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Mother's Ruin Part 9

Story Title: Mother's Ruin Part Nine
Summary: Summertime...and the living is easy.
Genre: AU OC
Pairing: Joker/Harley Quinn/Desdemona/Johnathan Crane
Rating: R
Disclaimer: If I owned them, I'd be too busy fucking to write my name...
Author Notes: Comments are love, bitches!

Desi hummed along as she began pouring the dip into the center of the party platter. She hadn't planned to put out such a spread, but after spending the last six months laying low, she found cooking was an effective way to calm herself. Matilda sat on the floor at her feet, giggling as she pounded her wooden blocks against the floor. Desi handed her a piece of melba toast, which Matilda happily chewed on. Desi looked down at her as Harley tried the dip. She clutched her mouth, pointing at the dip with enthusiasm.

Desi smiled, "Think you got the game down?" she asked. Harley collected up Matilda, carrying her the the couch. She brushed her hair, tying little black bows into her pigtails. "I think so. The last few weeks have been hard, but I think I finally got it." Desi arranged the snacks on the counter and began setting up the poker set at the table. Harley finished Matilda's hair and stood her on her feet. With Harley holding to both of her hands, Matilda slowly stepped toward the table. After several minutes, they reached the table and Desi clapped her encouragement before lifting her and placing her in her high chair. Matilda clapped back at her from her chair.

It had been almost six months since what the papers described at the 'Gotham Enrichment Center Massacre' and it was just starting to die down. There was an unbelievable outcry from the public, and the funerals were nightly news. The district attorney did indeed move away, and Gotham was left for the second time in as many years without a DA. Desi watched the news fleetingly, investing her interest instead in her daughter. Desi had been there for every bath and each bedtime story, and found herself enjoying the time off. She seemed to develop patience since Matilda's birth, and busied herself with being a mother. Harley so enjoyed the thrill of working with Desi that she has started going out with the Joker regularly, and it seemed she was the flavor of the week for the overzealous media. Desi looked at Matilda, who sat in her high chair playing with oversized playing cards that Harvey had bought her.

The door burst open and the Joker stumbled in bleeding. Harley shrieked and Desi followed him as he went for the bedroom. He pulled off his coat, and exposed his blood soaked shoulder as Desi approached him. "The Bat's fanclub." he said gruffly. Desi nodded sternly as she peeled the soaked shirt away from his arm. She patted the wound while he sat at the end of the bed in a ribbed undershirt. He chuckled as she washed the wound, "Don't worry." he chuckled, "I won." Desi looked at his and shook her head. "This is pretty deep." she sighed, "I need to stitch it up." The Joker clicked his tongue at the news but said nothing. Desi went for the safety kit as she heard Harvey arrive. "We'll be right out." she called, and Harley took over the entertaining while Desi began stitching up the Joker. "Is it really crazy out there?" she asked, and the Joker halfheartedly shrugged. "You need to be out there." he grumbled, "I know why you aren't though." Desi pulled the stitch tight as she listened to him. "I don't think you do." she replied while focusing on her stitch.

The Joker looked at her as she worked. "You're hiding out with the kid as excuse." Desi pulled harshly and Joker clenched his teeth in response. "You couldn't be more wrong if you think I'm using her to avoid work. I love Matilda." She began the next stitch and he sat up. "Who doesn't?" Joker asked. Desi avoided his eye contact, hoping that was a veiled admittance. The Joker arched his eyebrows mockingly, "You're using that kid to avoid your feelings about old 'Scare-no-more'." Desi cut a ridiculous eye at him as she cut the thread at his shoulder. "Don't be silly." she balked. Without warning, Joker pulled her down into his lap by her arm and kissed her passionately. He caressed her hair and she almost went limp in his embrace. He pulled from her, hovering near her ear. Desi sat there with her eyes closed for several minutes as the Joker whispered to her, "Who are you thinking of right now?" Desi pursed her lips and opened her eyes. He looked at her seriously and tears welled in her eyes. "It doesn't matter." she said softly.

Desi stood and looked over the wound. "He isn't thinking of me." She said, turning her back to him. Desi collected up the first aid kit and wiped her hands clean. She wiped her face and turned to him. "He isn't going to forgive me, and I deserve it. I burned that bridge." The Joker looked at her, "He's not that stupid." he said dismissively. Desi reached for the laundry, "I'll repair this later. Let's go play poker." Desi left the room before he could say anything else. She entered the bathroom, throwing the shirt and coat into the tub and showering them with cold water. She let the water run as thoughts plagued her. She leaned into the stream, letting the icy water strike her in the face until she felt nothing. She went to pin her now wet hair back, but as she looked in the mirror she grabbed the shears from the counter.

Desi emerged moments later with her hair trimmed to a cropped bob. The table stared at her as she walked up with no explanation. "Wow." Harvey said, "You look...great." he said. Desi looked at her blue jeans and male tailored shirt and smiled. "Reinvention is good for the soul." she responded, sitting down. Matilda giggled happily as she watched from her high chair. "She's getting so big." Harvey commented. Desi smiled as she shuffled the cards, dealing them out to everyone. Each person clutched their cards and began arranging them. "Is anything wild?" Harley asked, moving her cards around with great interest. Desi thought for a moment, shaking her head "Not this hand, I think." she replied.

Each player placed their rejected cards down onto the table and received replacements. Harley squealed excitedly as she added her new cards and the other players exchanged glances. "Harley honey, you give yourself away when you get all excited like that." Desi coached, "The point of the game is to keep your cards a secret." Desi brought her finger to her lips for emphasis, and Harley sank in the chair embarrassed. The Joker shook his head, folding immediately. "See? He folded because you gave yourself away." Desi instructed. Harley nodded, and looked at her cards earnestly. Desi tossed her bet into the center of the table, and looked to Harvey, who called. Her eyes turned to Harley, who also called quietly. With the betting finalized, each player showed their cards as Joked played with Matilda.

"I have a flush." Desi said confidently, laying her cards on the table. Harvey smiled, "Then I'm afraid I've got you beat." he replied, laying four of a kind on the table. Desi looked at him impressed and they both turned to Harley, who laid a pair on the table. Desi examined the cards with a look of concern. "Harley, have you been examining that sheet I gave you on hand rankings?" Desi asked. Harley nodded, "Yeah, I just though since I get excited, that if I was excited no matter what I got, then you wouldn't know if it was any good." Harley squirmed in her seat, "You know, like a reverse bluff." Desi stared at her and then cut an eye to Harvey, "Well, that is a way to do it." she admitted. Harvey tried to muffle his laughter.

Harvey accepted the cards and began to shuffle them. The Joker shouted as Matilda bit down on his finger. Desi turned to him as he pulled his hand from her and shook it. "Goddamn, everyone is out for you today." she exclaimed. Matilda made a face and uttered, "Bad." The entire table froze, watching Matilda. "Was that?" Harley asked. Desi beamed, "Her first word." Desi collected her up, dancing around the room while humming 'Late in the Evening' to her. The Joker rubbed his hand as he turned back to the table. "Are we playing poker or not?" he demanded. Desi chuckled, sitting Matilda down and returning to the table. Matilda pounded the table with her palms and began chewing on the corner of one her cards.

Desi sat back down and accepted her cards. She arranged them while trying to stifle her smile as the Joker sulked. Each person exchanged their cards and placed their bets, and as it came time to show their hands, Desi folded and stood to put Matilda to bed. She carried Matilda into her room and laid her in her crib. She handed her a bottle and Matilda laid down and relaxed. Desi wondered for a minute about how well behaved Matilda was and what that said about her, but soon shrugged it off and turned her lullaby cd on before turning the light off and closing the door. The table was alive with activity as she returned and Harley was raking in money.

"She totally bluffed." Harvey explained. Desi examined her full house, and Harley beamed. "Looks like you're getting the hang of this after all." Desi said with a laugh. Harley giggled and stacked her money up so she could deal. Desi sat back down and relaxed into small talk about the business. Harvey had gotten into the crime game recently, and Desi listened intently to his recent tails of villainy and his woes concerning the Batman.

It was after midnight before Harvey headed home, and the Joker went to bed. Desi stared at the mess silently before throwing her hands up at it. "I will handle this in the morning." she announced, "I think I'm gonna go out." Harley looked at her strangely, continuing to pick of trash and carrying it to the kitchen. "I'll keep an eye on Matilda. You go ahead." Desi nodded as she went for her trench coat, "Thanks. I just need to clear my head. I'll be back before long." Harley looked at her hopefully as she ducked out of the building. She fished her keys and climbed into her car. She put the top down and turned the engine over, unsure of where she was going.

After driving around for over an hour, she found herself parked in front of her own home. She sat in the dark staring at it as a thug walked up on her. He straightened his clothes as he leaned onto the car. "Now what is a gorgeous thing like you doing out her at this time of night?" he asked menacingly. Desi smiled and looked up at him. "Do you know who I am?" she asked. He looked at her confused. Desi leaned in, "My name is Desdemona." she said slowly. The thug immediately stood upright, taking a step away from the car. "I'm sorry ma'am, I didn't know." he said, looking at the ground. Desi opened her door and stepped out. "You are..." She asked. The thug blinked, "Gerald, ma'am." Desi nodded and looked directly at him, "Ger-ald. I'm gonna leave my top down. Do you know why?"

Gerald shook his head. Desi smiled, "Because you are going to stay and make sure nothing happens to my car. If you run off or let something happen to this car, I will turn you into one of the stories you've heard about me. Understand?" Gerald's eyes went wide and he nodded quickly. Desi smiled and turned toward her home. " it true that you cut Gambol completely in half?" he asked. Desi turned back to him smiling and winked before walking to her door. She inserted her key and turned to point at Gerald sternly before closing the door.

Once inside, she walked in the dark to the staircase and slowly climbed to her bedroom. She opened her bureau and lifted one of Crane's shirts. She hugged it to her and inhaled deeply, instantly growing wet at the lingering scent. Turning around, she spied the bed they hadn't slept it in over a year. She sat on the end of it, leaning down to lay on his pillow as she clutched his shirt. Laying the shirt over the pillow, she clutched it as she rolled over and let her mind wander. She tried to imagine him in this place instead of locked up, and she closed her eyes to picture the day he brought her to this place. She could smell the shirt and she imagined his smile and how it felt to lean on his chest. She drifted to sleep thinking of his laughter, his touch, of him.

Desi blinked awake at first light. She sat up, stunned she fell asleep and amazed at how well she had slept. She brushed her hair and looked around at the layer of dust on everything. She collected Crane's shirt and sprayed it with his '' before she slipped it on, leaving several buttons undone to compensate her still oversized breasts. She smelled the shirt and stepped outside to lock the place up. Gerald leaned against the car, asleep on his feet. Desi laughed quietly at the sight on him as she walked up. She leaned very near his face and said loudly, "Good morning Gerald." Gerald fell over and scrambled to his feet as Desi climbed into her car.

She slipped on her sunglasses, and peeled a crisp $100 from her wallet and handed it to him. She turned the engine over and looked at him, "Good job Gerald." she said, "Now get the fuck away from my building before I kill you." Gerald nodded and ran off. Desi watched him in the rear view until he disappeared from sight. She slipped the car into gear. "Time to come home." she whispered confidently as she pulled out and drove off.

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Tags: featuring: harley quinn, featuring: the joker, featuring: two-face, genre: au, genre: movieverse, pairing: joker/harley, rating: r
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