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Moonlight, Part 8

Story Title: What a Little Moonlight can do - Part 8
Summary: Nothing like a lesson in one's worth.
Genre: I dunno (little help?)
Pairing: The Joker/Desdemona
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I don't believe anyone owns the Joker. Joker for all! But I bet DC comics and Warner Bros. might disagree.
Author Notes: Not spoiler-y at all, but This one's Adult! Mild violence. Comment are teh awesome!

Desi entered the loft exhilarated, but when she turned she noticed a distant look on the Joker's face. She looked around, hoping to get a read from one of the other guys. Suddenly nervous, she swallowed hard, "What?" she asked.

Pulling his knife, he approached her without looking at her. "Do you know...why I use a knife?" he asked. She searched that phrase for the tiniest example of humor, and finding none, slowly shook her head. The Joker gave one affirming nod and clicked his tongue. "People give themselves away when they realize the end is near. With a gun the end isn't near, it's already here and gone." He stopped a step from her. "I wanna know who I'm killing, and for intimacy, nothing beats the knife. I don't like...what's going on between us." He started, "I don't like it. Rescuing you, it's so...banal."

He cut an eye to her, "Do you have anything to say for yourself?" He took a step toward her, enveloping any personal space and bringing his knife up to the bottom button of her vest. "Staying behind, it was stupid." she said, her body almost rigid with the cold steel so near it. "It was stupid?" He asked, pulling up suddenly and cutting the bottom button away from her vest. It hit the floor of the loft with a resonating tap. "I was stupid." Desi responded, a single panicked breath escaping her.

The Joker brushed his hair away with his free hand, "...and can we afford to have stupid people around?" Desi shook her head and took a step back, which was immediately followed by the Joker. "It was an accident. It won't happen again." she quietly pleaded. The Joker brought the knife up with a jerking motion, and it moved back cutting into Desi's navel. "Oops." the Joker exclaimed, laughingly, "Accident." Desi closed her eyes, and a single tear fell down her face.

"Are you nervous? I thought you weren't afraid to die." The Joker asked, cutting away another button. Desi took a deep, but broken breath, "I'm not." she added, "I'm just having so much fun." The Joker tilted his head to the left and took a step, pushing Desi back another. "Is that what this is?" he demanded. She trembled, sure she had signed her death warrant. "No. Wh-what I mean is..." she started, panicking, "That you're so amazing, and clever, and..." He interrupted, "And you are?" She exhaled deeply, "I am... nothing."

The Joker responded by cutting off another button.

She took another step back, only to find that she was now backed to a wall, a sealed windowsill behind her. It was boarded up from the outside. He wasn't looking at her face, instead focusing on his knife resting under her last three buttons, chuckling softly to himself.

Seeking to calm herself, Desi took a deep breath, "I'm just, I'm...inconstant. Even now, I should be listening." she exclaimed, looking up at the ceiling, "This could be the last thing I ever hear and yet, I gotta admit the truth, part of this is turning me on."

The Joker looked up quickly, cutting of two of the remaining buttons in one swipe. The force of it made Desi tremble and take a panicked breath. He leaned very near her face, as if to kiss her and said, "Only part of it?" he said, pursing his lips.

"Well, the part where you're probably gonna kill me.. is a bit of a buzzkill." She answered nervously. The Joker exploded with laughter, pulling the knife away and doubling over beside her. "That's what I love about you, Des-" he howled, "your timing is flawless."

She smiled, and sighed, dropping her shoulders. Lightning fast, he was back against her, knife removing the final button and wrapping his long right hand around her neck. He pushed into her, and she inched up partially onto the windowsill.

With the vest now button less and hanging open, barely covering her, he traced the knife down her skirt and used the blade to lift it. Peeking beneath, he lifted to reveal lace boy shorts and her garter belt both a bright, vibrant green.

He laughed, "Are those for me?" he asked jovially. "It's all for you." she replied solemnly, "All of it." He slid the knife into the boy shorts, carefully bringing it around to the crotch. His eyes locked with hers and he asked her, "What are you?" she smirked back, "I'm nothing." He brought the knife down, cutting away the underwear in its path.

"I'm worthless." she continued, "I'm empty. Compared to you..." she faded, watching him release her and pocket the knife. He hastily began to unbutton him pants and grabbed her thighs, pulling them around him and bracing her weight. As he returned his gaze to her, she continued, "Compared to you, I'm less than nothing."

Lacing his hands inside her garter belts, he pulled her down and pinning her against the wall, plunged into her. She gasped at the force of him, and brought her head forward to let the small of her back brace her weight. The Joker began by dropping low, almost pulling out before thrusting forcefully into her. Desi held to him as best she could. Being slammed against the brick hurt, but it also felt amazing.

She ran both hands through his hair and pulled gently as his pace quickened, shortening his stroke. Neither seemed to notice the mob still across the room, nor did either seem to care as she cried out in ecstasy. He freed his hands and grabbed her ass, squeezing it hard as she wrapped her legs around his body and hooked them behind him.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and he grabbed her waist and swung around, still connected. "No!" she squealed, "Don't stop, Goddammit!" He laughed so hard he ran into the counter, knocking several cannisters over and sending broken glass flying. They continued to the sofa, where he tossed her down, sending her bouncing down the length.

The Joker stood at the end of the couch looking down at her. Desi quickly turned and began crawling on here hands and knees toward him. She hungrily took him in her mouth, making small counter-clockwise circled with her tongue. He responded by taking control of her head and pacing her strokes.

He slowed his pace and lifted his hands, letting Desi work at a natural pace. He then pulled away and lifted her chin to face him. "What are you, again?" he asked, poised before her. "I'm nothing." she panted, "Nothing."

The Joker loomed over her powerfully. "You're going to turn around now," He ordered, "and the only word I want to hear from those lips is 'please'. Do you understand." Desi nodded slowly, turning around.

He entered her again, with more force, and began thrusting with a crazed pace. His hands rested on her hips and his rhythm grew erratic. Then the Joker began making strained sounds of pleasure as he slammed into her. Desi cried out, "Oh, God!" The Joker pulled from her momentarily, "Uh-uh. What did I say?" Desi shuddered, "Please!" she said, breathless, "Oh please, pleeeeease."

Desi screamed and threw her head back, moaning the intensity of her climax. He joined her moan, and looked on panting as her body went limp from exhaustion.

Putting himself away before he sat down beside her, he looked around to see the mob has cleared out. Clicking his tongue as if confused as to why, he shrugged.

Desi pulled herself together and rolled around to sit on the sofa facing him. "My point is, don't let that happen again." he uttered between deep breaths. "Yes sir." she said, throwing her head back and breathing hard. "I won't...It won't happen again."

She rose slowly, trying to regain the feeling in her legs. "I'm going to take a shower if that's alright." she asked, to which the Joker just waved his hand dismissively.

Desi was still mildly shaken over the experience. How did I go from last rights to quickie sex? She pondered, as she stepped into the shower. Part of her wondered if he wasn't going to change his mind and burst in on her in the shower. She noted the blood on her stomach, a wound she had completely forgotten.

Finishing her shower, she stepped out and dried herself realizing she now had nothing to wear. She heard the television on in the main room, and figured the mob must be back. She collected up the fabric that once comprised her wardrobe and ventured into the main room, The news was left on the television, about the heist and the escape.

Boring fare for those who had been there. She thought, dropping the clothes into the large waste bin. "I'm going to need clothes." she called out, "Again."

But the room, in fact the loft, was empty. He was gone.

Desi threw herself on the bed. She wasn't sleepy, really, but bored and she knew she should get sleep while she could. She looked around the walls of the bedroom, trying to stifle the dread that she had ruined things with The Joker. Would he ever trust me with something important again? She wondered. She wondered what he was doing now, while she lay in bed. She admired herself smugly, At least I've got lots of really nice intimates.

She was now in a matching bra and panties of vivid blue. She rolled over and sighed. Her mind was full up with buildings burning, people she killed, her life just one week ago, and the memory of Him walking out of the destruction to collect her. She rolled up in the sheet, laid her head on his pillow and taking in his scent, fell asleep.

Note: These chapters have all been amended to shorter, easier to read paragraph form. Hopefully, between that and some more proofreading, it will be a lot easier on the reader. Much thanks to iamstillthemoon for the advice!

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Tags: featuring: the joker, genre: movieverse, rating: pg-13
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