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Mother's Ruin Part 1

Story Title: Mother's Ruin Part One
Genre: AU OC
Pairing: Joker/Harley Quinn/Desdemona/Johnathan Crane
Rating: R
Disclaimer: If I owned them, I'd be too busy fucking to write my name...
Author Notes: I am overwhealmed at the response to my previous work, thank you!

The screaming could be heard throughout the building. Shrill, terrified screaming that continued for almost an hour. Johnathan recognized the screams, and his heart sank every time the halls filled with them. They had been locked up for six months, and virtually every evening ended with the nurses running down the hall to Desdemona.

She flailed on the bed as Harley sat frightened. Desi thrashed violently, screaming in harsh and guttural tones. Her screams were unintelligible. Her seeming madness only worsened as her pregnancy progressed, and now late term she appeared more than ever lost.

Harley pulled back as the nurses began filling the small room. "Desdemona?" the head nurse called down to her, "Come on honey, relax." Several nurses grasped her arm, as the nurse prepared the shot. "I need you to relax." she said calmly. Desi pulled, struggling with the nurses. "You're gonna take me to the Scarecrow! No, don't give me to him." she begged.

Tears streamed down her face, and down the hall Crane closed his eyes slowly, kneading his face with his hands as her howls began to slowly die down. Desi took deep breaths as the nurses filed out. The head nurse hung back, bringing her blankets up over her stomach. "Just relax now." she said softly, "You've got that baby to think about."

The nurse gave a stern look to Harley on her cot, and left. As the door closed and locked, Harley rushed over to Desi. Looking down on her, Desi responded softly, her eyes fading away as the drug worked through her veins. She grasped the side of the bed, working along a small hole in the mattress. "Tomorrow." she said softy.

Harley nodded quietly, stroked her forehead, and watched as she drifted to sleep. Harley lay on her bed, imagining seeing her beloved Joker again, and glanced every few minutes at Desi, who had become almost a criminal surrogate to her over the past six months. Thinking of the Joker, Desi, and a new baby filled Harley with giddy excitement, and she went to sleep anxious for tomorrow.

The next day, Desi lay strapped to the bed, as she had most recent days. She stared up at the ceiling, visualizing as she slowly worked a long flexible wire out of the cot she was lying on. She had been working to loosen it for weeks, and as it slowly slid out of the small tear in the fabric, Desi exhaled victoriously.

Harley fed her lunch, and helped her up the wash her face and use the restroom. The orderlies rarely bothered them, as it was common knowledge that Harley was the only person she didn't greet with hostility, and lately even that was up for debate.

The nurse came in to take her to the showers, and Desi stood catatonic as the water rushed over her and down her pregnant stomach. She showered alone, and after being dressed was walked slowly back to her room. "Now, it's been a good day." the nurse began, "We're gonna have a quiet night, right? None of that awful shouting mess."

Desi just looked vacantly at her as she lay down and was strapped back into place. She looked over to Harley, and a queer smirk appeared. The nurse turned to Harley and proudly declared, "Desi and I had a nice talk, and she's gonna be a good girl tonight." The nurse nodded and left.

Harley and Desi listened to her footsteps carry her away before bursting into hushed laughter. Harley quietly unbuckled Desi's straps and laid them together, so as to appear fastened.Desi pulled the coil from the bed and sighed. "Now we play the waiting game." she said softly.

An hour before lights out, Desi faithfully looked at Harley and took a deep breath. Harley grasped her ears and Desi began screaming her head off. She howled with wild abandon, louder than she's been in weeks. Several minutes into her fit and there was a loud pull of the door lock and three nurses crowded in. The first nurse just looked at her exhausted. "Get the shot." she ordered.

Receiving the shot, the nurse leaned over Desi, examining her arm. Desi sat up suddenly, snatching the shot and sticking it into the nurse's neck. The nurse went still, panicking as the other two turned to Desi. Harley jumped up, wrapping the malleable coil around the last nurse's throat. The nurse gasped, and Harley pulled tighter as the second nurse stood between the others, unsure of what to do.

"Hey Harley," Desi commented, "what would happen if there were air in this syringe?" The nurse began crying and Harley giggled. "Aww, all that isn't necessary is it?" Desi asked the nurse. The second nurse reached for Desi's arm as the third nurse gargled desperately. "I wouldn't do that." Harley advised, and the nurse gave in. Desi pulled he nurse upright in front of her. "Open the door." she ordered.

With Harley behind her, Desi walked the nurse slowly out of the cell. In a line, they slowly made their way down the hall. Desi stopped at the end of the hall. "Go and grab your car keys. I will also need the main ward unlocked." Desi instructed. The second nurse nodded. "If you alert anyone at all, I will kill these two ladies, understand?" Desi continued.

Crane heard the voice and dropped his book, standing and going to the door. Through the small window, he watched as a very pregnant Desi came into view, holding a nurse by the neck with something at her throat. Crane grinned uncontrollably, seeing her for the first time since that night. Desi was all business, her pregnancy almost an afterthought as she pulled this woman around the corridor.

Desi stopped, and as she looked around she saw Johnathan peering through at her. She felt immediately self conscious until she noticed his eyes pleading with her from through the window. His eyes trailed down to her stomach, where they lingered lovingly. Desi blushed before snapping out of it and continuing out of the ward. Crane listened as she shouted commands, a content look slowly forming on his face.

Desi reached the doors, and the alarm sounded. The nurse ran up with the keys, and Desi snatched them angrily. "What did I tell you?" Desi demanded. "Well, I warned you. Tell 'Nurse Ratchet' here you're sorry now." The nurse sobbed as Desi held her. "Hey, don't blame me." Desi said, "I tried. Talk to your capture happy coworker." The second nurse looked helpless as Desi spoke.

Desi handed the keys to Harley, who made her way out to the parking lot, still choking the nurse. Desi looked at the second nurse with no emotion in her eyes whatsoever. "You don't have to do this." the nurse said, "You are getting out of here, you could just go." Desi blinked a few times, confused, "If I don't do this, then I wouldn't be a woman of my word. What kind of reprobate are you trying to turn me into?"

The car pulled up and Harley blew the horn. "Well, that's me." Desi said nonchalantly, "Maybe if you're quick or something, you can save her." Desi depressed the plunger quickly, throwing the nurse forward and backing out of the building as several people swarmed around the fallen nurse. Desi hopped into the car and Harley took off at breakneck speed.

Harley howled loudly. "That was so fun!" she squealed, "Was the time where you got me as fun?" Desi leaned back, "More." She replied. Harley drove merrily along the scenic back road as Desi laid back in the passenger seat. "So, when can we visit Mr. J?" Harley asked. Desi shifted, hoping to find a comfortable position. "Soon, really soon." she answered, equally excited.

Desi continued to shift around, grimacing. Harley looked over, "Hey, are you all right?" she asked. Desi exhaled slowly, "Yeah, I just can't seem to get comfortable." Desi pulled the gown up to her thighs and tucked it under, exposing her legs. "I cannot wait to be out of this thing." she said seriously, "This may have been worse than the restraints, and the underwear, oh my -" she continued, stopping short.

Harley looked away from the road, "Yeah, they are pretty awful." she said jokingly. Desi looked back at her, wide eyed, "No, Harley. My water just broke." she said vacantly. Harley squealed, "What do I do? Where should I go? Do we got to a hospital?" Desi looked up, as the first harsh contraction started. Desi winced, "No hospital, we're as good as arrested there. Um, we don't have time to get to Joker either." Desi took a deep breath, exhaling slowly. "Take a right." she instructed, "Let's see if Harvey is home. He'll help." She said, breathless.

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Tags: featuring: the joker, genre: movieverse, rating: pg-13
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