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Desdemona's Return, Part 5

Story Title: Desdemona's Return Part Five
Genre: AU OC
Pairing: Desdemona/Johnathan Crane, Bruce Wayne/Lily
Rating: R
Disclaimer: If I owned them, I'd be too busy fucking to write my name...
Author Notes: Comments are love, bitches! I owe this one to vonnix

Lily marched with purpose into Wayne Manor, throwing the paper at the Bruce's feet when he attempted to greet her. "What gives you the right?" Lily demanded, staring down a stunned Bruce. "Answer me! You think because you have money you can make decisions about my life without so much as discussing it with me?" Bruce smiled at her, amused by the fire in her tone, but realized almost immediately that his response was the wrong one. Lily was livid, her voice becoming shrill, "Oh, it this amusing you? "Well, I am certainly not amused. Not one bit, and I want to know where every stick of my furniture is tonight."

Bruce immediately responded, "It's upstairs." Lily stopped pacing, turning to stare at Bruce. More appropriately, his head. "Gee, Lily, you're swell." Lily began, mockingly, "Least I think you are after knowing you for a week. Since I'm really spoiled and get whatever I want anyway, want to move in with me?" Bruce listened to her patiently as she sounded off her frustration. "Did it once occur to you that I might have an opinion on the matter?" Bruce straightened up as he looked down at her. He couldn't help but be amused by so much upset coming from such a petite form.

"You are set up in the south wing, in connecting rooms. We could be on either sides of the house and never see each other. Nothing about your space will change, and I don't expect anything from you. You can even come into town with me each morning, or take one of the cars." Bruce explained his logic, but Lily only looked more crestfallen. "So, because you think its a great idea, and you worked all this out I am supposed to be fine with all of this?" Lily crossed her arms, looking at Bruce defiantly. Bruce sighed his frustration, "Point taken, Lily. But am I supposed to be fine knowing someone I love is living in one the most dangerous places in town?"

Bruce continued, "Wouldn't you fix that if you could?" Lily did a double take, blinking rapidly. "Say that again?" she requested. Puzzled, Bruce answered, "I'm not comfortable with someone I love living in Crime Alley." He watched her body language soften, "What?" he asked. A faint smile crept onto Lily's face. "You just said you loved me." she whispered. Bruce stepped back, "No, I just said..." Lily's eyes shined as she interrupted, "You said it twice." They looked at each other for a minute when they heard Alfred enter the main foyer. "Then its settled, is it? You've yelled at him, he has explained, and surely you realize that it is too late in the day to reverse anything."

Both Lily and Bruce nodded, avoiding eye contact. "Well, come along Miss Lily. I'm sure you'll want to wash up before dinner. I'll be back to you in a moment Master Bruce." Bruce leaned forward to kiss Lily's cheek, only to find her unreceptive. She pulled away, saying nothing to him as she followed Alfred up the stairs. Bruce watched her, uneasy about the damage he might have done. Alfred led her to a side hall with a series of rooms. He inserted a key into the door, opening it to reveal her room. It was exactly as she had remembered it, even to a few stuffed animals on her chair. "Through there you'll find your bath, and I took the liberty of adding a few things." Alfred said, "Through this door, there is a sitting room and your closets."

Alfred handed her a key, which Lily reluctantly took. "You and I have the only copies." he assured. Showing her his copy, he remarked, "To freshen things." Before she could lodge protest, he followed, "We all have our jobs, Lily. Mine is caring for Bruce and those he cares about. Please, leave me to it." Lily nodded, understanding his point. "You must love him very much." Lily commented as Alfred made his way to the door. "Yes, and its a rewarding endeavor." he replied, "One I greatly recommend. Now, dinner will be ready at seven. Can you find your way or should I retrieve you?" Lily smiled, "I'll find it. Better get used to it anyway, right?" Alfred smiled and left Lily.

Alfred entered the office, and spied Bruce standing at the desk. He stooped over, focusing on a small wooden puzzle that sat on the desk. Alfred made his presence known, but said nothing as he busied himself. "She's pretty steamed, huh?" Bruce asked without looking up. Alfred smiled, "I would never take joy in a mishap of yours." He stated, polishing a decorative glass dish, "Although I did bloody tell you." Bruce set the puzzle down and looked up, nodding to himself as he sighed. "Yes, you did." He admitted with a laugh. "I'm almost 50 years old, Alfred." Bruce said quietly.

"Imagine how that makes me feel." Alfred replied jokingly. He looked over to Bruce, watching his shoulders fall as he studied the corner of the mantle. "I can't go on like this forever." Bruce admitted, more to himself than anyone else. "Perhaps now is the time to try something new." Alfred suggested, as he crossed the room and offered a drink to Bruce. "If you can learn that the things most worth having can't always be controlled." Bruce accepted the glass with a worried look. "Is she really mad?" he asked Alfred. Alfred turned to leave, "Master Bruce, in your lifetime I have seen you grow into a man who has dedicated himself to the safety of others. Your efforts have made countless people happier, and better people."

Alfred stopped at the doorway, "How wonderful it would be if some happiness came into yours. I'd like to see that in my lifetime." Bruce looked at him thankfully as he headed out to prepare dinner.

Robin made his way toward the holding cell as grunts and the general sounds of aggression filled the air. He entered the training area quietly, watching Matilda wage war on a weight bag. She alternated forceful punches with sweeping kicks and moved quickly on her feet. After several minutes with this routine, Matilda stopped to wipe the sweat from her brow. "You look better without the cape." She huffed as she caught her breath, "More mature." Matilda turned to face him, wiping her face. Robin shifted sheepishly. "Your fight style is impressive." he commented.

"My mother insisted." Matilda explained, "I had to take dozens of courses on self-defense." Matilda rounded the bag, striking with each word. "" Robin walked over to comfort her, only to find himself sparing in direct hand-to-hand combat. He deflected each blow, engaging himself with a silent pleasure as he threw punches and dodged others. He grabbed Matilda's wrists, pulling them in front of her in a sign of victory. Matilda writhed violently to free herself before capitulating. Robin looked at her victorious, and as their gazes met, Matilda began to weep openly.

Stunned, Robin embraced her shoulders, lowering her to the floor. "I'm sorry." she sobbed, "I am, just give me a moment." Robin sat beside her on the floor, his gloved hand holding to hers. "Don't apologize,just talk to me." he said. Matilda tossed her hair out of her face and took a deep breath. "Everything about me comes from criminals." she started, "Music I love, places I've been..." she continued, looking down, "these hands." Matilda clenched her hands into fists, and took a broken breath, "I would go to school and it was the only time I could breathe. No one knew me there. No one knew my mother. Until boys became interested in me. Mom made sure..."

Matilda's voice trailed away and she wept silently for several minutes. "My mother is confident. She's intimidating she's so confident. She can live with what she does but she got to choose her life." Robin wiped her tears with his thumb. "Then choose something. You're a capable woman, and even if you don't feel it now, you are strong. Standing up and doing what right is the hardest thing you could have done." Robin continued, "Yet here you are, and the important thing -" Robin concluded, stopped by Matilda, who leaned in, anxiously pressing her lips to his.

After several minutes, their lips parted and she sat there in silence. "I want to fight crime." Matilda said, "I want to like you do." Robin looked at her incredibly for several moments, relizing that she was serious. "Hell, I'm gonna be in trouble anyway." Robin said, leaning in and kissing her, this time with renewed passion. Matilda touched his masked face, and they both continued to kiss in the floor of the exercise room.

Lily found her way to the kitchen, and sat at the island watching Alfred work. Every few minutes she offered to help, and every few minutes she was turned down by the old man as he worked happily in his kitchen. Upon popping the roast into the oven, Alfred carried a small tea tray to the island, placing it between them. He began pouring her cup as he spoke. "The thing about Bruce that you should know is that he is afraid." Lily scoffed, "What's a man like Bruce have to be afraid of?" she asked curiously. Alfred set the pot down, "Everything."

Alfred bobbed his teabag several times, "He did what he did today because he has feelings for you, actual feeling for you. The idea that anything might happen to you is already too much to bear. It can be maddening sometimes, but when you are angry at him try to remember that regardless to his actions, his intentions are pure." Lily listened, giving her complete focus to this man. "Bruce makes me happy. Why are you telling me all this?" she asked. Alfred looked soberly at her, "Because Bruce deserves happiness, and you might be his real shot at it."

Lily sat dumbstruck as Alfred stood and began clearing the tea service. "I'm getting too old for all this." he commented, and Lily smiled. As he turned away, he continued, "And another thing: If Bruce needs to learn to solicit the opinions of the people he loves, then you need to learn to accept the kindnesses of those who love you." Alfred said sternly, "Let someone do something nice for you. He can afford it, after all. If that's how he shows affection, learn to accept it." Lily nodded, "That's a lot to think about. Thank you."

They sat at the table like children, fidgeting while Alfred served the meal. They quietly thanked him, but as soon as he left the room Bruce turned to Lily. "I'm sorry. You were right, I had no right to do what I did. the though of you being ashamed of yourself or your home just upset me and I worried about your neighborhood. I acted without thinking, but Lily I will never do that again." Bruce looked to Lily and a serenity washed over her. "There's only one thing to do now." Lily replied, "I have to thank you."

Bruce looked at her confused as she continued, "I told you, and obviously well, why I was upset. What I didn't do was say how thoughtful it was for you to do what you thought was best because you cared about me." Bruce looked gratefully at her as she took her first bite. "So I say we have a deal." Lily said, swallowing. "You work on talking to me and opening up, and I will work on understanding your motives and living in your world." Bruce took a bite as she spoke. He smiled at her, "That sounds wonderful."

They finished the meal and Lily stood beside Bruce as he sat. Bruce looked up at her, and Lily leaned down and softly kissed his lips. "I want to feel your naked skin against mine." Lily said sweetly. Bruce grinned hopefully, "How about by the fireplace? I can grab a great big fluffy duvet for us." Lily moaned wistfully as Bruce kissed her hand. "That sounds just like Heaven." Lily said. Bruce stood, looming over her, and she tugged at the pockets of his pants. "I could fall in love with you." Lily sighed, "Shame I can't tell you that." Bruce gave a telling nod, "That is unfortunate."

Lily chuckled, "I know, right?" Bruce stepped back, "My condolences. Guess I'll just have to spend the night memorizing your entire body." Lily trembled at the suggestion and Bruce suggested, "Meet you in the sitting room in five minutes?" Lily began making her way to the out of the dining room, "It's a date." she called excitedly.

Desi's red heels clicked against the tile flooring with resounding taps. She made her way past the sign in and waited patiently as they pulled the Joker to a meeting room. Desi examined her hand, and noting her wedding band quickly pulled it off, pocketing it before the guard called her. She stepped into the poorly lit room, looking across at the Joker. He sat in the darkness, his piercing eyes shining as they fixed on her. Desi sat at the table and crossed her legs. "It's been a long time." Desi began. The Joker sniffed, but said nothing.

"How is Harley?" Desi asked. Joker chuckled softly and maniacally. "You lost your sense of humor, Desdemona. Marrying that second-rate villain, working for Moroni..." Desi interjected, "Working with Moroni, you ass." the Joker laughed, "Whatever. At least in here I'm in control of a real group of characters." Desi licked her lips as she studied his bullshit responses. Maybe psychiatrist believe him, but Desi knew better. "Well, I'm glad to hear you're having fun. Joker, it's time you checked out." The Joker leaned into the light, his faced lined with age.

"There's my handsome man." Desi cooed. Joker's eyes narrowed and he replied, "Don't bullshit me, Desi." Desi sat up, resting her arms on the table. "J, its time you came home. This city is in need of chaos." Joker studied her carefully. "It's been almost two years. Why now, all of the sudden?" Desi kneaded her hands uncomfortably, and the Joker smiled. "I didn't have a choice, J. Nothing would make me happier than for this to be a pleasant visit, but the truth is I need you." Joker scoffed, "You just figured that out? Awfully long time to go without an orgasm." The Joker shook his head sorrowfully.

Desi sighed, "Yes, well. That aside, this is serious. Joker, I need your help. It concerns our daughter."

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Tags: featuring: alfred, featuring: batman, featuring: bruce wayne, featuring: dr. crane, featuring: gordon, featuring: harley quinn, featuring: scarecrow, featuring: the joker, featuring: two-face, genre: au, genre: het, genre: movieverse, genre: multi-chapter, pairing: bruce/ofc, pairing: joker/harley, pairing: joker/ofc, rating: nc-17
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