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New Fic!

Story Title: Fearless Part one
Summary: The man and his desciple continue.
Genre: AU OC
Pairing: Joker/Desdemona/Johnathan Crane
Rating: R
Disclaimer: If I owned them, I'd be too busy fucking to write my name...
Author Notes: I am overwealmed at the response to my previous work, thank you!

The bus barreled down the street at breakneck speed, followed closely by several patrol cars. Helicopters for both the news and the police hovered overhead. The bus pulled sharply to the right, its wheels nearly leaving the pavement, and sent two cop cars into oncoming traffic as they swerved to miss it.

"I'm gonna need you all to relax." Desi said confidently, waving her gun to emphasize her point. She looked at the mix of business men and women with their children. "Look on the bright side: I could be the one driving." Her eyes fell on a man in shorts, trying to assure his daughter.

"Don't worry, it's going to be all right." He whispered to her, stroking her hair as she quietly sobbed. Desi tilted her head and walked toward him. "Why would you do that?" she asked, "Why would you lie to her and give her false hope?"

Desi turned to the girl, "Sweetie, it's not going to be all right. In all likelihood, we're gonna crash and explode, killing us all." she shrugged, announcing, "Best case scenario, we crash and you spend your life as a horribly deformed cripple."

Joker laughed from the driver's seat. "I know." Desi said laughingly to him, "It's good, right?" the man looked coldly at her, hugging his daughter to him. "Well?" Desi demanded. She looked at him, waiting for a reply. Receiving none, she pointed and shot him in the face.

The Joker howled with laughter as the man's head flew backward and the girl sat, catatonic. Desi turned around in the center aisle, marking the terror of those on board. Many were crying, and a Desi smirked as she walked among them.

She stopped abruptly, looking at a mousy girl sitting in the back of the bus. She had a brown paper sack lunch in her lap, and as Desi walked up, she averted her eyes, trying to be ignored.
Desi looked at her smart shoes and timid suit. "You." She said, and the girl jumped.

She waved the girl to a stand with the gun. "Why...why me?" the girl asked. Desi looked her over, bringing the gun to her mouth as if to contemplate. "Because," she said, grabbing the girl by the arm forcefully, "I used to be you."

Just then, there was a loud thud along the side of the bus and Desi looked to see Batman clinging to the side of the bus as it swerved violently. "We have company!" she called to the front of the bus.

Desi grabbed the woman and began pulling her to the front. "We're almost here!" the Joker cried happily, as the bus neared Matterton Bridge. "Isn't that bridge out?" the woman cried. The Joker only laughed harder.

"Now you can take over driving." Desi said. The woman shook her head, "No, I can't. I don't drive." Joker stood and Desi slammed her into the seat, "No better time to learn!" She shouted, as Batman punched through the glass and began crawling onto the bus.

The inexperienced woman lost control of the steering wheel and swerved, nearly throwing Batman out of the window. Joker grabbed Desi's hand, pulling her to the middle of the bus. Punching out the emergency escape from the roof of the bus, he grabbed the sides and pulled himself through. He then reached down, and in one pull lifted Desi through the hole.

Batman, still hanging in the window, pulled himself out and began to climb the side to the roof. He crawled up as Desi held to the Joker. "Shouldn't you be saving the innocents?" the Joker shouted. Desi pointed to the half completed bridge, which lay in the immediate future. Batman stood and took two steps toward them.

Joker wrapped an arm around Desi's waist and Desi blew Batman a kiss as the Joker jumped backward off the bus. Batman quickly made his way across to find them both laying on padding in a flatbed truck, laughing. The truck turned right and sped away. Batman turned and jumped into the escape hatch, racing to stop the bus as it sped onto the bridge.

Seeing there was no way to stop the bus in enough time, Batman rallied everyone to one side of the bus. He then ran to the driver's seat, pulling the terrified would be driver from the seat and sending her to the back. He grabbed the steering wheel and turned it violently.

The bus pulled sharply to the left, its wheels picked up and in rolled onto its side. It ground to a halt, everyone in it shaken and many injured. The police and ambulances pulled along side it, and Batman pulled himself out of the bus and disappeared into the crowd.

The past month had been a nightmare in Gotham. In addition to the criminals released from Arkham just weeks before, the Joker and his new accompliss we're setting the city alight - literally. The bus marked their third collaboration in that week alone. Batman had gotten involved, but it was tricky for him to get around in broad daylight, especially with Bullock gunning for him.

Desi walked into the hotel suite and set her key on the bedside table. She crossed the dark room and pulled her clothes off layer by layer, throwing them into the oversized chair in the corner. Down to her underwear, she slipped out of her shoes and pulled the pencil from her hair, letting in fall around her shoulders.

She turned the light on, and turned to find Johnathan Crane sitting in the dark, watching her. "Hey." she said, smiling at him, "How's your testing going?" Crane was obviously less than lucid, his eyes fixed on her and a smile slowly came over him. "I've got to adjust the formula, the old man had a heart attack when I brought out the mask." He responded, emotionless.

She walked to him, and he buried his face in her hip. "I have to go collect more subjects." he said flatly. Desi rested a hand on his shoulder, "You could always try it on me if you needed to." she offered. Crane looked up at her. "No, I don't think so." he replied. Desi protested, "Really, I can handle it."

"I don't want to see you afraid." he said simply, "I want to see you..." he kissed her on her hip, "everything else." Desi spread her finger in front of him, extending her hand to him. He took it and she pulled him into the bathroom. His bare feet dragged as he walked sheepishly behind her.

She entered the huge bathroom and pulled him along to the shower. She opened the glass door and ushered him in, clothes and all. She followed him and pulled the door closed. "What are we doing standing in the shower in out clothes?" he asked, still somewhat out of it.

Desi grinned, "Waking you up." She pulled the tap straight to cold and a deluge of ice cold water poured over them both. She loosened his tie as his entire body seized up from the shock of the water. She grabbed his face and kissed him as the water streamed down their faces.

Her hands began working to remove his sopping clothes, first pulling the sweater vest over his head and then removing his tie. As she started unbuttoning his shirt he went for his belt, letting each piece fall away to their feet. He pulled her to him, and she pushed his soaked pants and boxers to the floor.

She brought her hands to his back as he held her neck and kissed her passionately. Desi rested her head on his chest as he unfastened her bra and slipped it off. She kissed his neck as he slipped his fingers between her hips and her underwear.

He pulled them down slowly, kissing her legs as they slipped past them. He stood and wiped her hair from her face with his hands. Without taking his gaze from her, he reached for the tap and warmed the water as it flowed down over them.

He turned her around, and gathered her hair, massaging the shampoo into it with his long fingers. He lathered his own and poured the body wash over her breasts as she leaned back and rinsed out the shampoo. He ran his hands over her breasts and stomach working the soap into a generous lather.

Desi leaned against him as his hands went south, rubbing between her legs and her inner thighs. The lather washed down her body and Desi turned to focus her attention on him. She squeezed a handful of soap and immediately began to rub it all over his chest and down his body.

She backed him to the glass, her hand rubbing the soap over his genitals. She ran her hand along the shaft and then began massaging his testicles, working the soap into a think sudsy foam. Crane watched her, breathing heavily as he began to grow hard.

Desi stared in his eyes, "Awake now?" she asked. Crane ran his hands down to hers, pulling them away as he stepped into the water and kissed her lightly. He pulled away, letting water seep into her mouth slowly before cupping her face in his hands and kissing her again.

She shut the water off, leaving their moist forms standing in the still clinging to each other. She held to him, but Crane broke form her and stepped out of the stall. He returned moments later with an large hotel towel, which he wrapped around her as he lifted her, carrying her out of the shower.

He set her on the counter, pulling her knees around him. She leaned up, kissing him softly as he slowly penetrated her. They touched foreheads and Desi bit her lower lip as he sank deep into her. Desi gripped the edge of the counter, leaning back as Crane kissed and sucked he breasts.

He continued slow, deep thrusts as his hands on hers. Desi leaned forward and nibbled at his ear before slowly tonguing inside the lobe. Crane responded by thrusting harder, bringing his hands to the small of her back as she moaned softly in his ear.

Like a hot flash, Desi's skin broke out in gooseflesh as she leaned back and tensed up. "Oh Johnathan..." she softly cried, as the shock ran through her. He eyes opened wide and Crane brought a hand to her neck, pulling her up to face him so he could watch her.

"Oh, God..." Desi cried, "Johnathan, don't stop." she said, wrapping her arms around him and holding to him. She felt him, throbbing, inside her before he stopped, releasing himself into her. They rubbed noses and breathed heavy, lost in the moment together.

Desi rested her forehead against his cheek and playfully kicked her legs as he carried her to their bed. He laid her down, pulling the towel to her head and squeezing the excess water from her scalp. Lifting the towel from her naked body, he rubbed the towel across his chest as he walked to the lamp.

He looked back to Desi, who leaned back into the pillows and laughed softly at him, and turned off the lamp.

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Tags: featuring: the joker, genre: movieverse, rating: pg-13
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