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Sunshine Part 3

Story Title: Ain't No Sunshine (When She's Gone) Part III
Summary: Desi and Joker come to terms.
Genre: AU OC
Pairing: The Joker/Desdemona
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I don't believe anyone owns the Joker. Joker for all! But I bet DC comics and Warner Bros. might disagree.
Author Notes: Some Adult stuff! You really should the "Moonlight" series for this to make sense. Comments are teh awesome!

The Joker walked slowly toward her, almost trying to convince himself she was there. As he approached, Desi's smile grew in intensity, and for a moment she was swept up in the saturating joy of his presence. He stood before her, and she threw her arms around him, kissing his scars over and over again. She pulled herself away, holding his sides at arms length.

"My Desdemona." the Joker said smoothly, "Stubborn as ever. I stab you, you fall off a building, and..." He extended his hands at her, "here you are." He licked his lips and tilted his head toward her, "Couldn't get enough of me, hmm?"

Desi beamed. "I have some things for you." She opened her bag, pulling the tubes out and handing them over. The Joker's eyes lit up and he took the tubes, immediately turning his back to her to apply it. As he worked from memory in the moonlight, Desi continued, "I also had a suit made for you." Desi looked to her hands, "Who was that woman?" she asked.

Joker turned, his makeup freshly applied. "That...was Harley Quinn." He announced, wiping the excess makeup from his hands to the Arkham jumpsuit. Desi bit her lower lip, "Harlequin. That a name you gave her?" Desi asked pointedly. The Joker laughed, "No! That's her actual name. Can you believe it?" Desi dug her nails into the palms of her hands, "No, I'm finding it pretty unbelievable." she commented.

Joker tilted his head to one side, reading her tone as he approached her. "Now, Desdemona, is it my fault that I keep running into women that take instruction well? If I had known you were around ever corner, Hell, I'd have opened a harem." The Joker turned away scratching his head, "Maybe it isn't too late." he said jokingly.

"I won't share you." Desi said, defiant. The Joker turned back, annoyed. "You won't share me?" he asked incredulous, "It seems to me someone needs to learn their place." He grabbed her by her hair and brought her face very near his. "You belong to me. I play with you if I want to, and if I get other toys you will say nothing and be thankful that you're in the toy box to begin with."

Desi looked up into his eyes. "No, I won't." she responded. He threw her backward and she stumbled but kept her balance. "I didn't crawl out of Hell to 'share' you with some bottle blond cupie doll." The Joker brought his hand to his face, squinting his right eye and waved her toward him. "I love it when you're defiant." he said, his contempt beginning to show, "Reminds me why I put you in Hell in the first place."

"You unbelievable bastard." Desi replied, staring. Joker scoffed, "You can do better than that, can't you?" Desi stormed him, slapping him hard across the face and on his chest. "You two-faced son-of-a-bitch." The Joker exploded with laughter, "Wrong villain." he replied. He reached up, grabbing her hands and pulling them over her head. Desi struggled against him, but her strength was no match for his.

"Yeah, I like it when you get all charged up." The Joker said, leaning into her as he held her arms above her. He pulled her to the ground, lying beside her and holding both her arms above her head with one hand. He slipped the other hand into her pants, feeling around as she wrestled in the bed of fallen leaves.

"Don't touch me." Desi snarled. The Joker responded by opening her pants and reaching into her panties. A single, hate filled tear ran from her eyes. "I hate you." she spat. The Joker loomed over her, "Shush, shh..." he said, looking into her eyes, "I don't think that's true. I mean, not all of you hates me." He penetrated her with two of his long fingers and looked on as her response betrayed her.

He released her hands and stroked her hair as she lay there. "That feel good?" he asked quietly. Desi, eyes closed to avoid looking at him, nodded embarrassed. He continued to massage her as he spoke, "She's just some little number. A trick. I needed her, so I used her. That's all." he whispered charmingly. Desi moaned softly.

"Tell me how you've wanted this." The Joker requested, resting a hand on her face. Desi gasped, "It's all I could think about." she admitted, "I couldn't even pleasure myself. It's like walls didn't meet ceilings and faces looked crude and wrong. Nothing seemed right while you were away."

The Joker pulled away and began to removed his jumpsuit. "No, don't go away, please." Desi pleaded, her eyes still closed. She felt around in the leaves for his body until she felt his strong hands grab her pants, pulling them away. Then he was inside her, his body pressed to hers, her clinging to him.

He brought his face very near hers, their noses resting against each other, but he didn't kiss her. "Are you gonna be good?" he asked, as Desi moaned and kissed his upper arms. She tangled her hands up in his hair. He continued slow steady strokes as he whispered to her, "You not gonna question me again, now are you?"

"No, I won't. Just stay with me. Just stay here with me, please." Desi pleaded, holding tight to him. She began to breath more heavily and as she began to seize up from the intensity of orgasm, his face found hers and he kissed her slowly. Her body curved into his and as he slowed his thrust she held to him.

"Wait." she said breathlessly, "Just stay here for a moment please. Don't leave me yet." He stayed, watching her body respond to his slightest touch as she caught her breath. Her eyes caught his and she smiled wide. "Better than some second-rate doctor, huh?"

The Joker hopped to his feet, and went for the bag which contained his suit. "Well, I don't know yet." he answered, "We'll see." He started dressing as Desi lifted her head. She pulled her pants up as she stood, confused by his response. The Joker buttoned up his shirt and turned to face her. "I think you're gonna like her."

Desi thought she was going to be sick. "What about..." she trailed away, gesturing toward the ground with her hands. She look around, unwilling to accept what had just happened. "A little number?" she said through clenched teeth, "A...trick?"

Joker shrugged, "Foreplay. Come on, Desdemona, how long do you really think you're going to be able to hold a grudge against me?" Desi shook, rage giving her tunnel vision. "She's as good as dead." Desi threatened, "Believe me."

The Joker laughed, "Aw, simple, impulsive Desdemona. You really think you're ready to challenge me? You think I won't kill you as you stand?" He laughed harder as she turned and began walking away from him. "You can't kill me. I'm already dead." She replied solemnly. "Oh, come on!" he cried laughingly after her as Arkham's escape alarm sounded. "You forgot your bag!" he mockingly called.

"Keep it." Desi yelled back, "You're a fugitive now, and you'll need it." Entering the clearing, Desi rounded the car she had acquired for the escape. Wiping a single tear from her face, she climbed in at turned the engine over. "That's the thing about Othello." She said aloud as she adjusted the mirror, "He dies too."

She walked defiantly into Moroni's kitchen and confronted the few mob bosses that still met there. "In your city, there is a problem." She began. Several of the men gave her lustful looks, and Moroni replied, "I'll bite. What problem?" Desi smiled and walked up to the table, resting her palms flatly on it. "The Joker. Let's face it fellas, you got in water way deeper than you were ready for with that crazy bastard." Gambol cleared his throat from the back of the room.

"Didn't you use to run with with him?" he asked, still self-conscious from the disfigurement. Desi unzipped her jacket, "I'm under new management." she replied coolly. Moroni shifted, "How exactly do you plan to solve this problem?"

Desi smiled, "Well, it's obvious, isn't it? I'm gonna kill the Joker." Desi stood there as the men all burst into laughter. She looked at each of them, clearly not getting the joke. "And you plan to do that?" Moroni asked. Desi's eyes wandered as if remembering something wonderful. "Spoilers." she replied.

She looked at the group of men, who obviously weren't taking her seriously. "It's simple, fellas." she explained, "It's like these glasses." She gestured to the glasses they all had in front of them. "What do you mean?" Gambol asked. Desi shrugged, flirtatious, "Well, naturally, one of them is poisoned." The men all looked at their glasses and back to her. "So if you can figure how in one day I was able to infiltrate your establishment, find an ally that I then protected who could poison you at random then I probably am out of my league."

The men looked uncomfortably at each other. "Bullshit." Commented Gambol, as another mobster fell from his chair. His mouth began to foam and he seized several times before falling still. Two henchmen ran to him, but were too late. Desi pointed to him, brought her hands to her mouth, and faked a shocked expression.

Gambol spoke up, "How much do you want to do it?" Desi leaned forward onto the table. "Nothing." She replied. There was a moment of silence, and Desi spoke up, "I'll need guns. Explosives, and some men. Those things are all I need."

"Goddamn." Moroni said, "You're as crazy as he is." Desi looked around, pondering, "Possibly." she answered, "Never really thought about it. Do we have a deal?" The mobsters all looked at each other. "Yeah." Moroni said, "We got a deal. Whatever you need."

Ain't No Sunshine Part I Part II

If you're lost, check out the first story, "What a Little Moonlight Can Do"
Final Chapter and links to all previous chapters here
Tags: featuring: the joker, genre: movieverse, rating: pg-13
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