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Sunshine Part 2

Story Title: Ain't No Sunshine (When She's Gone) Part II
Genre: AU OC
Pairing: The Joker/Desdemona
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I don't believe anyone owns the Joker. Joker for all! But I bet DC comics and Warner Bros. might disagree.
Author Notes: Some Adult stuff! You really should the "Moonlight" series for this to make sense. Comments are teh awesome!

Desi sat naked in front of the mirror. The hotel room was the sort Spillane wrote about. It was dirty, and even with both lamps on it was dark. Desi looked at his new suit, which hung from the top of the bathroom door. She stood and walked over to it, burying her face in the rich purple fabric. She rubbed her forehead across the breast of the jacket, closing her eyes and trying to imagine him.

Her expression went sour, and her shoulder's slumped. Nothing. She opened her eyes. Goddamn it. She thought, sighing loudly. She went back to the small vanity, taking the handkerchief from the suit with her. Sitting down, she lazily unscrewed a tube of the grease paint and waved it below her nose. She closed her eyes and tried desperately for the smell to remind her of him. It wafted around her, a whisper she couldn't understand.

Sticking the handkerchief in her mouth to hold it, she began squeezing a mixture of the black, red, and white grease paint onto her hand. She pressed her two hands together, creating a sort of lava lamp design of his makeup on her hands. She went to the bed, sat back on it, and held the hands near her face, inhaling deeply. Using her fingertips, she pushed his handkerchief into her mouth, filling it as she stared at his suit.

She laid back, running her hands over her breasts and down her hips to her thighs, leaving little hand prints all over herself. She brought her knees up, letting her legs fall open, and arched her back to keep eye contact with the suit. She let her mind wander to the first night they met, and tried to remember tasting him the first time. She closed her eyes, exploring herself with her hands as she sought desperately to settle on the smell of his hair, the feel of his breath on her neck, or his tongue as it lavished one of her many places.

Almost hopeless, Desi moaned sadly as she continued to stroke gently with no avail. Her escape was tomorrow and yet in seemed decades away. And what if he doesn't want me? she feared, looking up at his suit, hanging silently as if to mock her. She closed her eyes to turned her head, trying to shake loose the worry when outside her window an alarm began sounding loudly.

A woman began screaming down the alley for help, and Desi's shoulders relaxed. As she heard gunfire resonated and the woman fell silent, relief washed over her. Oh, thank god. she thought, There he is. Desi threw her head back and moaned softly as the alarm continued. Her body began to tremble, and she pushed the handkerchief out her mouth and she took giant, heaving breaths.

"I found you." she whispered, and immediately came. "Tell me I'm nothing, I'm nothing, I'm empty." She mumbled, as her hands relaxed and her legs slid down the bed. She rolled over onto her stomach, clutching the handkerchief. "Tomorrow." She whispered, falling into a deep, dreamless sleep.

Arkham Asylum is bleak, dark, and winding place few would relish a stay in. Most people, however, weren't the Joker. He laid back on his cot smiling wide, throughly impressed with his previous week's activities. How about that? He thought to himself in the darkness, No sooner do I toss out old Desdemona that a Harlequin lands right in my lap. He laughed to himself. What good fortune? Well, I guess I deserve it, I have been such a very bad boy lately.

The guard made his way down the hall, looking in on each patient. The Joker stared at him, smiling as the guards comfort level visibly dropped. As the guard disappeared from sight, the Joker continued, And to boot, this girl LOVES me! She positively mad about me. He looked around, I could really use this to my advantage. Its getting boring around here anyway. The Joker turned on his side, and etching out a plan, fell asleep.

As morning found Gotham, The Joker rose and dressed, doing his best to smooth over his hair and look suave. It's time to charm my way out of here. he thought to himself. When the guard met him at the cell door, he whistled happily as they walked down the hall towards therapy.

Desi rolled over, peering out the window at the beat up neon light. Suddenly she smiled and kicked happily at the blankets, freeing herself and springing into action. As she bound around the room, she sang to herself, "Today's the day! I'm going to get my..." Desi stopped, momentarily pondering what exactly to call him. "Partner." he said aloud, smiling wide. She collected up her things and headed singing to the shower.

When the Joker hit the couch, he was smooth as silk. He told Harley about how unfairly he had been brought here, and about all the plans he had for when he got out. "I might even look for that special girl, you know? The one I could share my life with. I always thought that maybe the right girl could heal me." he lied, watching as her heart skipped a beat.

By the time he left her office, a plan for his escape was inked out, and all he had to do was charm the good doctor a little longer and wait. To be honest, part of him was even enjoying it. He headed to the cafeteria completely in love with life and ready for anything.

Freshly showered, Desi threw on her black pants suit and zipped up her coat. She packed his makeup and suit and headed out the door for a bite to eat. She could hardly wait for nightfall, but she tried very hard to maintain her composure. I've only got one shot at this she told herself, How many chances does one get to come back from the dead? She whistled as she headed down the stairs and out onto the street.

She stopped at the cart on the corner, as she did everyday, and bought herself a gyro. She paid for it and continued walking without accepting her change. This was a daily game she played with the vendor, who was a kind man and worked this corner in the bad part of Gotham, much at his own risk. In turn, she had spread the word anonymously that the Joker's entourage loves his food, and anyone who hurt him would live to regret it.
In this way, she saved his life. It wasn't as fun as taking one, but he did have good food.

Upon reaching the docks, she walked unnoticed to his cargo compartment. Upon unlocking it, she grabbed the floodlight at the entrance and began walking through his personal armory. She selected a few automatic weapons, and grabbed over a dozen grenades. She grabbed some dynamite and a few knives and began packing everything together, turning the plan over in her mind again and again. She left giddy, explosives in hand, and headed for the outskirts of town and Arkham.

The Joker sat during group activities looking around the room at the other patients of Arkham. Sweet fucking Christ. he thought, with utter contempt, I mean, I may use sanity's escape hatch on occasion, but these people are out of their minds! This is a joke that just isn't funny. He actually felt relieved as an orderly walked up and informed him that Dr. Quinzel want to speak with him. He stood, ran a hand through his hair and followed the orderly.

When he reached the office, Dr Quinzel turned and thanked the orderly, dismissing him. "You sure about that, Doc?" asked the orderly. Harlene gave a reassuring smile and sid, "Don't worry, we understanding. Don't we, Mr. J?" She turned back to the Joker, who gave a very agreeable nod. The orderly made a face and closed the door.

As the door closed, Harlene turned to the Joker, suddenly excited. "Okay, I wrote up paperwork to send you to the infirmary. With processing, that should give you like two hours before...anyone even knows you're gone." The Joker stood, smiling, and looked out the window. The sun was setting and Arkham was surrounded by woods. It would be easy to get away.

"Did I do good?" Harlene asked. Joker clutched his chest, "Harley, you did amazing!" he exclaimed, examining the window and the distance to the ground. It was about a ten foot drop, but there were soft bushes all around the building. As it grew dark around the building, Harlene sent out the paperwork as Joker opened the window and prepared to jump.

Desi parked and made her way through the woods, carrying her supplies strapped to her back. She watched the sun disappear over the tree line, and her confidence grew with the dark. She continued along the wooded area to the side of Arkham. She looked along the side of the building, planning her next move when she saw him.

Desi's heart stood still. There he was, strattling a windowsill. Desi looked down to the bushes below. She wanted to call out to him, but she didn't dare alert anyone to his escape. She stared in awe. Her perfect vision, sitting in a windowsill, talking to a wom-

Wait a minute.

Who the Hell is That????? Desi heard screaming in her head. Wait, wait. There's an explanation. Desi thought, I'm sure of it. She watched as he touched the end of her nose with his finger and she blushed, clutching her face with her hands. He then fell out of the window and into the bushes as she looked down at him from the window.

Desi made tight fists as her eyes remained fixed on the window, even after she disappeared back into the office. I'm gonna fucking kill her. She thought, and immediately began to imagine her: hair pulled out in handfuls, teeth knocked out, mutilated beyond recognition.

Joker stood, brushing leaves way from his jumper. He looked out over the woods, seeking a path when he saw her. Like a ghost in the darkness, Desi emerged, looking up at the window. Her dark eyes slowly traced downward to settled on him.

The Joker did a double take, but she remained standing there, her eyes almost cutting through him. "Desdemona?" he said aloud.

Ain't No Sunshine Part I

If you're lost, check out the first story, "What a Little Moonlight Can Do"
Final Chapter and links to all previous chapters here
Tags: featuring: the joker, genre: movieverse, rating: pg-13
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