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Mother's Ruin Part 4

Story Title: Mother's Ruin Part Four
Summary: Three is a very fun crowd
Genre: AU OC
Pairing: Joker/Harley Quinn/Desdemona/Johnathan Crane
Rating: R
Disclaimer: If I owned them, I'd be too busy fucking to write my name...
Author Notes: NSFW, so don't read it there! This one is porn.

It was nightfall before he returned, and as he entered, he spied Desi and Harley. They stood waiting for him, shoulders touching with a hand at the small of each other's back. Harley was dressed in matching red lace underwear and bra, and Desi was in her black lace boyshorts and a newer, larger bra to occupy her engorged breasts. They stood together, and Joker stopped short as he eyed them curiously.

"We want to thank you for everything you've done." Desi said, "So we thought we'd put on a show for you." The Joker swept his hair away from his face as he approached them, "Well, I don't want to see you do anything that makes you uncomfortable." he said mockingly, "Mom." Desi licked slowly up Harley's chest, nibbling playfully at her nack as Harley stared at the Joker. "Do we look uncomfortable?" Harley asked pointedly.

Desi rested her cheek on Harley's chest, looking at the Joker. They both extended a hand to him, and as he accepted, they pulled him into the bedroom. At the foot of the bed was the comfortable chair from the living room, and each light was covered with a richly colored scarf which filtered the light. Desi and Harley pushed Joker's coat and jacket over his shoulders, pulling them away. Desi took them as Harley sat him down in the chair.

Harley and Desi crawled onto the bed, meeting in the middle. Desi rested her hands on Harley's shoulders and Harley braced herself by grabbing Desi's hips. They rested on their knees in the center of the bed, kissing each other playfully. Joker leaned back and looked on as they kissed, letting their hands wander over each other. They giggled as Desi unhooked Harley's bra and pulled it away, throwing it playfully at the Joker.

Desi softly cupped Harley's breasts as she kissed her, this time more passionately. She crept closer to her, pressing their bodies together as her lips trailed down her body. Harley leaned back, moaning softly as Desi lightly pinched her nipples, pulling them slightly. Desi sucked at her neck as Harley ran her nails up Desi's back before Harley took control, grabbing Desi by her arms and pulling her away.

Desi fell back laughing and brought her hands to her chest. Harley loomed over her, and Desi crossed her legs at the ankle, lifting them in front of Harley. She looked at Joker, who sat licking his lips as he stared at them hungrily. Desi lifted her hips, almost rolling up onto her back as Harley grabbed her boyshorts and pulled them up her legs, tugging one side at a time. Desi uncrossed her legs, and as the underwear passed her heels she spread them wide, bringing them down on either side of Harley.

Harley knelt at Desi's hips, Harley sepparated her lips and began exploring around her clit. She made long, pressured, wet licks along Desi's clit, and Desi immediately responded dramatically. She pulled at Harley's pigtails, and Harley looked up at her. "College." she said sheepishly. Desi threw her head back, "Well, don't stop." she cried, as Harley went back to work. Harley's hands wandered up to her stomach, and she traced roundly along Desi skin along her hips and up her sides.

Harley began to to alternate gently sucking with pressured, probing licks. Desi writhed, moaning softly as she looked at the Joker. He watched, slowly opening his fly and and taking his erection in his large hands and slowly stroking his shaft. He looked lustfully at them both, and Desi looked at him satisfied. Harley began working at a rhythm, alternating her moves while adding pressure and moving harder and faster.

Desi was overcome with pleasure, and broke her look at the Joker as her eyes rolled back in her head and she gasped. Her orgasm was unlike anything she'd ever felt before. It felt local, and intense as Desi moaned softly, running her hands gently over her own breasts and up to her face. Harley emerged, breathing heavy and looked at Desi. Desi was still clutching her face, moaning softly as she took slow deep breaths.

"How'd I do?" Harley asked playfully. Desi laughed heartily, leaning up and grabbing her. She slammed Harley onto the bed and rose to her knees to climb on top of Harley. She squuezed Harley's breasts as she kissed her, and Harley grunted as Desi pushed her body further up the bed. Rising to her knees, Desi ripped Harley's underwear away, holding the tattered pieces up for Harley to see. Harley giggles loudly, and Desi turned to the Joker.

"Come and play with us." she said seductively. Harley squealed, appauling as he stood and removed his vest. He reached the side of the bed and grabbed Desi by the neck, bending her over forcefully. Her face now between Harley's legs, Desi bagan probing with her tongue using her memory of what Harley had done to her. Joker fiercely grabbed Desi's hips and thrust himself into her with no warning, and Desi lunged forward, planting her face into Harley.

She thought to apologize, only to note Harley moaning excitedly. Taking roughness as her cue, she continued with deep, harsh strokes mimicing the pace Joker was taking on her. Harley pulled and pinched her breasts, maintaining eye contact with the Joker as he slammed continually into Desi from behind. Desi reached up Harley's body, and Harley took her fingers into her mouth, sucking them intensely.

Desi grew wetter at the sensation and the Joker's pace became even more frantic as he watched her. Joker dug his nails into Desi's back, and Desi gasped as she lifted from Harley. Harley's moans began to reach a fever pitch, and Desi inserted a single finger into her, drawing the finger up as if to summon someone. Desi watched as Harley shook, howling as she came. Desi smiled proudly as another, more powerful orgasm over took her.

Desi arched her back, crying loudly as she came. The Joker thrust powerful, slow thrusts before pulling out. His hands rested on her hips, and the Joker pushed Desi onto her side, clearing the path to Harley, who lay back panting. He moved toward her, stroking his cock with a empty, almost primal look in his eye. Harley braced herself as he pounced on her, burying himself into her. Harley grunted, shifting to accomodate him at his fevered pace.

Desi crawled up beside her, and kissed her passionately as he continued to take her violently. As their kiss broke, Joker leaned in, his face resting just between theirs. Harley kissed him all along his face while Desi bit into his shoulder, dragging her teeth along his skin. The bite got his attention, and he kissed her deeply, his pace slowing as he did. Their lips parted slowly, and Desi rolled away from them, directing his attention back to Harley as she heard crying from outside the bedroom.

She left the bed and threw her robe on as she crossed the main area to the nursery door. She grabbed a cloth at the kitchen and wiped her hands, entering the nursery. Matilda lay in the crib, crying. Desi lowered the side and collected her, sitting at the rocking chair in the corner. She rocked Matilda slowly, soothing her as she listened to the theatricx noises coming from across the building.

Once in her arms, Matilda seemed to settle down. She lay there looking up at Desi with bright eyes, and Desi held her close. Rocking slowly, she hummed along with the Pink Floyd lullaby playing softly in the room. "I know how you feel." Desi said softly, "Sometimes you just need to hold on to another human being." Desi kissed her on the forehead, and continued to rock, her thoughts wandering away to Johnathan in his cell.

She thought of the last time she saw him, and how his eyes lingered on her stomach, and she felt empty. She continued to hum quietly, and matilda drifted back to sleep. All sound seemed to die down in the building, and before long Harley appeared at the door. "Everything ok?" she whispered. Desi nodded slowly, standing to put Matilda back to bed. She pulled the side of the crib back and walked quietly back to the door.

"I thought I'd see if you were coming back to bed." Harley said. Desi smiled, but shook her head. "I'm gonna take a shower, I got a lot on my mind." Harley touched her arm and nodded reassuringly. "Well, you were right." she commented, "I think that was just the thing. He seemed really happy." Desi stood for a few minutes, saying nothing. " with your man." Desi said. Harley kissed her kindly before rushing off to bed happily.

Desi showered and sat in her pajamas on the couch. She looked around in the dark as everyone slept. Wrapping her arms around her knees, she enjoyed the silence and her mind settled on Johnathan.

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Tags: featuring: harley quinn, featuring: the joker, genre: au, genre: het, genre: movieverse, genre: multi-chapter, pairing: joker/harley, pairing: joker/ofc, rating: nc-17, rating: r
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