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Moonlight Part Ten

Story Title: What a Little Moonlight can do - Part 10
Summary: "Face it Ted, Sex is Violent"
Genre: I dunno (little help?)
Pairing: The Joker/Desdemona
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I don't believe anyone owns the Joker. Joker for all! But I bet DC comics and Warner Bros. might disagree.
Author Notes: Not spoiler-y at all, but a little adult. This one's pretty violent. Comment are teh awesome!

"Ta-Da!" The Joker exclaimed as Desi slowly descended the staircase to the cellar. In the far corner, whimpering softly, was a little old lady. "This is Immelda Weston." Joker announced excitedly, "She's 79 years young, she enjoys knitting, and has seven grandchildren."

Desi chuckled softly at the presentation. The woman sat blindfolded in her housecoat, slippers covering her orthopedic socks. "Who...who is that?" she asked laughingly. Joker looked back at her and again to Desi. "That's Immelda. Good friend of mine." he started, "Say hello, Immelda." Following the silence, he replied, "Not much of a talker though."

Desi scratched at her dress and leaned in. "What is Immelda doing here?" She asked. Her spirits was incredibly lifted from the night's rest, and hope filled her that today would end the whole awful business. The Joker turned on his heels and licked his lips. "Well, she's here for you." he stated matter-of-fact. Desi pointed at herself, and The Joker nodded happily.

Desi took a step forward, leaned down and said, "Hello Immelda." The old lady trembled, and whispered, "Please let me go." Desi hopped up and walked back to The Joker. "For real, what are we doing?" she whispered. The Joker clicked his tongue and replied, "I though you wanted to be forgiven." Desi nodded, "I do. This dress is the death."

"Then impress me." He replied seriously. "There is your canvas. The worse to her, the better loved by me." He stepped back, and ushered her to the task at hand. Desi turned back to the old woman, unsure of what to do.

See, torture isn't as easy as one might think. Don't let the military fool you - they have think tanks. Standing in front of someone and coming up with things to do to them isn't as easy as Desi always imagined it would be while standing in line at the DMV. The old lady just sat there. Desi wondered if she had prayed or not. She stood there examining her.

Without warning, Desi walked forcefully to her and struck her hard with the back of her hand. "Where are the others?" she demanded. Confused, the old lady cried, "I don't know what you mean." Desi responded by slapping her harder.

"Don't toy with me!" she yelled. Blood collected at the corner of her mouth and she sobbed quietly. The Joker watched from behind, his excitement mounting. "People think you can avoid tragedy by being a good person." he began, "Well, that doesn't wash, does it Immelda?"

When she failed to respond, Desi struck her again. Immelda sobbed harder, "Please, I have a daughter. She's having a baby soon..." she cried. Desi stopped hard, and stood a few feet from her breathing heavily. The Joker walked up behind her, pressing his body into hers and smelling her hair. He brought his head down and licked the side of her neck, asking, "What are we doing next?"

As if intoxicated, Desi exhaled shaking, turned to meet his face and brought her knife into view. His smile spread enormous and he took a step back as Desi approached the old lady. She slipped the knife between the blindfold and the old lady's face. "Now, Immelda, I'm kind of a novice at this." Desi interjected, "So we're not gonna want to move around a lot, you know, that's how accidents happen."

He cut away her blindfold and fixed her eyes on the terrified old lady. "Okay." she started, "So we can get this out of the way; do you see anything on my face that...might say to you: Here is a girl who gives two shits about your daughter or her baby?" Immelda shook her head briefly.

"No. Well, that's good. There's no confusion then." Desi brought the blade to her nose and tapped it a couple of times. Desi stood, contemplating what to do. The Joker continued his point as he walked around the basement.

"The thing about tragedy is, well, its very self indulgent. Its largely a matter of perception. I mean one person's tragedy is absolutely nothing to another." he stopped, licked his lips and said, "To people like us, none of it's tragic. It's just part of the plan. In the end, everything falls to chaos in its own way. We're just one of those ways, Immelda."

The Joker stopped beside Desi and grazed her breasts with one of his hands. Desi got so excited she nearly dropped the knife. She went to the old lady and began carving things into her legs, letting the sharpness of the blade split the skin without going deep. As she cried out in unbelievable pain, Desi commented, "Just thank God Immelda, this could be your daughter. Or one of those beautiful grandchildren."

Joker sat back, watching his creation at work, a look of satisfaction washing over him. "Its the presence of random injustice that makes proof." he said as she worked. "Random injustice proves..."

Desi stopped and looked up at the old woman as she bled, "...that there is no such thing as justice." She concluded, finishing his sentence. Excited, she stood and walked to him. "I wanna strangle her. Can I?" She asked. The Joker looked hard at her, then brought his hands around her face and saying nothing, he slowly, warmly kissed her on the lips.

Desi stood with her eyes closed for a long time, a feeling nearing the intensity of orgasm surging through her. "Get to it then." He responded when she finally opened her eyes.

He started up the stairs, "See you when you're done. Bye, Immelda."

Desi came through the door without slowing down. The Joker sat at the table, looking over plans. Before he could stand or say anything, she crossed the room and grabbed him, kissing him hard. She brought her hands up his chest to his shoulders, and rested them around his face and head. When she broke with him, he looked up at her as she caught her breath. "Did you accomplish your task?" he asked.

"I did." she replied, "Damn it takes a long time to strangle someone. Remind me not to ever choose that again." She slid down to the floor, her hands sliding down to his thighs and her cheek resting just above his knee. "Are you pleased?" she asked. Instead of answering, she felt the breeze as he cut down the back of her dress, which he pulled apart, liberating her.

Desi took a deep breath, happy in a way she couldn't really describe. The Joker looked at her, a look of mild annoyance on his face. "I do have something for you." He commented, standing and stepping over her. She stood, brushed herself off and said, "Please tell me its clothing."

"Better." He replied over his shoulder, picking up the remote. He pointed and turned on the news, which was aglow with some sort of breaking story. He turned to see a Desi looking on and waved to her, "No no no. Over here." He said, motioning to the couch.

Desi, again down to her underwear, sat on the couch watching the television. The news was breaking about an explosion that apparently killed one in the lower Gotham area. "Look familiar?" The Joker said merrily. Just then she noticed it - it was her home.

"That's my old apartment." Desi said, pointing to the flames on the screen. "Everything I owned in this world." She stood and walked toward the huge screen, and watching as firefighters struggled with the blaze she turned back to the Joker. "Wow." she replied, "Thank you."

"Who was killed?" She asked. The Joker shrugged, "Some rookie cop." Desi scoffed. "Good thing didn't have a girlfriend." She pointed at The Joker and squealed. "It isn't even my birthday!" she exclaimed. She walked over to him, and he sniffed about her. "Why don't you go take a shower?" He asked.

"My god, you're right." Desi responded, "I reek of Jean Nate and death." She turned and began walking toward the shower, stopping just in front of the screen, still showing the fire. "Boom." She whispered, and turned to shower.

Desi hit the shower feeling completely renewed. She rinsed her hair and let the water pur over her body and felt completely right with the world. When she pulled the shower curtain and saw the black skirt and halter top waiting for her, she smiled, biting her lower lip. She didn't even wonder about his getting it there without her seeing.

She emerged a new woman. Slipping her feet into her heels, she stood before the mirror feeling free of everything connected to her previous life. She felt new. All the things she had done didn't weigh on her at all. She applied some lip gloss and listened for the sounds of visitors. Hearing none, she strolled into the living room to confront the Joker.

"New outfit." She said, rubbing her left calf with her right foot. "New underwear, too, I assume?" The Joker asked, amused. Desi shook her head slowly, "No underwear. Thought I'd let the girls out." She walked up to him, cupping his groin with her right hand and pacing her left of his shoulder. "I wanna drive this time." She said defiantly.

The Joker cocked his head, clicked his tongue and said, "Now, Desdemona, I have work to do. Let's not go getting ourselves in trouble just as we're getting out of it." He leaned in, his head still cocked to one side, "Besides, I drive, thems' the rules."

Desi smirked. "Then why are you so hard?" She asked, opening his pants and reaching into them. "Desdemon-" The Joker started, but was cut off. "Don't talk darling, you'll put me off." Desi said, "Ahh, there we are."
Desi bypassed his erection to fondle his testicles, and in doing so seemed to really upset the Joker. He looked into her eyes with growing anger in his eyes. She smiled at him, "Do something about it. Teach me a lesson." she challenged.

He grabbed her arm at the wrist and pulled it from his pants. As he wrestled it from her, she pulled away as he grabbed her other arm. Bringing them up, he turned her around, crossing her arms under her breasts and held her tightly to him. Breathing heavy, she laid her head back on him.

"Why do you do things you know will upset me?" The Joker says through clenched teeth, his nose pressed to her neck. Desi chuckled, "Because you are a better lay when you're mad." She slipped along his body, grinding into him as much as possible.

The Joker responded to this by carrying her, still pinned to him, to the chair he was sitting in. He sat and then pulled her slowly onto his lap. "Not quite." Desi said, "Um, let me." He released her and she straddled on of his legs and slipped down over him. They both immediately sighed from the pleasure of it. He then grabbed her hands again and pulled her down hard onto him.

Desi gasped, and then looking back replied, "See? I told you." She shifted her weight to her feet and rose, while he responded in kind pulling her by her hands back down to him. As their pace quickened, she leaned back into him with the occasional moan. "J-" she said as he lightly bit her shoulder. He grunted his acknowledgment as he pressed his forehead into her back. He released her hands and clutched her breasts tightly.

Desi cried out from the pain of his grip. "Take me to the bedroom. Please." she cried, moaning, "Oh, Please, J." He lifted her from him and she excitedly skipped to the bedroom. "Take everything off." He ordered.

"Yes sir." Desi replied mischievously. As Desi looked about the room, he came up behind her and blindfolded her. Desi gasped, unable to stifle her excitement. She laid on the bed, waiting for him. After a few minutes, she heard him. She then felt cold wetness around her nipples. As she writhed at the sensation, the Joker asked her, "Do you really trust me blindfolded?"

"Would I be able to stop you anyway?" She asked in return. "Good point." He responded, bringing the ice to her vagina. Desi shivered, gasping. He countered by penetrating her slowly at first, then forcefully, while his mouth went to work on her breasts. He lightly drug his teeth over them in between licking and squeezing them.

Desi stretched and moaned, clutching the bedspread and turning to bury her face in a pillow. She felt moisture at her lips and parted them to accept his fingers, sucking them lightly. They tasted sweet, and she realized he had honey on the tips of his fingers. Must've rubbed some...somewhere. she thought.

Joker brought his hand down her face, feeling her as he thrust ever harder into her. In that moment she was lost in an oblivion of him. Everything she did was for this moment, lost in the darkness, with him inside her. She moaned loudly as the first waves of orgasm began building.

She stretched and reached for him, settling in his hair. He had abandoned her breasts and was now buried in her neck, sucking with increased intensity. He took her right leg in his arm and used the extra space to grind ever closer into her. That's when the numbness came, enveloping her. She closed her eyes and bucked one long slow time, moaning loudly.

At this point, Joker was making animalistic grunting noises and laid his head on her chest and seized up, his orgasm only intensifying hers. They lay together for a moment, their moist bodies heavy from exhaustion. The Joker rolled away, onto his pillow. "A perfect ending to a perfect day." he said in between breaths.

"Not for me." Desi said, hopping out of bed. "I have an idea." She got dressed and went toward the main room.
"Don't get yourself arrested." The Joker called out before falling asleep.

Only two parts to go!

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Tags: featuring: the joker, genre: movieverse, rating: pg-13
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