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Fearless Part 10

Story Title: Fearless Part Ten
Summary: Revenge is a dish...
Genre: AU OC
Pairing: Joker/Harley Quinn/Desdemona/Johnathan Crane
Rating: R
Disclaimer: If I owned them, I'd be too busy fucking to write my name...
Author Notes: I am overwhealmed at the response to my previous work, thank you!

Moroni looked angrily at Gambol as he light a cigar. "It's worse than ever. He's already out of Arkham, and now instead of the cops, their both pissed at us!" Moroni growled, "Gambol, it was a bad idea. Now we have to figure out a way to fix it without getting ourselves killed."

Gambol limped to the sofa and sat down. "That little bitch shot me in my knee." he said, puffing on his cigar, "I almost hope she does come around." He leaned back, "I'd like to teach her a lesson in respect."

Moroni stood up, "You're not taking this seriously. Think about it, what are the cops gonna do about them? I heard she even shot the Batman. Now that the clown is out..." Moroni sighed, "You really want to stay on their bad side?" He looked at Gambol, his brow furrowed.

"Fuck them." Gambol said dismissively. From behind them both, Moroni's curtains parted revealing Desi sitting in his window seat. "I told you he'd say that." She said, exposing herself. Moroni's shoulder's slumped an Gambol whipped around to watch as she hopped down from the sill. She turned to open the window and then walked around to the stunned Gambol.

She walked around to face Gambol, throwing a leg high up to his chest and resting it just below his neck. "Need I remind you that your little 'sell out' got this little bitch shot." Desi said, tapping on her shoulder, "So the way I see it, we're even there."

Desi leaned down, putting her weight on Gambol's chest. "Furthermore, I'm feeling very hormonal today, so if I were you I would develop some manners and do it quickly." Gambol looked hatefully at Moroni, who only stared at Desi. Just then, a large cable came sailing in the open window and struck the floor with a resounding thud.

Desi pushed herself off of Gambol and went to collect it, shouting down to Joker below. "Wait for me!" Joker cried merrily, taking off for the the entrance. Pulling the heavy cable toward the center of the room, Joker entered and grabbed Gambol, pulling him off the couch.

Working together, they wrapped the cable around him, and Desi walked behind Moroni's desk and opened the opposite window. She blew a kiss at Crane as she tossed the cable down to him. Turning back to Gambol, she walked over to the Joker.

"So when were you planning to tell me?" Joker asked, festively laying newspaper along the floor at Gambol's feet. Desi looked at him, "Tell you what?" Desi asked, taking Gambol's cigar and taking a puff to mock him. She blew the smoke in his face, grinning hatefully at him.

"You know..." Joker said knowingly, "Should you really be doing that? So unhealthy for the baby." The Joker looked as Desi turned to him, "Tsk, tsk." Desi exhaled smoke, scoffing at him. "What are you talking about? You must still be on those great Arkham meds."

Joker stood, wagging a finger at her. "Come on, Desdemona. You can't lie to me. The saltines, the swelled feet, you being in bed by 11PM?" Joker shook his head, "I may be insane, but I'm not stupid." Desi looked at him, a look of guilt etched onto her face.

"Crane must be thrilled." Joker continued, as Desi broke her gaze and walked to the window to signal out. Crane stood at the truck, the cable connected to its trailer hitch. "He doesn't know. Not yet." Desi admitted finally. Joker looked greatly amused.

"Trouble in paradise?" he asked laughingly. Gambol looked among them speechless. Desi gave a wave and Crane slowly pulled the truck forward, tightening the cable and causing Gambol to writhe and grunt painfully. "It's nothing like that. I just haven't said anything yet." she said.

"All I wanna know is, is it Wicker's or Wicked's?" Joker asked, licking his lips as he looked at her. Desi waived out the window for Crane and replied, "I don't know." She laughed desperately as the cable turned round Gambol, cutting into him and he began to shout.

"Ok, I give! What do you want to know?" Gambol yelled, breathing heavily as blood seeped through his shirt. Desi and Joker looked at each other. Joker shrugged, "Nothing." as Desi waived again, and the cable dug further into Gambol's midsection.

Screaming loudly, Moroni watched in horror and Joker danced around, thoroughly enjoying the show. "I do know that we have to end it. I can't risk losing Johnathan now. We can still work together if you want to, but you have Harley." Desi said shaking her head, "You'll never commit to me, and it isn't just about fun anymore."

Gambol cried out, "I'll give you anything you want! Just call this off." He pleaded, but the Joker threw a hand up at him, his attention on Desi. "You're calling it off?" he asked her, his eye twitching, "...for Crane?" Desi shook her head, looking at the floor.

"That's not what this is." she demanded, "I'm not choosing him over you." She threw her hands up at him, "What do you care anyway? telling me you want a kid?" She watched as Joker almost shivered at the suggestion. "Having Harley is bad enough."

"Thank you." Desi said, wincing at Gambol's screams. "Are you ready?" he asked the Joker. Joker giggled, "Oh, yes." he replied. Desi leaned out the window, shouting down, "Let's go!" Moroni looked at both of them horrified. "You said you were only gonna rough him up."

Desi laughed, "We lied." She pointed at Moroni, sending Joker into hysterics. The cable whipped past Desi and out the window as the truck took off. Gambol screamed one final time as the the cable ripped through him, cutting him clean in half. The cable pulled straight, hanging in the center of the room as Gambol fell in two pieces on either side.

Moroni looked green as he stared at the mangled body. Desi cleared her throat, "By the way, don't ever fuck with us again. Got it?" She looked at Moroni for a response, but he only stared, a far away look in his eye. Joker made his across the room.

"Boy, you are gonna need to get Servepro in here or something." Joker remarked, "I mean, wow, and that rug is just destroyed." Desi looked out the window as Crane climbed out of the truck and looked up at her. She smiled big at him, shouting down, "Did I mention genius?"

Joker looked at the growing mess. "I gotta admit," he commented, "this is delightfully fucked up. I might have to change my opinion of the bag of straw." Desi grinned, "Really?" she asked. Joker looked up at her seriously, "No, he's a loser." Desi punched him in the arm, "Made of fail." he replied.

Joker leaned up to Desi running a gloved finger down her chest. "You really want to end it?" he asked. Desi squirmed at his touch, "No." she said quietly, "But I have to." Joker lifted her chin and kissed her, and Desi pulled away. "Really. This has to end."

Crane hit the hall exhilarated, and rounded the corner into Moroni's office. He stood at the door, stunned as he watched Joker pull back from Desi, the slight lingering of his makeup on her lips. Crane heard nothing as she shook her head, looking at the ground. He saw red, and there was a loud ringing in his ears as he turned and bolted from the building.
He walked down the street rigidly, his hands clenched, making his way home.

"You can't say no to me." Joker persisted, and Desi looked over his shoulder. "I wonder where Johnathan is. He should be up here by now." she said, looking around. Joker took a step back, "Well, I'll be." he said, studying her, "You love him." Desi laughed, "What?"

Joker was solemn, "You do." Desi stood, looking at him. "I work with you, and I love it. You made me. There will always be us." She grabbed Joker, kissing him on the lips. He pushed her away, "The Hell would I want with some pregnant woman?" he said dismissively, "Some heist we'll pull, hmmm? Blowing up grocery stores for their Hagen Daas and pickles?"

Desi looked at him as he continued, "Besides, I got a girl, and she's crazy about me. Plus, she doesn't have big feet and she's not stupid enough to let herself get pregnant." He looked at her as teared welled in her eyes. "Maybe, after you pop we'll set something on fire. You know, for old time's sake."

Desi blinked, and her tears fell, "Thank you." She said, and she punched him in the arm before taking off for Crane, happier than she's ever been in her entire life. Noting he wasn't outside, she looked around the restaurant. Puzzled, she went to her car.

She arrived at home, wondering where Crane might be. Guess I better wait here. she thought. She walked in and called into the darkness, "Johnathan? Are you here?" She shut the door and walked into the middle of the darkened room, starting to pull her coat from her shoulders.

"Where could he be?" she asked aloud. She stopped just shy of his desk, and reached for his lamp when she heard him. Only, it didn't even sound like him, it sounded younger and full of rage."I know what you've been doing." Crane said in the angriest tone she's ever heard from him.

Desi turned to the sound, and was immediately sprayed in the face with a dense aerosol. She gasped, coughing and fell backwards in the darkness.

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Tags: featuring: the joker, genre: movieverse, rating: pg-13
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