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Mother's Ruin Part 11

Story Title: Mother's Ruin Part Eleven
Summary: Moving out and going on.
Genre: AU OC
Pairing: Joker/Harley Quinn/Desdemona/Johnathan Crane
Rating: R
Disclaimer: If I owned them, I'd be too busy fucking to write my name...
Author Notes: Comments are love, bitches! This one goes out special to jokerluv, who made a special request...

Desi watched as Matilda slept. Her shadow loomed enormous in the room as she stood in the doorway of the nursery."Other people in this house need attention too." Joker said, coming up behind her. Desi smiled, and he pressed against her, unbuttoning her jeans and slipping a hand into her pants. He brushed his nose up the back of her neck and lightly bit the side of her neck as he felt around. Desi's slight moan was barely audible, and she shifted to glance back at him.

"Where is Harley?" Desi asked softly. The Joker switched sides and continued to focus on her neck. "Seconal sangria." he responded, "I don't want to be interrupted." He strokes roughly, penetrating just enough to excite Desi but little more. Desi took a deep breath, "I don't think we should be doing this." she said, breathy. Joker grabbed the back of her head by her hair and pulled the back to him. Chuckling, he responded, "I didn't ask." Warmth flooded Desi at the power of his words, and he shuddered as he found her clit and pulled her out of the doorway.

The Joker turned her around facing him, and brought both her wrists above her head. He removed his belt and wrapped it around her wrists, securing the buckle and throwing the length of the belt over exposed pipes which ran along the ceiling. He pulled it tight, and Desi was left hanging by her arms, her heels lifting from the ground. "Let's play a little game." he said in a jovial voice, "You can say you don't want this, and I will try to prove that you do." He paced in front of her, licking his lips at the thoughts in his head, "When I'm finished, we'll see who is right." Without pause, he began hungrily massaging her breasts.

Desi took a deep breath, looking intensely at him. He stopped, grabbing her shirt and ripping it open, sending buttons flying. He ran his hands up her sides and admired her scars. He stared lovingly as he licked along each scar. Desi looked down at him as he traced his tongue across her breasts. "What are you doing?" she asked. "Remembering." He absentmindedly responded, "I made each one of these, they belong to me." Desi looked up at her arms as he worked his way up her body to her face, and kissed her forcefully. He dug his nails into the small of her back, and she broke from his kiss to cry out at the sensation.

The Joker studied her response as he continued to fondle her breasts. Desi held her breath, waiting as he turned his attention to her jeans. Joker sensed this, working slowly to taunt her. Desi shook impatiently as he worked slowly, peeling them past her knees. "I thought this was a bad idea?" he mocked. Desi said nothing, writhing back and forth to wiggle free from the jeans instead. Joker stood upright, slamming her against the wall and ripping away her underwear. She caught her breath as he removed his hardened cock and rubbed it along her opening slowly. Desi exhaled through clenched teeth, wishing she could touch him. He leaned into her and brushed her hair back, chuckling softly to himself. "I think..." He began, pushing completely into her, "I've teased you enough."

Desi moaned loudly, straining to kiss him as he grabbed her ass and lifted her up. Holding to her ass, he directed her back and forth with a frenzied pace. The Joker grunted as he slammed into her harder and harder, and Desi threw her head back as he pulled her along. She closed her eyes, listening to his growls and heavy breathing as she moved back and forth. As he scratched up her back and pressed her to the wall, she moaned softly and felt satisfied that he was clinging to her. Desi felt a slap on her right cheek and dropped her head, opening her eyes to find the Joker staring into them. "Here." he panted, "Me."

Desi nodded knowingly, "I am." she replied, and shuddered as she gasped for breath. Her body bucked, and her feet arched as she moaned loudly. "You and me." She cried, continuing in unintelligible English. The Joker backed her against the wall, thrusting short, harsh thrusts until he also came. Desi leaned her head down, her face pressed to the side of his. Desi continued to moan, "You and me." The Joker replied, "Yeah, you and me." He grabbed her face and kissed her passionately. Pulling away from her face his eyes met hers and she responded, "All the things we'll never be." Desi threw her head back, taking a few deep breaths as the Joker pondered her last comment.

The Joker's eyes snapped open, and he looked around bewildered. He could hear movement in the house and sat up to investigate. He groaned, realizing the mess he was in and headed for the bathroom. He entered the main room as Desi closed the door to Matilda's room and walked across the room. "Wow, you look rough." Desi mocked as she passed. "I'm not a morning person." Joker grumbled. Desi laughed, "Obviously. J, its after 8pm." Desi nodded to emphasize her point as she collected her clutch and fastened her coat. She looked to Harley as she walked towards the door, "She's already down, so just look in on her every now and again." Harley nodded as Desi hit the door. "Good luck!" Harley called happily.

Desi opened the door to the roof and stepped out into the cool night air. "Interesting place for a meeting." Desi called out as she approached Moroni. Moroni turned to watch her meet him, and they both looked out at the Gotham cityscape. "It really is beautiful." Moroni said, letting the smoke from his cigar escape into the night's sky. Desi took his cigar and took a slow drag before returning it. "You said we had business?" she asked. Moroni looked at her silently for several minutes. "Getting your immunity, that was top notch." he offered. Desi sniffed, "I try."

Moroni continued, "Brilliant, even. With your connections with the Joker, his new flame and Two-Face, you are in a unique and valuable position. Plus, I hear that you have a new kid to think of." Moroni offered a cigar to Desi, and pulled his lighter to light it. Desi slowly turned the cigar around to light it evenly, "I'm listening, but I'm not hearing anything." she said shrewdly. Moroni turned back to the cityscape, "I want a mediator between my crew and the new rash of...professionals cropping up in Gotham." Moroni exhaled, waving his hands around for emphasis, "I do not want direct contact with those people. What happened to Gambol..." He hesitated, watching Desi chomp on her cigar thoughtfully.

"That isn't going to happen to me." He concluded flatly. Desi stood beside him quietly. After several minutes, she broke the silence. "The official job?" she asked. Moroni answered, "Flashy bar, bank on your infamy. We'll have protection of course, you won't have to worry about vigilantism." Desi exhaled smoke. "I'm not." she said coldly. "Do I get to do anything fun?" she asked, turning to look at him. Moroni took a deep breath, "I'm sure we can work something out. Something low key and anonymous. Preserve your reputation without getting you in trouble with the law. When you have an appetite..." Desi's eyes shined as she gripped her cigar. "I'll eat." she said happily.

"The pay will be fair, $100,000 a year to start. Completely legitimate." Moroni explained. Desi giggled, "And unofficially?" she asked, turning her back on the cityscape to focus on Moroni. Moroni smiled, "Two million to start, scale depends on your volume of work. Oh, and ten million bonus for your loyalty." Desi straightened his coat, leaning in to whisper to him, "You're not setting me up are you?" she asked. Moroni signed to his man, who opened his case to display the money. "Did you know today is my daughter's birthday?" She asked, smiling as she straightened his tie. "Then do her a favor and take the easy money." he recommended.

Desi thought for a moment, then extended a gloved hand to Moroni, who caressed it with businesslike gentility. Moroni looked to his man, who made a call. As they shook hands, the building on the corner exploded in carefully controlled demolition. "By the way, we have to build the club." Moroni remarked, "We'll have you in to look over the decorating, but until then take a month off. Spend some time with that kid." Desi watched the building topple. "You know, its way better when I do it." she said. Moroni looked at her and Desi burst into laughter. "You're one Hell of a woman." he replied. Desi chomped on her cigar and turned back to the building. They stared out at the billowing smoke. "So we have a deal." Desi sighed happily. Moroni smiled, "Happy birthday Matilda."

Delivery trucks were arriving every hour, and at any time there were men carrying new furniture into Desi's home. Matilda stumbled across the open floor, falling every few feet onto the padding of her diaper. She would sit stunned momentarily before pulling to her feet and starting again. Desi watched her amused as she directed the movers. Harley emerged from the basement covered in dust. "All clean down there." She announced cheerfully, walking coolly past the catcalling movers. Desi walked to Matilda's new nursery, looking over the large furnished room. "I was thinking we could clean out the drawers upstairs." Harley offered, "Make yourself some room."

Desi looked back from the doorway. "No." she said seriously, "Don't touch his clothes." Her tone was almost hostile and Harley responded by backing away. Harley collected Matilda and carried her into her new nursery for her nap. Desi rubbed her face and flopped onto her new sofa. She covered her face with a small leather throw pillow and held it there. The moving men filed out, leaving her and Harley in the newly completed loft-like building. Harley stood quietly, and Desi lifted the pillow. "Thank you for your help, Harley." she said, "You can go home now." Desi returned the pillow to her face until she heard Harley collect her things. "I'll see you around then." Harley called as she went for the door.

Desi took a bath, and walked around the rest of the day in her silk nightgown. She played with Matilda, splashed with her in the tub and had dinner for the first time at their new dining room table. Desi watched as Matilda chewed on her small pieces of pizza happily, and carried her to their rocking chair to read her nightly bedtime story. Desi read everyday from the Gotham paper, and shared any story about 'Uncle J' or 'Uncle Harv' with Matilda before bed. She set her lullaby CD as she did every night, and put Matilda to bed. Desi closed the door and walked to the living room. She settled on the sofa, turning the television on to watch the evening news.

Crane wrapped his few books and notes, placing them together on the table in his cell. He dressed down and prepared for bed as the door opened and his psychiatrist stepped in. "I'm quite proud of you." the psychiatrist remarked. Crane smiled, adjusting each item on the desk. "Tomorrow you're a free man, and you deserve it. You've really worked hard." he continued. Crane's eyes drifted up to the doctor, "Thank you." he said quietly. The psychiatrist rested a hand on his shoulder reassuringly. "Until tomorrow." he said, "I'm off to file your release papers." He turned to leave the cell as Crane sat on the bed.

But he doesn't know. Crane thought, That all of it - every therapy session, every dose of medication, every day I would bide my time with one thought on my mind. And tomorrow, I will get my chance to make everything right. The lights went out above him and Crane laid back on the bed. "Desdemona." he whispered, "Tomorrow." Crane closed his eyes and drifted to sleep.

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Tags: featuring: dr. crane, featuring: harley quinn, featuring: the joker, genre: het, genre: movieverse, genre: multi-chapter, pairing: joker/harley, pairing: joker/ofc, rating: nc-17
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