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Fearless Part 5

Story Title: Fearless Part five
Summary: Dreams and Nghtmares
Genre: AU OC
Pairing: Joker/Desdemona/Johnathan Crane
Rating: R
Disclaimer: If I owned them, I'd be too busy fucking to write my name...
Author Notes: I am overwealmed at the response to my previous work, thank you!

Desi threw her head back, moaning loudly. Crane buried his face between her legs, tasting her. Desi ran her fingers through his hair as she squealed in delight. Her thighs trembled, and her mouth ran dry as she looked down at him. He was on his knees, with one of her legs draped over his shoulder.

Desi leaned back against the large turnstile, clutching it behind her for balance. She panted, amazed at how good he felt. He began penetrating her with two fingers as his tongue made small circles against her sensitive flesh, nearly sending Desi into an orgasm. Desi gasped, pulling Crane's hair as she breathed, "I want you." she gasped, "Now."

Crane didn't move, continuing to pleasure her silently. Desi opened her eyes as a hand turned her face to he left. Standing there was the Joker, who kissed her violently. He held her face to his as Crane stood and pulled her from the turnstile.

With the Joker in front of her and Crane behind her. Desi looked from one to the other confused. "It's ok, we get it." Crane said, kissing her neck and working his way down to her shoulders. The Joker traced his tongue down her chest and fondled her breasts, "We don't mind sharing you." Joker replied, "Do we Scarecrow?"

"Not at all, Tin Man." Crane replied jovially. Desi was nervous and confused, but couldn't stop the sensations from surging through her. Joker went south as Scarecrow rushed her hair aside, kissing between her shoulder blades. Desi's eyes rolled back in her head and she began to come.

"Not at all." Crane repeated as both boys stood. Desi opened her eyes and both men had axes. They reared back as if to strike her, and Desi panicked. "I get the left side." Joker laughed. Desi looked behind her to see Crane's brilliant blue eyes, now dark and empty.

Desi panicked, taking giant breaths. Just then, both men began screaming at her in the same voice, as they brought the axes toward her. Desi seized up, slamming her eyes shut as the screaming continued.

Desi bolted up out of bed, wet with perspiration. She looked around, and found she was alone in the bed. She clutched her chest, taking a deep breath when she heard the scream from her dream. The exact scream from her dream.

She threw the covers off her and stood to look down from the loft. Sitting in a chair on the ground floor was the man they had abducted the night before, screaming his head off. Crane looked at him as if possessed. He walked to his desk when he spotted Desi watching him.

"Did he wake you?" Crane asked, exhilarated. Desi shook her head, "Nightmare." She sleepily walked down the stairs, where Crane met her. He kissed her at her temple, rubbing her back supportively. "How's it going?" she yawned, stretching.

"It's been incredible." Crane said, turning to his notes, "Mr. Liptman has proven to be quite the subject. I haven't even been to bed." Crane looked at Desi's neck as she stretched. "My God, what happened?" he asked, walking to examine her. Desi settled, "Oh, nothing. I got in a fight over a lousy game of pool."

Crane looked over his glasses at her, "Someone should have warned me you were the violent type." Desi laughed, "We met when I sprung you from an insane asylum." she commented, "I'd say the universe warned you."

"Coffee?" he asked. Desi looked happily, "We have coffee? I thought the kitchen wasn't finished." Crane went to the kitchen area and Desi followed him, pausing in front of the frightened man. "Good morning, Mr. Liptman!" Desi announced cheerfully. The man sobbed.

"Honey, don't play with the animals." Crane announced from behind the cappuccino machine. Desi shrugged and walked on the pads of her feet into the would-be kitchen. "Wow. Swank machine." she said, whistling. Crane continued measuring the coffee, "Man cannot live by automatic drip alone." he replied dryly.

She watched his method curiously. "Looks complicated." she said. Crane smiled at her as he collected a cup from the opposite counter, "Not really." Desi leaned on the counter, "Teach me?" she asked quietly. Crane looked at her with a serenity about him. Mr. Liptman continued to scream in the background.

Crane took a step back and Desi stepped in. With his large hands over hers, he walked her through each step. "Then you close this, and press this." He instructed, guiding her hands over each piece. "This part is a little tricky, because you don't want to burn it." he looked at her, "With practice you'll get a feel for it."

They added each ingredient, and he stepped back as Desi took her first sip. Her eyes closed and she stood still for a solid minute. "Wow, that is really good." she said finally, "Thank you." Crane touched her cheek tenderly and then turned back to his work. Desi watched him work, sipping the cup of coffee slowly.

Desi showered and dressed, coming down the steps and Crane wrote feverishly onto his notepad. She stopped just behind where he was seated, putting a hand on his shoulder. "I'm going out, I have a meeting at Moroni's. Some sort of mediation." she said, "Don't work too hard, ok? Get yourself some rest."

Crane kissed her resting hand, but said nothing. Desi walked to the door slowly, "I'm not taking the car, so you'll have it, ok?" Crane nodded, still writing. Desi smiled and stepped outside, walking to the street to hail a cab.

Moroni sat at his desk, turning his drink nervously. "You think we're doing the right thing?" he asked. Gambol leaned over the desk. "Absolutely. One of them was bad enough, but both of them? Best thing we can do is use them for a little immunity." Moroni frowned, "I still feel like a rat." He leaned back, looking out the window.

Desi stopped the cab a block from Moroni's, dancing slowly down the block with a song in her head. She saw the Joker approach from the other block, and smiled wide at him. He made his way, only steps from her. She hit the steps and reached for the door when police swarmed everywhere.

Desi and Joker froze, their eyes locking. She saw his hand inch toward an inner pocket and she blinked her acknowledgment. As the officers rushed them both, Joker turned, cutting the throat of two officers. Desi dropped low, shooting three officers quickly.

Desi stood, looking for Joker, but he had vanished. As she looked, her shoulder exploded in a flash of red, sending her her backwards over the banister of the steps. She landed a in the loading area, below the sidewalk with a dense thud. Desi grabbed her shoulder, looking at the blood on her hand.

Desi dragged herself to the stairwell leading under the restaurant and used the handrail to pull herself up. Clutching her shoulder, she limped down into the storeroom, unsure of where to go next. She made her way to the kitchen, moving quickly but without focus.

She entered Moroni's office, startling him. "The paparazzi is this area of ton are getting really pushy." Desi remarked, still clutching her shoulder. Moroni stood, looking to Gambol. Desi aimed at him. "Your private exit, where is it?" she asked calmly.

"I don't know what you mean." Moroni said. Desi blankly stared at him as she shot Gambol in his knee. He fell, screaming. "Try again." she said aggressively. Moroni looked at Gambol and said quietly, "It's behind the bar." Desi sighed, turning to leave. "Dirty pool." she said, limping painfully out of the room, "Don't think for a second this is over."

Desi reached the bar and pushed the false wall to the exit. It was a narrow exit, and she made her way down a long corridor to find herself outside, nearly a block away. She went her her automatic, and started back toward the fray when she was grabbed from behind. Wrestling away, she turned to see it was the Scarecrow.

"Johnathan, what are you doing here?" she asked. He saw her shoulder, and grabbed the other hand. "I'm here to get you. Come on." He pulled her toward the car, but she resisted. "I can't, J is somewhere, I have to help him." she insisted. Crane grabbed her around her waist, pulling her to the car.

"He's a grown man, he can take care of himself." Scarecrow insisted, "Besides, you are as good as caught over there." He pulled Desi to the car, pushing her in through the driver's side. As she climbed in, she saw Joker come into view. She excitedly rolled down the window, pulling herself out to yell to him.

Scarecrow was grabbed from behind by the police, and turned, spraying them in the face with toxin. They recoiled from him, and he watched for a few seconds before climbing into the driver's seat. Desi pulled the upper half of her body out of the window, hanging sideways.

"J!" she screamed. He turned to her, and at that moment was flipped upside down, hanging there from a cable which was wrapped around the overhanging streetlight. Desi watched in horror as Batman leaped down and approached him. After a moment, Joker burst into a fit of maniacal laughter, his eyes lingering on Desi.

Desi teared up, still hanging from the window with her hands reaching as Scarecrow cranked the engine and sped away. Her hair whipped her face as her tears fell, and her view of the Joker grew smaller and smaller until it faded completely.

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Tags: featuring: the joker, genre: movieverse, rating: pg-13
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