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Sunshine Part 9

Story Title: Ain't No Sunshine (When She's Gone) Part IX
Summary: Fear and Control
Genre: AU OC
Pairing: The Joker/Harley Quinn/Desdemona/Johnathan Crane
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I don't believe anyone owns the Joker. Joker for all! But I bet DC comics and Warner Bros. might disagree.
Author Notes: There is a nod to the comics and animated series in this. Fans will surely notice it, I hope! Sex. You really should the "Moonlight" series for this to make sense. Comments are teh awesome!

Desi lay on her stomach, her legs kicked up and crossed at the ankle. She swung them back and forth as she spoke excitedly. "It was amazing. Exactly as you said it would be." She rolled onto her back, staring up at the ceiling.

Crane continued working from the desk, "Well, we aim to please." he said, scribbling something down as he spoke. Desi slid to the end of the bed, letting her head hang off of it and looking upside down at him. "Do you always work so hard?" she asked.

Crane set his pen down, "Usually." He removed his glasses and rubbed his eyes, "Then again, I rarely have such...enchanting company. Should we order something for dinner?" Desi made a contemplative face, then sat up. "If you want. I'm going to raid your mini-bar."

The silk slip and stockings made her slide across the bed with ease, and she crawled to the bar as he went for the phone. While he called down and began ordering, Desi peered into the bar, taking stock of the liquors contained therein.

She pulled a small bottle of Hennessey and turned, waving it at Crane. He covered the phone and shook his head. "Nothing for me, thanks." Desi shrugged, and lifted to her feet, the small bottle in her hand. He hung up the phone, "It's going to be an hour or so." he said, "If you don't know what to drink, don't you have a flask?"

Desi giggled, "Oh, I think not. That's acid, sweetie." Desi pulled the flask from her garter and patted it on its side. "We could disintegrate desk later, if you like."she said excitedly. Crane's eyes widened, and he took the flask, setting it across the room on the dresser.

"You are no fun." Desi remarked, shaking her head. Crane, across the room at the dresser, removed his coat. Desi leaned down to get a good look at his chemistry setup. "So Johnathan, what exactly are you doing with all this?" She sensed him walk up behind her and turned to speak directly to him.

Just then, Crane sprayed her in the face with a clear mist. Desi gasped, and stumbled as he caught her in his arms. "What...was that?" she asked, coughing. Still in his embrace, he replied, "It's ok. It's my new invention. I call it 'Never Fear'." Desi was still woozy, and Crane walked her over toward the bed.

"How do you feel?" he asked, looking over her face, reading the slightest reaction. "Warm." Desi replied, blinking. He sat her on the bed, and knelt looking over her and studying her reaction. Desi took a deep breath, "I feel...good. Really good, like I could do anything." She looked up at him, and took another deep breath, closing her eyes.

Crane took her wrist in his hands, checking her pulse as she slowly continued to breathe. He looked at her, watching her chest rise and fall, with her head thrown back. "How do you feel about the Joker?" he asked, still feeling her pulse. Desi rolled her head back and forth, moaning softly, "Hmmmm? What about him?" she asked lazily.

Crane stood to look at Desi, who began rubbing her feet against the carpet slowly. He turned to walk to his desk, anxious to write his observations down when he felt a pull keeping him there. Looking down, he saw Desi had a hold on two of the fingers on his left hand.

She stood, and ran a hand through his hair to his neck, bringing his face to hers. She placed two soft kisses on his lips before plunging her tongue into his mouth. She turned her face around his, probing with her tongue and ruffling his hair with both hands as he slowly brought his hands to her sides.

She pulled away, and as he kissed her face and neck, she turned and walked him toward the bed. Crane sat back on the bed, and Desi crawled over him, pushing him back onto the bed. She straddled him, and playfully bit her lips as she took his glasses and put them on.

"Lay back." She instructed, and when he did, she pulled her pocket knife from her bra. Crane looked immediately nervous, but Desi smiled and said reassuringly, "Don't worry. I saw this done once, seemed kind of sexy." She then proceeded to cut away each of his buttons, one at a time slowly.

Crane lay there, growing harder as she rest just above his groin. As she finished removing his buttons, she pushed her hands under the shirt, pulling it apart and exposing his chest. He watched as she leaned down, grinding into his erection and placing soft kisses all over his chest. She traced her tongue up his chest and met him face to face.

Crane began slowly pulling the slip up to her stomach, exposing her thighs and ass. She watched his face, and just as the slip reached her hips she stopped him. She kissed him slowly on the lips, placing her hands on his chest. "Good boy." She said as she pushed herself up and away from his face.

Still wearing his glasses, she leaned back and began to unfasten his pants. Crane took a deep breath in anticipation. Desi looked up, "My my." she said, "Have I gotten you excited Johnathan?" She slipped his pants down and slowly slid down onto his erect penis.

Desi slid her knees apart, bringing herself down as far as she could and Crane grabbed her hips and began to rock her back and forth over him. Desi leaned forward, resting on her arms and took control, rocking up and down on him. Slow, then quickly, only to slow again as his excitement grew.

"Johnathan, tell me, did you pull that whole stunt to seduce me?" Desi asked, grinding against him. Crane's eyes gazed over and he eagerly began fondling her breasts as they hovered above him. "No, not exactly." He answered, "But I wasn't going to turn this down, either. Wishful thinking, I guess."

Desi smiled, "Johnathan?" she asked lifting to upright. "Yes?" he moaned in reply. "What scares you?" she asked, leaning back as she she moaned. Crane grabbed her thighs and held to them. "Nothing." he replied.

Desi pulled away from him, stopping. "Oh come on, that isn't true." Crane, breathing heavy, threw his head back in frustration. Cool as ice, Desi continued, "Do you want me to keep going?" she purred.

"More than it is possible to describe." He answered, looking up at her. "Then you can tell me. We're friends, aren't we Johnathan?" Desi licked her thumb and began making small circles along the head of his penis. Crane grabbed a pillow, covering his face and moaning into it.

"That feel good? hmmm?" she said, just above a whisper. She stopped altogether and Crane looked up, desperate. "Birds." he replied, "Ok, birds frighten me." Desi crawled along his body, kissing him deeply as she gently guided him back inside her.

"See how good it feels to be honest?" she asked. Crane nodded, holding to her body as she continued to rock back and forth over him. As her orgasm built, she pulled herself upright, arching her back. Crane closed his eyes tightly, gripping her thighs as he came.

Desi moaned, her orgasm washing over her she watched the look of satisfaction spread across Crane's face. Her whole body seized up, and Crane held to her hips, guiding her down onto the bed and her body went limp. She rested her cheek on his shoulder, and they caught their breath together.

"I really am completely unafraid." Desi said, still in a daze. Crane kissed her forehead, "It's the drug sweetie." he explained, "It's just the drug." Desi lifted, looking at him through her scattered hair. "No, I mean that feeling, I thought it belonged to him." She laid back beside him, "About how long does this stuff last?"

"It should last around 12 hours, give or take." Crane answered, taking his glasses back as Desi giggled, and sitting up. He stood and walked to the desk, "I have to check the formula though. The aphrodisiac quality is nice but not intended."

Desi stretched, "I don't understand. What aphrodisiac?" she asked, as Crane waved to the bed. Desi stared at him. "You can't be serious." she responded, "You know for a genius..." Crane looked at her, "What?" he asked.

"Johnathan, I wasn't wearing underwear. Do you think I walk around everyday like that?" Crane's eyes wandered as if searching for the right response. Desi hopped to her feet, "Don't answer that." she remarked with a giggle, "I'm gonna go take a shower. Will you gave a knock when the food arrives?"

Crane worked on his formula, looking every few minutes at the bed, where Desi lay in a hotel robe sleeping peacefully. He smiled to himself before refocusing on his work. Desi laid there, comfy in the fluffy robe, lost in the best sleep she may have ever gotten.

Meanwhile, in Crime Alley, word about the woman who employs so many wasn't hard to come by. The Joker found himself standing in front of her sleazy hotel, listening as a falafel vendor went on and on about her generosity. Her generosity with his money.

The vendor went on nervously about how the lady always gave good tips and about his many children as the Joker stared at him. "And she lives right up there?" he asked the vendor. The vendor nodded sheepishly. The Joker then pulled a knife and stabbed the vendor repeatedly before dropping his body and entering the hotel.

He reached her room and inserted the blood covered key he 'received' from the clerk. Stepping inside, he looked around only to find the place empty. He examined her stolen records and her clothes, spied a sketchbook with several sketches of him and her file on Harlene Quinzel.

He sat at her table, wondering for a moment where she might be. He then stood, walked to the door, and picked up his gas can. He gave everything a quick splash, and continued to douse everything on his way out of the building. He ignored the cries for help the wounded clerk gave as he threw splashes of gasoline over the counter unto him.

He lit a match, tossing it onto the counter and leaving the building. By the time he reaches the corner, the entire building as engulfed in flames. The night lit up and smoke filled the sky, and he was gone.

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If you're lost, check out the first story, "What a Little Moonlight Can Do"
Final Chapter and links to all previous chapters here
Tags: featuring: the joker, genre: movieverse, rating: pg-13
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