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Mother's Ruin Part 10

Story Title: Mother's Ruin Part Ten
Summary: The only constant is change.
Genre: AU OC
Pairing: Joker/Harley Quinn/Desdemona/Johnathan Crane
Rating: R
Disclaimer: If I owned them, I'd be too busy fucking to write my name...
Author Notes: Comments are love, bitches!

Crane crossed his arms, looking at the Commissioner indifferently. Gordon sat down across from him, looking tired. "We have reason to believe you and Desdemona might be working together." Gordon said, "I have some question I want answered." Crane's looked up to the ceiling for a moment. "You mean the Batman has questions, don't you Commissioner?" he replied. Crane straighten himself in his chair. "I would have serious reservations about accepting the help of a man so in need of help himself." Crane sniffed, "Just my professional opinion." Gordon rested his hands on the table, "You don't have a profession Crane." He remarked, and Crane looked snidely at him. Crane looked around and dropped his arms. "Very well then. Since I'm not getting out of here until you're satisfied, what is it that you want to know?"

Gordon opened his notebook and pulled a pen. "When Desdemona attacked Arkham, why did she help you escape?" Crane studied him for a few moments before answering. "She wanted my help. She planned to torture Doctor Quinzel and had asked me to prepare a fear toxin for her." he answered directly. Gordon took notes without looking up at Crane. "Was that the last of your professional involvement?" he asked. Crane stared off pensively, "Yes. She and I spoke but we didn't work together after that." Gordon looked up from his notes. "Can you explain how your toxin was used at a bank robbery committed by Desdemona and the Joker?"

Crane sighed, "Must've been left over from the batch I made her. Part of the conflict between us if you must know." Crane commented, "She gave things that were mine to him to use. That's what ended our partnership." Crane watched as Gordon continued to write. Still writing, Gordon asked, "So you no longer work together?" Crane rolled his eyes and a desperate laugh escaped him. "Trust me Commissioner, she and I definitely do not work together." His eyes connected with Gordon's, "Anymore." he concluded. Gordon dropped his pen on his notebook and looked at Crane. "What I don't understand is, it looks simple enough, but it feel doesn't right. My gut is telling me there's more to this."

"Maybe you need an antacid." Crane offered. He looked at Gordon for several minutes, and Gordon broke the silence, "Was this a rivalry, or a relationship?" Gordon asked. Crane stared at him, saying nothing. Gordon closed his notebook, and said to himself, "That's what I'd like to know." Crane looked at him angrily, "Perhaps if you behave more like a policeman and less like a gossipy cheerleader, you would have had her in custody. You know, before she successfully got away with everything." Gordon sighed and Crane stood, "I met my end of this deal, and if she does anything in the future you have plenty of information on her."

He pushed his chair in and stood before Gordon, "One more month and I'm out of here. I intend to finish my treatment and leave with my clean record. Desdemona is your problem." Gordon looked at him and waved his hand at the guard, who opened the door. Crane walked to the door before turning back to Gordon. "I would wish you luck, but I am expected to pull for Desi. Professional courtesy, you understand." Gordon looked at him and Crane smiled as he turned to leave. He walked down the hall brimming with pride at how helpless Desi left the police department. He went to his cell, counting the days and trying to imagine what he might say to her when he saw her next. She'll forgive me. he thought, She's just got to.

Desi sat the table studying. Matilda napped peacefully and Desi used the time to study and improve herself in various areas. The Joker and Harley came from the bedroom, and Desi noted it was early afternoon before the had even stirred. "Late night?" Desi asked as Harley went for the coffee. "Moroni wants to talk to you. He has some business." Joker said, stretching as he walked to the table. Desi examined his shoulder, which was healing quickly. "These stitches can come out soon." she commented. The Joker shrugged her away, still sleepy. Desi walked back to her seat. "Please tell Moroni when I am ready to talk business, I will contact him. He can wait until then." she said simply as she closed her books.

"I wanted to talk to you anyway." Desi started as Harley sat down. "I have been thinking and I think it's time Matilda and I went home." Harley looked shocked, but Joker stared at her with piercing eyes. "We have been a drag on you for too long now anyway and as much as I appreciate it, you need your own time and to be able to work without a child underfoot and I need to be in my home." Harley looked to the Joker to say something, and he clicked his tongue softly as he stared. He blinked once slowly,"When will you be gone?" he asked. Desi scratched her head and thought for a moment. "Well, I've been looking at the house and I need to do some work there. Plus, I need to set up a nursery." Desi shrugged, "A month maybe." Joker sat quietly, thinking. Harley looked so sad that Desi actually comforted her. "You can always visit, and we still have poker every week."

Harley nodded and then lit up. "Can I help with the nursery and getting ready?" Desi smiled, "Of course you can. I would appreciate it, actually." Desi rested a hand on hers, "Plus, if I ever need a babysitter, you're the first person I will call." Harley nodded agreeably and looked around excited at the prospect. Desi put her books together and the Joker sat there, not looking at anyone. Desi leaned toward him and he stood and walked into the bedroom. "You better not follow him. He gets violent if he isn't left alone." Harley said quietly. Desi stretched, "Yeah, I know." She said as she stood and made her way towards his room. She walked in quietly, watching him dress. Desi lit a cigarette and took the first drag, offering it to him. He stood looking at it for a few minutes before sighing and taking it. Desi pulled the bottle of gin he keeps in the top of his closet and took a sip of it. She winced, the alcohol hitting her harshly after over a year without any alcohol.

"You know what they call this in the UK?" she asked. They traded items and Desi took a drag. "Mother's ruin." She answered, exhaling smoke slowly. The Joker swallowed with ease and laughed. He looked at her as she leaned against the wall. "I'm glad you're moving out." he said, "Just...don't go soft without me around to keep you in line." Desi turned her head to look at him. Joker scoffed, taking the cigarette. "Have I let you down yet?" Desi asked quietly. She took the bottle and took another sip before stepping over and touching Joker's face. "I love you, you know." she said, and kissed him softly on the lips. Desi pulled away and turned to leave him. "Bring the kid around." he ordered. Desi turned back and looked thankfully at him. "Desi?" he said. Desi leaned in the doorway, and he replaced the bottle and pulled his suspenders onto his shoulders. "If you love him, do something about it." he advised. Desi walked back into the room and grabbed his suspenders, kissing him again intensely. "But not as much as you love him." Joker responded as he pulled away. Desi took a deep breath and tugged gently at his green hair.

A few moments later Desi walked through the main room to the nursery. She dressed Matilda and and grabbed her stroller. Harley was still at the table as she walked through. "I'm taking Matilda out for some clothes." she called as she left the building. Desi loaded the stroller and buckled Matilda into her her seat, trying to clear her mind of what the Joker had said. Desi drove downtown trying to remember the last night she and Crane spent together. She searched for anything after arriving at home, but all she felt was anxiety and confusion concerning that night. What if I panic when I see him again? she thought, What if I am afraid of the man I love most in the whole world? Desi sighed, slipped on her sunglasses and parked the car. She sprayed sunblock on Matilda and placed her in her stroller. Desi entered the Carter's and looked at the racks as Matilda tugged at her hat. Amazingly enough, with her hair now cut and the baby in tow, everyday people seemed oblivious to who she was. Desi regularly went out and was never stopped or hassled, even by cops.

"She's precious!" A sales clerk exclaimed. Desi looked at a pamphlet she was handed as the clerk gushed over Matilda, who flirted back. "What is core blood?" Desi asked. She looked as the lady lit up and began explaining the process. "You know, it something to think about, for the next one." The clerk stroked Matilda's for emphasis, "I can't believe the hospital didn't tell you about it for this one." Desi looked at the brightly colored dresses, showing a few to Matilda as she sorted. "I wasn't at a hospital. I delivered at home." Desi replied, absentmindedly. The clerk looked up at her, stunned. "That is such a dangerous trend. I know you were probably told by some midwife about how great it is, but if there are complications..." The clerk sighed loudly, waving her hands in front of her as if the shoo away bad thoughts. Desi just stared at her, incredulous.

"Yes well, I didn't have a choice." Desi commented, "I went into labor and couldn't leave." Desi was suddenly very glad she left her knife at home. She gathered up the outfits and threw them across the stroller, making her way to the cashier. She said nothing to the clerk as she passed. Desi paid for the many items and walked out, hitting the sidewalk and rounding the corner. The store closed an hour later and the clerk locked the storefront before walking down the street. She threw her keys into her purse as she walked, looking down at it as she walked. She reached the end of the building and was pulled between the buildings and out of sight. Desi wrapped the cord around the clerk's neck, pulling as she dropped her purse. The clerk slid on her heels and grabbed at Desi's hair.

Desi turned the woman around to face her, and the woman looked at her shocked as she recognized Desi. Desi pulled her behind a large dumpster and the clerk fell to her knees. Desi continued to pull the handles, and the clerk desperately pulled at her clothing and hands. Matilda squealed in her stroller, turned away from mom at work. "Shush, Matilda dear." Desi gasped, "Mommy is a little busy." Desi looked at the clerk's face as her eyes widened and she continued to gasp for air. Her eyes shined as the clerk's grip on her wrists lessened and her hands fell away. Emotion left her eyes, and the woman faded away. Desi unwrapped her neck, dropping her body behind the dumpster.

Desi turned to Matilda, handing her another cookie and touching her nose tenderly. She grabbed the stroller and turned to leave the alley, spying a homeless man at the end. Desi stopped, turning to the fallen purse. Collecting the wallet with her gloved hands, she pulled the stack of cash out of it before dropping the wallet and purse beside the body. Desi turned back to Matilda in her stroller and made her way toward the homeless man. "Here." She said kindly, handing him the cash. The man shook his heads, frightened. Desi leaned down, wiping his face with one of Matilda's clean wipes.

"Look, its just going to get stolen anyway. Take it, get yourself something nice to eat. There's even enough for an inexpensive room for a night or two." Desi pressed the money into his hand, and he looked at her gratefully. Desi smiled at pushed Matilda out of the alley and down the street happily.

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Tags: featuring: dr. crane, featuring: harley quinn, featuring: the joker, genre: au, genre: movieverse, pairing: joker/harley, rating: r
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