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Mother's Ruin Conclusion

Story Title: Mother's Ruin Part Twelve
Summary: that's what is missing: intimacy.
Genre: AU OC
Pairing: Joker/Harley Quinn/Desdemona/Johnathan Crane
Rating: R
Disclaimer: If I owned them, I'd be too busy fucking to write my name...
Author Notes: Comments are love, bitches! Thank you to everyone who read my work!

Desi set the heavy box of books on the desk, blowing her bangs out of her face as she sat up. Her hair was full of dust. "Mommy! Mommy!" Matilda chanted happily. As much as Desi loved her, her recent nomenclature discovery was stating to really annoy her. "Mommy hears you Matilda." Desi called as she walked out from under the stairs. She had moved all of Crane's office equipment into the corner, arranging it into a neat work area directly under the bedroom. Matilda tottered to her leg, clinging to it as she stepped out from under the staircase. "What is it?" she asked, as Matilda got behind her, clinging to her leg.

"You changed your hair." Crane called from the door, "It looks nice." Desi stared up, stunned that he was actually right there in front of her. Crane eyes settled on Matilda, and he looked as though he might cry at the sight of her. "She's going through this shy phase." Desi offered, "She does it to everybody." Crane leaned down looking at her. "Hello, there..." he looked up at Desi, who replied, "Matilda." Crane smiled. "Hello there Matilda." Matilda hid her face, bashfully hiding behind her mother. Still looking down at her, Crane said softly, "She's beautiful." Desi replied, "Yes she is."

Crane looked around the loft and noted all the additions. "Wow. It looks really great in here. You've done an amazing job." Desi smiled, and Matilda stumbled along, obviously bored at the adult's small talk. As Matilda settled with her toys, Desi turned back to Crane and began kneading her foot against the ground absentmindedly. Crane watched her for a few moments before he rushed from the door. Her took her in his arms and kissed her softly, running his hands through her hair as their noses brushed. He pulled back slowly. "You were kneading your feet. You do that when you're anxious." he explained. Desi smiled, "You noticed." Crane sighed heavily, "I love you." Desi kissed him again, pulling him to her and wrapping her arms around him.

As their kiss ended, she sank flat on her feet and rested against his chest for a few moments before snapping out of it. "I have to put Matilda to bed." She explained, pulling from him, "You'll wait here for me?" Crane nodded, "Right here." he replied. Desi scooped Matilda up and carried her to her room. Matilda stared at Crane as she was carried away from him, and he gave a subtle wave just before the door closed. Crane looked around, listening to Desi and Matilda chatter away with one another. He smiled as he realized she was reading the newspaper to her, and was intrigued when he heard a lullaby he recognized immediately as The Cure.

Desi stepped quietly from Matilda's room and and walked to the stairs leading up to her bedroom. "Johnathan." she called. He turned to her as she stretched and started up the stairs, watching him the whole time. As she disappeared from, Crane started after her. He slowly ascended the stairs, and spied Desi at the far end of the room, slowly removing her shirt. Desi turned to face him, but said nothing as she continued to undress. Crane moved cautiously, afraid the wrong move would result in him waking up in his cell alone. Desi stripped to her underwear and climbed onto the bed. She sat in the center and looked at him, patting the space beside her.

Crane sprang into action, undressing to his boxers quickly and climbing up beside her. He hesitated, gently removing a stray lash from her face and presenting it for her to blow away. "I want to hear everything that happened while I was gone." Crane said, "Everything that I missed." Desi brushed a hand through his hair, and Crane sighed as his entire body relaxed at her touch. "I was such a fool." he whispered, "Please forgive me." Desi looked at him until he returned her glance. "You reacted to betrayal." she said simply, "Just as I would have expected the Joker to do. Just as I would do myself. We are equally responsible. There's nothing to forgive."

A desperate chuckle escaped Crane and he took Desi's face in his hands, kissing her hungrily. Desi put her hands over his and continued the kiss. Crane pulled away, smiling and glassy-eyed. "So, about Matilda..." He choked out. Desi smiled as she weaved her legs in with his. "She is beautiful, isn't she?" she giggled proudly. "Almost as much as her mother." Crane replied seriously. Desi blushed, "Yeah, she is something else to be sure. Keeps me on my toes." Desi looked at him, "I missed you." She looked at the bedspread. Barely above a whisper, she responded, "I love you too."

Crane traced a hand over the one she was leaning on and leaned into her. Wrapping a hand around the small of her back, he leaned into her, kissing her neck. Desi held to his back, slowly reclining back onto the bed. Crane was voracious as he laced his fingers into hers, bringing her hands up over her head. He continued kissing down her chest and along her breasts, pulling his hands back and leaving hers over her head. Desi turned her head and softly bit at her forearm as Crane lightly licked along her panties. He pulled them away, massaging her breasts with both hands as her legs fell open in anticipation.

With uncharacteristic tenacity, Crane slipped out of his boxers and thrust forcefully into her. Desi gasped, looking at him with surprise. Crane grinned mischievously at her. "I thought you liked it rough?" he huffed, thrusting deeply into her. Desi struggled to keep focus, responding with a breathy, "Wow, Johnathan. What's gotten into you?" She pulled him to her, kissing him passionately. "I've learned a thing or two while I was away." Crane replied. She ran her hands through his hair, pulling it as he drove into her over and over again. Desi's eyes rolled back in her head, and she listened to the quiet moans of Johnathan. She moaned loudly and Crane slowed his pace, hovering near her left ear. "Shhh..." Crane whispered lustfully, "You don't want to wake the baby."

Desi smiled as she gasped for air, "That's so thoughtful of you." she cried softly. Desi bucked up as she came, and Crane thrust a few more times for measure before slowing to a stop. He remained inside her, reaching to her back and unhooking her bra. "It isn't just thoughtfulness." Crane said, pulling the bra away, "You don't think I waited eighteen months to only watch you come once, do you?" Desi looked at him wide-eyed as he smirked at her. "You just take a breather." he instructed, pulling out of her, "Then I intend to make you tremble." Crane leaned in, kissing her softly and holding to her.

As her breathing returned to normal, Crane hands slid from around her and traced down her hips. He began to rub her clit slowly, applying pressure as he kissed along her shoulder blades. Desi immediately shuddered, still very near her last orgasm. She leaned back against him, turning her head to kiss him as he slowly penetrated her. Desi moaned softly as she rested her forehead against his neck. Crane had a far away look in his eye as he focused on the work he was doing with his hands. He listened to her moan just below him, and kissed her forehead as he teased her clit and stroked her g-spot. After only a few minutes, Desi was soaking wet and moaning almost painfully in response to his touch.

"Johnathan, promise me." she whispered. Crane alternated harsh, deep thrusts with slow brushes along her clit. "Anything." he replied. He lifted from behind her and knelt before her to focus. He began driving with a hurried pace as she writhed at the sensation. Desi opened her mouth wide, but no sound came out. She shuddered and bucked, her fingertips and feet tingling. Her eyes remained closed, and she lingered between humming and moaning with each breath. Crane slowly pulled out, and gently blew along her vagina, sending her over the edge. Desi came a second time, far more intensely than the first time. She went completely limp, laying on the bed with her eyes still closed.

She felt Crane's lips brush across hers, and she lunged forward to kiss him. "You tired?" he asked. Desi chuckled, "A little." Crane kissed along her face, "I'm not done with you yet." he declared, "I think you have another one in you at least." Desi laughed quietly, and covered her face with her hands. Crane looked lovingly at her. He slid both arms under the small of her back and scooped her into his arms. She lay in his arms and he closed his eyes as he pressed his cheek to hers. Slowly, gently, he entered her. She clung to him and he kissed her temple. It didn't feel like sex, it felt like coming home. It felt right.

He held to her, lingering between each deep thrust. "Johnathan." Desi whispered, "I want to tell you something." Crane lifted to look at her face. Desi trembled, "My name was..." she wavered, whispering into his ear. Crane rubbed her nose lovingly, "I know. Remember, I looked it up when we first met." Tears streamed down Desi's face, "The Joker doesn't." she confided. Crane looked seriously at her. Desi looked into his eyes, "Only you." Crane thrust with renewed intensity, and continued with a quickened pace. "Desi, am I the father?" he asked desperately, "Is Matilda my daughter?" Desi moaned loudly, "I don't know." she replied desperately, "I honestly don't know." Her body betrayed her emotions, and she shook as she climaxed. Still crying, she continued, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you."

Crane stopped, touching her face tenderly. "Shh, now." he soothed, "It's all right. It doesn't matter, I love her." He kissed her eyes and swept her hair from her brow. "You're wonderful, you know that? You made that amazing little girl down there. I love you Desi." He continued to hold to Desi, who moaned as she held to him. She lost feeling in her legs and she just said over and over again, "I love you." She moaned loudly as her entire body seized, and then she faded. Crane came moments later, and as he lifted from her, he saw that she had completely blacked out. He admired her as he wrapped her body in the soft sheets and laid her hands on her stomach. He slipped on his boxers and kissed her on her forehead before going to the shower.

Freshly showered, he walked around the home in the dark. He stared at the office she set up for him, smiling at each loving detail. He walked to the nursery, and eased the door open quietly to look in on Matilda. Matilda slept soundly with her knees drawn up to her chest, her butt sticking straight in the air. Crane chuckled at the sight of her, and studied the birth certificate which hung on the wall. His eyes focused on the center: Matilda Crane. A smile exploded across his face. Who cares if I'm the father? he thought smugly, I'm the one she wanted on the certificate. Crane gently stroked her hair, "Goodnight darling." he said softly. He left the nursery and returned to Desi in bed.

The next morning Desi stirred, hearing Matilda giggle in the loft. She sat up, listening for the sound and she heard Crane talking. "Very good. You know, Jung says that nothing is happenstance. It could be very significant that you are choosing to color that cloud orange." Desi clutched her mouth, trying to stifle her laughter as she scrambled out of bed. She crept down the stairs, looking through them at Crane, Matilda in her lap. They sat at his desk coloring, Matilda already dressed in one of her new dresses. Crane noticed her and smiled. "Looks who's up, Matilda." He announced, pointing. Matilda looked and pounded on the desk happily. "Mommy!" she exclaimed.

Desi headed down the steps briskly. "Good morning Sweetheart." she said sweetly. She walked behind them both, leaning down to kiss Matilda with an audible, animated smacking sound. She turned to kiss Crane and sat up. "There's coffee if you like." he offered. Desi stretched as she walked around the desk. "I have some business in a few hours. I was going to call Harley to watch Matilda." she said, yawning. Crane traded crayons with Matilda, "I got it, if that's ok." he offered. Desi took a sip of her coffee, "Really?" she asked. Crane smiled at her and Matilda giggled loudly. "Sure. Go get your shower." Crane bounced Matilda on his hip, "I've got her."

Desi showered and dressed. She walked into the living room, where Crane sat stacking blocks with Matilda. "You guys ok?" she checked. Crane smiled up at her, "I've got to get comfortable doing this. I'm responsible for her now." Desi smiled at him. "La nuit dernière a été la meilleure nuit de toute ma vie. J'ai passé l'année dernière la tenue de mon souffle, dans l'attente de votre contact." she said. Crane look up at her, stunned. "Vous n'êtes pas le seul qui a fait ses devoirs tout en loin." she said smugly. Crane smiled, "I told you you would make a great linguist." he commented. Desi walked to the door. "Do you speak anything else?" she asked. Crane shook his head, his focus on Matilda.

"I'll see you later Matilda." Desi waved, and Matilda waved back. "Be safe." Crane called. "Nehmen Sie gute Betreuung Ihrer Tochter. Werden Sie der Vater Ich weiß, dass Sie sein kann." Crane looked at her puzzled. "That isn't French." he replied. Desi smiled, "I know." She turned on her heels and headed out the front door.

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Tags: featuring: dr. crane, featuring: harley quinn, genre: au, genre: het, genre: movieverse, genre: multi-chapter, rating: r
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