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Fearless Part 3

Story Title: Fearless Part Three
Summary: Commitments and Lies.
Genre: AU OC
Pairing: Desdemona/Johnathan Crane
Rating: R
Disclaimer: If I owned them, I'd be too busy fucking to write my name...
Author Notes: I am overwealmed at the response to my previous work, thank you!

There was a soft brush across Desi's lips, and she parted them slowly to accept Crane's probing tongue. Her eyes were still closed as their tongues mingled, and she moaned softly as his unshaven face rubbed hers. She turned toward him, their legs laced together, and they laid in the sheet kissing for several minutes.

"Happy birthday." Crane said as Desi opened her eyes. Desi blinked herself awake, confused at the salutation. She searched her mind, trying to remember anything about her previous life. The thoughts were rubbery and dark, as if underwater. "What?" she asked sleepily. Crane smirked, "Quarter of a century." he said, "Did you think I wouldn't look you up?"

Desi sat up, realizing that it was, in fact, her birthday. Crane kissed her on the cheek before scrambling out of bed and walking to the bathroom. Desi sat on the end of the bed, brushing her hair and listening to the sound of water from the bathroom. "You're getting ready, right? I have a surprise for you." Crane called from the bathroom. "So you said last night." Desi stood, stretching, and opened the closet. Waiting there was a chocolate day dress with white flecks all over it. It had matching heels and white gloves

Crane left the bathroom and began dressing as Desi unzipped the dress and stepped into it. Without asking, Crane walked over and zipped it closed as Desi swept her hair onto her shoulder. She drew the stockings up her legs slowly, watching Crane button his shirt. He omitted the tie and vest, and Desi couldn't help feeling he was half dressed. She fastened her garters and slipped her feet into her shoes as she put on the gloves.

She did a quick turn, as Crane added his billfold to his blazer and put on his watch. "How do I look?" she asked. Crane smiled, "Luminous." He answered, grabbing his keys and ushering her out the door. Desi trotted to the elevator, giddy as to how normal they looked. He opened her car door for her to sit, then crossed the car to climb in.

Desi didn't ask where they were going as they drove. She watched as they headed down to the river, slowly making their way past the docks. "You know, if I didn't know any better, I'd worry about this." She joked. Crane continued to drive, "If that's what we were doing, I wouldn't have sprung for the Marc Jacobs dress." he replied smugly.

He stopped at what looked like a construction site. Crane got out and went to open Desi's door. She stood, thoroughly confused, and walked along with him to the large cement and wood structure which sat on the old dam which barged Gotham from the island at the Narrows. Desi looked at the abandoned building, "What is it?" she asked eagerly.

"That was the primary hub for the Gotham hydroelectric project." Crane answered, "Wayne enterprises put this out of business, and it's been sitting here on the government's books ever since." Desi grabbed the fence with her gloved hand. "It's beautiful." she whispered. Crane reached into his pocket, producing a separate key on an ornate ring. "I thought you would think so, that's why you now own it." He dangled the key in front of a stunned Desi.

"I own this?" she said amazed. Crane adjusted his glasses, "Through a dummy corporation, of course, but..." he brought a hand to the small of her back, "it's all yours. The Joker gave you a hideout, I'm giving you a home." He continued to hold the key while Desi stared at the structure. "This is too much." she insisted, "Why so much?"

Crane looked her over, "Well, you have spectacular breasts." he remarked jokingly. Desi looked at him, scoffed loudly, and replied "Well, if they got me a home..." snatching the key. She walked toward the structure when she felt a pull from behind her. She turned, noticing Crane holding her hand and not moving. "Of course, it could be that I love you." Crane said seriously. Desi stared at him, unsure of what to say.

There was a moment of uneasy silence between them, and Crane broke it by saying, "Wait until you see the inside." He released from her hand and walked past her, Desi following. The building was open air, most of the machinery had been either removed or stolen. There was a small upper loft with a staircase, and a crew of men working inside when they entered.

"These guys are building you a bathroom. It's going to put the Plaza to shame." Crane said happily. He gestured up to the loft, "I was thinking we could put the bedroom there, and these guys are going to finish a kitchen also. What do you think?" he asked hopefully. Desi stared at the ceiling, where several industrial ropes and pulleys hung. "Can we keep this ropey, pulley, hook thing?" she asked excitedly. Crane smiled, "Whatever you want."

Desi hopped up and down, turning around the room. "Johnathan, this is amazing." she cried, almost singing it. Crane walked around her, amused at her reaction. "So, this is you, happy?" he asked. She rushed him, "This is me ecstatic." She pushed him against one of the large turnstiles and kissed him. Her hands traveled south and Crane pulled away. "There's construction here, remember?" he said, motioning to the room.

Desi blankly looked around. "I don't care, let them watch." she replied, kissing him again. She went for his glasses and he pulled away again. "Ok, so it's your birthday, we can do whatever you want." he stated, dodging her advanced, "You want to go out somewhere maybe and have lunch?" Desi sat up, looking right at him. "Anything I want?" she asked, her eye twitching lightly. Crane nodded, worrying slightly at her reaction. Desi joygasmed and said, "I want to work with you tonight."

Crane looked away, and Desi leaned into him, sliding her hand down to his crotch. She rested her chin on his chest, looking up at him with big eyes. "Please, baby." she purred, "Please please please." Crane looked at her, taking a deep breath as she fondled him. He leaned his head down to touch hers. "Ok." he said.
Desi lifted her head, giddy. "Oh thank you, thank you, thank you!" she sang.

Crane adjusted his glasses and straightened his pants. "Ok, then. Can we get lunch now?" He pulled his blazer together, and headed for the door. "Yes." Desi replied, and followed him out happily.

Desi lit a cigarette, taking a long satisfying drag and exhaling it slowly. She was laying backwards, and she said aloud, "He told me he loved me." The Joker slipped his fingers around her cigarette, taking it and taking a drag from it. He held the smoke for a few minuted, thinking. "What did you say?" he asked, laying across the other side of the bed beside her.

"Nothing." Desi replied, letting him take the next drag off the cigarette, "I let him show me around the place." The Joker let smoke slowly seep from his nose. "He bought you a love nest, huh? Won't be long now before you're barefoot, popping out wicker babies." The Joker laughed and Desi pulled her cigarette back, taking another puff. "Don't even kid like that." she said.

"Do you love him?" Joker asked dryly, licking him lips. Desi opened her mouth, allowing the smoke to billow out. "I don't love anything." she replied, matter-of-fact, "I mean, I love chaos, and thrill killing, and I gotta admit, I enjoy money." Joker leaned over her, accepting her shotgun as she exhaled. He leaned back, exhaling, "Well, who doesn't?"

"He thinks I'm out shopping right now." Desi said, absentmindedly looking at her nails. Joker put the cigarette out and lay back, "Lying to the little woman? Tsk, tsk." he mocked. Desi fanned her fingers, ignoring him. "Speaking of 'little women', where's your Arkham alum, hmmm?" she asked. Joker clicked his tongue, "Working."

Desi turned her head, looking at him, "She still works there?" Joker brought his hands up, gestering in the air. "She's in too good a position to give up just yet." he swept a hand through his hair, "That, and it keeps her out of my way during the day." Desi nodded her understanding as they heard footsteps. "Heya, puddin'!" Harley aid as she walked in.

Both Desi and J sat up and looked toward the sound. "Where are ya?" she asked, looking around. Desi inched toward his head, "'Yee-ah, ware are ya, Mis-tah J?'" she mocked, as Joker looked at her sheepishly. Harley walked into the room, "Oh, there you a-" she started, seeing Desi. She grabbed her elbow with her other arm, "Oh, I didn't know you were here." she said softly.

Desi stood, ruffled Joker's hair, sending him into fits of laughter and began walking toward the door. She stopped just shy of Harley, and hissed loudly at her. Harley jumped, still a little afraid of Desi. Desi relished the response, smiling as she walked out of the building. She walked outside, and smoked another cigarette before leaving the park.

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Tags: featuring: the joker, genre: movieverse, rating: pg-13
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