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Mother's Ruin Part 6

Story Title: Mother's Ruin Part Six
Summary: Man, This is gonna get ugly...
Genre: AU OC
Pairing: Joker/Harley Quinn/Desdemona/Johnathan Crane
Rating: R
Disclaimer: If I owned them, I'd be too busy fucking to write my name...
Author Notes: This one is pretty ultra-violent, in theme anyway. Sorry if it offends you, but you are reading about criminals!

Desi drove quickly, weaving smoothly through the traffic. Harley watched her nervous. They had gone out three days before, and Desi had been planning tirelessly ever since. Harley looked at her, noting the determination in her eyes. She remembered watching Desi lean over plans, and as she would explain vividly her plan, the Joker's laugh would echo in the open space. Several times he embraced her, and Harley knew she would have to do a good job if she ever wanted to relieve such praise herself.

Desi said nothing, and continued toward their destination with single-minded dedication. Harley began to, for the first time, worry if she could really do what Desi and the Joker did for a living. She wasn't exactly sure what the plan was, and Desi gave her orders without asking her opinion or explaining their prerogative. All Harley knew was that it involved children, and that after today, she was going to be the criminal known as Harley Quinn.

Harley cleared her throat anxiously. "So, why exactly did you want me to come along?" she asked. Desi kept her eyes on the road, shifting gears and weaving on the freeway before answering, "Because you need to learn not to take shit from anyone." Desi firmly pressed the gas pedal, sending Harley back in her seat as she continued, "Especially no account politicians and the squeaky-clean elite." Desi gripped the wheel in her gloved hands, and Harley contemplated her response.

"In this business, you will have to learn to be tough, because there are always a handful of guys that will kill you, or worse, who see your big eyes and fair features and immediately put you down in their minds as a good time." Desi continued to drive as she spoke, "You have to be ready: ready to prove yourself, to do things others won't, ready to work harder than any hulking automaton would ever have to, and ready to be hated once you do all of those things." Desi glanced at Harley, "You cannot afford to be a pushover."

Harley nodded slowly. "That makes sense, but why children?" she asked, "I mean, doesn't that seem a little extreme? Especially since Matilda." Harley sighed, looking out the window. "I mean, every time I look at a baby, all I see is her." Harley looked at Desi, who said nothing. Desi found her exit and turned onto it. "Don't be foolish enough to get sentimental." Desi warned, "Of course I love Matilda. But to see her in every child is just pathetic. And counterproductive. As far as I'm concerned, there's only two children in the world: my precious one, and all the rest of them." Desi took her eyes from the road, frightening Harley as she looked directly at her. "I only have compassion for one of those two. Understand?" Desi asked, and Harley nodded quickly, looking at the road.

Desi smiled warmly, turning back to the road. "Like there's any difference, really. That's what always amazes me." Desi scoffed, "We're supposed to be the monsters, yet the good people of this city are willing to argue that there is a degree in the ending of a life. Like it's worse for me to kill a child than an elderly person or a cop. They lecture about the value of life only to then haggle about circumstances that dictate that value." Desi shook her head as she continued to drive. "Fucking amazing, common people. No better than roaches, scurrying from any bright light."

Harley buckled her seat belt and gripped the door tightly. "I just feel, I mean." Harley said meekly. She looked at Desi as she drove and bit her lip, "Never mind. It isn't important." Harley looked at her hands, and Desi read the silence. "No, what's on your mind?" she asked, looking at her briefly, "It you have any reservations, tell me. This should be an open forum, and your opinion is valid." Desi smiled for a few moments, seeking to relax Harley. Harley shrugged, "I just makes me sad. I mean, small children just seem so wrong. I know I'm supposed to do it, and I want Mister J to be proud of me, but I worry that I can't do it." Harley's expression changed as the words escaped her, and she turned to Desi desperately. "I don't mean that! Really, I can do it." she said defeated, "I'm just nervous."

Desi took a deep breath, trying to remember thinking the way Harley did. It seemed so long ago, and she searched for the way to explain it to her. "Let me ask you this," Desi began calmly, "Do you care because you honestly care or because you think you are supposed to?" Desi looked over to Harley as she sat thinking. "Because I think if you really think about it, you'll find that you only care because you have been told to care your whole life." Harley listened as Desi continued, "I just say evolve. Evolve , and do what you want instead of what you think is expected of you or what's within an imaginary line that somebody else has drawn."

Harley bit her lip, and furrowed her brow, thinking. Desi concluded, "I mean, it makes me angry how society treats you with such disrespect. How they just expect to give you your opinions about every little thing. It makes me angry. I mean, do you really care about a bunch of people you've never met?" Desi looked quickly at Harley, and then back to the road. She approached a red light and slowed to a stop, gripping the steering wheel tightly. Harley said cautiously, "No, not really. I guess it's kind of silly to care about someone just because." Harley looked at Desi, who began smiling slightly.

Desi pulled into the driveway, parking the car as Harley continued, "Plus, I know Mister J would love it, and I actually care what he thinks." Harley lit up, working out the logic in her mind, "And what you think too. I suppose it makes Matilda special, because I love her. I don't really care about these kids, not really." Harley commented, looking to Desi for approval. Desi looked at her hopefully as she opened her door. "You just suppose?" Desi asked. Harley opened her door, grinning bashfully, "No, I know." She nodded, nearly bouncing as she hopped out of the car.

They collected up their tools from the trunk, and headed for the entrance of the Gotham Enrichment Center. Desi opened the door, holding it open as Harley shuttled through it. They turned, locking the main doors as they were approached by one of the many caregivers. Desi pulled her trusty knife as the woman approached, and looked at Harley before turning to face the caregiver. "Good afternoon, ladies." The caregiver remarked. Desi smiled, stepping close to her and placing the knife at her throat. Desi examined her name tag as the woman whimpered softly. "Hello...Julie." Desi whispered, "Now listen to me and listen good. Perhaps at the end of this your life will be the one I spare."

Julie sobbed quietly, snapping her eyes shut to avoid the very serious look Desi was giving her. Desi leaned up on her toes, and gently kissed Julie on her forehead. "Where..." Desi whispered, "is District Attorney House's daughter?" Desi sank back onto her feet, watching as Julie's eyes opened suddenly, looking around in panic as she pondered Desi's motives. Desi swallowed, tracing the knife across Julie's neck. "Tick-tock Julie." Desi said sweetly, watching as a few drops of blood appeared where the knife lingered. "I want take my good friend Harley Quinn to little Emily." Desi instructed, "Do a good job now, or she'll kill you. Got it?"

Julie nodded, and took a step back as Desi lifted the knife away. Harley grabbed her by the hand, and Julie slowly backed away, her gaze still on Desi. Desi rolled her neck around, flexing before she skipped into the newborn room and began looking at the babies. Desi spied each child, looking for just the right one. She smiled as each one looked up at her trustfully. Desi stopped in front of a bright eyed girl with curly hair who giggled as she passed. Desi stared at her for several minutes, searching for any sign of reproach within her. Staring at a virtual doppleganger for her daughter, Desi found that she felt absolutely nothing at all.

Desi smiled assuringly as she leaned over the side of the crib and lifted the baby. She carried her back to the front of the building and waited for Harley. She tossed the baby in the air, squeeing as she giggled. Harley walked up a few moments later holding hands with a frightened six year old in a red polka dot dress. "Sorry for the wait. She had a guard." Harley said. Desi looked immediately at Julie, who looked at the floor, taking deep broken breaths. "Did you know about this Julie?" Desi demanded. Julie swallowed hard, nodding her head. Desi handed the baby to Harley, and quickly made her way to Julie, stabbing her repeatedly. Julie looked at Desi, horror in her eyes as Desi Continued to stab her over and over again.

Her stomach now destroyed, Julie fell to the floor as a blood-splattered Desi stood over her panting. Desi swept the stray hair from her face, leaving a slight smear of blood on her forehead. She turned to Harley, who was trying to hold both the baby and the arm of a crying and frightened Emily. "You took care of the guard?" Desi asked, and Harley nodded happily. Desi took Emily by the arm, leaving the baby with Harley. She turned and walked into the activity center, interrupting several caregivers and a crowd of children of different ages. The caregivers turned, immediate panic spreading among them. The children reacted differently, some staring at her while others seemed completely disinterested. Desi found being ignored by some of the children amusing.

Covered in blood and brandishing her knife, Desi pulled Emily in front of her and addressed the caregivers. "Call GNN. Tell them to come here." Desi said calmly, "Tell them to come quietly, or people will die. I do not want the police interrupting me." She waved a a finger at all of them, and they looked at each other as the manager walked slowly to the phone and began dialing. She whispered into the phone for several minutes and then hung the phone up. Within fifteen minutes, a van pulled up and a news crew knocked on the glass door. Desi sent one of the caregivers to open the door, and as they began setting up quietly, Desi took the baby from Harley and handed over Emily. Emily watched these two women, frightened tears in her eyes.

Desi looked maniacally at the television producer as he set up the camera. "No matter what happens here," she ordered, "Do not cut away from me. Tell your people in the studio, if they cut away your crew is dead. Are you understanding me?" The producer looked at the crowd before fixing on her and nodding slowly. Desi held the baby close to her, waiting patiently as Harley Quinn walked around policing the crowd. The crew finished up and clipped a mic to Desi, and waited as GNN interrupted its broadcast. As the light came on and they went live, Desi took a deep breath and clutched the child to her chest.

"My name is Desdemona, and you might know me from the various bombings or fires around our fair hometown these past few years. You might also know me from the recent statements of our District Attorney, who though to make an example of me concerning his stance on abortion." Desi readjusted the baby, and she cooed as she patted Desi's cheek. "Well Mr. house, I too can make a public declaration. I would like to ask you how can justify having opinions about me as a mother being that you've never met me nor do you have any foreknowledge of my treatment of my child." Desi held the baby to her closely as she continued, "I would like to know why you draw that line at birth. I mean, many people who have no business with children have them everyday, and you never once talk about killing their children. Why stop at birth, hmm?"

Desi held the baby to her, and the baby tried to push away. She began crying, obviously uncomfortable as Desi overpowered her. "There are many other things I'd like to discuss with you, but I am a decent enough person to do that face to face instead of on television for the whole city to watch. So, Mr. House, I have Emily." Desi brought her arms around the baby, pulling her tightly to her chest. The baby continued to cry but ran out of energy and ceased fighting her. "You know where your daughter and I are, Mr. House. Come explain to me what you meant when you said you should have killed my child, and perhaps I won't kill yours." The entire room gasped as she said that, and the baby's crying became erratic.

Desi brought a hand to the back of the baby's head, burying it into the soft flesh above her breast. "However, for every person other than you that shows up, I will kill one of these children." Desi stood still as the baby stopped crying, and went still. She stood a moment longer, making certain to prove her point. "Don't test me, Mr. House." Desi warned, lifting the body of the baby away from her chest. It lay limply in her arms and several women cried in the audience at the sight. Desi dropped the body at her feet coldly, not breaking eye contact with the camera. She narrowed her look at the camera. "Only you, now. Do not gamble with the lives of these children. Don't forget, I'm a violent sociopath." she said, waving her knife for emphasis. "I'm waiting."

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Tags: featuring: harley quinn, featuring: the joker, genre: au, genre: het, genre: movieverse, genre: multi-chapter, pairing: joker/harley, pairing: joker/ofc, rating: nc-17, rating: r
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