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Mother's Ruin Part 8

Story Title: Mother's Ruin Part Eight
Summary: Q & A with Gotham's new DA
Genre: AU OC
Pairing: Joker/Harley Quinn/Desdemona/Johnathan Crane
Rating: R
Disclaimer: If I owned them, I'd be too busy fucking to write my name...
Author Notes: This one is pretty ultra-violent, in theme anyway. Sorry if it offends you, but you are reading about criminals!

Desi smiled as she slowly turned to face the district attorney. House stood watching her, his mind completely clouded with fear over his daughter's safety. Desi looked him over slowly, saying nothing. She looked past him to Harley, and Harley walked past him and exited the room. She returned a few moments later with Emily, and House gasped as Harley handed her over to Desi. Desi held the girl by her upper arm, and Emily cried as she looked at her father. House started toward them, but stopped as Desi pulled the straight razor from her hair.

Desi stroked her hair slowly with the razor still in her hand. "She really is such a pretty little girl." Desi said softly, "Look like her mother?" she asked. House shuddered before answering. "Yes she does." he mumbled. Desi nodded, rolling her eyes up and to the right before settling a cold stare on him. "Why do you think I'm a bad mother?" she asked simply. House blinked quickly, confused by the question. "I don't think that." he answered low. Desi licked her lips, "Because I'm a good mother. I love my daughter more than you can possibly imagine, and she is well cared for. You judged me because you didn't feel like you owed my any respect. You thought that because you knew my actions, that you knew me."

House looked at his daughter, who trembled as Desi rested her hand on her head. "You are right. I shouldn't have judged you, and I will tell Gotham that if you like, but you have a wonderful opportunity to show people that you can be compassionate. You could show that compassion to Emily now." House clasped his hands as he looked at her. Desi swallowed as she tightened her grip on Emily. Emily screamed and House lunged, stopping himself after one step. He looked desperately at Desi, unsure of what to say. Desi clicked her teeth before starting again, "I want to know how you are qualified to judge me. Especially on such radical ideas." Desi said as House watched her. House's eyes lowered as he tried to think of what to say. "I just thought it would make people safer." he said quietly.

Desi chuckled. "How's that working out for you?" she asked mockingly, and he shot a hateful glance at her. "Please let my daughter go." House pleaded, "I didn't intend to offend you with what I said. It wasn't personal, so please don't punish her." Desi turned her head at him. "I know it wasn't personal." Desi commented, "You were using me to win an election. You did what you did to get something you wanted, and now you are expecting me, the violent criminal as you put it, to do something for you out of kindness?" Desi scoffed, "That doesn't wash, DA House." Desi released Emily's arm as she ran her fingers into her hair and took grip of it. House put his hands on his hips, "What do you want?" he asked. Desi scoffed, shaking her head at his arrogance. "You really can't help that, can you?" she asked, and he looked at her puzzled. Desi leaned in, speaking slowly and with condescension. "Why are you the district attorney?"

House looked at her and looked down at Emily. "I was tired of this city living in fear and having no direction. I wanted things to change." House said defeated. Desi replied without so much as blinking, "You mean like Harvey Dent?" House looked at her hurt, but Desi only continued. "Did you never think that people who bring change are always the ones who suffer? Harvey told me that himself." House looked at her as she paced, pulling Emily by her hair along with her. "He and I are friends, you know. We are friends because we are very similar people. Like you and I." Desi stopped and looked at the DA. House waved his hands, trying to get her to stop pulling his daughter by her hair. "How...are we similar?" he asked. Desi continued her pace, ignoring his waves. "We are both people striving for change in Gotham, and we both know suffering as a result of that crusade. Also, I know we would both do anything for our daughters."

Desi stopped, opening the razor and pulling Emily's head back. She placed the razor to her neck and House took several steps forward with his arms extended. "Desdemona please, I'm begging you. Don't hurt my little girl. I'll do anything, just give her to me, please." Angry tears welled up in his eyes and Desi stared up him for several minutes before she glanced at Harley. Harley went for his briefcase and pulled his laptop, setting it before the DA. Desi looked lovingly Emily, who looked up at her crying loudly. "I want immunity. For everything up to and including today. You want your daughter safe, I want a future with mine. Deal?" She looked at House as he looked at the computer. "You want immunity for the murder of over 20 people?" he asked desperately.

Desi nicked Emily's neck, and she screamed as a smear of blood stained her neck. House immediately began typing. He said nothing for several minutes as he mapped out the document. He went to his notes several times before stopping. He looked at Desi, "It's done, now please put the razor away." Desi walked over to him, and he showed her the document. She read over it, and smiled as she looked at him. "If I find a loophole or this doesn't prove binding, I will hunt you down like an animal. do you understand." House nodded silently, "We just have to sign it." Harley came over, lifting the laptop and carrying it to the printers at the work area. She returned a few moments later with the papers, and both adults signed. Desi finished signing it, adding a smiley face at the end as she handed the paper over. House put two copies into his briefcase and Desi kept a single one.

"Congratulations DA House, you just saved the lives of everyone else in this building." Desi said, throwing his daughter at him, "How do you feel?" House hugged his daughter to him, crying for several minutes. Desi frowned, "I'm talking to you." she said, annoyed. House looked spitefully at her, "I feel like I just helped someone who killed dozens of people get away with it." Desi rolled her eyes, "You should reconsider your position then, maybe." she replied dryly. She leaned across the table, "Call Gordon. Tell him that everything is taken care of, and tell him to call of the SWAT that I know is waiting. If they interfere with my escape, I will blow this building up, which would be a real shame as I have immunity anyway." They maintained eye contact as he pulled his cell and began dialing.

Desi and Harley huddled up as he talked to Gordon, planning their escape. He hung up, announcing, "He is moving with assurances that no one else is to be harmed." Desi turned to him, "As long as I get away, no one will be." Desi straitened up, extending a hand to him. "It's been great doing business with you." House stared at her, and Desi dropped her offered hand smugly. Harley went for the door, and as she opened it, Batman came flying in. Desi laughed as he came rushing toward her. "Really, you have the worst timing." she joked. Batman ignored the comment, swinging at her. Desi ducked, swiping violently at him with her razor. as she gained a bit of distance she called to House. "You better stop him, or I might hurt more of the innocents in my defense!" she yelled.

With her attention divided, Batman landed a punch and sent Desi to the floor. Desi quickly pulled her flask and slid it across the floor between Batman's legs. Harley grasped it and emptied it across Batman's upper back, letting the acid eat through his armor and send smoke up into the air. Batman winced and turned away from Desi, who pulled herself up and grabbed the nearest child. Clutching the little boy to her chest, she pulled a grenade and wrapped the boy's hands around it. She backed slowly away from Batman, and House went to him. "Just let her go." he cried, "She's got immunity now anyway." Batman continued toward her, reaching her as she pulled the pin on the grenade in the boy's hand. Batman grabbed her shoulders as she held the boy to her chest.

She looked hatefully at him. "Tick tock Batman." she mocked. Batman gripped her shoulders, "Let him go." she ordered, "If you don't it'll kill us all." Desi leaned in toward his face. "So be it." she scowled. Batman and Desi stared at each other for several seconds, until she whispered, "tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock..." House tackled them, "Just let her go for God's sake." Batman released her and Desi called Harley as she backed out of the room. At the entrance, Harley and Desi stopped and Desi set the child down and sent him walking into the room toward Batman with the grenade still in his hand. Desi and Harley took off, leaving Batman's hands full.

Crane wrote an entire psychological workup of Desi and set it on the table. The police and his psychiatrist looked it over. "Do we have a deal?" Crane asked. Gordon ended his call with the district attorney's office and nodded. "Your cooperation with this case is being noted. As soon as your treatment here is completed to satisfaction, you will be released. No parole." Crane smiled, happily signing the papers that were placed before him. "Thank you gentleman." He said politely, "Now all I have to do is focus on getting well." He folded his hands on the desk, "I sure hope this helps you catch her." he lied, "That girl is seriously damaged."

Desi howled with laughter as they drove away victorious. Harley sat sideways in her seat as Desi barreled though traffic confident. "I cannot believe that went over so well." Harley gasped. Desi focused on driving. She was tired, covered in blood, and wanted to go home. "I'm sure there will be problems with what we've done." Desi commented, "It isn't going to be so simple. We will have to lay low for a while." Desi gripped the steering wheel as Harley thought about what she said. "So, what now?" she asked, "What do we do next?" Desi sighed, "Next, I teach you how to play poker."

Gordon sat in his office in the dark. He was furious - furious about the immunity, furious about the afternoon spent informing parents about their children, and furious about the news. He sat staring at the screen as it reported about the Batman breaking the peace the district attorney had made with Desdemona. The news focused more on the three accidental deaths that happened after she left than the twenty plus that occurred at her hands. Gordon sighed at the bat-hate, which was worse than ever. He heard Batman enter, but he said nothing. The two men stood together in the dark, turning over the events of the day. "There was nothing I could have done about the boy." Batman said, "I didn't know the circumstances." Gordon leaned forward, removing his glasses. "I know that." he replied reassuringly.

"They still hate me." Batman said flatly. Gordon stood, lingering behind his desk. "It's ok, they'll forget before long. Especially now." Gordon lifted a letter that was copied to him from his desk. He handed it to Batman as he went for his coat. Batman began reading the letter of resignation. "He's quitting?" Batman asked. Gordon turned to him, "He's leaving. Moving away tomorrow." Gordon sighed, "Look on the bright side, maybe with the immunity, she'll retire." Gordon walked out of the office in a huff without saying goodbye.

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Tags: featuring: batman, featuring: bruce wayne, featuring: dr. crane, featuring: gordon, featuring: harley quinn, featuring: harvey dent, featuring: the joker, genre: au, genre: het, genre: movieverse, pairing: joker/harley, pairing: joker/ofc, rating: nc-17, rating: r
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