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Desdemona's Return, Part 2

Story Title: Desdemona's Return Part Two
Summary: Everyone knows that coffee is the universal code know.
Genre: AU OC
Pairing: Desdemona/Johnathan Crane, Bruce Wayne/OFC
Rating: R
Disclaimer: If I owned them, I'd be too busy fucking to write my name...
Author Notes: Comments are love, bitches! I owe this one to vonnix

Bruce Wayne rounded the corner and entered the revolving door of Wayne Enterprises. He was immediately greeted by three assistants, who began to list off the verious events of the day. Bruce looked among them, still exhausted from patrolling the night before when he spied a small corner coffee stand with a small crowd. "What is that?" Bruce asked. One of the assistants threw a glance in that direction before answering, "It's a private contractor sir, an outfit that has moved here from another building. You say the word and they're gone sir." The assistant tapped his notes with mock confidence, but Bruce instead focused on the woman handing coffee to each customer. She smiled, making eye contact with each customer as she accepted payment. "Excuse me." Bruce commented, stepping past them and walking to the counter.

The crowd scattered from Bruce as he walked to the counter. The clerk finished making the coffee and turned to hand it to the next customer, only to find the line had backed away from her stand. Confused, she extended the cup toward the customer, smiling as she waited. "Oh, I can wait." the customer commented, "Mr. Wayne is here." The clerk replied, "But this coffee is yours, you already paid for it." The lady stepped forward quickly, accepting the cup and continuing on her way. "Next in line, please." The clerk said brightly. The crowd froze, no one approached the cart. The clerk sighed, "Listen, I'm sure we can all agree that Mr. Wayne is in no hurry. Punctuality isn't a factor for him, and you were in line first." She looked around and Bruce gave an affirming nod, sending the crowd to the cart.

Once the crowd cleared, Bruce stepped up and looked at the small menu. "What do you recommend?" he asked. The clerk worked behind her counter, not making eye contact. "Nevermind, surprise me." he continued. She smiled politely and went to work. "So, this is your business?" Bruce asked. The clerk focused on making her coffee, "Was my father's. Guess we have that in common, our livelihoods coming from our parents." Bruce stared at her, speechless. "Not used it it, huh?" The clerk commented, placing the lid on his coffee. Bruce reached for the cup, "What?" The clerk continued wiping the counter, "People talking to you like you are normal. You know," She said, looking up, "nothing special."

Bruce handed her a single crisp bill, and the clerk looked at it and sighed. "I can't change this." she said, looking up. Bruce was already walking away, sipping his coffee. "Nice try, Batman, but you're getting your change." Bruce stopped cold and turned to face her. "What did you say?" he asked. The clerk walked from the counter, placing her right hand on her hip and extending the bill with her left hand. "I said, nice try, richman, but you are getting your change." Bruce blinked several times, and the clerk looked around as if confused. Bruce turned back to the elevator, "Give me the change tomorrow." Bruce called to her, "After you take the cash for tomorrow's cup too." He hit the elevator and his assistants followed quickly, leaving the clerk standing there with his money.

Desi opened her eyes, looking over at a sleeping Johnathan. She smiled, and heard the front door close as she laid there. She stared at the ceiling, wondering where Matilda was going before shrugging and rolling over onto Johnathan's right shoulder. He sleepily wrapped his right arm around her back and she nuzzled his neck, playfully biting and sucking along his neck. Crane moaned softly, bringing his other arm to her back and stroking along her naked spine. "Good morning to you too." he yawned. Desi stopped momentarily to reply, "Hmmm, good morning." before refocusing on his neck. Crane's eyes rolled back in his head as she continued to slowly suck, and she brought her right hand to his neck, playing with his hair absentmindedly. Crane held to her as she worked, moaning his appreciation.

"Maybe I should stay in today." Desi said, lifting from his neck and looking at him. "In fact, if I were asked-" She began, looking around flirtatiously. Crane took a deep breath, his hair scattered across his forehead in a boyish manner. "Stay in today." he requested, "Don't even get out of bed, just stay here with me today." Desi looked around, contemplating for a few minutes. She smiled wide and ducked under the covers, feeling around as she went down the length of his body. She stopped at his waist and began feeling around his already semi-rigid penis. As she took him in her mouth, Crane heaved a relieved sigh and relaxed, letting her work her lips tightly around his shaft. She traced her tongue around the head, and began to suck as she worked back and forth along the length of his shaft.

"Oh, Desi." Crane moaned, "My God, that feels amazing." Crane felt her head through the duvet, and she quickened her pace as he commented. "Faster, darling." Crane pleaded softly, "Just a little faster please." Desi moaned and began tilting her head to and fro, taking him deep into her throat. She worked quickly, tasting the first salty traces of precum as she heard Crane moan above her. She placed her hands on his stomach and felt his muscles begin to contract as he shifted. "Desi, baby, I'm about to..." Crane blurted, stopping to moan breathlessly as he came. Desi happily accepted the load, swallowing down each drop from his throbbing member. She slowly released his penis, kissing it delicately before emerging from the duvet and resting on his chest. He wrapped his arms around her and held her tightly.

Desi's mobile began chirping from the bedside table. She lifted her head, and watched as Crane reached over and switched it off. Sliding from beneath her, he turned and began kissing her as he hovered above. She admired the large discolored mark she left on his neck as he moved about her. "Let's see." Crane began as Desi looked up at him, "One day together, and God only knows how long Matilda will be out, so I better get started." Desi gave him a puzzled look, and he responded, "So many place to put my mouth." Crane leaned dowm, kissing Desi's shoulder, "So little time." Desi giggled, pulling the duvet over them both.

The clerk finished shutting down her stand and locking everything up when she noticed him. Bruce Wayne sat on one of the large indoor potted plants in the lobby. She tried not to look but her eye was drawn to him. This was made harder to avoid by the fact that he was actually watching her. She took a deep breath, turned and marched right up to him. "Your change." she offered. Bruce accepted it, pocketing it without even glancing at it. "That was outstanding coffee." he said, "My compliments." The clerk brushed her hair from her face, "Chickory." she replied. Bruce smiled, "I'm sorry?" The clerk rolled on her heels, "The coffee. I add chickory." Bruce nodded, "Perhaps I could buy you a cup?" he asked. The clerk looked around, "I can make my own coffee." she replied.

"Another drink then." Bruce suggested, "I just want to find out your name and maybe get to know you." The clerk scoffed, "I'll bet. My name is Lily, and no thanks Mr. Wayne." Lily smiled but looked away. Bruce stood, now nearly towering over her. "Lily, please, call me Bruce. I'm not used to being shot down, you know." Lily looked up at him, "All the more reason to decline. Bruce." Bruce smiled, "Guess I'll have to try again sometime." Lily laughed, "Yes, well, I guess it can't hurt." She collected her bag and prepared to leave. "Tell me, how many cups of coffee do you serve a day here?" Bruce asked. Lily figured for a moment, "With the day's supply, about 200 cups. If I run out, I close early." She turned without saying goodbye and headed for the door, Bruce watching until she left sight.

The next morning, as Lily arrived at her stand there was a young man waiting for her. Nervous, she approached the suited man. "Are you a health inspector or smething?" she asked. The man looked at her sheepishly, "No ma'am, I am here to purchase 200 cups of coffee from you?" he said, confused. Lily stared at him, "I'm sorry?" she asked. "Yes ma'am. Mr. Wayne has told the department heads not to make office coffee today, as he wanted them to taste this incredible coffee he had." The man looked around, "He sure seemed to love it." Lily shook her head, equal parts flattered and annoyed. She set to work brewing the coffee, and accepted the check from Wayne Enterprises. Within a couple of hours, her entire day's work was completed.

Lily was cleaning and closing the shop when Bruce approached. "All done for the day?" he asked. She looked at him, "Yes, well, someone bought up all my coffee this morning." she answered, "Must've thought that it would impress me." Bruce studied her, "Not a bright fella, is he?" he asked, and Lily laughed. "No, but he does have a sense of humor." she replied. "Well, since the stupid guy cleared your schedule, why don't you let me buy you lunch?" Bruce asked, "C'mon, I'm only going to stoop lower if you say no." Lily rolled her eyes, "I don't want you to think you can just buy me off." She said seriously. Bruce looked innocently at her, "So that chickory farm wasn't the best investment?" Lily laughed again, "Ok, just today. What's for lunch?"

Bruce walked up to the Bistro in his suit, and Lily stopped at the door. "Here?" she asked. Bruce looked around inside and asked, "Do you not like French cuisine?" Lily smiled in her frustration, "Well, I don't rightly know, actually." she admitted, "But I do know that I'm not dressed for this." She guestered to her jeans for emphasis. Bruce glanced at her clothes fleetingly, "It doesn't metter, I own the place." Lily's eyes went wide. "Oh, even better." she said, "I tell you what: I have an idea. My treat." Lily offered, and walked past Bruce without explaining or waiting for his response. He released the door and followed, unsure of where he was heading.

"Ever since, I've been running the coffee stand." Lily explained, licking her ice cream cone as she walked. Bruce nodded, trying to prevent his from melting down his hand. Lily laughed, "You gotta stay on top of it, Bruce. Jesus, when was the last time you had an ice cream cone?" Bruce took her example, replying, "A long time ago, maybe never. I don't really remember." Lily looked at him, suddenly sad. "Wow." she replied, "You need more fun in your life." Lily glanced at her watch, and panicked, "Good grief, it's almost five in the afternoon!" Bruce looked at her, "I guess it is." Lily blinked hard, "Don't you have things to do? I mean, haven't you missed something?" Bruce replied, "I'm working more fun into my life at the moment." Lily smiled, and Bruce continued, "I actually have plans for this evening though."

"Well, I should be getting home anyway." Lily responded. Bruce gave up on the ice cream, tossing it in the trash. "Can I give you a ride home?" he offered. "No thanks, I'm good." Bruce looked down at her, "Are you sure? I can drop you anyhere." Lily shrugged nervously, "I'm actually going to walk I think." Bruce smiled, "Well, let me take you to dinner. Thanks for the lesson in proper ice cream technique." Lily felt warm all over, but was petrified. "I don't know, Bruce." she said. Bruce replied, "Then say yes. Worst case scenario, you get a free steak dinner out of it. What do you say?" Lily bit her thumb for a moment before she said, "Why not?" Bruce lit up, "Great! Can I pick you up at your place tomorrow at seven?"

"Why don't we meet at Wayne Enterprises?" Lily offered. Bruce extended his hand, and Lily shook it. "It's a date." Bruce said, and waved across the street. One of the cars pulled forward and stopped in front of him. Lily watched in awe as he climbed into the waiting car. "Until tomorrow." He said, closing the door. Tomorrow. she thought, 24 Hours to find a dress, shoes, get my hair done, and figure out how I got a date with Bruce Wayne. Lily stuck her hands into her pockets and began walking home, trying not to sing from happiness or vomit from nerves.

That saying, no rest for the wicked, well it's true. Desi's day off resulted in dozens of missed calls and contacts, and Crane was a full day behind on the production of a torture synthetic for an overseas client. They barely said goodbye as they both rushed out the door to their respected places of business. It was over twelve hours before Desi returned home, completely exhausted from the day's events. Crane followed only moments later, "I think I may be too old for this." he cried as he hit the door. Desi was rooting around in the fridge when he entered. "Well, it's official." she announced, "We're ordering out." She slammed the refridgerator door closed hopelessly. "Well, no one dials like my Desi." Crane mused.

"Aren't we funny?" Desi replied, "For that, you can do the ordering." Crane made a pained face. "I'm going to get our daughter's input on dinner." Desi said, marching toward her room. Crane examined menus from the pantry when he heard the scream. He immediately ran for Matilda's room, where he found Desi in a heap on the floor, clutching a note and sobbing. Crane pulled Desi up, lifting her and carrying her to her bed. He laid her down and wrestled the note from her grip. Desi was hysterical, as Crane had not seen her in years. He examined the note as he stood over Desi, who was now curled up in a ball on the bed.

Dear Mom and Dad,

I am sorry, but I am unable to live with you any longer. You are criminals, and I truly believe that you deserve jailtime or worse for your crimes. I cannot accept anything connected to these crimes, not even food or shelter, and I pray that you get help and turn yourselves in. Once you take positive steps to better yourselves, then I can persue a relationship with you again, but until then I must sever all contact with you. Please understand that I am doing this because I love you, and I want you to take this step yourselves, without me having to go the to authorities. Please consider what I have said.

Your daughter,

Crane sat stunned, watching his wife weep. "Shhh, we'll make it right." he comforted, "We'll find her, I promise." He rubbed her forehead and fished his mobile from his pocket. Dialing quickly, a few rings and he began, "Harvey? It's Johnathan Crane. There's kind of an emergency here, how quickly can you make it?" His eyes scanned as her processed information. "It's about Matilda, Harv. Ok, ok, see you then." Crane turned back to his grief-stricken wife. "Sh-she is a crime waiting to happen out there." Desi sobbed, "Without her credit cards or any money? God Johnathan, what is she thinking? How could I have let this happen?" Crane rubbed her temple, drying her still flowing tears, "Harvey is coming. We'll find her and bring her home." he said, "That's a promise."

Part One
Tags: featuring: alfred, featuring: batman, featuring: bruce wayne, featuring: dr. crane, featuring: harley quinn, featuring: scarecrow, featuring: the joker, featuring: two-face, genre: au, genre: het, genre: movieverse, genre: multi-chapter, pairing: bruce/ofc, pairing: joker/harley, pairing: joker/ofc, rating: nc-17
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