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Fearless Part 7

Story Title: Fearless Part seven
Summary: What we have here is a failure to communicate.
Genre: AU OC
Pairing: Joker/Desdemona/Johnathan Crane
Rating: R
Disclaimer: If I owned them, I'd be too busy fucking to write my name...
Author Notes: I am overwhealmed at the response to my previous work, thank you! This has been edited to improve the French. Thanks to my Awesome friend moon_s_wolf for the help!

Desi looked down from her paper as the door opened and Two-Face walked in. Crane looked up from the kitchen, where he was making Desi's breakfast. "Good morning Harvey." Crane said, neatly placing slices of fruit onto the tray beside her coffee. "Coffee?" he offered.

Two-Face nodded briefly as Desi called down to him. "Harvey, thank God!" She said merrily, setting the paper down. "How are you?" Harvey walked into the living area, looking up the the loft. "How are you feeling?" he asked. Desi waved him up, "Come sit with me." she said warmly, "I'm decent."

Crane finished his tray and carried it up to Desi, sitting it on the bed. He handed Harvey his coffee, and sat beside Desi on the bed. "So, any news?" Desi asked, taking a bite of the sliced mango of her tray. She looked at Crane, mouthing the words 'thank you' as Harvey spoke.

"They moved the clown to Arkham last night." Harvey offered, "Between you and me, that girl he's got kind be a little annoying at times." Desi, nearly choking on her fruit, "Yeah, like whenever she's conscious." She took a sip of her coffee, and replied, "So, is there a plan of action, or what? Did she have a message from him or anything?"

Harvey sighed, "Apparently, he's going to stay in for a little while, until it cools down on the street." Desi stared at him, incredulous. "You are not serious." she replied, "Did he say anything?" Harvey thought for a moment, "Just that he was glad the bale of hay got you out." Harvey looked at Crane, "No offense."

Crane shook his head dismissively. Desi chewed her fruit quietly, thinking. "Sorry there isn't more to tell you." Harvey offered. Desi swallowed and shook her head, "No, I appreciate any information. It's so good to see you, Harvey. Have you been ok lately?"

Harvey took a sip of of his coffee, "I can't complain. I miss poker night." Desi nodded sadly. "You're always welcome here, you know that." Crane offered, and Desi looked to him and nodded kindly. Harvey finished his coffee, holding the cup in his hands. "So, how are you doing?" he asked.

Desi threw her head back against the pillow, sighing. "My shoulder feel kind of better, but it hurts to move it around a lot. My ankle just turned pretty colors." She pulled back the blanket to show Harvey, who frowned. "But mostly, I'm bored. It's rained the past three days, and Johnathan's been great but I hate that he isn't working because of me."

Crane rubbed her chin with his thumb and she smiled. He collected the dishes and walked the to the kitchen, leaving Desi to chat with Harvey. Hearing her laughter as it echoed through the building, he smiled as he walked to his desk and began looking over his notes.

He looked over his work as Desi and Harvey played cards to pass the time. Every now and again, he'd hear zealous laughter or grumbles of loss, and look up to the source. It was afternoon before Crane ascended the stair case with a glass of water.

He handed Desi medicine and the glass, and as she took them Harvey stood. "I better get going." he said, offering his hand to Crane. "I'll walk you out." Crane replied. Desi smiled as Harvey laid a hand on the top of her head. "Come around, ok?" she said, "I enjoy getting my ass kicked by you at poker."

"Every time I shuffle a deck." Harvey shrugged, "What can I say?" He followed Crane down the steps and to the door. "She a real sweetheart." he commented. Crane smiled, "Yeah, and she's climbing the walls. Thanks for coming by. She needed it." Harvey turned his coat up and stepped into the rain as Crane closed the door.

"Can you believe that news?" Desi called down, "He's staying in Arkham. Unbelievable." Crane walked up to her, "You know, I used to run Arkham, it isn't the worst fate he could have suffered." Desi scoffed, "Would you want to go back?" she asked.

"Well, no, but I'm also not crazy." Crane replied, pulling something from the chest of drawers. Desi stretched her neck, "I suppose that's true." She answered, watching him. Crane set up a small warming unit and emptied a bottle into it before turning to her,

"I thought we'd have a late dinner maybe." He suggested, pulling the blanket away from her. He began rearranging the pillows, and spread a thin plastic sheet on the bed. Desi watched him curiously, scooting out of his way as he spread the sheet out.

"What're you doing?" she asked. Crane smiled, "Keeping you occupied." he answered. He patted on the freshly spread plastic sheet as Desi scooted onto it. Standing beside the bed, he swept her hair away from her shoulders, and she took it from him, twisting it twice and pinning it in place.

Crane looked at her passionately for a few moments before pulling the the nightie over her head and letting it fall to his feet. Now naked, Desi lay before him looking up into his piercing blue eyes. "Roll over." he instructed, and Desi wickedly smiled and she slowly rolled onto her stomach.

Johnathan slipped off his shoes and removed his watch before leaning on his hands as he kissed all over her back and along her shoulder blades. He moved south, resting against her ass and stroking her legs softly. "J'attends impatiemment de vous toucher chaque seconde que je ne suis pas." Crane said softly.

Desi looked back at him. "Was that French?" she asked. Crane nodded as a smile exploded over her face. She lay back down as Crane stood and walked to the side table. "Wow! You never told me you spoke French." Desi giggled, "It was beautiful. What did you say?"

Crane began to slowly pour the warm oil down Desi's back. She jumped at first, then settled as he spoke. "Roughly, it means, 'I look forward to touching you every second that I'm not.'" he said. Desi moaned softly as Crane set the container down, "That's nice." she said, "I think other languages are so intimate. Makes me wish I spoke French."

Crane sat on his knees, kneading her back and spreading the oil. "I could teach you. You're a smart woman, and I bet you'd make quite the linguist." Desi rested her face against her forearms, making the occasional face as he worked her muscles and ran his lubricated hands down her sides.

"That feels so good." Desi moaned. Crane worked her whole back, from her neck down to her ass, rubbing in tight circles and then running his hands up and down her back and sides. The plastic collected up the excess oil, and it pooled around Desi, coating her and leaving her shiny.

"Roll over, please." Crane requested. Desi rolled onto her back, and Crane swept his hand over the pooled oil, rubbing her stomach and breasts, slowly working his way down her body. Desi stretched, watching him thoghtfully as he worked. "Je veux faire votre tremblement de corps entier du plaisir." He said calmly. He touched her forehead, "D'ici..." and then touched her toes, "... à ici."

Desi giggled. "You are so amazing. Men who speak other languages are so sexy." She opened her arms to him, "Come to me." she asked. Crane shook his head, slowly slipping two oiled fingered into her. "This just for you." he said thoughtfully, "I just want to watch you enjoy it." Desi moaned as he rested his other hand on her vagina, rubbing her clit softly with his thumb.

Desi brought her hands to face, her mouth open wide from the sensation. "Say something else. You know, something French." Crane looked at her as he continued to stroke slowly in and out, "You won't understand what I'm saying." he said. Desi bit her hand, "It'll be your voice, and your words. Please Johnathan."

Crane began making little circles against her clit. Desi immediately gasped loudly. "Je vois bien la façon dont tu le regardes."

He said calmly, watching her respond to his touch, "Et je vois aussi toutes ces petites blagues entre vous et je me demande: tes élans passionnés étaient-ils différents avec lui ? Qu'a-t-il su faire que je ne fais pas ? Je regarde dans tes yeux et je sais que tu as toujours faim de lui, ton précieux J."

Desi closed her eyes, bit her lips as she moaned softly to herself. Crane continued to watch, thrusting harder as he marked her response. Desi cried out, "Oh, please. Harder." She clutched the plastic sheet, crying out "Just like that. Oh, Johnathan, please don't stop." Crane continued, applying ever-increasing pressure as he continued driving into her.

"Est-ce comme cela qu'il a gagné ton affection ? Etait-il brutal avec toi ? Je t'aime et pourtant je sens de la distance dans nos caresses. Chaque fois que vous partez ensemble, je me demande comment tu peux travailler avec l'homme qui t'a blessée si profondément."

Crane spoke calmly, still watching Desi and she ebbed closer and closer to orgasm, "Je vois tes cicatrices et j'ai envie d'infliger de la peine aux autres. Je te le dis uniquement parce que je sais que tu ne peux pas comprendre. Et même maintenant, quand tu fermes les yeux pour moi, est-ce à lui que tu penses?"

Desi shouted, reaching for any part of him that he could touch. Every breath was a tortured moan and she soaked him with her wetness. "C'est ça ma jolie, jouis pour moi. Tu n'es jamais plus belle qu'en cet instant, perdue dans ces sensations intenses." Crane whispered, granting a soft kiss to her knee.

Desi howled, digging her nails into the bed as she came. Her body trembled, and tears streamed from her eyes. Johnathan watched her as he contnued, "Si jamais je pensais que vous étiez encore ensemble, ou qu'il t'avait compromise d'une manière ou d'une autre, je ne peux imaginer ce que je vous ferais à tous les deux. Je tuerais pour toi, Dési, mais si jamais tu me trahissais, je te tuerais de mes propres mains."

Desi's body went limp, and as Crane brought his hands toward her face, she clutched them and kissed them over and over again. "That was absolutely amazing, Johnathan. I've never came before like that in my life." Crane smiled, "You did seem primed for it, I must say. What were you thinking of?"

Desi exhaled deeply, "Um, nothing really. I don't know. Maybe it was your incredible vocabulary." she pulled her head to his knee, "Please kiss me. Kiss me like I'm dying." Crane leaned down, slowly and deliberately kissing her, probing her mouth cautiously as she moaned softly.

He broke the kiss, leaning above her face and looking at her. She smiled up at him, "My handsome, talented, genius, loving, wonderful..." she said, "Did I mention handsome?" Crane looked down at her, "Don't forget scary." Desi made a mock serious expression, "Yes, mustn't forget scary."

He stood, and Desi lifted to a sit letting the oil seep into her newly softened skin. "What was all that stuff you said? You sounded so passionate, so serious." Desi asked. Crane flashed her a reassuring smile, "You know, just generic bedroom talk."

Curious? See it from Crane's side!

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Tags: featuring: the joker, genre: movieverse, rating: pg-13
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