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Desdemona's Return, Part 3

Story Title: Desdemona's Return Part Three
Summary: Everything changes...
Genre: AU OC
Pairing: Desdemona/Johnathan Crane, Bruce Wayne/OFC
Rating: R
Disclaimer: If I owned them, I'd be too busy fucking to write my name...
Author Notes: Comments are love, bitches! I owe this one to vonnix

Lily paced around her tiny studio apartment in a panic. How could I have agreed to this? She thought, when there was an excited knock at her door. She rushed to it, and opened it as her neighbor rushed in past her. "Did I come through or did I come through?" She asked, holding up a beautiful cocktail dress for Lily to examine. Lily stared at it for several minutes blushing. "My God, Maggie, where did you get this?" she gushed. Maggie beamed, "I borrowed it from the costume mistress for the Gotham Community Theater, and that's nothing. I got the hair and makeup person coming to do you up at 5pm. Bruce Wayne isn't gonna know what hit him."

Lily looked at though she might cry, and as she examined the dress as Maggie laid out the accessories and her kit. "Maggie, this dress is too big." Lily said bemusedly. Maggie waved her hands dismissively, "Not once I take it in. Now hurry up and slip it in so I can pin in and take measurements. Time is of the essence Lily." Lily took the dress in to the bathroom to change. She was completely new to this experience, and basically was doing whatever she was told. She emerged in the oversized dress moments later and Maggie smiled. "This won't be much work at all." she said reassuringly, "You already look amazing."

Bruce stepped off the elevator and looked around the lobby for Lily, but he failed to spot her. He took a few steps out into the lobby when his eyes settled in the corner of the lobby. Standing there in a backless burgundy dress was a woman standing alone. Her chestnut hair spilled in ringlets around her shoulders and was woven with tiny white flowers. Bruce stepped over to her, a mixture of curiousity and hope that it was his date. Lily turned to face him, her nervousness obvious as she tried to steady herself in her heels. "You are absolutely stunning." He commented, taken aback by the sight of her. Lily smiled, "Well, you don't look so bad yourself." He slipped his hand around hers and they stepped out to the waiting car.

"Lily, this is Alfred." Bruce introduced. Lily extended her hand, and Alfred released the door to accept it. "It's a pleasure, Miss." Alfred said, ushering her into the car. Bruce halted outside the car. "Not exactly as you described, Master Bruce." Alfred said quietly, and Bruce smiled. "Why am I so nervous?" He asked, and Alfred responded, "In my experience, when it comes to women nervous is always a good thing." He smiled at Bruce, who took a deep breath and climbed into the car. Alfred closed the door and climbed in, turning the engine over and pulling away.

"I thought you might like to try Italian." Bruce commented. Lily studied his hands, "Do you own this one too?" she asked. Bruce stammered momentarily, "They're really a good investment." He replied, and Lily turned to look out the window as she giggled. Bruce studied her for a moment. "You shouldn't look away when you smile. You do that often." Lily looked back at him, almost embarrassed. "What a beautiful thing to hide from people." he said. Lily looked to the floor quietly, unsure of what to say. The flash caught her eye and she saw the many photographers outside the restaurant.

Fear gripped her and she turned to Bruce, "I can't do this." she said nervously. Bruce looked puzzled, "What, them?" he asked flippantly, "Sure you can. A strong woman like you?" Bruce watched as her body stiffened from fear and he placed a hand on hers, "I'll be right beside you. We just walk by, that's all." He looked into her eyes and, his confidence unwavering, she agreed. When the car stopped and Alfred opened the door, Bruce stepped out and reached for Lily's hand. Lily kept her focus on the door and her hold to Bruce as they walked into the restaurant.

"See? That wasn't so bad." Bruce reassured, but Lily just stared. Everybody seemed to be staring at her. "Bruce, I feel like I'm on display." she said. Bruce smiled, "The prettiest girl girl in the room always does." he commented, ignoring her annoyed look. Lily swallowed hard, "I don't think I can do this." she admitted. Bruce gripped her hand, "We're not." he replied, "Come on." He gently pulled Lily along the wall of the restaurant to the back, opening the kitchen door and ushering her in. Lily stepped through to the kitchen, where there were dozens of cooks hard at work over plates of beautifully artistic foods.

Lily smiled brightly as she watched several work with small blowtorches and delicately set garnishes. Bruce touched the small of her back, snapping her out of her daze and calling her attention to a small table for two set up inside the kitchen. "Mr. Wayne!" the chef called, crossing the kitchen to shake his hand. "Good evening Antonio." Bruce said, "This is Lily, she's looking for an authentic Italian dinner." Antonio clapped his hands together, reaching to shake Lilly's hand excitedly. "I am going to make a meal for you that is so amazing, you won't believe it! Please, sit, sit." Bruce pulled Lily's seat and held it as she sat down before crossing to sit.

"We're eating in the kitchen?" She asked, leaning across the table to whisper to Bruce. Bruce placed his napkin in his lap, "No crowds, great service, and the view is..." Lily said aloud, "Amazing." Bruce watched pleased as Lily stared with wonder at each precisely constructed dish. "So, do you like your coffee stand?" Bruce asked. Lily turned her attention from the kitchen and to him. "Not really. It's a living, I guess." Lily shrugged, "It's what I know." Bruce nodded, "I can understand that. My job affords me the ability to pursue the things I am passionate about. Other than that, it's ok. I am lucky, and I know it."

Lily looked at him impressed, "What is it you persue passionately?" she asked. Bruce looked confidently at her, "Depends on the day." Lily smiled, "Don't be a character, be yourself. You're far more attractive that way." Bruce looked down, immediately embarrassed at being called on his bravada. Their exchange was interrupted by the chef, who brought their first course to the table. Bruce and the Chef watched as Lily took the first bite in her mouth, her eyes going wide with pleasure. Her shoulders dropped and the chef reveled in her reaction. "Just wait!" he assured, heading back to the kitchen to begin the next course.

Matilda walked along the subway platform, clutching her bag to her side protectively. She could hear footsteps and mumbles, but saw no one. Nervous, she walked quickly, standing under the single light and silently hoping the train would arrive. "Look at what we have here, boys." She heard behind her. As she turned, she saw four shabby thugs appear from out of the darkness, each making their way toward her. Matilda backed away, for the first time in her life, frightenend. "Pretty little thing is out way past her bedtime." The first man said, kneading his hands as he approached. Matilda stepped back, realizing she was standing on the edge of the platform. "She looks familiar to me." Another member commented, send the rest of the crowd into laughter.

"Sure, Pauley, you must know tons of sweet pieces of ass like this one." The first replied, laughing as he grabbed her. He held her by her neck but Pauley hung back, reluctant. "I'm telling you, she looks like someone I've seen before." he demended. The other two rushed her, taking her bag and pulling her shirt open. Pauley's eyes went wide, "Wait, WAIT!" he shouted, "I got it! She's related to Mrs. Crane! I saw her photo once, but her hair was different." The three thugs turned to look at him as he pointed at her. "Desdemona Crane?" the first asked, his grip on her neck loosening. "Yeah, her name is Mandie or M-something." he answered. Matilda whispered, "Matilda."

"That's it!" Pauley cried, and all at once, the thug released her and backed away slowly. "Here's your bag ma'am, and we're terribly sorry. We didn't know who you were." Matilda stared hatefully at them, "So you would've gone through with...whatever if you didn't know my mother?" she yelled at them. Pauley turned to them, "Oh, man. She's gonna kill us. I told you guys I recognized her." The four men took off, running as fast as they could away from her as Matilda collapsed to the ground, crying bitterly. She sat there in the quiet for several minutes, ginuinely hating herself for being connected to any of that. "It isn't safe here." A voice called down to her. "Oh, don''t worry, I'm the daughter of Desdemona Crane." she replied, hysterical, "She'll dismember anyone who touches me."

Matilda looked up to see Robin looming over her. Robin looked at this young woman, sitting on the dirty ground crying. She seemed so frigile, so lost. "Come with me." He offered, extending his hand to lift her up. Matilda looked up, sniffed, and took his hand as she stood. "We'll get you checked out, ok?" Robin offered, walking Matilda toward his motorcycle. He was taken by her beauty, even with her face red and puffy, and she showed no hesitation as she mounted his motorcycle with ease. "Are you ok?" he asked, reaching to steady her. "You work with Batman, right?" she asked in return, "Becuase I want to talk to him about my family." Robin climbed on and sped off into the night.

Two hours later, they sat together at the table. Bruce was now sitting beside Lily, and he was slowly dipping his small spoon into the tiramisu. "You're going to love this." He assured, bringing the spoon to her mouth. Lily looked at him, slowly opening her mouth to accept the spoonful. She moaned a soft, long moan and closed her eyes as she chewed. Bruce admired her silently. "I think," She said, her eyes still closed, "that I have had a bit too much to drink tonight." Bruce smiled, "I think it's charming." Lily looked at him, "I think it makes you a bit more charmng." she admitted, "Or perhaps, me a bit less nervous."

She went for the spoon, offering a spoonful to Bruce. Bruce took the bite and Lily set the spoon down. They grew nearer to each other, almost touching when Antonio approached. "How was everything?" he asked. Lily and Bruce straightened up immediately, and Lily turned to address the chef. "It was...magical. I've never had a meal like that in my entire life." Lily stood, kissing Antonio on the cheek, "Thank you." Bruce stood, extending his hand, "Absolutely, well done." They shook hands and Bruce led Lily out the door and back to the car.

"Oh my, you haven't been waiting here all this time have you?" Lily asked Alfred as he opened the door. "No, ma'am. I have friends nearby." He assured her as she climbed into the car. Alfred began to drive, heading through the park and Lily looked out the window. "Are you ok?" Bruce asked, noting the pained expression on her face. "I'm better than ok." Lily responded, "I am happy. Tipsy, and happy." Bruce looked at her as she turned to him, and with all her nerve she asked, "Please kiss me." Bruce looked surprised at the meekness of the request, but leaned in and softly touched his lips to hers. There he lingered for what felt like several minutes before he pulled away.

"Are you busy tomorrow?" Bruce asked, "We could try that French place." Lily's expression was bittersweet, and she replied, "Bruce, tonight was incredible. Best night of my life, probably, but I can't do this every night. I can't even dress for this." Bruce looked at her confused, "You look terrific, I don't understand." Lily scoffed, "I borrowed this. I don't even own an evening dress." Bruce shook off that news and argued, "Then we'll go in jeans. I'll buy you a hot dog, or we'll got for a walk. I don't care if it means I can spend time with you." Lily was torn, she really liked Bruce, but she knew it wouldn't work out. "Bruce, we're different. We can have fun, but in the end we're from totally different worlds. t's not like I can take you home with me."

Bruce took her hand in his, "I'd like to see where you live." he requested. Lily looked at him, mildly annoyed at his seeming refusal to take the point. "You wanna see where I live?" She asked, watching as Bruce nodded. She looked to Alfred as he drove, "Alfred, could you pull over please?" she asked. As Alfed pulled to the nearest corner, she grabbed Bruce's hand. "Come with me." She ordered, hopping out of the car. Bruce followed, instructing Alfred to go home. "Don't worry, I'll get myself home." Bruce explained, and Alfred pulled forward, leaving them. Lily lead Bruce to the subway, and as they sat on the train, Bruce watched the stops get dingier and dirtier, and a slow realization crept over him. Lily looked at her feet, leaving him to silently put two and two together.

Bruce leaned forward, "Are we going to Crime Alley?" he asked. Lily swallowed as she shot a proud look at him. "Not eveyone lives in the Palisades, Bruce." she replied. Bruce realized his tone and immediately apologized. The train stopped and Lily quickly left it, Bruce following her. She walked down Crime Alley, and Bruce looked around. He couldn't remember the last time he was on this street without a cape. Lily continued to her building, very matter-of-fact as she held the door for Bruce. "The elevator doesn't work." she commented, "Hope you don't mind stairs." Bruce unbuttoned his coat, following her up five flights of stairs to her small apartment. As she reached her door, her neighbor threw her door open. "How'd it..." she asked, seeing Bruce. "go?" Lily turned to her, "Thanks for the dress Maggie, I'll bring it to you in a sec." Maggie winked at her and shut the door.

Bruce walked into the tiny studio apartment and Lily shut the door. Saying nothing, she pulled her earrings off as she went for the bathroom. Bruce stood sheepishly in the room until she returned moments later in a far plainer sundress. "You can sit." Lily offered, gestering to the bed, "Unless you want to go. I'll be right back." Bruce sat on the end of the bed. He looked at the broken windowpanes, and the inferior locks on the door. He thought about the many times be was in this very building to stop some sort of crime. "So you see, Bruce." Lily said, closing the door as she returned, "I really like you, but look at your face. You've never been more uncomfortable in your life, have you?"

Bruce stood, removing his jacket and tie. "There have been times I have been more uncomfortable." he replied, "I don't understand. If your business is doing so well, then what is all this?" Bruce asked. "Dad left me the business, but he also left me debts. Truth be told, there are days I hate that stand, but it is mine and it's what I know." Lily began taking the flowers from her hair. "I can't afford to develop feelings for you, Bruce, and I could, so its best you know this now." Her eyes were wet with tears and she turned away from him. Bruce walked over to her, and rested his hands in her hair as he kissed her. After a brief hesitation, she brought her hands to his chest as she opened her mouth to accept his tongue.

The force of his kiss sent Lily reeling, and she nearly melted in his arms. Bruce pulled from the kiss, focusing on the soft strands of hair in his hand. "I don't care about any of this." He soothed, "But I promise you this: if you give me the chance, you will never again have to feel ashamed about yourself." Bruce lifted her chin to look into her eyes, "I won't allow it." Lily trembled at his demeanor. This was not the seemingly goofy and absentminded character she saw in the lobby each morning. This man was serious and dark, and she felt safe and completely protected with him. Lily touched his face, and Bruce kissed her again. Lily took two steps back and pulled her dress over her head, standing before Bruce in her underwear. Bruce looked tenderly at her and Lily lost her nerve, turning to her bed and sitting on the edge of it.

As she went to cross her arms and cover her breasts, Bruce walked over to her, leaning down and kissing her passionately. She leaned back onto the bed, and Bruce unbuttoned his shirt as he hovered above her. Lily helped pull it away from him, and as he went for his pants, she traced her hands down his lean muscular frame. Bruce sat up, removing his pants and slowly pulling Lily's underwear away. He laid beside her on the bed, slowly stroking her hair. "You are so beautiful." he said softly, and Lily kissed him, pulling him on top of her. She could feel his erection, and she ached for him to take her. Bruce brushed his hands down her sides and gently pushed into her.

Lily winced mildly as Bruce penetrated her. "Hey." he said softly, "Are you alright?" Lily gasped and held to his shoulders, "I'm ok." she sighed, "It's just been a while." Bruce touched her face tenderly, "I'll take it slow." he whispered. Lily kissed his shoulders as he made slow, careful thrusts. She heard him softly grunt, and she moaned as he brought his eyes to hers. He looked cautiously at her, and she smiled. "No, no...good." she said, breathing heavily. She dropped her head back onto the pillow and he kissed along her chest. "Really, really good." she continued. Bruce began to thrust faster, and Lily squealed in appreaciation. She tangled up her hands in his hair, and moaned, "Oh, Bruce. Harder."

Bruce thrusts forcefully, noting Lily's strained tones of pleasure as she shifted beneath him. "How is that?" he asked, kissing her fingertips. Lily wrapped her right leg around his waist and replied, "Wonderful." He kissed along her neck and she giggled as he buried himself in her. "Come for me." he coached, feeling her body react to his touch. Lily openeed her mouth wide, but no sound came out. Her eyes slammed shut and she recoiled as Bruce held to her thighs and drove into her. Lily cried out loudly, stretching and digging her nails into his back. Bruce continued at a qickened pace, bringing himself to orgasm. He shuddered at his release, and began grinding into her, driving her to another and more intense orgasm.

Lily rolled on her side, and Bruce spooned along side her. He kissed her shoulder and cupped her breasts as he held her, and she fell asleep contented. Bruce held to her, listening to her sleep as he saw the bat signal roll across the sky through the window. He quietly lifted from the bed and collected his things, taking her keys with him as he slipped out of the apartment in silence. Lily slept deeply, failing to move at all in the night. It was her alarm that woke her, and she rolled to find herself alone in the apartment. Lying on the pillow beside her was a single rose and a note. Lily switched on the bedside lamp to read the note.

You are even more beautiful when you sleep.
Sorry I couldn't stay, but I cannot wait to see you tonight.
Until then, a petal for every though of you.


Lily looked up to see the floor of the apartment crammed full of vases of roses. It was an ocean of multicolored petals, with a small path to the door. Lily had never seen so many flowers in her whole life. As she looked across all of them, a smile spread across her face. She brushed the single rose across her face, inhaling its sweet scent. She then shrugged, climbed out of bed, and started her day.

Part One Part Two
Tags: featuring: alfred, featuring: batman, featuring: bruce wayne, featuring: dr. crane, featuring: gordon, featuring: harley quinn, featuring: scarecrow, featuring: the joker, featuring: two-face, genre: au, genre: het, genre: movieverse, genre: multi-chapter, pairing: bruce/ofc, pairing: joker/harley, pairing: joker/ofc, rating: nc-17
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