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Sunshine Part XI

Story Title: Ain't No Sunshine (When She's Gone) Part XI
Summary: Punishment.
Genre: AU OC
Pairing: The Joker/Desdemona/Johnathan Crane
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I don't believe anyone owns the Joker. Joker for all! But I bet DC comics and Warner Bros. might disagree.
Author Notes: You really should the "Moonlight" series for this to make sense. Comments are teh awesome!

One part to go!

The Joker pulled Desi into the alley behind the store. It was private, and almost completely obscured by two other buildings. "Its just like old times, innit?" he asked, lightly tracing the knife over her flesh. "I'm not scared of you." Desi replied flatly, "I'm over it." Joker pushed her away, sending her into the brick back to the store.

The Joker lit a cigarette, taking a few dramatic puffs while Desi rolled around to her back. "I saw Harley last night. Quite the temper tantrum you had." Joker approached her as her spoke. Desi licked her lips, "How is the little bitch?" she asked.

The Joker chuckled, "Scared of you." Desi nodded, "That can only be a good thing." The Joker continued with the cigarette, "I also heard about you and the bag of straw." he mentioned, releasing the smoke in slow deliberate puffs as he spoke.

Desi smiled, rolling her eyes pensively as he approached her. The Joker grabbed her wrist and pulled her away from the wall. "Desi, you and me, we have something. And no...henchwoman, no fear monger is gonna come between that." His eyes connected with hers, and Desi replied, "There is something between us. Space. You gave me the universe, and I'm gonna run it. If you wanna stop me, kill me. Simple as that."

The Joker removed his cigarette and put it out on Desi's wrist. He watched her face as she winced in pain. To his bemusement there were no tears, and even the wince was fleeting. He let her go and walked small circles in front on her as she clutched her wrist. "Every time I wanna really hurt you, I think of how much fun the past few weeks have been." Joker said, "We've done a lot of damage, you and I."

Desi smiled, "It was great." Joker began pulling knives from his dress and juggling them to keep his concentration. "The thing about juggling..." Joker explained, "you have to used to the idea of pain if you ever want to be good at it. I mean, even if its pedestrian, same little balls over and over again, you're gonna get hit at some point."

Desi replied, "So what you're saying is, juggling is a lot like fucking you. It feels good to do if you can overlook the wounds." Still juggling, he approached her, his knives coming dangerously close to her. Desi took a deep breath, her back pressed against the wall. "Remember when I told you that you should be scared of me?" he asked, licking his lips.

Desi calmly replied, "I was once, but somewhere between you stabbing me, falling off a building, and you ripping my heart out, I stopped being afraid of you." The Joker swung one of his knives, cutting Desi across the inside of her right breast and tearing open her bra. Desi exhaled slowly but did nothing else.

Joker's eye began to twitch, and he did it again, only to receive no response. He grabbed one knife, letting the others fall to the ground, and carved into her other breast. Desi kept her eyes fixed on his face, refusing to give into his torture.

He slipped the knife down her torso, making fine cuts into her delicate skin, every few seconds he'd look back up for any reaction. Desi only exhaled slowly, approaching some sort of self assigned zen. "All you can do is try to hurt me and eventually kill me. But I'm not going to give into you." she said calmly. Joker responded by cutting deeply into her inner thigh.

A single tear fell down Desi cheek, and the Joker spied her burn on the other leg. "What is that?" he asked curiously. Desi turned her thigh outward to display it, "A point I made." she answered, "To Moroni. You know, the criminals in this town are pathetic. You wouldn't believe how many of them tried to talk me out of things just so you wouldn't kill me."

The Joker turned her around and pressed her against the wall. Desi smiled, "A lot of good that would've done, huh? This city needs to be reloaded. At least I made my point." Joker grabbed Desi by the back of her head and slammed her into the brick wall. Blood poured from her nose and her face began to swell around her right eye. Desi saw the blood on the wall and started laughing. The Joker hit her again, but she only howled louder.

Desi reached into her mouth and pulled a wisdom tooth that had been knocked loose against the wall. When she discovered what it was, she touched her temple and said aloud, "Fuck!" The Joker watched her curiously. " want this?" she asked, extending the tooth to him, "I mean, as a souvenir maybe?" She dropped it, and laughingly slid to the filthy ground.

The Joker stared at her, then grabbed her by her ankles and slid her to the middle of the alley. Desi watched from the ground as he descended on her, a low growl escaping him. "You know, seeing you and all this blood is a real turn on, Desdemona." He turned her over placing her face against the ground.

Her slowly guided the knife down her back, "Maybe I should just take what I want. What do you think?" Desi rested her swollen face on the pavement, "I think it smells like manwich out here." she replied, her speech fuzzy. "If you're gonna do something, then do it. Otherwise, please stab me to death. I am getting bored."

At that moment, two men saw them and started down the alley. "Ma'am, are you all right?" they called. Joker made a face, irritated to be interrupted. As he stood, Desi shouted at them, "This is between us! Mind your own fucking business!" The men stopped dead in their tracks. They looked at Desi, swollen and bleeding on the ground, and the Joker cracked his neck.

"You heard me, beat it!" Desi shouted. The Joker looked at theme expressionless, knife in hand, licking his lips. Desi brought her arms under her cheek, resting her face. "Well, let's get on with it." she said up to him, "I'm not gonna rape myself."

The Joker turned her over and pointed down at her with the knife. "Let me ask you something." he said, "Would you ever call a guy...puddin'?" Desi stared at him. Bursting into laughter, she replied, "Nooo! No. I think I'd have to slap a bitch over something like that."

"Yeah..." the Joker says, taking a step back, "I wanted to." He continued to back away, and Desi rolled over until she was sitting. Then wearily, she tried to stand. After a few attempts, she stood and faced the Joker. "You don't look good." he commented laughing. Desi shook her head to focus, "Fuck you, you look like a tranny."

"She calls you the sheJoker" Joker said. Desi leaned against the brick wall, just below her blood splatter. "That's nice." Desi mumbled, somewhat in a daze. The Joker ran his tongue over his teeth, then clicked his tongue.

"I did such a good job on you." the Joker bragged, "It'd be such a shame to kill you over this." He shook his head as if debating something in his head. "I did punish you." he said, pointing at her as he began to pace. Desi nodded understandingly, "Imagine the damage we could do together. And apart."

The Joker's eyes lit up. "You want me to call a truce?" Desi waved her arms dismissively. "Of course not. But you could alway keep me around...for little errands and such. I mean, look at me. No one's going to think you've gone soft."

The Joker contemplated this for a moment. "It would be fun, tearing this city apart. You turned into quite the disciple of chaos." Desi spit blood onto the sidewalk, "Thanks, teach." she replied hoarsely. Joker turned to her sternly, "Just remember, I may let you tell it, but it is my joke." Desi looked at him thoughtfully, "...and it's funny." she replied.

An hour later a soft knock came to the hotel room door. Dr. Crane went to the door and looked through the peephole. He gasped at the sight, and quickly opened the door as Desi fell into the room. Her assorted boxes fell around her and she was bruised and swollen almost beyond recognition.

"Jesus." Crane said, pulling back her trench. "You're bleeding all over." Desi was barely conscious, "We stalemated." she coughed out. Crane picked her up and carried her to the bed, "Are you telling me he looks like this?" He asked.

"Worse." Desi said, "He's stuck with Harley Quinn."

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Tags: featuring: the joker, genre: movieverse, rating: pg-13
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