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Mother's Ruin Part 5

Story Title: Mother's Ruin Part Five
Summary: No he didn't just say what I think he just said... Did he?
Genre: AU OC
Pairing: Joker/Harley Quinn/Desdemona/Johnathan Crane
Rating: R
Disclaimer: If I owned them, I'd be too busy fucking to write my name...
Author Notes: I am overwhelmed at the response to my previous work, thank you! Once again, I am in jokerluv's debt. Thank you girl, you are awesome!

Johnathan paced around the office. The psychiatrist leaned back in his chair, observing him silently. A few minutes passed before Crane stopped, and looked at the bookcases as he spoke. "I can't stop thinking about her." he said somberly, "I'm worried sick. She..." he stared, turning as he continued to pace, "the baby." Crane blinked rapidly, as if imagining something as he stopped in front of the psychiatrist's desk.

The psychiatrist leaned forward, and tapped slowly at his desk. "Johnathan, are you listening to yourself?" he asked. Crane turned to him slowly, his mind still reeling. The psychiatrist cleared his throat and started again, "You're telling me that you're worried about someone." He opened Crane's file as he spoke, "That for the second time in less than ten months, you are expressing actual concern for another human being. Johnathan, this is a big development."

Crane sat on the couch, kneading his hands slowly. "We would know if something had happened with the baby." he rationalized, "There would be news of it, and they would bring Desdemona right back here." The psychiatrist looked at the file laid out before him. "Didn't you try to kill this woman?" he asked, "I understand you were rivals." Crane looked at him, but said nothing. It's none of your business, the nature of our relationship. He thought smugly.

the psychiatrist misread his signs, and began writing in the file. "I'm going to recommend that your medication be scaled back a bit. I see here that you are in therapy sessions four times a week?" he confirmed. Crane nodded without looking at him. "Well, it seems you have a genuine interest in getting well, and this new found concern is a promising step." The psychiatrist stood, and walked toward him. Crane stood as he approached.

"I'm very pleased with your progress." The psychiatrist said, walking him to the orderly at the door, "Let's talk again on Tuesday, and I think some group sessions would do you some good." Crane sighed quietly, thanked the doctor and made his way back to his cell followed by the orderly. What the psychiatrist didn't know was that Crane was merely waiting. He waited each and every session, leaving all the right evidence to secure his release.

Crane entered his cell quietly, letting the lock turn and the guard leave before relaxing. It was true that his thoughts never left Desi or the baby, but the rest of the world could drown for all his concern. He couldn't afford to be too honest with any of his doctors, but it was selfish guilt that was driving him crazy. He hated that he wasn't there when the child was born, and that she had been in Arkham because of his rage, which he saw as incompetence.

Even when thinking warmly of her, which he often did at night after lights out, his memories of her were plagued. He could barely conjure the way she would moan softly right before she came without seeing her in that car, her eyes empty. He laid back on the bed, looking up as the light went out and pined for a message from her, though he knew it was impossible. He spent so many times as a child dreaming of love that it never occurred to him how much work it really was to love or be loved by someone.

Crane then let his thoughts settle on the baby. He would smile as he hoped she looked like Desi, and he thought about her as she lay sleeping, perfect. He hoped she would never know that he wasn't there, as his father hadn't been there, and he vowed to never allow her to feel unloved as he had. I'm on my way to both of you, and I won't screw up again. He thought as he closed his eyes, As soon as I get out of here.

Desi watched in awe as the Joker sat in front of Matilda's rocker, leaning his face very near hers. Matilda had, just recently, mastered the art of actually laughter, and she laughed roundly as she clutched his nose. She pulled back and forth, removing his makeup as she giggled. Matilda was fascinated by this man: his vibrantly colored clothes, the stark contrast of his makeup, and his general gregariousness had proven very amusing to the now four month old.

He regularly paraded before her, making faces and laughing along with her. As she seemed to find him the funniest thing on the planet, the Joker was coming to think of her as his favorite woman in the house. "This kid has a great sense of humor." The Joker announced, his nose still in her vice-like grip. Desi continued to fold the cloth diapers and separate the laundry, "I wonder where she gets that." she remarked flatly.

On the television, a middle aged man stood before a crowd, giving a heated and passionate speech. Desi was only half-listening, finding the dining room far more interesting. Joker licked his lips, "Say Matilda, how'd you like Uncle J to teach you a magic trick?" Joker asked as he waved his hands before her. Desi crossed the room, putting away laundry. "No." she commanded, pointing a finger at him mockingly, "No, you stop that. That is a bad Joker." He looked at her dryly and she laughed as she entered the nursery.

Desi emerged, and heard her name on the television. Joker extended a gloved hand toward Matilda, and she took one of his fingers, pulling it into her mouth. The Joker chuckled inappropriately, "You know, your mother likes to do the same thing." he said suggestively. Desi shushed him as she went for the television, curious about the mention. She turned the television up as the crowd pm the screen died down.

...and that is why this city needs reform, and as the new DA of Gotham, I will be committed to bringing that kind of change. Now, I know there has been some controversy surrounding my support of abortion in the corrections system. I want to address those by using a recent example. The violent criminal known as Desdemona escaped Arkham just five months ago, killing two guards with the assistance of cellmate Harlene Quinzel. Her motive in the escape was to have her baby outside of the asylum. Now certainly, there's no arguing her lack of qualifications as a mother, we don't even know if that baby is alive now.

Desi shook, her hands in such tight fists that blood began to drip from her knuckles as her nails dug into her flesh. She stared up at the screen as her rage mounted. The district attorney kept talking, but Desi couldn't hear anything but a low buzzing tone as her vision tunneled around his face on the screen. She stood there for several minutes, until the Joker broke her concentration. "You gonna take that?" he asked, anxious to see her response.

"Take what?" Harley replied, cooing at the baby. Desi spun around quickly, looking around at each of them. "When?" Desi asked, "When did you get here?" Harley looked around confused, "About ten minutes ago. I said hiya, did you not hear me?" she replied. Desi shook her head, her mouth agape. Bored, the Joker started again, "You're not really gonna take that from some politician now are you?" he asked, licking his lips as he looked at her.

Desi's eyes met his, and her expression went immediately sinister. Her eyes trailed back to the floor as lit up as she began imagining a plan. "I'm gonna need some supplies." she said low. Joker crossed to her other side, nearing closer to her in his excitement. "Well, naturally." he replied. Desi looked at him, "Can I trust you with Matilda while we're gone?" she asked seriously. Harley stopped mid-bite, nearly dropping her apple. "We're gone?" she asked.

The Joker looked at her seriously for several minutes before replying, "I won't kill her." Desi looked at him fiercely before a smile spread across her face and she nodded slowly, "Good." she replied, "Don't do that." The Joker rolled his eyes before clapping his hands together and walking back to Matilda in her swing. "You're not going to be long, are you?" he asked, suddenly nervous, "Because I'm not changing her."

Harley rushed to Matilda, collecting her and carrying her toward the nursery. Desi watched, her teeth still clinched. "Get dressed, you're going out with me." Desi ordered. Joker did a mild celebratory dance as Desi turned on her heels and began laying out her old work clothes. She removed her shirt, and began trying to squeeze her breasts into her old armored vest, frowning at the result.

After a few fruitless efforts, she threw it on the couch. "Fuck it." she exclaimed. The Joker's eyes narrowed as he looked at her, and he walked over to her. "Now, now." he said as he took up the vest and turned her around to slip it over her. Desi stood there as he positioned her bra, pulling everything up and smoothing the vest over her. "We can't have you getting killed out there." he added with a laugh, "because I'm not taking the brat in."

Desi turned and looked at him, but he continued to look at the vest. He repositioned it with no inflection, paying attention to detail as one would when cleaning a gun. He was meticulous when maintaining a weapon, showing it an affection that no human would ever receive. Desi took a deep breath, "Matilda..." she started.

"Will be fine." The Joker finished, pulling his hands from her vest. "You gonna need a lot of supplies?" he asked. Desi thought for a moment, then shook her head. "You have something going on on Tuesday, right? I'll wait until after, you know, professional courtesy." Joker walked away humming softly. He nodded and Harley emerged. Desi turned back to finish dressing. "Do I get neat body armor too?" Harley asked.

The Joker looked at her, "No, but you also don't have a history of getting yourself shot." Desi rolled her eyes and Joker called Harley into the bedroom. She emerged later in a body hugging, black and red suit with a very theatric headdress. She was even wearing makeup. She came out giggling, very pleased with her new look.

Desi pulled and fastened her garters, doing a quick turn in her old skirt and vest outfit. "Going retro, huh?" Joker remarked when he saw her. Desi looked up but said nothing. "They will think you've gone soft. With the kid and all, the cops are going to assume that your worst is behind you." the Joker continued. Desi considered this, and he added, "Comebacks are often harder than premieres." He took a drink, sitting at the table.

Desi began adding her many weapons to her outfit. "Anyone who thinks..." she started, adding her flask, "that my daughter has slowed me down is in for a gruesome surprise." Desi added the first five knives, clipping them to various places as she spoke, "And if that son-of-a-bitch thinks I was unfit because of previous behavior..." she fit a straight razor into her hair, sweeping it into a bun, "He has no idea what he's in for."

She turned to face him, "District attorney indeed. Some nerve he has insulting my child. I ought to rip his fucking lungs out." Desi squinted as she finished the sentence, imagining it maniacally as her mind wandered. The Joker sat unimpressed, "Why don't you?" he asked flatly. Desi moved around, checking that nothing moves around loosely. "Because I got something far worse in mind." she replied.

"Well, Matilda's asleep." Harley informed, "So that should be easy." Joker nodded, still looking at Desi."You bringing a crew?" the Joker asked. Desi turned back, "No need. There isn't a man in this city I need help from. If I chose to burn the city down, all I'd need are matches." Joker looked up to the ceiling, contemplating her comments, "Impress me out there." He instructed. Desi smirked, "That's not my job anymore." she said.

The Joker smiled, "Then you're almost certain to. I can't wait." Desi motioned to Harley and began walking to the door, "We'll be back in a few hours." she said. The Joker grinnned, "The suspense is already killing me."

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Tags: featuring: dr. crane, featuring: harley quinn, featuring: the joker, genre: au, genre: het, genre: movieverse, pairing: joker/harley, pairing: joker/ofc, rating: r
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