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Fearless Part 8

Story Title: Fearless Part eight
Genre: Truth and Consequences AU OC
Pairing: Joker/Harley Quinn/Desdemona/Johnathan Crane
Rating: R
Disclaimer: If I owned them, I'd be too busy fucking to write my name...
Author Notes: I am overwhelmed at the response to my previous work, thank you!

Batman stood in front of his computer screen, reading silently. Alfred walked up behind him, carrying a tray with small finger foods and coffee. "Light reading?" Alfred asked, setting the tray down. "Luscious sent this to me. It's an analysis of the bank manager's blood." Batman responded as Alfred poured the piping hot liquid.

"It appears that he was infected with a psychotropic hallucinogen, causing his breakdown." Batman continued. Alfred looked at the screen, "Isn't that what the other fellow used?" He offered a cup to Batman, who ignored it. "The Scarecrow." Batman said sternly, "But how did his toxin -" Batman struck the desk with his fist.

"Of course! Desdemona. Alfred, they must be working together." Alfred set the cup down as Batman turned toward the Batmobile. "I take it you'll be skipping dinner then?" Alfred asked sarcastically. Batman climbed into the driver's seat, "I have to speak to Gordon." he called, before speeding away.

Gordon walked around his office when he heard the wind blow through the metal blinds. "I think the Scarecrow might be working with Desdemona." Batman said, his voice piercing the darkness. "Great." Gordon replied, "More good news." He sat at his desk, addressing the darkness, "I thought she ran with the Joker."

"The bank manager was given a dose of Crane's fear toxin. I think she had it." Batman commented. Gordon turned thoughtfully in his chair, "You think she could've bought it?" he asked. Batman tossed the file onto Gordon's desk. "Doubtful." he replied, "Crane's not going to share his prize possession with just anybody."

"Think they're involved maybe?" Gordon asked. Batman stood silent for a moment, "It's possible." Gordon stood, taking the folder off his desk and skimmed it. "Until we know for sure, I'm going talk to Moroni again. I know he knows more than he's letting on."

Gordon looked up from the file to find Batman gone. He stood in the dark silence, wondering to himself how anyone could get past those blinds so quietly.

The morning sun filled the building and Desi loomed over a still sleeping Crane. She watched him as he lay there silently clutching her knees and crossing her ankles as she sat on the bed. Crane opened one eye, looking at her and she perched over him.

"Is that my shirt?" he asked. Desi looked down, "Yeah, I just threw it on so I wasn't naked." she tugged at it, "I guess I'm stretching the chest out though." Desi wrapped her hands around her knees, looking lovingly at him. "You're up early." Crane yawned.

"Up still. I haven't been feeling well, must have a bug or something." Desi said sweetly, "Oh! I have something for you." She threw her legs off the bed and went for a tray which had rested on the table beside the bed. Crane sat up and she turned back to him, coffee in hand.

"It should still be warm, tell me how I did." Desi said nervously, handing him the cup. Crane accepted it, taking a slow sip. "It's perfect." he said warmly. Desi bounced, giggling happily. He leaned forward, kissing her and standing with his cup in hand. He walked sleepily to the bathroom and closed the door.

Desi scrambled under the covers, and snuggled into one of the pillows. Crane emerged and looked around, not seeing Desi. "Desdemona?" he asked, slowly climbing the stairs. He walked to the side of the bed, and looked down at her. Desi threw the blanket back and rubbed the mattress to invite him.

"After last night, I want to have some time with you all to myself." Desi said playfully. Crane lifted the blanket and climbed in beside her. She laced their legs together and brought the noses near touching. "Ask me anything." Desi said. "Anything?" he asked. Crane thought for a minute, and replied, "Why did you let him in that day?"

Desi closed her eyes, as if searching for a long forgotten memory. "I guess...I got excited. He could've killed me, but even that excited me. I wanted to do something outside myself. Something fearless. I probably wasn't thinking, yet here I am all these weeks later."

"With me." Crane replied. He ran his hand down her side, watching as she closed her eyes and smiled at the feel of his touch. "Who was your first love?" Desi asked him. Crane's hand stopped, resting just above her hip. He looked at her almost spitefully, obvious hurt on his face. Realizing she might open her eyes, he quickly looked away, seeking to change his expression.

"I was in high school. There was this girl. I was just a lanky student back then, and she was..." he sighed, "well, she was beautiful." Crane brought a hand over his mouth, still obviously hurt by the memory. "She didn't feel the same way." he mumbled, his voice low. Desi turned to him, wrapping her hands around his face and pulling it toward her. "She was a fool." Desi purred, "And I am very lucky that she was, too."

Desi kissed his lips softly, and he grabbed her hands as they held his face. He pulled back and looked at her. "When do you think you really became a criminal?" he asked, looking for her answer and trying to turn the subject away from himself. Desi looked around, momentarily flummoxed by the question.

"When I blew up the church." Desi admitted, "That was the first time I really felt like I committed a crime. I had already killed a man and participated in a robbery, but that didn't feel like me." Desi looked up at the ceiling, sighing as Crane traced his fingertips up her stomach, "I didn't care at all about that building or the people in it. When I heard about the damage I had done, it felt good."

She turned her head to look at him, and he brought his hand up to her hair. Desi smiled, "What about you?" she asked. Crane's stare never left her as he quietly responded, "It was the girl. She rejected me for someone else." she said seriously, "and I killed her. I was sixteen years old." Crane looked at her, his eyes almost pleading.

Desi leaned into him, kissing him softly, comforting him. Crane pulled up over her, taking over and kissing her with increasing intensity. He held her face, and Desi whimpered slightly at the force of him. "Hey." Desi said sweetly, "It's ok. It's just you and me here, nobody else ok? Shhh." Desi kissed his forehead and he lay his face on her chest.

"I love you." Crane said, nearly out of breath. Desi kissed him on his forehead a second time, wrapping her arms around him and holding him. "Nobody else." she whispered to him as he clung to her, a pained expression on his face.

Joker lay back in his cell, waiting. He had been in solitary confinement for the past three days, and he was anxiously awaiting today's therapy. Harley had been dodging him, and he was ready to check out. A large guard came to the door, and Joker hopped to his feet.

"Don't try anything funny." the guard warned, and Joker gave him an innocent look as he stepped out of the cell and began walking the corridor. Everyone was still shaky at Arkham, as memories of the attack were still at the forefront of their minds.

Joker was walked into Dr. Quinzel's office and sat down, his hands were cuffed and both he and the guard waited for Harley. Joker looked around the boring office, and the teddy bears and knickknacks and clicked his tongue loudly. Moments later, Dr. Quinzel rushed in, walked to her desk and dismissed the guard.

Her door closed, and Harley continued to shuffle thing around her desk. Joker watched her, evaluating her response quietly. "Long time, no see..." Joker said, "That's not how you treat your man now is it?" He watched curiously as she busied herself, not looking up at him.

"I've been busy. It's a, you know, madhouse around here." Harley said laughingly, her nervousness showing. Joker stared, nonplussed. "Harley..." he said. Harley sighed loudly, looking up to the ceiling. "Besides, I just though a little time off would be good for you. You know, to relax."

Joker blinked, still staring at her, "Harley..." he said, annoyance now in his voice. "You know, because the police were so sore about you and, I mean, they shot Desi. I just though some time apart would be good for you." Harley swallowed hard, feeling his stare bore into her.

Joker blinked, standing to walk over to Harley, who was standing behind her desk. "You thought..." she said, licking his lips, "that some time off would be good for me?" he asked. Harley leaned against the desk, "Yeah. I just thought, since you're in my care, that you and she should lay low for a while."

Joker stopped, "Are you still afraid of Desi?" he asked. Harley showed a telling face before she answered, "No, Mr. J, it's nothing like that. I just thought..." Joker waved his cuffed hands, silencing her. "Your jealousy is so..." Joker began, approaching her, "cute. Someone must want me all to themselves."

Joker touched her hair, and Harley shivered. He leaned in, very close to her mouth and she grew wet just at the prospect of his touch. "Desi is with Crane, although there's no understanding that, you have nothing to worry about." he whispered charmingly.

The cold of the handcuffs startled Harley as he stroked the inside of her thigh. "Relax, Harley, you're cannon after all." he added with a laugh. Harley looked puzzled, but before she could ask, he stopped her mouth with a hungry kiss. Harley went limp, resting her hands on his shoulders.

Across the hall, two doctors sat in the lounge talking. "She's got moxie, you gotta give her that." the first doctor said. "Moxie? You mean she's crazy." the other replied, "After what happened to her, going back into private session with him, God only knows what he could do to her in there."

The first doctor commented, "She's crazy? That's your professional diagnosis?" he asked jokingly. The second doctor whispered, "All I'm saying is if they asked me to do that after I was kidnapped and tortured, I'd tell them to get fucked." Both men laughed, drinking their coffee.

Harley buried her face into Joker's shoulder to muffle her cries as he plunged into her forcefully. He threw his handcuffed hands around her and she sat on the desk, digging his nails into the small of her back. "Oh, Mr. J..." she whimpered into his ear.

He continued thrusting at a frenzied pace, pulling the chain on the cuffs across her back. "You know, if you let me out, we could do this whenever we wanted." he explained smoothly. Harley grabbed his shoulders for support, "Really puddin'? Like we could be together together?" Joker smiled convincingly at her, and Harley gasped, her eyes rolling back in her head.

"You liking that?" he asked, slamming harder into her. "Once I'm out of here, we could do this anytime." Harley moaned, forgetting where she was. "What about you and Desi?" she asked, bracing herself on her arms. Joker continued to thrust, "We're just friends who work together. It's you and me, Harley baby." He watched her solemnly as she began to shake, no longer able to keep her eyes open.

"Ok. OK." Harley began howling as she came, sliding backward and knocking her many knickknacks off her desk. Her cries echoed in the office, and Joker brushed his rough hands across her face as she took heaving breaths. He pulled out and put himself away, his mission accomplished.

"I have to go, Harley." he said softly to her. She lifted, throwing kisses all over him and hopped down to the window, unlocking it with her keys. Her shouts had been heard in the break room, and as the Joker hopped down and ran away, the door burst open and several doctors rushed to her aid.

Finding her at the window, they ran to her. "Are you all right?" the first asked. Harley stared out the window, "Yeah, I'm great." The guards looked around, "Where is the Joker?" they demanded. Harley blew a kiss out the window, "He loves me." she replied.

It was nearly dusk, and Desi and Crane hadn't left the bed all day. They lay beside each other, Crane placing small kisses on Desi's face and hands. "What do you say I take you out tonight?" he asked, "Proper date, fancy restaurant, like a real couple."

Desi lit up, "Really? How would we do that? I mean, we're wanted." she asked. Crane replied, "We clean up well, and we don't look like criminals. If I take you someplace really expensive, we should be fine." he stretched, "Besides, it would be a shame if we ended dinner with a police chase. I know how you just hate those."

Desi laughed, sitting up. She made a face, clutching her stomach. "Are you still feeling under the weather?" Crane asked. Desi smiled, "I just sat up too fast. A night out! Oh thank you thank you thank you!" Desi hopped up, showering Crane with kisses before hopping out of bed.

"I'm gonna go get ready right now, I wanna look my best for you." Desi giggled. "Then come back to bed." Crane said calmly, "You don't need anything." Desi looked thoughtfully at him before carefully taking the stairs down. She danced into the bathroom, humming to herself.

She bent down to retrieve a fallen towel when a wave of nausea struck her. She made her way to the toilet quickly, the sickness overtaking her. Looking up, a confused worry washed over Desi and she began searching under the counter.

Crane knocked on the door sometime later. "Are you feeling all right?" he asked. Desi continued brushing her lipstick over her lips. "I'm fine." she called, almost sing-song. She looked over her hair and makeup, checking her frame in the mirror. "I brought your dress to you." Crane said through the door. He slipped it through, an Desi grasped it. "I'll only be a moment." she said.

She looked in the mirror at herself, and the scars she had developed. "Perfection takes time, and I'm a patient man." Crane said, pacing the large room. Desi broke her gaze, stepping into the dress. She took one last look at the positive pregnancy test sitting on the counter before tucking it into her purse.

Desi took a deep breath and left to meet Johnathan.

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Tags: featuring: the joker, genre: movieverse, rating: pg-13
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