker began pacing about the room. "So she could be telling the police anything right now?" He asked, his tone bordering maniacal, "She could be bringing them here right now."

The older thief spoke up, "Sir, Desi would never do that. She'd die first." The joker pulled his trusty knife and began pointing with it. "How could you let this happen?" He said, alternating so as to point at each of them. They just looked on, unsure of what to say. The joke brought his knife up as if to make a point, but was interrupted by the morning news.

Breaking news on this Tuesday morning.
Citizens are shocked and police baffled as billboards all over Gotham now display bizarre, potentially threatening graffiti, believed to be left by The Joker.

Many signs include his now trademark smile insignia, and include phrases such as 'Why does anybody still live in Gotham?' and even more disturbing, 'It the start of any important day.' Commissioner Gordon has assured the public that the police are doing everything they can to track the criminal known as The Joker, and will address public concerns in a press conference this afternoon at four.

Wait...this just in: Gothamites are falling prey to what doctor's are describing as a massive cyanide poisoning. Police are unsure of the sources of the cyanide, but are urging citizens to consume only thing they are absolutely certain of. More details of this despicable crime as they are made available. Thank you for watching GNN Good Morning.

The Joker lowered his knife, took a step back, and howled with laughter. Waiving his hands, he gasped for air as his laugh filled the room. "Maybe.." he started, choking back laughter, "all the good commissioner needs is a cup of joe." The threw his head back and just laughed. A few of the mob even chuckled a bit. Bringing himself upright, Joker jumped up and down a few times to shake it out and refocus. Bringing the knife up again, he asked instantly serious, "So, which of you left her."

The two criminals looked at each other knowingly. "It was my operation. I should take the responsibility" The elder said. Joker rolled on his heels, "That's very noble of you." he began, "Aren't you cousins?" The Thief nodded, and the Joker returned one. He then pounced on the other thief, his knife on the man's throat. "Let this be a lesson to both of you." he said, his eyes moving between them, "When someone entrusts you with something that belongs to them, you should take extreme care of it. Understand?" Both men nervously nodded. The Joker sighed, "Good."

He then cut the younger criminals throat, as a helpless and panicked look overcame the older. The young man collapsed to the floor, blood pouring out of him. The older criminal went to his knees, hovering over him as he died. "My God." he mumbled, his voice trembling. The Joker turned, looking down on them as if mildly annoyed at the sight. "Now." he continued, "it appears that we have to go pick up Desdemona this afternoon."

The remaining mob shifted about. "How are we going to get her out of MCU?" asked one of them. The Joker, realizing his had blood on his hands, began to walk toward the bathroom, "I'm just gonna walk in and take her." He said, disappearing from sight.

Meanwhile, at major case unit, no one knew quite what to do with the new arrival. She sat in lockup, while cops gathered in the corners of the room to get a look at her and gossip about just how she'd gotten there. Gordon had yet to arrive, and with the sudden panic over poisonings in town, no one knew when to expect him. Several cops resigned that she was simply a copycat, noting the Joker's Church bombing just days before. Desi rested her face against the bars and merrily addressed the crowd of onlookers. "I'm not a copycat." she said, giggling. "Tell me," she continued, wide-eyed with enthusiasm, "Is this the exact same cell The Joker was locked in?" The cops made a disgusted face and backed away from the cell. She just smiled back, and began singing loudly,

"I can't decide
Whether you should live or die
Oh, you'll probably go to heaven
Please don't hang your head and cry
No wonder why
My heart feels dead inside
It's cold and hard and petrified
Lock the doors and close the blinds
We're going for a ride

Bullock entered the room and looked around at all the police. "Why are we standing around with our collective dicks in our hands?" He cut an eye to officer Martinez, "Oh, except you Martinez." The arresting officer spoke up, "This girl is just crazy." Bullock looked over at the girl in the cage. At 5'5", he didn't see the threat. "Quiet in there!" he shouted. She laughed, and continued even louder:

It's a bitch convincing people to like you
If I stop now call me a quitter
If lies were cats you'd be a litter
Pleasing everyone isn't like you"

Bullock turned to the other officers, "Gordon's on his way in, I'm processing her." He walked over to the cell and began tapping on the bars. Desi leaned in his direction, "Hi daddy." She said. Bullock sneered and rounded to the door, "Come on, I'd like a few words with you." She pursed her lips, and responded with a telling moan. "Why not?" she shrugged, hopping up. "Sweetie, you're only chance of getting out of here is cooperation." He said, grabbing her arm.

"I highly doubt that." She responded flatly. "Why is that, exactly?" He asked. Desi stretched on the tips of her toes, "Because I have friends." She said, very matter-of-fact. "I didn't think pathetic loser criminals made friends." he replied dryly. "No dear, that's you." She replied, "And what's with all the chauvinistic nicknames around here? Are you guys nomenclature deficients or what?" Bullock responded by shoving her into an interrogation room. Desi rolled her eyes and walked to the table and sat down.

Bullock watched from the door. Desi scanned the room. "Does that camera work?" she asked, pointing to the security camera. "Tell you what." she began, "Let me out of here, and before I go, you can take me right here, on this table." she said, tapping on it, "Look, I'm already handcuffed." She waved the handcuffs at him. "So that's what you're into, is it?" He scoffed. "Wasn't last time, who knows." she replied. "I'll pass." Bullock spat, and Desi roared with laughter. "Do you really think you're in a position to be turning it down?" she said laughingly as Jim Gordon walked in. "Oh, thank God! Commissioner, this officer has been very inappropriate with me." Desi said with mock sincerity. Jim just looked her over, "I bet." He turned to Bullock and nodded, and Bullock left. "Bye daddy!" Desi called after him.

It had already been a long day for Jim Gordon, and it was only just after noon. He now sat across from the demented goth sister of Sailor Moon, and he was already tired of it. Desi placed her elbow on the table between them, resting her head in her hands. "You look tired." She said.

"You know, the general consensus around here is that you're a copycat. But I don't think that." He said, removing his glasses and rubbing his eyes. "That's because you a lot smarter than most people here." Desi responded seriously. "I think..." Jim started, "You are involved in some way with the Joker."

Desi lit up inside. "Is it that obvious?" She thought, suddenly warm inside. "That's why its so important that you work with us." Gordon interrupted, "If he is forcing you in some way, or giving you something we can help you. We can protect you." he commented, resting a hand on top of hers.

"No he just didn't?" Desi thought, anger welling up inside her. "I am so sure that your Ned Flanders-lookin' ass in going to condescend to me!" But just then, calm washed on her. Tears welled up in her eyes and she covered her mouth.

"You can...protect me?" she asked low, just above a whisper. Jim leaned in, "Yeah, we can." He said in a reassuring tone, "I just need your name and some information from you." Desi wiped her streaming tears and swallowed hard. "Its um...It Helen, Helen Scott" she whispered. Jim nodded affirmatively, "That's good." Desi looked around, confused, "Wait...I'm sorry, I don't think that's right." Jim smiled, "It's ok, take your time." Desi blinked a few times, and responded. "Okay, it's Judith. Judith! I'm Judith Ryerson!" Gordon stood to go run the information, "That's great. Thanks, Judith."

As he when to the door, Desi called out to him, "Of course, it could be Sarah. Or Vivianne. Or maybe it's Andrea." She smiled as the look on Gordon's face melted away. "Could be Amy, or Amber, and for reason Mandie seems right. Damn you Barry Mannilow." Shaking his head at her, he opened the door and instructed the officer to lock her back in the cage. "Wait, wait! Maybe I'm a Barbara! Or SUSANN!!!" she shouted, laughing as he bolted from the room.

Back in her cell, she reclined on the bed, waiting patiently. There weren't many people in the building, which Desi found odd but also comforting. "Guess you guys have a big mess to clean up and all." She thought. She looked around at the damaged building, smugly remembering that it was the Joker who had destroyed. She let her left leg dangle off the cot lazily. She had no idea lockup was so boring.

A pathetically clean-cut rookie came over with a paper cup of water and offered it to her. Taking a sip, she asked what time it was. The young cops said, "It's 4:15." She nodded reassuringly. "It must be tough on you." She commented sweetly, "I mean, what does your girlfriend think of you working in a building that still hasn't been repaired after a psychopath blew it up?" the young man blushed, "I don't have a girlfriend just yet." Desi gasped, "Oh, come on, handsome man like you? It won't be long, I'm sure. Just don't let the Commissioner work you so hard that you don't get any time to meet that special someone." she added, winking at him.

The cop smiled and looked at his shoes. "No ma'am, I won't. Commissioner Gordon's a great boss. He's downtown right now talking to the city about The Joker and his plans for the city. It's just tough with there being so few of us to go around. And with the Batman being public enemy number one..." Desi nodded understandingly, as Det. Bullock walked into the room. "Why is the 'probie' talking to the dangerous criminal alone?" he shouted.

"Re-laaaaax." Desi said, kneading her now bare feet. "He was just bringing me a drink of water, you know, like the good guys should." She shot an earnest smile at the young cop. Bullock ushered him away and gave her a warning glance before leaving the building.

It had grown very quiet in holding, and sparing the few thugs making lewd comments at Desi, it was peaceful. Even the cop standing watch dozed lightly. No one seemed to notice the single pane of glass breaking out across the room. A small object rolled across the floor and then came to a stop. Desi laid on her stomach, looking out at the open room when she noticed it, and immediately remembered it from her days at the armory. She immediately plugged her ears as the small device emitted a frequency, blowing out all the windows on the floor.

Even plugged, her ears hurt. Yet immediately following the blast, two grenades came bouncing into the the room. Desi quickly grabbed the mattress she was laying on and rolled under the metal cot. From there she felt the rumble of the explosions and heard several items fall hard onto the metal frame of the cot. Then she heard what she had been waiting for all day.

From outside, amplified, came his voice. "You have something which belongs to me." The voice boomed, "I don't like it...when other people touch my things." This was followed by the sound of an explosion which must have been on another floor. Desi peeked from the mattress to see the Joker walk confidently from out of the smoke.

He calmly grabbed the keys from the desk with the now dead policeman, and unlocked her cell. She crawled out and stood to meet him. "I thought I told you to wait in the car." she said, "Oh, and could you please kill that guy right there, he was very rude." She gestured to the lewd commenter who now stood petrified.

The Joker walked over, and grabbing after his hands, placed a grenade in them. He patted the guy on the cheek and said, "Don't let go now!" before laughingly turning back. He grabbed Desi's hand, who began skipping out of the now destroyed room. The Joker said little to her and in fact put her in a separate car with instructions to take her straight home. She looked out the back window until she could no longer see him, and turning back to sit, remarked, "Now that is how you pick up a lady."

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Tags: featuring: the joker, genre: movieverse, rating: pg-13
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