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Fearless Part 11

Story Title: Fearless Part Eleven
Summary: Please don't bother, She's not there.
Genre: AU OC
Pairing: Joker/Harley Quinn/Desdemona/Johnathan Crane
Rating: R
Disclaimer: If I owned them, I'd be too busy fucking to write my name...
Author Notes: I am overwhealmed at the response to my previous work, thank you! The summary was written by my brilliant sis, darkmagic124 !

Edit: Drug information ammended, supplied by the brilliant moomingirl

Desi hit the ground, still gasping for air. She watched in terror as Crane's masked face slowly melted away to the floor, leaving a dark frame with glowing eyes fixed on her. She tried to stifle her cries, unsure of what Crane was going to do. She backed away from him slowly, watching as her seemed to grow taller and taller, looming over her.

"So, what do you think of marker 32?" Crane asked. Desi grasped her ears, as Crane's voice boomed loudly. She took several deep breaths, looking at the floor to avoid further fright. Crane leaned over her, seething as he watched her cower. "So, you and he..." he started, "you've been carrying on the whole time?" Crane asked.

Desi centered herself and replied, "Ye..yes." She nodded, still trying to back away from him. "Johnathan, I was -" she started. Crane turned the desk over as he continued toward her. It flew down to the floor with a resounding thud, and he shouted, "You don't get to call me Johnathan anymore! I'm the scarecrow now!" He made fists, and stepped onto her skirt to keep her from moving further.

Desi brought her eyes up to his face, fighting the horror of her hallucination. "I..I...I'm not gonna make excuses." Desi said, swallowing hard, "I was stupid, and I really messed up." Desi could barely control her trembling as she continued, "You have every right to be mad at me." Scarecrow stared at her, seething in his rage. "So that's it? You make a fool of me and then admit it? Is that supposed to make everything better?"

Desi slammed her eyes shut, recoiling from the ringing in her ears. "I can just imagine you to together, making jokes in bed about me." Scarecrow spat. Desi protested, shaking her head violently, "No, I never did that. Really, I care for you, I just..." Scarecrow responded to her remark by grabbing her by her chin, unloading another shot of the toxin directly in her face.

Desi choked, gasping for air as she lunged forward and clung to his leg. Scarecrow looked at her through the mask. Desi held as the whole room seemed to shake around her. "Just looking at you..." Crane said hatefully, "I still love you, even now. I have loved you since we first made love." Desi wept quietly, whimpering at the machinations in her head. Scarecrow swallowed hard, "But I hate you. I hate how you look at him, how you have never told me you loved me."

He brushed a hand through her hair, and she looked up to the source, screaming when she focused on him. Scarecrow cracked his neck, resetting his wrist control. "You don't love me, you never did." Desi clutched, "That's not true. It's not, I just hadn't told you yet..." Scarecrow continued to fiddle with his contraption as Desi pleaded. "I'm sorry. What I did was wrong, I know that. I ended it, because I want to be with you."

Crane looked up to the ceiling, trying his best to ignore her plea. "You must be terrified." he said smugly, "I guess something scares you after all." He looked down at her, still clutching her sides. She looked so small, so frail, and Scarecrow felt powerful as he terrorized her. "Let's see if the clown wants you when you're catatonic, hmmm? Let's see what people will think when the great Desdemona is found in a crackhouse in the Narrows speaking nonsense to herself."

Desi covered her ears, weeping uncontrollably. "Or, maybe I should keep you. A pet, an echo of the person you once were." Scarecrow grabbed Desi and her face fell backward, her gaze up at him. Her eyes were glazed over, and her face was expressionless. "Because if you won't love me.." he said, loading up a second vial, "I'll make sure you can never love anyone." He reared forward, firing a third shot right at Desi.

Desi didn't even cough, falling slowly away from his grip to the floor. She lay there, every muscle in her body relaxing as she swallowed. All emotion left her face, and her eyes went dark. "Johnathan..." she said, her speak slow and slurred, "Just please don't hurt the baby." Her eyes rolled back in her head and she breathed slow, broken breaths.

Crane stopped cold, snatching the mask off his face and staring at her. His eyes went wide, as he thought of the past few days: the fatigue, the crying, and he gasped. He rushed to her purse, dumping it out, and found the pregnancy test. Staring at it, tears welled in his eyes. "What have I done?" he cried, rushing to Desi.
He slapped her lightly on the cheeks, "Desi? Desi! Wake up, come on, you can do it." he checked her pulse, and left her to rush to his medicine bag.

He scoured it, setting out several small bottles of fluid, every few minutes looking at Desi. She lay there, seizing every few minutes. Crane began to frantically mix chemicals together, reading from his notes as he worked. "It's gonna be ok." he told himself, "She's gonna be fine." Crane pulled a syringe, drawing in the mixture and turned to Desi.

Finding a vein, he administered the shot. Desi shook immediately, opening her eyes but not focusing on anything. Crane grabbed her head, lifting her from the ground and turning her to face him. "Desi, it's me, it's Johnathan. Can you see me?" she said, trying to mask his panic. Desi eyes trailed down to him, and she gasped, screaming, "Scarecrow!"

She pawed at his face, her words fading and unintelligible. Crane looked at her mournfully. He lifted her in his arms, going out to the car. He loaded her into the backseat, brushing her hair away from her face as she writhed and screamed. "I'm so sorry." he said sadly as he pulled out of the backseat and jumped behind the wheel.

He drove recklessly, like a man possessed. "Desi, keep talking to me." she ordered, looking back at her, "Say anything, darling, just talk to me." Desi's eyes rolled around, remaining unfixed and vacant. "Are we moving?" she asked finally. Crane sighed thankfully, "Yes, yes we're moving Desi." He made a hard left, sending Desi sliding across the seat. "Who is Desi?" she asked.

Crane looked back at her, "You are. You're Desi, alright?" he replied. "Are we moving Desi?" Desi asked slowly. Crane watched in her rearview as Desi's eyes began to fall again, slipping out of consciousness. He pulled over, hopping out and going into the back seat. He pulled Desi upright, and propping her up. Prepping another shot, he said to her, "Desi, come on, fight. I was such a fool for what I've done. What I need is for you to talk to me, ok?"

Desi smiled, her eyes still closed. "That sounds wonderful." she said sleepily. Crane checked her pupils, and gave her the shot. "What sounds wonderful?" he asked, hoping to jog conversation. Desi flinched at the shot, "But I can't, I'm with Crane now." she said whimsically, "I love him so." Crane looked up from the shot at her, his expression crestfallen.

Shaking off his despair, he pulled her out of the car, pacing her along the road. "Come on, wake up." he ordered. She walked along, sluggish as he pulled her. "What are we doing out here?" she asked. Crane looked at her, "I have to take you to get better." he replied, "Come on, let's get back in the car." He sat her down, racing back to the driver's seat.

"I was with the Joker once." Desi said dreamily. Crane nodded, "I know." Desi leaned against the passenger window, "But he broke my heart. Do you know what that's like?" she asked him flippantly. Crane swallowed hard, keeping conversation, "Yes, I do. But you got past that, right? You and he are great friends now." Desi looked at him as if out of a daze.

"Who are friends?" she asked. Crane looked into the rearview, "You and the Joker. You guys are friends." Desi scoffed loudly, "The criminal?" she asked incredibly. Crane just continued to drive. Desi spoke in a sort of stream of consciousness, sometimes singing songs, sometimes reanimating entire conversations they had days before. Crane looked on worried as he continued to drive.

He hit the gates of Arkham, throwing the car into park and lifting Desi out of the backseat. He carried her to the door, ringing the bell impatiently. The door opened, and a startled orderly met him. "Dr. Crane?" the orderly asked, "What're you doing here?" Crane handed Desi to him, "Help me." he demanded desperately.

They walked down the corridor, Desi strapped to a gurney. "She's had three very intense doses, and I used Haloperidol in two pushes, but she's still unresponsive." The other doctor's turned to him, looking at his cuffed hands. Crane continued to stare at Desi's blank expression. "She's pregnant, so take care." he said defeated. The doctor's looked at each other. "We have it Johnathan. We'll take care of her."

They looked to the guards, who came forward and held to Crane's shoulders. Crane pulled forward, gently kissing Desi's tear stained face as they pulled him away to a cell. Desi lay, staring at the ceiling, emotionless.

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Tags: featuring: the joker, genre: movieverse, rating: pg-13
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