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Mother's Ruin Part 7

Story Title: Mother's Ruin Part Seven
Summary: When it come to killing children, how many is too many?
Genre: AU OC
Pairing: Joker/Harley Quinn/Desdemona/Johnathan Crane
Rating: R
Disclaimer: If I owned them, I'd be too busy fucking to write my name...
Author Notes: This one is pretty ultra-violent, in theme anyway. Sorry if it offends you, but you are reading about criminals!

As the camera turned off, Desi immediately went to work moving the adults in the center against the wall. She sepaprated them from all the children, duct taping their hands together and moving each one to an exact position. He and Harley created a baracade in the main room and locked the rest of the building down, which wasn't difficult as this building was designed for the children of Gotham's elite. With so many elements designed to keep the scum of Gotham out, it seemed no one planned for any way to remove those already inside.

Anchormen for GNN continued running the previous footage, editing it to remove the graphic material. Hundreds sat glued to their televisions. Among them was the Joker, who howled jovially as her sat staring at the screen. He made a bowl of popcorn and sat snacking as he watched excitedly, as if he were watching a favorite movie. He yelled at the screen, rewinding several times to watch Desi drop the infant over and over again as he applauded and spilled his popcorn onto the floor.

After securing all of the adults, Desi turned to Harley, who was with Emily and instructed her to pick a few children. Harley looked at her, "How many?" she asked. Desi turned, looking around the room as she sighed. "I dunno, fifteen or twenty?" she said, and several of the women around the room gasped. Harley looked at these women, all standing so afraid. They're all so..pathetic. She thought, and as she realized this she swept throught the crowd, pulling children and observing the level of panic each selection seemed to resonate. Harley watched these people and began to see what Desi had been saying to her in the car.

Desi watched Harley work with a look of smug satisfaction about her. Sure, she's annoying Desi thought, Really, truly annoying. However, she sure seems to take direction very well and she is eager to please. Desi frowned at the last part, and wondered if she would ever grow beyond being such a follower. Her thoughts were interrupted when the phone rang. Harley looked at her, and Desi skipped slowly over to the wall phone. She let it ring several times before grabbing the receiver quickly. "Gotham Enrichment Center, hostage department." Desi said happily.

"Desdemona?" the officer replied, "This is the police. What are your demands?" Desi switched ears and turned around as the cord wrapped around her. "Who is this?" she asked. There was a pause before the officer replied, "This in the Gotham police department. We are hostage negotiators." Desi cut him off as she traced her hand down the wall. "No, no, no. I mean who is this? What's your name?" Desi turned to Harley, snapping her fingers and pointing to one of the little boys she had chosen. Harley pulled him over to Desi, who immediately pulled a thin cable from her garter. With the exception of the two handles attached on either end, you could barely see it at all. Desi quickly doubled it around the neck of the six year old as she held the phone with her shoulder.

"My name is Officer Lyons." the phone replied. Desi grabbed the handles, leaving the cable loose around his neck. "And...where is Commissioner Gordon?" she asked. Desi pumped her hands a few times and several of the adults cried out. "You know what? Never mind that." Desi replied, "I'll tell you what. I am strangling a six year old boy as we speak." Desi began slowly pulling the handles and the boy fought, grabbing at his neck as the cable tightened into skin. "When I'm important enough for Jim to call me, I will stop. Some people need to get their priorities straight." There was commotion on the line as the officer tried to address the situation. Desi took a deep breath, "Ok then, bye bye now." She quickly hung up the phone and refocused herself on the boy, who had already lost consciousness.

Desi grimaced slightly as his hands fell away from his neck and he began leaning forward slightly. Desi held the cord tightly for several minutes, not even hearing the first few rings of the phone. She just stared at the back of the boy's head as his boy went limp completely. One of the women screamed as Desi slowly unwrapped the cord and his slightly discolored body fell into a heap on the floor. The cord left dark marks in the boys neck, and Desi admired them silently. "What's the matter with you?" one woman cried out. Desi looked up from him and at the woman. She looked directly at her for several minutes before clearing her throat and asking, "This is just too much for you, isn't it?" Desi calmly waited for a response. The woman looked from side to side before stuttering, "W-well, yes."

She heard sirens, and Desi grabbed her hip. As she turned, she threw the knife she had there harshly. It flew across the room and landed in the woman's chest. Pouring blood, she collapsed to the floor, taking a desperate few breaths before falling still. Desi turned back to the doors as Harley went for her knife. "Anybody else?" Harley asked, putting a foot on the woman's face to pull the knife from her sternum. She wiped it on her shirt before walking back to Desi. Desi looked out the window as four police cars filed in. "I don't see the DA anywhere." Desi sang softly, "That makes one, two, three...eight in all. Hey, Harley? Bring me eight children hon." Desi walked to the supply closet while Harley lined up eight children out of her group and walked them over.

A few of the older children cried silently, and all the children seemed frightened and uncomfortable. The children in the large group watched the two smaller groups, confused about what was happening. Desi came out a moment later carrying a disposable plastic apron. "This ought to do." Desi said as she examined the line of children. She pulled two of them forward randomly and turned to Harley. "Take these two to the roof and throw them off." Desi instructed flatly, turning back to the children. Harley grabbed the children and pulled them out of the room as Desi walked behind each child slowly.

Desi stopped behind a four year old in a yellow dress. Desi stroked her curly hair a few times before she wrapped the plastic around the girl's face and pulled the girl to her. Holding the little girl to her, she held the plastic over her face as the girl pulled at her arms. She turned her head, and Desi held tighter, looking straight ahead. Desi's eyes remained empty as she placed a hand over the plastic covering the girl's nose and mouth and held them there for several minutes. She released the girl, letting her slide down her frame with the plastic still wrapped around her face. Desi stretched, quickly pulling her knife and stabbing three of the children at random.

Each stab was blunt, with a pause before she harshly pulled the blade from each chest. Desi clenched her teeth, watching each child fall and seep blood onto their clothes and the floor. Desi stood there as a ten year old boy shook with fear. He stood with a body on either side of him crying softly. Desi walked in front of him, and he lunged forward desperately, hugging Desi hips and sobbing. Desi recoiled, looking down at him with surprise. Desi looked across the room at each caregiver as they stared at the boy as she quickly grabbed his chin, twisting it away from her.

She braced the back of his head with her other hand and pushed in the opposite direction. There was an audible crack, and then silence. Desi released the head and the body crumpled to the floor as if wilting. Several caregivers simply closed their eyes helplessly, even the men were now crying. Harley returned quietly and Desi looked at her for confirmation. Harley nodded, "The police sure seemed surprised. Upset too." Desi nodded once, her eyes falling on the last remaining child in the group. He was ten, and obstinate. He stared hatefully at Desi, completely aware of what was going. Desi met his stare for several minutes. Their eyes still locked, Desi asked Harley, "Do you still have my knife?" she asked. Harley nodded, producing it. Desi smiled, "Good. Cut his throat." Desi said coldly, pointing at the boy.

As Harley went to him, Desi examined the adults. "You, with the pedestrian denim dress." she called. The woman stood frozen, her eyes still closed. Desi walked over and slapped her cheeks, and a tortured gasp escaped her. Desi grabbed her, pulling her to the phone, which had been ringing in the background for several minutes. Desi lifted the receiver and pressed it to the woman's ear. "Talk." Desi ordered. The woman sobbed for a moment as she listened to the police on the other side. She took a deep breath, reporting "She's got us all locked up." the woman cried, "And she keeps killing the children. Please send DA House." Desi rolled her eyes as Harley walked over covered in blood. Desi shook her head at Harley, who looked a bit green.

"I don't," the hostage gasped, "I don't know." Desi snatched the phone from her face and pushed her backwards. "What are you asking her?" Desi said loudly into the phone. "I am becoming concerned with how seriously you are taking all this. The only thing you should be busying yourself with is putting district attorney House in a fucking car to this building alone." Desi shouted, "The longer that takes, the less patient I become. I know you're up to something, and I will kill every living thing in this building if I don't get what I want. Do not fuck with me!" Desi slammed the phone down and walked away from everyone and into the corner kitchen. Harley returned the woman to the wall, and made the children sit at the tables, giving Desi time to think.

Gordon listened to the reports as they came in. He looked solemnly as the officers reported. "Pull them back." he ordered, "We will have to figure something out, but let's amass SWAT in the area." Several officers nodded and filed out. Gordon turned to DA House, "You cannot go." he warned as House paced. "My daughter is in there, and you heard it yourself." House replied, "I should be there already." He continued to pace, turning things over in his mind. Gordon leaned over his desk, "I know you are worried. I have been where you are, but the wrong move and both you and Emily are dead." Gordon warned, "We don't even know her motives yet, and Emily can't stand to lose both her parents." House looked sadly at him, and grasped his wedding ring subconsciously. "I can't just sit here." he admitted, heading for the door, "I just can't."

Harley watched Desi nervously as Desi rested her palms on the counter. She had been standing there for several minutes but said nothing. Desi found herself almost reaching her limit, and was unsure. She actually wished for a moment that J were there, and that made her furious. Where the HELL is the DA? she wondered. Her hands ran across the counter, resting on a heavy cast iron skillet as she thought. She traced her fingers along the skillet and she contemplated what the police were up to. She looked at the clock, watching the second hand complete a full turn around the face as her rage overcame her. How dare he make me wait this long? she thought, He doesn't think I'll do it I bet. Her hand gripped the handle of the skillet and she looked back at Harley, "Get the cameraman." she said sweetly.

The cameraman came forward and set up and Desi lifted the skillet, gaging its weight in her hand. As the light came on, she turned to face the group and announced very pleasantly, "The district attorney of this city is such a coward, he is refusing to talk to me. What's he so afraid of?" Desi waited a beat before continuing, "Well I have killed almost twenty people while waiting around for him, but since Gotham's DA is so comfortable letting your children die, I thought I'd show you the kind of man you have entrusted your safety with." Desi walked calmly toward a seven year old girl who sat coloring at on of the tables. Without warning, she struck the girl in the back of the head, sending her flying forward onto the table. The girl nearly bit her tongue off, and blood poured from her mouth as she lie motionless on the table.

"Mr. House, come out, come out wherever you are!" Desi chanted as she walked along, stopping randomly to strike the nearest child across the head with the heavy skillet. Her bangs flew freely, and her expression was crazed as she laughed. "Where could he be?" she cried crazily as she struck another, younger boy. She brought the skillet down a second time, and the boys broke open, sending blood everywhere. Several children screamed and most everyone cried. "What're you waiting for?" She yelled to the camera, throwing the skillet down. It was covered in blood and hair was clinging to it. Desi stood panting, her face a frightening mixture of blood, sweat and sheer insanity.

The Joker jumped up and down as he watched.

Bruce watched in horror before abandoning his office for the batcave.

Crane was interrupted from his group session by the police, who were desperate for any insight he might have. Crane stared at the screen stunned before turning to the police and doctors. "What's the offer in exchange for my help?" he asked, grabbing a legal pad and pen.

Desi cracked her neck, looking around at all the bodies in the room. Harley saw something in the door and went to investigate. "I guess we're gonna have to try again." Desi said to the camera. From behind her she heard him, "No, you won't." House said, Harley behind him. "I'm here Desdemona. Where is Emily?"

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Tags: featuring: batman, featuring: dr. crane, featuring: harley quinn, featuring: the joker, genre: au, genre: het, genre: movieverse, pairing: joker/harley, pairing: joker/ofc, rating: nc-17
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