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Mother's Ruin Part 2

Story Title: Mother's Ruin Part Two
Summary: ...and Baby makes three
Genre: AU OC
Pairing: Joker/Harley Quinn/Desdemona/Johnathan Crane
Rating: R
Disclaimer: If I owned them, I'd be too busy fucking to write my name...
Author Notes: I am overwhealmed at the response to my previous work, thank you!

The warehouse was astonishing in its duality. The second floor was immaculate, simple and elegant with its desk and bedroom. The ground floor was an abortion, a living area, kitchen and bathroom in practical decay. Harvey felt pulled by both feelings and his home suited him. He walked around it in the dark, pacing as he thought of Rachel, when he heard a knock at the back door. Puzzled, he made his way to the back, avoiding any obstacle by route.

"Who is it?" he asked gruffly. Desi moaned painfully, "Harv." she strained, gripping the door as she hunched over. Harley stood behind her, bracing her back. Recognizing the voice, Harvey threw the door open and looked down on the pained woman. "Desi, what the Hell?" he asked, "I thought you were in Arkham." Desi took a deep breath, "I went for a walk." she panted, "Mind if I come in? You know, so as not to drop this kid on your doorstep."

Harvey's eyes went wide and he stepped out, grabbing her arm and pulling her inside. Desi whimpered, her knees nearly failing her as she leaned in, clinging to Harvey. "There's a doctor just a few blocks over, he can help us." Harvey said, I could go..." Desi grasped his hand. "You stay." she said, "Let Harley go, ok?" Harvey turned, instructing Harley who bolted out of the building.

"I don't know anything about delivering a baby." Harvey said, "You should've sent me, I mean, isn't she a doctor?" Desi bit her lip, "You know that joke, 'What do you can the bottom of the class at Harvard?'" Desi said, gasping, "Well, you call her Harley." Desi made her way to the bathroom, Harvey helping to hold her up. Desi looked at the old, clawfoot tub and exclaimed, "You have got to be kidding me!"

Harvey looked on, unsure of what he was supposed to be looking at. "What?" he asked. Desi braced her knees, lifting herself upright. "I need you to fill the tub, ok. With warm water." Harvey looked puzzled, then stared at her. "You're, in, in that?" Desi nodded slowly, "Eloquent as always, Harv. Please hurry." Harvey began filling the tub as Desi pulled the gown off of her shoulders. She stood there in her bra and hospital underwear, and watched the water fill the tub.

"I thought first childbirth was supposed to take a lot of time" Desi said, tired. Harvey helped lift her into the tub, and as Desi lowered into the water she seemed to ease up a bit. "This has got to be the Joker's kid." Desi sighed, "It's trying to kill me, I know it." Harvey looked at his friend, covered in sweat and smiled reassuringly at her. Desi threw her head back, breathing heavily.

Her contractions seemed to ease in the water, and Desi closed her eyes and slowed her breathing. She turned her head at Harvey, who now knelt beside her. "The doctor should be here soon." he said, "For what it's worth, you look better than the last time I saw you." Desi laughed, "We gotta stop meeting like this." she replied. Harvey patted her on the head, "You're glowing. Motherhood is gonna suit you."

Desi exhaled slowly, "How have you been?" she asked. Harvey flipped his coin, looking at the scratched outcome. "I'm of two minds at the moment." he replied. Desi held to his hand understandably. "Well, your home is awesome." she said, leaning back. Harvey looked around, "It suits me ok." he said casually. "I've had time. It's been slow out here with you locked up. Even the Joker hasn't been up to much."

"You guys still play poker?" Desi asked. Harvey made a face, "That clown cheats." Desi laughed as they heard the door open. "Desi? Where are you?" Harley called. Harvey stood and walked to the door to wave them in. Much to Desi's bemusement, in walked the same doctor who had treated her previously. Desi took a deep breath, as the contractions began to worsen.

"You know," the doctor commented, "There are these big buildings that people go to when they need medical attention. They're called hospitals." The doctor looked smugly at Desi. "You know," she replied, "There are these big boxes they put people in that piss me off. They're called coffins." They looked at each other for several minutes, until another painful contraction broke her concentration.

"A water birth huh?" the doctor said, "An aristocrat I see." Desi shot him a look as he went to the end of the tub and looked at her. "Let's have a look." He peeled her underwear away, and Desi pushed herself up with her feet so he could examine her thoroughly. Desi's knees shook and she broke out in a sweat as another contraction came.

The doctor checked the water and Desi sat up against the back of the tub. She looked to the doctor, who was working out of a bag and seemed disinterested with her. "Well?" she asked, "What's going on?" The doctor laid out a few items before responding, "Nothing yet. You're only 4cm dilated. We have a bit of a wait." Harley bounced, "Oh, I just love babies! I'm gonna get blankets and shoes and baby powder, and..." she gasped.

Desi stared at her. "Why don't you go get out of that jumper?" she said flatly. Harley looked down, and then back to Desi. She smiled and bolted out of the room. Desi rolled her eyes, and Harvey looked at her thoughtfully. "Do you want me to get the Joker?" he asked. Desi looked at him and slowly shook her head, wincing as she felt another intense contraction.

The doctor responded by walking over to examine her a second time. "How long have you been in labor now?" the doctor asked. Desi exhaled slowly, "About four hours, maybe." she answered. The doctor patted her on the knee, and Desi relaxed. Seeing her strain, he reassured her, "You're doing fine. This is all very routine." He smirked and Desi nodded, breathing slowly to calm herself.

Harley returned, wearing one of Harvey's blazers over her underwear and bra. Harvey looked incredulous and Desi giggled at his reaction. She squeezed his hand and leaned her head back as silence took over the room. After a few minutes, Desi lifted her head again, her eyes tightly shut. The Doctor returned and after examining her, exclaimed, "Ok, here we go. Time to have a baby."

The doctor began instructing Harley, who served as an impromptu assistant. Desi held to Harvey's hand, and he gently wiped along her brow with his handkerchief. Desi gasped, and the doctor looked to her. "The head is starting to crown." he said, "What you need to do is push when you feel the contraction, ok?" His tone softened, and he grabbed Desi's upper leg, bracing it to support her.

He motioned to Harvey who embarrassingly took the other leg in the same manner. The first contraction came, and Desi moaned painfully as she pushed. "You're doing really well, just rest for now." the Doctor said, "We'll try again at the next one." Desi nodded quickly as tears sprang her her eyes. She panted, exhausted after the full day and labor.

The second contraction came and Desi pushed with all her might, shouting as she gripped Harvey's hand tightly. The doctor plunged both hands into the water, cradling the head as it emerged. Harley stared, her eyes enormous. "Almost there!" the doctor said, "You're doing so well Desi." Desi felt the next contraction and pushed with every ounce of energy she had left.

She stopped, throughly exhausted. Her entire body ached as she saw the doctor lift her daughter from the water. Suctioning mucus from the baby's mouth and nose, he turned to Harvey. "Do you want to cut the cord?" he asked. Harvey looked at Desi, then flipped his coin. Looking at the result, he stood and approached the doctor. Desi tried to look at her daughter, but with everyone standing around, she could barely see her.

As Harvey cut the umbilical cord, the Doctor took the baby over the the counter, where he began to clean and swaddle the baby in blankets. Desi felt another pain, and panicked. "What's wrong?" she asked, "Is everything ok?" Desi craned to look, desperate as the doctor continued. Before he could answer, there was a loud cry that filled the room, and Desi's tears became unstoppable.

"I'd say that about answered your question." the doctor said happily, carrying the baby over to Desi. Harley toweled her chest off and the doctor laid the baby gently on Desi's chest. Desi laughed through her tears as she looked down at her perfect little creation. The baby had a full head of auburn hair and the bluest eyes Desi may have ever seen.

Desi felt another dull pain and looked to the doctor, "Am I still having contractions?" she asked. The doctor walked the length of the tub "Until you expel the afterbirth." he replied. Harley went for the baby, and Desi growled low at her. Harley drew her hands back sheepishly and stood there. Desi pushed again, her eyes not leaving the baby as she delivered the placenta.

She haded the baby carefully to Harvey, who accepted her as Desi struggled to lift her self from the tub. The doctor helped her out, shaking his head at her determination. Harley helped her towel off, noting the small amount of blood which trickled down her leg. "I'm gonna need to examine you one more time." the doctor said.

Harvey offered his bed to Desi and Harley took the baby as he went to prepare it. Now on the counter, the doctor leaned down, examining her. "Everything looks ok by me." the doctor said, "You know, as much mob work as I do, I can't recall ever delivering a baby." He smiled at the newborn, "Nice change of scenery." he said, "Now go feed that kid."

Desi limped slowly to the bed, exhausted. Harvey pulled back the sheets and Desi climbed in. She opened the nursing bra the hospital had her in, and as Harley handed the baby over, she immediately began to nurse. A quiet calm came over Desi as she watched her daughter. She seemed happier than anyone had ever see her.

The doctor approached, "I can take care of all the paperwork for her through my clinic." he said, "We'll register you as a homebirth, I'll just bring all the papers by." Desi nodded, her eyes alight. "That sounds wonderful." she said sleepily, "Doesn't it Matilda?" She stroked her soft hair and sighed, "Thank you. All of you..." Desi said kindly, "for everything."

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Tags: featuring: the joker, genre: movieverse, rating: pg-13
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