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Desdemona's Return, Part 6

Story Title: Desdemona's Return Part Six
Summary: Even cannon cannot save everyone...
Genre: AU OC
Pairing: Desdemona/Johnathan Crane, Bruce Wayne/Lily
Rating: R
Disclaimer: If I owned them, I'd be too busy fucking to write my name...
Author Notes: Comments are love, bitches! I owe this one to vonnix and a special thanks to jokerluv

The Joker's dark eyes narrowed. "How long have you known?" Desi shifted in her seat, "I've always known." Desi stood, walking around the table and sitting on the corner of it. "So, you didn't say anything?" Joker continued, "That's cold, Desdemona." Desi crossed her legs and pulled a cigarette from her purse, lighting it and taking a slow drag in silence. "I steal things and kill people for sport and profit. Did it never occur to you than I might be a liar?" Desi exhaled smoke, extending the cigarette to Joker's lips. As he accepted it, Desi concluded, "I made a choice, and the best one for my daughter."

"Who, it seems, is my daughter." Joker replied, moving the cigarette around as he spoke. Desi leaned in, taking it from him. "So, why do you need my help?" Joker remarked dryly, "Boyfriend trouble?" Desi took another puff of her cigarette, and looked away from the Joker. Joker read her response, noting the seriousness of it. "She ran away." Desi blurted out quickly, "She's gone." Desi put the cigarette out on the table and exhaled into the air. Drawing up her strength, she looked back at the Joker with all the bravado she could fake. "How long has she been gone?" he asked solemnly. Desi voice almost broke as she responded, "A week. We've looked everywhere. She doesn't have any money, so she couldn't have left town. God, J, I think she's with Batman."

"My Desdemona," Joker soothed, "You're right. You do need me. If you and I get together, there's no place she could hide, and if the bat has her..." He trailed away, looking at Desi knowingly. He leaned forward, placing his cuffed hands on her knee. Desi looked at his hands, then brought her eyes to his. "Crane just isn't built for this." Joker continued, "He's the one at home baking, which is great I guess, if you're a lesbian and you never told me." Desi smiled despite herself and Joker leaned down to keep her face in sight. "That's what I want to see. A big smile."

Desi looked back to him lovingly. "Let me take care of Harley, and I can be out of here in 48 hours." Joker instructed, "Then we'll settle this, all of it." Desi rested a hand on both of his, "Together, just like old times." she said, her smile growing. Joker stood up, and Desi looked up at him admirably. "Johnathan doesn't know." Desi said, "J, please." Joker waved a dismissive hand, "Don't worry, I won't break your girlfriend's heart. But, you owe me." Desi giggled, "I'm scared already." Joker took a step toward her, "You are the only one who shouldn't be. Two years is a long time to be away, and Gotham hasn't seen anything yet."

The Joker took a step forward, and Desi trembled as he leaned forward and pressed his hungry lips to hers. Through a loud speaker, a voice bellowed, "Step away from the guest." Ignoring the command, he stood very near her. "They can't hear what we're saying." Joker informed. Desi sat with her eyes closed, still enjoying the kiss. "You'll be ready in 48 hours?" The loud speaker crackled again, "You will step away form the guest." Desi waved her eyebrows as she hopped down from the table. "Be here at dusk." Joker ordered, and Desi nodded as she knocked on the door to leave. They looked seriously, but said nothing, as she left.

Harley stood on her cot, stretching to reach the ceiling. She reached above the exposed water duct as she remembered her day with Mr. J. Her thoughts lingered on each detail as she worked.

The Joker slipped into her cell quietly, and wrapped an arm around Harley's stomach. "I heard amazing news today." The Joker whispered to her as she squealed with delight. He released her and she turned to face him, bouncing. "What is it, Puddin'?" The Joker grabbed her shoulders and announced excitedly, "I'm Matilda's father!" Harley's face immediately fell, and she looked on dumbstruck as the Joker turned his attention to her breasts. "What? I mean, I thought Crane was the father." Joker ripped her top open, and sank to the bed as he kissed and licked along her cleavage. "Nope, turns out it was me all along." Joker continued, "I'm still the most important person in Desi's life."

Harley fought back tears, completely confused. She was torn between her heartbreak at the news of Joker's excitement and her excitement at the attention he was now lavishing on her. Joker kissed along her stomach, paying special attention to her reactions. "The best part is that now I already have a kid, and I never even wanted one!" Joker remarked as he worked along her waist. Harley frowned, a far away look in her eye. "You never wanted kids?" she asked flatly. Joker smiled, "Hell, no. I wanted kids like I want to one day get married." He went for her pants without the slightest sense of caution, "That'll never happen." he scoffed.

A single tear escaped Harley's eyes as Joker pulled roughly at her pants. He grabbed her arm, pulling her down onto the bed. "So you don't think you might ever settle down with someone? I mean, if you love someone maybe?" Harley asked, her desperation thinly veiled by her soft moans of pleasure as her pinched her nipples. "Love is a red herring." The Joker said coldly, as he bit her hip. "Something people think they have, but only weak people live by. Pathetic, really." Joker's words stung Harley, who instead tried to focus on him as he removed his pants. He doesn't really believe that. She thought, He can't.

"There was one story I used to think was so romantic." Joker commented, "But nobody does anything like that anymore." Harley sat up, immediately responding to the comment. The Joker continued licking long her neck slowly. "What don't people do anymore, Puddin'?" she asked innocently. Joker smiled as he began to nibble along her earlobe. "Well, there was this guy I used to run with, and he and his girl where inseparable." Joker exhaled along her neck, and Harley's eyes rolled back in her head from anticipation. She squirmed beneath him, desperate for his touch.

The Joker's eyes were empty as he directed the conversation. "Turns out, this guy had knocked up his old girlfriend. He was going back to her as an obligation." He grabbed Harley's hips and she gasped, pining for him to take her though he showed no immediate interest. "That's horrible, what did he do?" Harley asked. The Joker settled in between her opened legs but rested there. "That's the best part!" he explained, "The girlfriend killed herself!" Harley had a hard time concentrating as the Joker traced his lips along her torso. He gripped her thighs but denied her what she so desperately craved.

"The guards might be along any minute..." Harley moaned, lifting her hips to meet his. Unabated, Joker continued, "She killed herself! I mean, how amazing, how impressive." Frustrated, Harley replied, "Why impressive?" The Joker responded by grabbing her arms and pulling them over her head. "Because she robbed the first woman of everything." Harley gasped as his body pressed into hers. She could feel his shaft pressing into her thigh, and she whimpered in her desperation. "He was never able to build a life with the first woman because of the suicide. In the end, she won because he was alone."

The Joker penetrated her slowly, and Harley almost immediately came. "He was alone without her. She beat the other woman, get it?" Harley moaned loudly, "Yeah, I get it, but why didn't he just stay with her?" Joker stopped and looked at her. "Because that's not how things work, unfortunately." Harley leaned up to reach him, but couldn't and in her desperation she fell backward onto the cot. "It's romantic because it was her only option. You understand, right?" Harley took a deep breath, her eyes clouding up. "That's why I'm so blue. I'll miss you so much baby, but I gotta go help Desi."

Harley looked wrecked as she looked at the Joker. "Why? She has Dr. Crane, why does she need you too?" She demanded, as her tears fell freely. "Why does she get whatever she wants?" Joker brushed her tears away, masterfully manipulating her. "Don't worry, baby. You'll find someone special, I'm sure of it." He began metered, thoughtful thrusts, and Harley cried as she clung to him. "That's why it was so romantic. In the end the guy knew he was the only one for that girl. What they had was special, and no one could best her." Joker took her face in his strong hands. "We'll just have to enjoy our last time together."

Harley felt sick. She was certain he loved her, and he felt beyond amazing inside her. But the thought of his going to Desi and leaving her alone was too much to bear. "I don't want anyone else." She sobbed, and kissed him all over his face. The Joker quickened his pace, and responded, "All the time I missed with Matilda, all the time I wasted..." He rested his head on her chest, looking away from her "here." Harley could feel her orgasm building, and stroked her hands through his hair. She was desperate to give him some sort of solace, but right as she was about to come the guards burst into the cell.

"Ok, break it up!" they ordered. The Joker rolled his eyes as they grabbed his shoulders and lifted him from her. Harley cried bitterly, "Wait! Stop, you don't understand." The guards looked hatefully at her as they stood the Joker up. He brushed himself off and put himself away as Harley laid on the bed bereft. "It was fun while it lasted, and I'm sure you'll find someone else." The Joker said, "Of course, he'll never be me." The Joker turned smugly away from her and faced the guards. "Shall we, boys?" He said as they grabbed him by each arm. They carried him out smiling as Harley collapsed, sobbing uncontrollably.

Harley lingered on the memory of the encounter before wiping a single tear from her cheek. She threw the sheet over the duct as she imagined how proud the Joker would be of her. Let's see Desi best this. She thought. She slipped her neck into the loop and hopped down from the bed. Her memories of her beloved grew cloudy and dark until there was nothing, and she swung limply in the cell, alone.

Joker laid on his cot, his eyes darting as he listened to the silence. His grin spread enormous as he heard a commotion on the other end of the hall. He looked to the door as several guards and nurses rushed by the door. He sprang up, standing by the door and waiting. As he heard the buzzing of the locks, he pushed forcefully on the door, opening it and slipping through into the hallway. Desi sat in her car, tapping nervously as she looked into her rear view for the Joker. She heard the sirens and bit the inside of her cheek as she impatiently drummed along the steering wheel. She lit up as he emerged from the woods, and she cranked the engine and unlocked the doors.

He hopped into the car and they sped away. "You have my makeup?" he asked. Desi swerved as she connected onto the road from the woods, and threw an annoyed look in his direction. "A little busy right this moment." she replied. The Joker rolled his eyes, bringing them along as if reading something only he could see. He then burst into fits of laughter, howling beside a curious Desi. She studied him as she drove, finally exclaiming "Well? What is it?" Joker wiped his eyes as he laughed. "Oh, Harley says 'hi'."

Desi looked confused, "She did?" The Joker turned to her excitedly, "No, she didn't!" He blurted, howling with laughter. "She didn't say anything, she's dead!" Joker threw his head back, laughing maniacally while Desi continued to drive. Desi furrowed her brow, "Did I miss something?" She looked at him, "She's...dead?" The Joker licked his lips smugly, and stared at the road ahead without saying anything.

Lily rested her head as she soaked in the tub. The tub was enormous, and she had spent the better part of the afternoon in it, rewarming the water from the tap in the center of the tub. There was a soft knock at the door, and Lily brushed the damp strands of hair from her face. "Um...yes?" Lily asked. The door cracked open, and Bruce called "You know, if you leave that door unlocked anyone will just walk in." Lily leaned against the back of the tub and smiled. "Tell me about it. Come in." Bruce stepped in and walked over to the tub. He dipped his fingers into the water and mingled it as he looked at her. "How was your day?" he asked. Lily sighed, "Tiring. I never thought shopping could take so much out of me, but Alfred was relentless. He must've taken me to twenty stores."

Bruce chuckled, "That certainly sounds like him." He sat on the edge of the tub as she spoke. "Well, its done now. I have an outfit for anything you could want to take me to." Bruce chuckled, and Lily lightly splashed him. "Don't laugh, I'm doing this all for you." Bruce leaned down and kissed her, and Lily held his face with both hands. Suddenly, Bruce climbed into the tub fully dressed. Lily giggled as he leaned back, sinking to the opposite side of the tub. "You are insane!" she giggled. Bruce looked at her sheepishly, pulling his feet up to the top of the water. Lily untied his shoes, pulling them off and pouring the water out of them before pitching them over the side of the tub.

"This is your tub." Bruce said, looking around. "I like it." Lily clasped her mouth, laughing as he looked around. "So," Lily gasped, "How was the horse race?" Bruce rolled his eyes and shook his head. "Awful. I was surrounded by rich people, we both know how annoying they are." Lily nodded agreeably as he continued. "Plus, I kept thinking about this girl I met." Lily smiled, "How awful for you." Lily began to slowly knead Bruce's socked feet, and he leaned back, relaxing his whole body. "You like that?" Lily said sweetly. Bruce sank under the water, emerging moments later and brushing his wet hair back.

Lily just stared at him with a big smile. "Come on." Bruce mocked, "You know you want this." He extended his arms, and Lily turned around, stretching out to rest against his chest. A serenity come over them both, and Bruce wrapped his arm around her. They laid there together for several minutes just listening to each other breathe. "Bruce?" Lily asked, breaking the silence. Bruce dropped his head, leaning a cheek against the top of Lily's head. "Yes?" he replied. There was a brief pause and Lily sighed. "Nothing." She said, squeezing him. Lily closed her eyes, smiling harder than she may have ever smiled in her life. Bruce held to her, realizing that he was completely serene.

"So," Lily started, looking up at him, "you were able to drink legally the year I was born." Bruce blinked several times, "Wow, you sure know how to make a guy feel young." Lily grinned mischievously, "I have ways to make you feel young." Bruce leaned in to kiss her when he pulled back, "Wait, when is your birthday?" Lily scoffed, "Doesn't matter, I don't celebrate it." Bruce sat up in the water and looked at her, "You what?" he asked. Lily rested her head back on his chest, "I don't celebrate it as a general rule." Bruce scoffed loudly, "Well, that's getting broken. If you don't tell me, I'll just find out some other way." Lily looked up at him as he continued, "Then I'll really embarrass you."

"It's Thursday." Lily admitted. Bruce stammered, "This Thursday? Like two days from now?" Lily rested her head, "Yeah. I'll be 27." Bruce took a deep breath, enjoying that he have no reason to be anywhere else. "So you brought clothes?" he asked. Lily balked, "Clothes, shoes, purses. Filled that crazy closet." Bruce kissed her temple, "Good." He lifted from the water, and Lily released him. He stepped out of the tub, pouring water all over the floor. He looked around clumsily before collecting his shoes. "I'm going to dry out. See you in a little while?" Lily nodded and Bruce stepped forward to kiss her passionately before he ducked out of the room, leaving her in the tub. Lily splashed the water, a far away look in her eye and a whimsical smile consuming her face.

Desi stopped in front of an old building in Crime Alley. "This is Sheffield Apartment Complex, and wouldn't you know it? They have a vacancy. The landlord is an agreeable sort, I have found." The Joker scoffed, "Enough money and they all are." Desi turned to him, "So let me get this straight: you actually talked her into suicide?" Desi turned the car off, and stepped out of it. The Joker follow her, "I suggested it." he said coolly. Desi shook her head as he took the stairs, "Wow...that is something." She pulled a ziplock bag from her purse which contained his grease paint. Waving it before him, she joked, "You've earned it." Joker looked at her annoyed as he snatched the bag. He barreled past her, "Women."

Once safely in the room, he found that she had furnished the studio, even having a few suits made and setting up his usual necessities. "There's a million in the closet also." she informed him, "Folding money. In case you need anything." His makeup freshly applied, he ripped the jumper from his body, standing in his boxers. "There's color rinse in the bathroom for your hair also." Desi stood proudly, having forgotten nothing. The Joker looked at her for a few moments before he reared back, slapping her hard across the face. Desi grasped his desk to prevent herself from falling down, stunned by the blow.

"I waste a year on you - rescue you from the police, and teach you everything you know. This is what you become? Do you have any idea how that must make me look?" Desi grabbed her jaw, "I am the most feared person in town." Desi snarled, and Joker connected with his left fist, sending her to the ground. Shaking his hand he replied, "Were the most feared person in town." He sat at the edge of the bed and stared at her. "How could you? You marry that idiot, and does he even hold a candle to me?" Desi pulled herself to her feet, "He takes care of me." Joker scoffed, "I'll take that as a no."

"Well, they can't all be you." Desi said sarcastically, "If you wanted me..." Desi spat, "What am I talking about? When you had me you should've committed to me. Why wish me well if you wanted me?" Joker stood, rage on his face. He grabbed her blouse, striking her over and over again. "Because I never dreamed you'd actually marry him." He threw her down and began pacing in front of her, "Jesus Christ, Desdemona. Getting married? How pedestrian, how banal. Next thing you'll be working for the mob." Joker stopped pacing, "Oh, wait."

Desi wiped the blood from her mouth, "Well, not all of us could waste two years in a mental institution. Some of us had a child to raise. What about you? J, where did you go?" Joker grabbed her by her throat, lifting her and slamming her into the wall. "Some of us had a child." he seethed. He squeezed, and Desi gasped for air as she swung her feet, grasping for the ground. He tilted his head sideways, watching as he increased pressure and she coughed. She locked eyes with him, but remained silent. He continued to watch for a few moments, then inexplicably released her. Desi slid to the ground and coughed for several minutes. Joker walked away, turning his back on her.

Desi pulled herself up slowly, "Now that that's out of your system." She said, rubbing her neck, "Let's get to work." Joker still had his back to her, "Go home." he grumbled, "I'll take the first round, you need to keep your name clean. For now." He turned to look at Desi, whose face had already begun to swell and discolor. There was dried blood smeared across her face. "Do you want to wash up before you go?" he asked. Desi shook her head, "Do I really need it? I feel fine." Joker said nothing, but rushed her, taking her in his forceful arms and kissing her fiercely. They pulled to each other, like two people addicted. "Now go home, Desdemona." Joker said, releasing her. "I'll call you in a few days." Desi assured him, closing the door. She held to the door for several minutes, catching her breath before she went home.

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Tags: featuring: alfred, featuring: batman, featuring: bruce wayne, featuring: dr. crane, featuring: gordon, featuring: harley quinn, featuring: scarecrow, featuring: the joker, genre: au, genre: het, genre: movieverse, genre: multi-chapter, misc: rec, pairing: bruce/ofc, pairing: joker/harley, pairing: joker/ofc, rating: nc-17
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