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Fearless Part 6

Story Title: Fearless Part six
Genre: Bang and Blame AU OC
Pairing: Joker/Desdemona/Johnathan Crane
Rating: R
Disclaimer: If I owned them, I'd be too busy fucking to write my name...
Author Notes: I am overwealmed at the response to my previous work, thank you!

Crane carried Desi up the stairs as she sobbed loudly. She clung to him, her weeping uncontrollable. He laid her on the bed and wiped her hair away from her face. He wiped her tears with his handkerchief, and looked at her sadly. "It's going to be all right." he said reassuringly, "Isn't Harlene still at Arkham?"

Desi clutched his handkerchief, nodding as she caught her breath. "I just...we just left him..." she sobbed, "with the cops." Crane examined her shoulder sternly, "Pity the police." he replied. He touched her shoulder, and Desi winced. Crane frowned. "It looks like the bullet is still in there." he said, "Desi, I can't fix this. You need a doctor."

He looked at her ankle, which had begun to swell. "You shouldn't move. I'm gonna arrange for a doctor to come here." Crane explained, "So you rest and I will be back." Crane stroked her hair before standing. Desi grasped his arm. "Don't leave yet." she pleaded.

Crane looked down at her. "I need to take care of your ankle. I'll be right back." Desi nodded and released his arm. Crane went to the freezer for ice and grabbed the stockings left hanging in the bathroom. He returned with the items and sat on the end of the bed to wrap her ankle.

"I'm going to have to improvise, I'm afraid." Crane said, using the stockings to wrap her ankle. He placed the bag of ice over it, and propped it up. Desi lay staring into space, grief stricken. He took her small hand in his, like a bird that had fallen out of her nest. "How did you know to come?" Desi asked.

Crane explained, "Liptman. Turns out, he's a DA. I tested marker 32 and he started talking about an ambush he set up for Gambol over immunity." He looked out over the hanging pulleys, "I panicked, and went for you." Desi exhaled violently, "I'm gonna fucking kill them both." she spat hatefully.

Crane stood, "I need to go secure a doctor, ok? You rest here." He smiled reassuringly, "I won't be long." Desi reached up, tugging the last two fingers on his right hand before letting her hand fall limp onto the bed. Crane collected his things, checked the unconscious Mr. Liptman, and left. Desi faded into uneasy sleep.

Joker sat in the interrogation room, drumming a circus melody onto the table. Gordon walked in, carrying a file and sat down across from him. He opened the file slowly. "A little dramatic, aren't we?" Joker said, licking his lips. Gordon looked at him, "Well, you would know." he replied.

"Desdemona, better known as -" Gordon started, only to be interrupted by the Joker, who plugged his ears and began to chant.
Gordon shrugged, "Have it your way."
Joker smiled, "I tend to."

Gordon closed the file, "Where is she?" he asked. Joker leaned in charmingly, "You really want to know, don't you?" He wagged his eyebrows up and down before leaning back, a satisfied look on his face. "Yeah, she is something. Wasn't in the beginning. You have to... housebreak 'em young." Joker explained, "Otherwise, you wind up with a useless bitch."

Gordon looked at him. "Your involvement with this woman ties you to her crimes. Failure to help us could result in you being charged as an accompliss." Joker sat up suddenly, "Her accompliss? Me? No, no, no..." He shook his head slowly to emphasize his point. "She's great and all, but we all know who runs this show."

Joker pulled his suspender straps absentmindedly, waiting for Gordon's reply. Gordoon looked at him for a long time, figuring what to say to him. "Maybe I'm going about this all wrong." Gordon proposed, "Maybe she's just an innocent in all this and you're taking advantage of her. Maybe all this carnage is yours and yours alone."

The Joker laughed quietly, "I wouldn't let her hear you say that." He turned sideways in his seat, "Listen, when's my psych eval?" he asked. "I want to make Arkham by dinner, it Salisbury steak night." He laughed heartily as Gordon stood, grabbed his folder, and left him there.

Desi felt someone lift her and opened her eyes. Crane was laying towels under her shoulder and tilting her, and there was another man in the room. "Who is that?" she asked, still fuzzy. Crane looked across the bed at the doctor, who introduced himself as 'just the doctor'.

Desi looked back to Crane, who gave a reassuring smile, "We're criminals, remember? We know how to acquire things." Desi nodded and laid her head back. Crane looked back to the doctor as he rolled up his sleeves, "She's gonna need something for the pain. What do you suggest?"

"Nothing." Desi said flatly. Both men looked down at her. "You're just overtired. Believe me sweetheart, when I start digging this bullet out you'll wish you'd taken the medicine." Desi looked up at him with unabashed severity. "I'm not your sweetheart." she said coldly, "And it would be best if you didn't advise me of my wishes."

The doctor looked at Crane who just shrugged, removed his belt and handed it to Desi. Desi gave an appreciative nod and accepted the belt, biting down of it as the doctor began the work of digging the bullet fragments out of her arm. Crane held her hands as he watched the doctor work. Desi bit down, tears streaming down her face, but she didn't make a single sound.

After some rooting around, the doctor produced the piece of metal. He washed the wound, and stitched it up as Desi lay there. "All better now." The doctor said, wiping his hands on a towel as Crane collected up the mess. Crane followed his down the steps and into the bathroom.

Washing his hands, the doctor told Crane, "The wound seemed superficial, but I would keep an eye on it. She should stay in bed for at least a week." Crane laughed, "Well, that will be fun. I can barely keep her here a night." The doctor made a face. "Well, maybe if she went out less, she wouldn't have so many scars." he replied.

Crane looked sourly at him, "Hey." he replied sternly, "Watch what you say about her." The doctor met his gaze, lowering his eyes as he nodded. "I'll say this." he admitted, "She took that better than any man I've ever done." The doctor threw the towel on the counter and went to collect his things.

Crane watched him leave, and returned to the bathroom. He began filling the massive tub, laying out all Desi's things. He looked over all of it, his gaze turning up to the mirror. His shirt was streaked with Desi's blood, and his hair was disheveled.

He walked into the bedroom, and sat on the bed watching Desi as she lay, not quite asleep. He began undressing her and she opened her eyes, moaning softly at his touch. "You impressed the doctor." Crane said, slipping her stockings down, "But he did say you have stay in bed for a week to get better."

Desi groaned loudly. Crane chuckled at the response as he lifted her torso to continue undressing her. "You are the only woman is the world that'll let someone dig a bullet out of you without a whimper and protest a vacation." Desi blew a raspberry, "The key to any successful career is enjoying what you do."

"I love you." Crane said, lifting Desi, "You know why?" Desi limply laid in his arms, "It isn't the breasts again, is it?" she asked. Crane laughed, blushing. "No, it's because you're fearless. You attack life. That's a very alluring quality."
Desi rubbed her eyes with her good arm, "I kind of have to be fearless, right? I mean, to be with you..."

Crane entered the bathroom, setting Desi down into the water. Desi lay back and uttered a long, satisfying moan as she relaxed. "That will be all Jeeves." she joked. Crane smiled and began removing his pants. He stood in his boxers for a moment, before walking to the back of the tub. He slipped his feet on either side of her, sitting on the back of the tub itself.

He scooped water from the tub with a clear plastic container, slowly pouring it down Desi's back and hair. He lathered the shampoo, working it into her hair while massaging her scalp. "Now you're gonna have to be good this week and follow the doctor's orders. Getting up too early could damage your arm, which would effect the career you love so much."

Desi pouted silently. "Besides, I'm sure if I tried hard enough, I could keep you occupied for a week." Desi laughed, "You're gonna dislocate a hip." she giggled. Crane responded by dumping water on Desi's head, washing the shampoo down her face. Desi looked back at him, her hair covering her face.

Crane washed it back, clearing her face. She soaped up her sponge, washing her back and bringing her forward to wash her neck and chest. Crane stood, walking over the reclining Desi to the other end of the tub. He sat, lifting her leg and washing it before laying it back in the water.

He grabbed the other leg, resting it across his. "Enjoying this, are you?" Desi asked, "I'd hate to think you're waiting on me when you'd rather be doing other things." Crane looked longingly at her, "There's no place I'd rather be in the whole world."

Desi smiled, "It's creepy sometimes, how you always know just what to say. Makes me nervous." Crane continued to to wash he sore legs gently, "Joker wasn't a conversationalist?" he asked.

Desi leaned her head against the tub. "You're very different people. J is like the sun: he's wonderful and you feel warm when he's onto you. Then he's gone, half a world away and you're left in the cold darkness."

"That was beautifully put." Crane said, lowering her leg back into the water. "What about you?" Desi asked, "what are you thinking of?" Crane's wandered up to the corner, thinking. "I think that men like him want gratification on their terms. Their fantasies are of conquest without attachment."

Desi looked at him, "And you're fantasies?" Crane reached into the water and splashed her, "...are this." he replied, "But if Joker is the sun, what am I?" he asked, almost nervously.

Desi smiled. "You're substance."

Crane carried her to bed, her ankle swelled and discolored. He laid her down, elevating her ankle and bundling her up as the sound of thunder boomed in the building. Desi relaxed, listening to rain strike the roof. She dozed for the first time that day with hope in her heart.

At police headquarters, Gordon looked over the psych evaluation with a bitter expression. Bullock looked at him, "Boss, he's not going to tell us anything. He's just wearing us down one by one." Gordon slammed the paper down and began pacing a small circle behind his desk. "Fine." he said, frustrated, "Call a bus. The sooner he's at Arkham, the sooner he's their problem."

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Tags: featuring: the joker, genre: movieverse, rating: pg-13
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