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Sunshine Conclusion

Story Title: Ain't No Sunshine (When She's Gone) Part XII
Summary: Understanding.
Genre: AU OC
Pairing: The Joker/Desdemona/Johnathan Crane
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I don't believe anyone owns the Joker. Joker for all! But I bet DC comics and Warner Bros. might disagree.
Author Notes: Thank you to everyone who read this! You really should the "Moonlight" series for this to make sense. Comments are teh awesome!

Crane peeled the bloody trench from her shoulders, and brought her hands together on her chest. Her eyes were closed and she didn't seem to be responding to his touch at all. Nervously, he asked her, "Desi, are you in any pain?" Desi licked her lips as she stirred, "You know, I wasn't before, but I'm starting to. Must be the Adrenaline wearing off." She brought her hands to her head, "Ugh, Ouch." she said sluggishly.

Crane stood and walked to his desk. He pulled a syringe and inserted it into a glass bottle filled with clear liquid. "Desi, I'm going to give you something for the pain, ok? But first I'm gonna need you to talk to me a bit so I can see how lucid you are."

Desi coughed and replied, "My name is Desi and I am lying here. I am lying here and my name is Desi. The Joker hit me in the face with a building. Now I'm lying here, and my name is Desi." She laughed quietly to herself as Crane sat on the edge of the bed. He tied off her arm and searched for a vein. Slowly inserting the needle, he watched as Desi's brow furrowed at the sensation.

He depressed the plunger slowly, and all expression slowly faded from Desi's face. Her body relaxed and she was still. Crane removed the strap from her arm and looked at her, taking stock of all the damage. "Listen." he said, running a hand through her hair, "I don't have the supplies to take care of all this. I need to go to a pharmacy." He stood, still looking her over, "You're gonna be ok. I'll be right back." He grabbed his coat and left as she dozed softly.

She hadn't moved while he was gone, and Crane began arranging all the materials he had picked up on the bedside table. He walked to the bathroom, rolling up his sleeves, and returned with a small tub of warm water. He soaked a sponge in the water, and began to lightly pat along Desi's stomach, removing dirt and small pieces of gravel from her wounds. He turned her hands over and noticed the burn of her wrist.

Her face was the worst, where even in her drug-induced slumber she would wince at his touch. He worked to remove the blood from her hair and then began to carefully brush iodine over each opening. Once each cut and abrasion was cleaned, he stitched each large gash and ran a thin layer of neosporin over each one before covering it with gauze.

By the time he was finished taping each piece down, Desi looked like a half-dressed mummy. Crane looked at her, a fire growing inside of him. He checked her pupils and her pulse, then collected his mask and a few vials of his toxin and left the room.

The next morning, Desi awoke with a jolt as Crane lifted her head. "It's all right." he offered, "Here, take this." He had pills and a cup of water waiting for her, "Its for your swelling." Desi took them and pulled herself up to a sit. "Easy." Crane instructed.

Desi blinked twice and looked around. "What time is it?" she asked. Crane examined his watch, "It's ten." he answered, "Why, what's wrong?" Desi wrestled to her feet, looking around for her clothes. "I need a shower." she said, "I gotta go to work."

Crane stared at her. "We took care of the shower last night, and the only thing you need to do is come back to bed and recuperate." Desi found her trench and looked at it frightfully. "No, I really have to work. What the hell am I gonna wear?" She looked around and noticed the bags she had brought home.

Crane leaned toward her on the bed, "Have you seen yourself?" He asked, as she rummaged through the bag and lifted a new outfit. "You need to get better. Come back to bed." Desi looked up, her back to him. Turing slowly to face him, she responded sweetly, "I look awful, huh?"

Crane stammered, "Well, you've seen better days." Desi walked over to him, now in her new bra and panties. Standing between his legs, she pulled his head to her stomach, stroking his hair. "You want to nurse me back to health?" Crane sighed, "Well, someone needs to, and you aren't going to."

Desi lifted his gaze to meet hers, "That is so sexy." She bent down and kissed him passionately on the lips. A kiss that continued for several minutes, until it was interrupted by a knock at the door. Desi lifted, "Dammnit, I'm late." she said, rushing to the door.

She opened it, and the Joker stepped in. "You're not ready yet?" he demanded, turning the Crane, "Women. Nothing but trouble." Desi walked back to her outfit, "I'm coming, I'm coming." she said. The Joker looked around, "Well, Desdemona, aren't you a sight for sore..."

Desi pointed at him, "Don't say it." she ordered. The Joker shrugged, and they both laughed. Crane looked at Desi. "You're working with him?" he asked. Desi nodded, unsure of the miscommunication. The Joker stepped in, "We're fine now. Really." he assured him.

Desi finished dressing and turned to Crane, placing her hands on his shoulders. "It's just business, and I'll be fine." She assured him, looking into his eyes. "You trust me, don't you Johnathan?" Crane rolled his eyes and gave her a little nod. She pulled him to her, bringing her mouth to his ear. "I'll make it up to you. Anything you want when I get back." She pulled back to look in his eyes, "Anything."

She turned and headed out the door. The Joker waved, "Bye, Johnathan." he added as he headed out with her. The walked down the hall with their matching outfits toward the elevator. "Johnathan." Joker mocked. Desi punched him in his arm, "Shut up."

"Seriously, you have feelings for a guy like that?" The Joker asked, tilting toward Desi for her response. Desi pushed the lobby button and smiled, "So how is Harley Quinn?" she responded as the doors closed.

Moroni turned his glass, watching the ice cubes move around. His office was ground zero, and rumors of the Joker having killed Desi were topic of the day. "Don't get me wrong, she was nice to look at, but she brought this on herself." He said, addressing the group, "Who among us didn't warn her?"

Gambol sat up in his chair, "We need to know what she told him about us and our involvement. She's dead, it's our asses we need to be covering." Several guys in the room sounded their agreement.

Just then the door opened. "Knock knock!" Desi said joyfully as she walked in. Everyone turned to her, staring at her battered appearance. "You're alive?" Moroni asked. Desi looked curiously at him. "Of course she is." The Joker responded, following her in.

The crowd stood silent as they made their way to the center of the room. "We just wanted to let you guys know that..." Desi turned to the Joker, "we've made up." The Joker playfully nudged her chin with his fist. He turned to the group, "I mean, we where trying to kill each other, and that's not very fair."

Desi shook her head as he continued, "There's so many more people in Gotham. It was selfish us us." Desi nodded, "It was. But..." she said, a smile spreading across her face, "J and I are gonna play nice now, and we don't have any hard feelings." Joker threw an arm around her shoulder, pulling her to him.

"Honestly, if she wants to waste her time with a pencil-thin bookworm instead of a real criminal, that's fine by me." he said laughingly. "And if he wants to ruin his life with a bottle-blond, air-headed, cupie doll..." She touched the end of his nose, "Whatever makes you happy."

The crowd stared at them, speechless. Desi continued, "We just wanted to thank you for all the stuff. You know, we really appreciate it and all." The Joker nodded, "We appreciate it so much, we're not even going retaliate for you helping both of us against each other." Both turned to each other, laughing.

Joker said jovially, "Come on Desi, let's get out of their hair. Some guys just don't know when to quit working." He gave a happy wave as Moroni pulled Maalox from his desk. He took a large drink of it straight from the bottle as they closed the door behind them.

Hitting the street, Desi hopped up and down out of excitement as the Joker watched. "You're gonna pop a stitch." Joker said dryly. Desi stopped, looking around at herself. Damn, what all did that man do while I was out last night? she wondered.

Desi grabbed Joker by the hand and pulled him down the street to the garage. They entered it and she skipped down to the basement. Joker followed her down into the poorly lit and cave-like area. She went ahead of him and into the darkness. Joker laughed softly to himself as he looked around in the dark.

Desi jumped him as he rounded the corner, wrapping her arms around him. She kissed him all over his face, giggling as she did it. "Did that get you as hot as it did me?" she asked, continuing to kiss him. He pulled away her gauze, making her yelp slightly as he found her mouth.

He kissed her passionately, nibbling on her lip as she pulled away. She dropped to her knees and ducked into his coat, opening his fly and feeling his erection. He stood there in the dark, watching people unknowingly pass him as Desi hungrily took him into her mouth.

She was voracious, mixing long thoughtful strokes with light grazes of her teeth along his shaft. She moved back and forth, almost completely obscured by his coat. She could barely hear him over street noise from above, but as she gripped his legs, she felt him rock back and forth before going rigid.

She continued to suck, abandoning gentle as she felt him grab her head and pull her hair. He came violently, filling her mouth with his warm, salty ejaculate. She rolled back onto her feet, looking up at him. His eyes were closed, still enjoying the orgasm.

Desi sprung to her feet and grabbed his coat, pulling him into the service elevator. "Oh, no. I'm not done with you yet." she cried, as they both fell into the elevator. She pressed the door close button as he rushed her body, his hands slipping over her breasts.

As the doors closed, Desi pressed the emergency stop and turned to him. He buried his face in her neck, sucking and biting playfully. "She'll never be me you know." Desi whispered in his ear. Joker responded by pushing her into the corner and pulling her underwear away from her.

Their eyes locked as he thrust roughly into her. He slammed her against the wall of the elevator as she pulled at his clothes, tugging them away from his shoulders. She wrapped her hands around his face, sliding them up into his hair as he continued slamming into her.

She stripped him down to his vest and he grabbed her arms, lacing his fingers into hers and extending them over her head. He kissed her again and as he pulled away she cried, "Harder."
He untangled their fingers and grabbed her by her ass. He then brought her to the floor of the elevator, his strokes now shorter and more violent.

He began grunting, almost animalistic, and he placed his hands on either side of her face. Desi opened her mouth, accepting his thumb, which she playfully bit and sucked on. Desi began to uncontrollably buck, her body seeking an almost mammalian pull to his.

She threw her head back and moaned loudly. As she brought her head back, their stares met. Neither looked away, and their shared orgasm nearly rocked the elevator. He lifted from her, trying to catch his breath. She lay there for a second, her every breath hinting at a moan.

She stood, brushed herself off, and brushed by him as she released the stop and pressed the ground floor button. Moments later, the elevator opened on two completely dressed and put together adults. Desi grinned, "So, Tuesday?" she asked. The Joker stepped off the elevator, "I'll call you." he replied.

Gordon walked into Major Case and approached Bullock's desk. Bullock handed him the letter, in its police evidence bag. "Anything?" Gordan asked. Bullock shook his head, "Nothing. No prints, no DNA, other that the victim's." Gordon turned the paper over, rereading it with a solemn look on his face.

Dear Commissioner,
This city is in need of tenacious women. I've been shown that, and I'm a fast study. The Joker is more than a criminal or a genius, he's a trend setter. This skirted disciple will make him proud. Expect this chaotician to spark the trend.

Yours in opposition, Desdemona

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Tags: featuring: the joker, genre: movieverse, rating: pg-13
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