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Knives and Lint
A TDK/Joker Fanfiction Community
August 10th, 2008 
agent of chaos - red
Title: Simply Makes You Stranger
Fandom: The Dark Knight (spoilers abound)
Rating: R or mature for language, mentions of violence and lewdness
Summary: The new intern at Arkham Aslyum, Harleen Quinzel, has been handed what she thinks is a one-way ticket to fame and fortune of the psychiatrist world: one on one with the #1 criminal mastermind the Joker. Dr. Quinzel may have the most objectivity on hand but that may turn out to be a burden more than a blessing as the Joker has plans of his own...
Pairing: Joker/Harley (eventually)
Genre: Drama/Angst
Notes: On Fanfiction.net, I posted this story in five chapter installments with a "T" (or PG-13) rating. Here on Livejournal I was able to tweak the fanfic. I worked very hard to keep a balance between the comic canon Harley and tried to incorporate her in the Nolanverse realism. Of course, a few liberties have been taken but please have faith in me and see the fic through to the end.
Disclaimer: I own no rights and make no profit from this work of fanfiction. Rights belong to DC and mess of other people who will hopefully never read this.

This is a FAKE CUT
Hey... I LOVE this fandom, so I figured I'd have to give a crack at it myself.

Title: Returning the favor
Rating: PG-13 for language and... blood...
Pairing/Characters: Batman/Joker, and Alfred, but it's more of a friendship, but if you look for slash, you will find it.
Summary: Batman could never kill the Joker, but could he help him?
Disclaimer: If I owned ANY of this... why would I be writing fanFICION about it?

dark knight, joker
Title: Property Damage and Hospital Bills
Rating: G
Genre: Gen
Summary: A talkative guest at one of Bruce Wayne's parties corners him to talk about Gotham's current events, including her views on the nefarious Batman.
Notes: I couldn't help but notice in the movie (well, really, any action movie) that Batman destroys a lot of people's cars... and buildings.  Haha..  Also, x-posting to darkknightfic

Peter Cushing: Mad Science
lTitle- The Half Killed
Author- judasmalfoy
Summary- Jonathon Crane is wounded after his recent fight with Batman and makes his way into what he thinks is an abandoned building. To his surprise he find that the Joker is also wounded and hiding out from the Bat. With no where to go until they heal, two criminals with very different views must come together to survive. 
Disclaimer- I own nothing
Warning- Violence, language, graphic sex
Pairing- Joker/ Dr. Crane (Scarecrow)
Rating- NC-17
Chapter- 4/?

(deep breath) Hi. This is my first post here, or anywhere on LJ. And on top of that, my first fic in nearly...ohh... 2 years? So please be gentle with my fragile, glass ego? No I'm kidding, tear it apart if you want, I don't mind. I'd like to improve upon my style. :D

Title: Self Abuse
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Blood, sex, masturbation, non-con(ish)
characters/pairing: nolan!Joker/Batman
Summary: Bruce remembers the night before, and does something to make him realize the depth of his debauchery.
Notes: Nolan!verse Joker, cause I like his scars. :D Kinda drabble-ish, 2000 some words. (really long drabble)

Here 'tis:( http://kaazei.livejournal.com/1031.html )
agent of chaos - red
Title: Simply Makes You Stranger
Fandom: The Dark Knight (spoilers abound)
Rating: R for language, mentions of violence and lewdness
Summary: POST-TDK: The new intern at Arkham Aslyum has been handed what she thinks is a one-way ticket to fame and fortune of the psychiatrist world: one on one with the #1 criminal mastermind the Joker. Dr. Quinzel may have the most objectivity on hand but that may turn out to be a burden more than a blessing as the Joker has plans of his own...
Pairing: Joker/Harleen (eventually)
Genre: Drama
Notes: Didn't think I would get PART TWO up tonight but I managed. Only one more part left. Thanks for reading.
Disclaimer: I own no rights and make no profit from this work of fanfiction. Rights belong to DC and mess of other people.

Title: Chelsea Grin – “Life Inside the Music Box” (3/4)
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: The Dark Knight
Genre: General, eventual crime drama-ish
Characters: This chapter, Bruce Wayne, Commissioner Gordon, Dr. Quinselle, and the Joker.
Summary: “And that was the point, wasn’t it? The Joker would always keep him guessing. That was the point of everything.” From Bruce’s POV.
Word count: 4,659
Disclaimer: Everything belongs to DC. I'm just messing around.
Author's Note: Just so you all know, the kid? Totally based on my cousin. Also, don’t like, don’t read. That’s all. And bzuh. This took too long.

"He says, ‘Daddy, you’re not smiling big enough.’ "
you stupid republican bitch
As a big Thank You for everyone who's read my first (and ongoing) fanfic,
I made a fanmix 'soundtrack' for it. Hope you enjoy it!

Here we go!Collapse )</font>

Fanfic Links:
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five
Part Six almost done!
Title: Strange and Beautiful
Fandom: The Dark Knight
Rating: PG so far
Summary: Bruce Wayne and the joker both fall for the same woman, who seems to be two different people
Pairing: Joker and bruce/oc
Genre: romance, horror, drama
Notes: There are 8 chapters. It starts out a bit slow, just to get background on the OC, Sadie, but it's picking up
Disclaimer: I own any OC's, such as Sadie and Amber. Bruce Wayne, The Joker, Alfred, Lucuis, Arkham, and the City of Gotham belong to DC

Strange and Beautiful, New Chapter, 8

Cross-posted to:
knivesandlint, why_soo_serious, darkknightfic and xwhysoseriousx
dark knight, joker
Title: The Rot Runs Deep
Pairing: Gen
Rating: PG
Summary: A Gotham Times reporter becomes suspicious of Bruce Wayne's connection with Batman and vows to get to the bottom of it.
Notes: Not my favorite of all my Batman fics so far, but it popped in my head and I had to write it.  Don't worry, this isn't a reporter-finds-out-Bruce-is-Batman-and-becomes-his-bosom-buddy/love-interest.  Far from it. Crossposted to darkknightfic

you stupid republican bitch
Story Title: What a Little Moonlight can do - Part 6
Summary: Desi hates the Starbucks.
Genre: I dunno (little help?)
Pairing: The Joker/Desdemona
Rating: PG 13
Disclaimer: I don't believe anyone owns the Joker. Joker for all! But I bet DC comics and Warner Bros. might disagree.
Author Notes: Not spoiler-y at all, but a little adult. Mild violence. Comment are teh awesome!

The police just stared. 'I get a phone call, right?' Desi asked.'Collapse )

Let's Play Catch Up!
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five
Good Omens
Title: Next Time
Fandom: The Dark Knight
Pairing: Bruce(/Batman)/Joker
Rating: NC-17
Notes: Part 9/9 total; follows the two previous story-arcs - {I. Cell-Block Tango, II. Unstoppable Force, III. Immovable Object, IV. Deep, Deep Water} and {I. Stranger, II. Body Language, III. Limits, IV. The Bottom of the Sea}. I suggest reading those before you tackle this, because it all refers back to previously established events. This has been one long haul, and I'm sure I wouldn't have found half as much motivation without such an astounding, perceptive bunch of readers. My hat's off to you in the most grateful flourish possible!
Summary: There will be a next time, and he will have his chance.

(The landscaping crew was not one that Alfred had worked with before, but it had come at Mayor Garcia's highest recommendation.)

[Cross-posting to batfic, batman_slash, batmanjoker, darkknightfic, knightandjoker, knivesandlint, & nolanverse.]
Title: Sweet Revenge
Fandom: BBM/Joker
Rating: PG for violence
Featuring: Joker and Ennis and Jack and some people who deserved to get theirs. And the Joker make sure they did.

Read more...Collapse )
Alex Ross
Title: Arkham Asylum: Tainted Love
Universe: DCU (mainstream)
Chapters: Thirty-Two, plus a Prologue and an Epilogue
Genre: Romance/Drama
Rating: Hard M
Characters: The Joker, Harley Quinn
Pairings: Joker/Harley
Warnings: Mature themes, references to violence and sex, some sexual content
Summary: Dr. Harleen Quinzel: Beautiful, smart, ambitious. But she never counted on The Joker. An all new and different take on the seduction and manipulation which led to her going insane and becoming Harley Quinn.

Well, it was "all new and different" when I started writing it back in April. Since then, many all new and different takes on this relationship have sprung up - which is awesome! But even though we're spoiled for choice, I hope you may consider giving this fic a shot.

A few notes:
- It's set in the mainstream comics universe and conforms to that canon, though obviously it adds a great deal of speculative detail to pad out the information we've been given.
- Harley is Harley, through and through. No tweaks done with her character, though I did go into her backstory a fair bit.
- Its pace is steady, subtle and luxurious. This is not an action-packed story; instead I really wanted to delve into the psychology of what happened between them and develop a realistic pathology for Harley as well as comprehensively depict the manipulation Joker enacted over her.
- There is some kinky sexual content towards the end.


The support I've received since starting this story has been utterly overwhelming and it's been an absolute honour to engage with the many fantastic readers who've indulged me. The positive feedback I've received has been truly gratifying and makes me feel so happy I wrote this story, although I resisted doing so at first since there were already so many different takes.
If you've read it - thank you!! If you decide to give it a go - thank you!!
It's meant so much to me and has reminded me of why fandom is such a fantastic place to share and interact with others.

Finally - cross-posted a couple of places. My apologies if you see it more than once.
Luckily I have permission to do this. XD

joker_cosplay IS NOW OPEN FOR ALL YOUR JOKER COSPLAYING INTERESTS AND CONCERNS! So scoot your little booties over there pronto! Scoot scoot scoot! :D
dark knight, joker
Title: Speeding Tickets
Rating: PG
Pairing: Gen
Summary: For anyone who grew up in Gotham, corruption can become a way of life, and Bruce Wayne is no exception.

Crossposting to darkknightfic
Title: Best Laid Plans [1/?]
Rating: T
Pairings: Currently, none.
Characters: Crane, The Joker, Harvey.
Word Count: 2,382
Disclaimer: Sadly, I in no way, shape or form own any of the material used here.
Summary: The Joker hatches a new scheme to play with the Bat using some familiar faces. Let the mind games begin.

Crossposted to darkknightfic.

The fake cut beckons you.

Title[ Does That Make Me Crazy? Chapter 3 ]
Fandom[ Batman (The Dark Knight) Bruce/Joker ]
Rating[ NC-17 Overall ]
Warnings[ AU; slash; language; S&M; your basic B/J fic. UN-BETA-ED. So expect hideious mistakes. ]
Disclaimer[ I do not own Batman, or the characters used in this fic.
I'm just borrowing them for my own sick, twisted means :) ]
Summary[ Bruce is an up-and-coming psychologist who has just been
imported to Arkham Asylum, where he must figure ou the puzzle that is the 'Joker'. ]
A/N[ This is completely an Alternate Universe. I don't know much about asylums or
things of the sort so forgive me if any of the events sound horrible wrong. Also, Lucious
is the head doctor, Alfred is Bruce's legal guardian, and just about everyone is batshit insane. Also,
I'm terribly sorry if the way I write the Joker's speech bothers you. I think it's fun. ]

[Click meeee♥]

Cross-posted everywhere. 
Title: Dark Humor
Fandom: The Dark Knight [EXTREME SPOILERS IN THE PLOT ITSELF. Do not read if you haven't watched the movie already...]
Rating: PG-13 for now for some violence, swearing, disturbing imagery, and all that jazz.
Summary: What if Batman had chosen to save Harvey instead of Rachel--what would happen if the White Knight had fallen? Rachel grieves and can't quite pull herself together again, but she's thirsty for revenge, and the Joker wants to exploit her anger...
Pairing: Joker/Rachel (But not a traditional 'pairing.' It's not...fluffy, or anything that goes against the Joker's character. Nope, I try to make it as believable and in-character for the both of them, which means it's very screwed, twisted, and sadistic)
Genre: Drama/Angst
Preview/Link: "You’re not nearly as strong as you pretend to be, and that strikes me as incredibly funny! Why a girl like you, a beautiful girl, Harvey's squeeze, Batman's little object of desire…would still take on a job as ugly as D.A. assistant, and risk her life enforcing stupid little morals and high values and 'putting the bad guys away'…well, it doesn't make any sense! It's crazy business, the way you people work, thinking you can lock away every corrupted person in Gotham when we're all corrupted, even the people you trust the most, when even your little Batman turns his tail on you after finally seeing you as what you are, and that's bait"
Red dress
Title: The Woman For Wayne?
Fandom: Post Dark Knight
Rating: PG for language and mild violence.
Featuring: Harley & Harvey - the terrible blonde twins
Summary: Harley is dating Bruce Wayne, who has no idea who she really is, and makes a discovery in Wayne Manor.
Disclaimer: Characters not mine, but their personalities may be. :P
Author's Note(s): I know I asked for prompts a week back and never actually replied. I was trying to figure out what info to give and eventually I think just ASKING helped. I have this big story arc in my head but often I'll have overall ideas in my head but writing it all down is nigh on impossible. I figured yes, it's the weekend, I shall write more of this and by 4:30pm on Sunday I figured, "this is useless" and decided not to bother and just have it as a plaything in my head and content myself reading other people's fic. THEN, around 5pm I started bloody writing didn't I? And this came out. No guarantees of more, and if there is more it probably won't be in any semblence of order.

Enough rambling, on with the show!Collapse )
X Files 2: I Want to Believe [26]
Indiana Jones - Raiders of the Lost Ark [20]
The Dark Knight [22]

He-he-he, want more?
Always srs
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07 The Dark Knight ( animation )
02 Banners

agent of chaos - red
Title: Simply Makes You Stranger
Author: agent 0f chaos (sorry I failed to tack this on previously)
Universe: The Dark Knight with some comic canon (SPOILERS FOR TDK!)
Rating: R
Genre: Drama
Disclaimer: I own nothing, or next to it. Batman, The Dark Knight and all of its characters belong to DC and a bunch of other people who aren't me
Summary: The new intern at Arkham Aslyum has been handed what she thinks is a one-way ticket to fame and fortune of the psychiatrist world: one on one with the #1 criminal mastermind the Joker. Dr. Harleen Quinzel may have the most objectivity on hand but that may turn out to be a burden more than a blessing as the Joker has plans of his own...
Pairing: Joker/Harleen (eventually)


Previously posted: Part One | Part Two

Man, chapter 6 took FAR longer to write than I ever wanted but it was well worth the effort. Enjoy you guys!

Blank Muse
Disclaimer: I don't own anything.
Rating: T
Joker/Rachel (alternates between their POVs), AU.
Warnings: Darkness, menace, twisted love, stuff like that. Also, Joker's POV is written in haiku.
Summary: The Joker's found his latest project.

Utilizing the knife to scoop some blood from my lips, the Joker nonchalantly laps it up. He pokes the blade’s sharp point straight on my chest prior to speaking, giving me a cruel jab as he emphasizes certain words. "I'm willing to bet...I can get you to betray...everything you claim you stand for." 


Title: Afterglow
Universe: Nolan’s, post-TDK
Pairing; Characters: Batman/Joker; Alfred; Gordon
Length: 4243 words.
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em.
Summary: "You really can’t see what I create beneath the chaos, can you?"
A/N: This is my first foray into Batman/Joker land. Comments and critique are welcomed and encouraged. Also, for the sake of this fic, I'm assuming Harvey is indeed dead.
Warnings: Violence with a dash of knife-play, blood, and kink.

Follow the fake cut to my fic journal...

*Note: Right now this entry is public, however I usually friends-lock all my stories after a few weeks. Feel feel to friend me if you'd like to read more of my work. :)

Cross-posted a tad.
Check This Sass
Before you dive into this, I just want to give a great big thank-you to everyone who read my previous fic! I truly appreciate the comments and support, and I'm happy to continue writing for this fandom.

Now for the fun stuff...

Title: Showtunes
Author: bandita
Fandom: The Dark Knight (aka Nolanverse)
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Joker/Self (heavy suggestions of Batman/Joker)
Warnings: masturbation, slashy overtones, violence, some language
Word Count: 1,876
Disclaimer: They don’t belong to me. Sure as hell wish they did, though.
Notes: This was written for the Batman Kink meme. I also was very much inspired by loony_lucifer's exquisitely delicious fanart.
Summary: Set during the interrogation scene. The Joker likes it when Batman hits him. He likes it a lot.

Crossposted to darkknightfic, batman_slash and xwhysoseriousx.

And I am master of a nothing place, of recoil and grace...Collapse )
lydia + aiden i.
Title: Fly Me to the Moon.
Pairing/Characters: Harvey Dent/OFC, Joker/OFC. Characters include, but are not limited to Harvey Dent, the Joker, and Commissioner Gordon.
Rating: M.
Length: 23,408.
Disclaimer: None of this, save Abigail, Christine, and Adrien, is mine. Everything else belongs to a whole bunch of people that would take forever to name. Wish I owned it and all, but nah.
Summary: Harvey Dent is a charming man; that much is fact in Gotham. Even Mr. J knows this. He also knows that Dent is smitten with Christine Villiers and intends to show him the difference between a good and a bad surprise.
Author's Note: I know that the stamp of OFC on a fic to most is an automatic turnoff, but give it a try, will you? I'd be forever grateful. Also, I'm just going to link you to the fic, since I have seven chapters of it posted up already.

"Hello, Christine."

Cross-posted to darkknightfic and knivesandlint.
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