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Sunshine Part 5

Story Title: Ain't No Sunshine (When She's Gone) Part V
Summary: desdemona's revenge
Genre: AU OC
Pairing: The Joker/Desdemona
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I don't believe anyone owns the Joker. Joker for all! But I bet DC comics and Warner Bros. might disagree.
Author Notes: Mild Violence. You really should the "Moonlight" series for this to make sense. Comments are teh awesome!

Desi pulled her new outfit from the bag and examined it. Her freshly showered form glowed in the mirror, and her undergarments seemed almost florescent in the dim light. She felt giddy and feminine as she slipped the emerald green lace and silk slip over her body. It fit perfectly, and she added only a deep purple swing jacket over it, leaving several buttons at both the top and bottom undone.

She picked her pocketknife, garter belt, and flask off the permanent record of one "Quinzel, Harlene" which rested on her bedside table. Applying her deep red lipstick as she slipped into her Jimmy Choo's, she did a quick turn, checking every angle. She then stepped out to her meeting.

There was a limousine waiting for her by the door. Desi tried to wave it away as the window rolled down to reveal Moroni waiting. "Didn't take you for the type to wait on a woman." Desi commented. Moroni looked her over, "I don't think of you as a woman." he replied. Desi smiled, "Then you are smarter than most." She replied as the door opened.

As the limo pulled away, Moroni offered Desi a drink. "Not while I'm working, but thank you." Moroni turned to her and began, "Look, I heard that today went really well." Desi snuggled into her seat smugly. Moroni continued, "I also heard that he wants your face in a jar. Now before you continue as the great white hope, are you sure you can handle this?"

Desi chuckled, "He's that mad, huh? Men. You disfigure a few people together and they expect you to carve their name into your ass." Desi shook her head confused as Moroni stared at her. He fiddled with his zippo, and Desi turned to him. "May I?" she asked. Moroni blankly handed it over.

"Let me explain." Desi said, pulling her pocket knife from her bra. She sparked the zippo and held the blade over the flame as she spoke. "The Joker gave me this." she said, "To use on the first person I ever killed." She waved the flame back and forth over the blade. "Its making a choice, all of it. That's what a man like you will never understand. To you, life is spent avoiding the unpleasant..."

Desi uncrossed her legs and laid the superheated blade against her inner thigh. Moroni watched, disgusted as Desi closed her eyes and exhaled slowly, "To me, life is spent approaching the unpleasant." Moroni looked away as the knife seared the delicate flesh. "Aren't you at least a little worried he might kill you?" he asked. Desi pulled the blade away and admired the scar, "Didn't stop me last time." she said, handing the zippo back.

When Desi entered the Kitchen, she found nearly twice as many men as she had this morning. Surprised, she walked through the group and hopped up on the table and crossed her legs. "My, my." she said eerily, "A lot of new faces in our group."

"Why work for someone who will kill us when there's another game in town that treats us like human beings?" one thug asked. Desi smiled, "I quite agree. I find this business impersonal, and it needn't be." One thief stood in the back, "This is bullshit." he yelled angrily, "We're following around some fucking jilted model?"

There was a hush over the crowd, and several men cut him dirty looks. Desi reclined on her right hand, and brought her left hand up to silence the crowd. "The man is trying to make a point. Let's hear him out." She extended her hand to him, and in doing so make him suddenly self-conscious. "I'm just saying, look at you. You don't even have a purse, how prepared are you in big situations?"

Desi gave a single nod, licking her lips. "Allow me to assure you, everything I need to kill you on me right now."
The mob shifted as the man quietly sat down. "I'll say." someone replied, and several laughed. Desi sat back up, "Ok, now that we've established that I'm the bell of the ball, let's talk business, hmm?"

A timid younger man stood, his hand raised at the elbow. "Yes?" Desi asked, "Your name is?" The boy looked at his feet, "It's Brian, ma'am." he replied, "I thought you would want to know that a crew is going into the National Bank of Gotham with the Joker tomorrow."

Desi hopped to her feet, and wrapping an arm around Brian, walked him to the front. "Now," she said, sitting on the table beside him, "Just tell us everything you know about this heist."

The next morning the Joker met his anonymous crew. Is there anything you CAN'T do on Craigslist? He wondered as they drove. He loathed everything about this. How humiliating to be pulling a bank heist, but what choice did he have? That may have made him maddest of all.

He imagined Desi sitting on the floor, clinging to his chest, and wondered how she had the nerve to attack him.
Where did his control go? he wondered, And where is she getting her help? His minds wandered for a few seconds. "Moroni." he said aloud.

The van pulled up to the bank and masked men began unloading. As they made their way up the steps to the door, the second man in line grimaced and fell over. Within seconds, each of the men fell around, leaving the Joker standing alone.

He looked around and the crew, all with bullet holes now seeping fresh blood onto their clothes. He looked up, seeking the shooter, and across the street at the parking garage he saw her. Desi stood watching, her new purple trench blowing in the wind.

"That's not you're color." The Joker remarked with all the snark he could muster. Desi looked down and back to him. "At least it belongs on a girl." she replied, "The rest of your crew is dead too, and I called the police, so you might want to get a move on." She smiled down at his as his expression grew crestfallen.

"When I get my hands on you, I'm going to cut you into little pieces and leave you in ever freezer in Gotham. Then I'm gonna send your face to Gotham Tonight." he threatened, "Maybe I'll keep a piece of ass as a souvenir." he shouted up, laughing.

Desi stepped up onto the edge of the balcony so the Joker could see her completely. "You got to catch me first you pansy-ass freak." she shouted, watching his eye twitch at the word. She looked on as he brought his hands up toward her, almost kneading them in his hate. She scoffed, hopped down and disappeared from sight. Sirens bellowed in the distance, and the Joker took off, knowing he too had a score to settle.

Desi piled in her SUV with her crew, laughing as they stared at her. "Did you see him?" asked one of the guys. "Yeah, I saw him." Desi replied, "Most attention I've ever gotten from him. Not counting the sex, of course." She fanned herself, "That was outstanding." the gang look at each other. "He's gonna kill you for sure."

Desi massaged her neck with her hand, "Probably." she replied, "But not because he wants to. He'll have to, and that my friends, is revenge." She laid back and closed her eyes as the guys drove. "Head for Arkham." she instructed, "And call the other boys to make sure they have all the supplies."

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Tags: featuring: the joker, genre: movieverse, rating: pg-13
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