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Fearless Conclusion

Story Title: Fearless Part Twelve
Summary: The conclusion
Genre: AU OC
Pairing: Joker/Harley Quinn/Desdemona/Johnathan Crane
Rating: R
Disclaimer: If I owned them, I'd be too busy fucking to write my name...
Author Notes: This one is dedicated to jokerluv and to moomingirl, without whom it this series wouldn't have been nearly as well recieved, I am sure. I am overwhealmed at the response to my previous work, thank you!

The buttons to the recorder were pressed together and the tape began turning slowly, emitting a low whine as it recorded. The psychologist rolled several sheets behind his legal pad, finding a fresh sheet and clicking his pen a few times for measure. He cleared his throat and looked across the table at Desi. Desi sat in her hospital gown and bare feet, staring at the floor beside him, a sad expression on her face. She said nothing.

"Case number 071808, patient known as Desdemona, severe break from reality with sociopathic mannerisms and a history of violent and sadistic behavior." The doctor said aloud to the recorder, "Ok, Desi. Can you talk to me for a few minutes? I'd really like to ask you a few questions." Desi's eyes trailed slowly toward him, dark and empty. "Scarecrow." Desi said directly.

"The Scarecrow, yes, exactly. He did this to you?" the doctor asked. Desi sat motionless. "Scarecrow." She said again, just above a whisper. The doctor frowned, scribbling something down onto his pad. "Is Johnathan Crane the father of your baby?" he asked, looking up from the pad. A smile crept across Desi's face and she rested a hand across her stomach, but she said nothing. Her eyes shined, a far away look in them.

The doctor smiled reassuringly. "I hear she's very healthy, and that she wasn't affected by your..." The doctor stopped as Desi turned to him, seeming to pay attention. "She's a fighter, that's all." The doctor turned back to him pad, "I'm sure we'll find a top notch caregiver for her until you are better, so no worries there." Desi blinked several times, watching him shuffle his papers.

Out of nowhere, Desi leaped from the chair and came across the table. Tackling the doctor, she began strangling the doctor, a desperate look on her face. Panicking, the doctor tried shouting as she continued choking him. Desi straddled him, whispering over and over, "No caregiver." The doctor's vision went fuzzy, and he threw the recorder desperately at the door, alerting the orderlies.

They rushed Desi, pulling her away kicking as she screamed at the doctor. She was given a sedative and as she slowly began to mellow the doctor stood, clutching his neck. "Desi, er, Desdemona psych eval concluded." he said, as professionally as he could. He smoothed his suit, watching her as she stared at him. "Patient is in no state for trial, and should be remanded for further care and treatment here at Arkham."

He looked at the relaxed Desi, hanging in the arms of the two orderlies. "I hope to talk to you again sometime, Desi. I'm sure we can work through all this." He looked to the orderlies, who began pulling her away from the room. Desi smirked queerly, "I am Desi." she mumbled as she was drug to her room.

Crane sat in the corner of his cot, his feet drawn up into a sort of Indian sit. He sat lost in thought, flashes of her face when she laughed mixed with memories of their lovemaking, only to be perverted by the look of horror he last saw from her. Crane fidgeted, his ignorance killing him slowly. The door opened, and the same psychologist entered.

Crane lept to his feet. "How is she? Is she alright? The baby?" he asked, pacing. Still rubbing his neck, the doctor replied, "Yes, and nice to see you as well Johnathan." Crane looked confused at him, and the doctor rolled his eyes as he opened his folder. "Well, she's not gonna stand trial, that's for sure. She does however, seem more responsive than a few days ago."

Crane leaned against the wall, nodding, "And the baby?" The doctor looked at him, "She's a violent criminal devoid of basal compassion, Johnathan. She belongs here. Christ, you should see how she attacked me." Crane smiled at the thought of it, looking back at the doctor. "Why did you dodge the question? How is the baby?" he asked directly.

The doctor sighed, "No dodge. She is fine, healthy, in fact." Crane sighed, nearly deflating in his relief. "She is ok." he said hopefully, "She a girl." He smiled, following some thought in his head. The doctor cleared his throat painfully, "Johnathan, wasn't she the one running around with the Joker? I mean, how can you be sure that the kid's even yours?"

Crane shook his head dismissively, "It doesn't matter." he mumbled. Crane stood silent for a few minutes before looking up at the doctor. "So are you here for an eval or just the good news?" The doctor closed her file and pulled his, "No need, I'm afraid. Since there was no evidence of further crime, the overtaxed court system has simply decided to allow Arkham to remand you." he closed the folder, "For your health."

Crane blinked, contemplating the information. "When can I see her? When will she be in general population?" he asked. The doctor shrugged, "My guess? When she can get through an interview without choking out one of the doctors." Crane looked annoyed as the doctor collected his things and left, closing the cell door between them.

"I'm telling you, you got Mr. J all wrong." Harley persisted, "Really, he's not bad guy." The doctor paced back and forth as Harley lay on the couch. He stopped, turning to her, "Harlene, the man has killed dozens of people. He blew up a church, and set a hotel on fire." Harley slid down the couch, sighing loudly, "Oh, mistah J." she said dreamily, "but I don't think he blew up the church though." She turned to him, her eyes making her case.

"Well, if you and he are so connected, why hasn't he come after you? He just left you to get caught when he ran." the doctor tried. Harley fiddled with her hair absentmindedly, "He's busy." she replied, tugging her hair into pony tails. "He'll come for me, just you wait and see." The doctor stared unbelievably at her. He walked to the door and exited into the hall.

"Well, doc, what do you say?" the orderly said. The doctor thought hard for a moment. "I say let's show her what criminal infatuation gets you." He handed the file to the orderly, "Transfer her in with Desdemona. Perhaps seeing her future will make her rethink her present."

Harley walked, clutching her pillow and blanket, toward the cell. She didn't know what to expect and she fidgeted nervously. The cell door opened, and Harley entered, finding Desi laying on her bed, strapped at her wrists. She was in a simple gown, and she had the earliest signs of a bump showing through. She stared at the ceiling, saying nothing.

"Here you go." the orderly said. Harley looked at Desi astonished, "What happened to her?" she asked. The orderly looked smugly at her, "Criminal infatuation. Gets them every time." He shook his head sadly as a single tear trailed down Desi's face and he closed the door.

Alone in the room, Harley just stared at Desi, trying to convince herself that this was the woman who almost killed her just a few months ago. As she stared, Desi's eyes trailed up toward the door, followed by a few rapid blinks. She opened her mouth a few times as if to re-lubricate her stiff joints.

"Do you have any idea how hard it is to sit here while they make smug comments like that?" Desi whispered, "I wanna rip their throats out usually." Desi turned her had back and forth slowly. "Don't worry, they won't be back again until they want to medicate me, around 7 tonight."

Desi twisted her wrists and looked up at Harley, "You think you could..." she whispered, eying the straps. Harley grinned, "Sure." She offered, removing the straps. Harley looked at her stomach as Desi slowly sat up. "You're having a baby?" Harley asked excitedly.

Desi stretched, "Indeed I am." she replied. Harley squealed, hesitantly lifting her hand to feel Desi stomach. Desi gave her a nod, and Harley giggled as she placed her hand over Desi's midsection. "Oh, I love babies!" she squealed, "Is it Mr. J's?" she asked.

Desi's face washed over and a sad look clouded her eyes. "She's mine." Desi replied. Desi looked at Harley, flipping one of her pigtails. "Do you really love him?" Desi asked. Harley sat up, pulling her hand away frightened. "Yeah." she said dreamily.

"Then do me a favor, ok?" Desi said, placing a hand over hers, "Take care of yourself, and every once in a while, push back a little." Desi leaned back on the wall, "And whatever you do, get on the pill or something." Harley giggled, and Desi smiled. They sat together for a few minutes, and Harley turned to her.

"I don't get it. If you're sane, why the straps and meds and stuff?" Harley flipped the strap back and forth absentmindedly, "I'd go crazy in all that." Desi sighed, "Well, two things: I am avoiding general population, as I don't want to run into Johnathan."

Harley looked at her, "Dr. Crane? But he loves you right?" Desi's eyes trailed to the cot. "I don't know anymore, and I don't have the courage to find out right now." Harley looked confused, but Desi continued, "Second, I'm setting up a plan to get out of here. If they think I'm having this baby in an insane asylum, they belong in here with me."

Harley's eyes got wide, "So you're busting out?" Desi smiled at her, closing her eyes. "In a few months." she replied, "When everything is ready."

Joker cut clippings of each story telling in sensationalist detail the lock up of the nefarious Desdemona. He read over each one, chuckling at the fate of Crane, and anxiously awaiting the response of Desi. He sipped his coffee, content in the quiet of his empty hideout.

He stopped on one about her pregnancy, and read it silently. I pity whoever tries to take that baby away. he thought, After all, she learned from the best. He ruffled the paper, sending tiny scraps into the air. He sat back, excited at the prospect of the carnage to come.

Crane went to activities each day, hoping to find Desi sitting in the room, but he never did. News from the few doctors who still spoke to him was fleeting at best, and he grew more worried with each passing day. Though he found it a complete waste of time, he even completed all of his therapy, hoping to carry favor and perhaps get information.

Upon hearing of her roommate and her being removed from restraint status, he relaxed mildly. He ended each day thinking of her, his thoughts lingering on the baby. Down the hall, Desi's thought also rested on the child growing inside her. She would rest her hand on her stomach and a slow ease would overtake her.

Crane rolled on his side, turning to the wall. Quietly to himself, he mumbled, "It's not over. If she'll give me another chance..."

Desi curled into the fetal position, hugging her sides. She whispered aloud to the wall, "If he still loves me..."

With no one to answer them, they both fell into lonely sleep.

I may write a fourth, FINAL installment of the Desdemona series. It would be after my vacation, but if you want to read it, comment and let me know! The more comments say yes, the more likely I am to write "Mother's Ruin" so if you wanna read it, let me know!

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Tags: featuring: the joker, genre: movieverse, rating: pg-13
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