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Desdemona's Return, Part 7

Story Title: Desdemona's Return Part Seven
Summary:Discoveries all around
Genre: AU OC
Pairing: Desdemona/Johnathan Crane, Bruce Wayne/Lily
Rating: R
Disclaimer: If I owned them, I'd be too busy fucking to write my name...
Author Notes: Comments are love, bitches! I owe this one to vonnix

Note: Sorry about the delay, my last week has been Hell. Hope you enjoy it.

Matilda drummed along the edge of the metal table impatiently. She sat alone, waiting to speak with Batman. He had kept her locked up for over a week, and while she could somewhat understand his reluctance, her patience was wearing thin. Batman stood silently in front of a monitor, viewing surveillance footage. Robin stood behind him, waiting. "You want to explain this to me?" Batman said, rolling footage for Robin. Robin watched the overhead footage of he and Matilda embracing as Batman turned to face him. "She was upset." Robin offered. "I was only trying to comfort her."

"With your tongue?" Batman said sarcastically. "Look, just go talk to her." Robin argued, "Once you hear what she has to say, then you can judge her." Batman's eyes narrowed, "She's not the one I'm worried about." he replied, blowing past him in a huff. Robin stood puzzled for a few moments. "What?" he called, following him to the room.

Matilda looked up as the the door opened and Batman stepped in. He said nothing as he sat across from her, followed by Robin, who sat between them at the edge of the table. "I understand you have some information for me?" he asked gruffly. Matilda laced her fingers together and rested her hands on the table. "Well, mom and dad weren't exactly discreet. What do you want to know?"

Batman watched her curiously. She seemed sincere, but everything about her seemed suspicious. "Why come to me?" he asked. Matilda looked up, trying to formulate an answer. "I just thought that, since you're are the antithesis of my mom, you would be the one who could help me. I mean, the cops and district attorney have been trying for years, and they never get anywhere." Matilda licked her lips and looked directly at Batman. "I want to fight crime. Who better to ask than you?" Robin looked from her to him hopefully, as if pulling for her. Batman sat quiet, and Matilda's patience failed her. "Can't you understand?" she scoffed, throwing her hands up, "I mean, haven't you felt imprisoned by the expectations of your parents?"

Batman did a double take as Matilda concluded, "Didn't you ever want to escape from it? Or maybe feel like you just couldn't take it?" Robin extended a kind hand, resting it on Matilda's hands. Batman gave a reluctant sigh, "Yes I have." Matilda looked at the table wearily, uncomfortable having been so candid. Batman pushed a notebook across the table. "Write anything and everything you can think of. You would be surprised how much the smallest detail can help." Matilda paused for a moment before taking the pen in her hand. She began to write quickly, her focus completely on her writing.

Robin looked at Batman,who sat back as she continued to scribble. Robin held an arrogant air about him, and Batman was immediately annoyed. Matilda interrupted their silent exchange, shaking her pen at them."I'm gonna need another pen." she said flatly, "Maybe two." Batman stood,turning to the door. Robin hopped up to follow him, "I'll bring you a few, don't worry." Matilda went back to work as they left the room. "Well?" Robin asked, trailing behind him, "What do you think?" Batman stopped at his desk, bracing himself with both hands as he leaned against it.

Batman sighed, following his train of thought. "She's eager to help," he started, "that's good." Robin paced, letting Batman think. "She is writing a lot of information which Gordon can cross-reference." Robin offered, "She's been honest with me from the start, and she really wants to fight crime. Batman, she's up for hours a day training." Batman shook his head, "They all want to fight crime nowadays." He looked at Robin, "Let's get her info. I'm not getting involved in her crime fighting ambitions just yet." Robin nodded, "I'm going to take her a few pens." Batman rubbed his face,"I'm going upstairs." he said wearily, "Call me if you need anything."

Lily rounded the main hallway when Bruce grabbed her by the elbow, pulling her into his arms and kissing her. Lily sank into his arms, all thought leaving her mind as she tasted him. Bruce's lips lingered, brushing against hers as she held to him. "Happy Birthday." he whispered, and she smiled brightly. "You look tired." Lily said, touching his cheek, "What were you doing in the silver closet?" Bruce shrugged away. "Maybe I had to retrieve a birthday present." he said coyly. Lily looked immediately crestfallen, "Bruce, you didn't..." Bruce waved a dismissive hand as he backed away. "I am getting a shower, and then I'm taking you out. Are you getting ready?" Lily smiled, closing her eyes in capitulation, "I'll be ready in an hour." She opened her eyes, only to find herself alone. "Bruce?" she called. From above her she heard, "One hour!"

An hour later, Lily made her way down the staircase as Bruce waited by the door. He looked refreshingly dapper in black slacks and charcoal button down. "You all ready?" Lily asked as she approached him. Bruce said nothing, and Lily adjusted his collar. "You ok?" she asked sweetly. Bruce smiled suavely, "I am speechless. That happens when you see the most most beautiful woman alive walking toward you." Lily grinned as she smoothed his collar. "What a kiss ass." she remarked smugly. Bruce smiled and opened the door, ushering her out.

Bruce pulled up to the restaurant, and Lily stared in wonder. It was very bright, and there was a crowd waiting. A valet approached the car, opening her door and extending a hand to help her out. Bruce met her on the walk, wrapping an arm around the small of her back and walking her into the restaurant. They entered the building, passing a crowd of waiting patrons to a glass elevator, which shuttled them to the top of the building. An overzealous waitress immediately met them at the elevator and led them to a table near the floor-to-ceiling windows, which overlook downtown Gotham.

As they sat down, Lily looked out over the Gotham skyline. "I've never seen it like this." she gasped. Bruce looked over the menu before selecting a wine and instructing the server. Lily looked back excited, and Bruce watched her amused. "So, what do they serve here?" she asked quietly, "I don't want to sound ignorant." Bruce smiled, "I can order if you like." Lily nodded agreeably, turning her attention back on the window. "The coffee shop is going to be boring tomorrow." she whispered. Bruce waived the server along as he poured their wine. Lily jostled the glass, inhaling its rich bouquet before taking a sip. "If you don't enjoy the coffee shop, why do you do it everyday?" Bruce asked. Lily sipped her wine, contemplating the question.

"I made a promise." she replied, "When my father was dying, I promised I'd take care of it." Lily smiled sadly, "It's funny the things we do when we're grief stricken. We make promises that we cannot imagine the mettle of actually keeping." Bruce watched as an almost pained expression washed over her. "I did it to make him happy." Bruce rested a hand on hers reassuringly, "Don't you think he would want you to be happy." Lily smiled, rolling her eyes back slowly. "It's never that easy, is it Bruce? Happiness seems so simple, but we're never able to really take the very advice we give another." Bruce blinked a few times, realizing she was right. "If you could do anything, what would you do?" he asked. "I never thought about it. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to spoil the mood." Lily said, sighing. Bruce leaned into the table. "You didn't." He looked to the dance floor, "Come dance with me."

"Absolutely not." Lily protested, "I can't dance." Bruce scoffed, "Anyone can dance. Come on, we're out. I look great, you're alright." Bruce smiled as Lily audibly huffed. "Besides, how else can two people be totally intimate in a room full of people?" Bruce stood and stepped over to her. "They could be exhibitionists?" Lily joked as Bruce pulled her up and walked her to the floor. "Now, very simple: I take this hand, you put this one here, and I lead, you follow." Bruce began to move and Lily followed, watching her feet. "Don't look at your feet." Bruce instructed, "Look at me." He turned and she followed in step. "See? I knew you could do it." Lily giggled, "You're a good teacher." Bruce replied, "You're a gracious student." He touched her face tenderly, "I would teach you anything."

They mingled closer and Bruce leaned into Lily, kissing her softly as they continued to twirl. Lily held to his neck, opening her mouth to deepen the kiss, which continued for several minutes. The music stopped and several applauded the orchestra as Lily stepped on Bruce's foot, abruptly ending the kiss. "Oh, I'm sorry!" Lily exclaimed as Bruce winced. Lily clutched her face, embarrassed as Bruce shook it off and took her hand. "Let's go open your present." He said as they left the floor, watched by many of the people there. Lily sat down and Bruce handed her a small hinged box. Lily immediately looked at him with worry. "It isn't jewelry..." she asked. Bruce held both palms out at her, "It is not jewelry." he assured.

Lily took a deep breath and opened the box. Inside was a small, solid black plastic card. Lily studied it for a moment when she realized her name was etched into the corner. She looked back at Bruce confused. "It's an American Express Black. This card has no limit on it, and you can get anything you might need." Bruce explained, "And I mean anything. Even if you don't have the card, you can call this special number and a concierge will help you with whatever you need." Lily still seemed unable to understand, so Bruce concluded, "It's security, Lily. With this, you'll never need for anything. You'll always have a way home."

Lily held the card in her small hands, letting the reality of it sink in. Bruce watched her, suddenly nervous. "I want to get out of here." Lily whispered, "Can we do that?" Bruce looked at her curiously. "We can do whatever you want, it's your day." A smile spread enormous across Lily's face. "Good." Bruce looked puzzled, though he was relieved to see her smile. "Let me just sign for this, ok?" Lily nodded as he signaled for the check. As they made their way to the elevator, Bruce leaned near Lily's ear, "What are we doing?" Lily grabbed his pockets, pulling him to her. "We are celebrating." She answered as the doors closed. As the valet pulled the car around, she instructed, "We need to go to Target." Bruce looked confused, "To target what?" She laughed and climbed into the car.

Lily pushed the cart around the store as Bruce followed. Lily stopped in camping supplies and turned to Bruce, "Look at this. Thermal sleeping bag, built for subzero temperatures. Fits in a small bag. Amazing what they can come up with." She spied a clerk walking by and called to him, "I'm gonna need all of these. Even the ones in the back." The clerk stared at her. "Could you maybe have them meet me in the front?" The clerk nodded and Lily smiled, "Wonderful! Let go to the grocer." Bruce followed Lily as she made her way into food section, "How are we going to fit that into the car?" He asked, as she began filling the cart with prepackaged meals.

Lily turned to him with sudden flair. "Well, get on it Daddy Warbucks! Flex some muscle, impress your woman." She made her way toward him playfully, "Make it work." Bruce pulled out his phone and pressed a single button, and Lily went back to filling the cart as Bruce began speaking on the line.

They stood together as the cashier rang up each thing and his crew began loading it into the back of a Wayne Enterprise truck. Bruce played with her hair, and Lily moaned softly at his touch. "About the gift." She said, turning to swipe it for the first time, "I love it. Thank you very much." She kissed him on the cheek before making her way out of the store.

Bruce stood on the truck watching as she walked along the snowy sidewalk, handing the items out to the homeless. She accepted every hug with unflappable grace, and as he brought more over to her he noted actual happiness on her face. After an hour of traveling around, they were out of supplies, and only a single bag remained. Bruce walked up to Lily as she watched the last person walk away. "If I could do anything." She said softly, "I would do this. I would try to make the world a better place." Bruce said nothing, instead he wrapped his arms around her and held to her as they stood in the falling snow. "Come on." Lily said, "I have something for you." Bruce stopped, "For me?" Lily turned as she walked, "You've earned it. Let's go home."

Lily's moaning echoed through the foyer. "Little to the left. Just a little to the..ahhh." Bruce groaned, "Ok, its my turn." Lily giggled, "Gah, Bruce! I don't bend that way. Just spin it for crying out loud." Bruce strained to move, sending them both to the floor in a heap. "I knew it." Lily laughed, "I knew you had never played Twister before." Bruce sat up, attempting to untangle himself from her, "Yes, and 48 is the perfect age to take it up, too." Lily laughed, "This has been the best birthday ever." Bruce hovered over her, "Has it really?"

Lily thought about it, "Well, Billy Ryerson kissed me on my tenth, so there is that." She placed a reassuring hand on his knee. "He means nothing to me, really." she joked. Lily pulled Bruce down to kiss her as Alfred appeared in the doorway. "Master Bruce, I'm afraid there's been an emergency at Wayne Enterprises." Bruce looked up, listening. "Go on, see what's going on." Lily assured, "I'll be here when you get back, go." Bruce hopped up, meeting Alfred as Lily stretched by the fireplace.

Once in the hall, Alfred looked to him seriously. "I got the call from Master Dick. Large explosion, it involves the girl staying downstairs." Bruce shot him a knowing look, "Thank you Alfred, I'm on my way." Alfred nodded, "I'll attend to Miss Lily." They exchanged looks before going their separate ways. Bruce took off for the Batcave, all mirth leaving him as he prepared to meet Robin.

Desi sleepily came down the stairs as Crane bustled in the kitchen. He looked up, and called out, "My God, your face! Desi, what happened?" Desi yawned, "Oh, J says hi." she answered, "Could you make coffee?" Crane went to work as Desi switched on the television to catch the evening news. "Nice to see he has mellowed with age." Crane said sarcastically, setting the hot cup in front of Desi. She sipped as the news filled the loft. "Jesus, Johnathan it's him." Desi said, her heart growing warm as she watched the carnage unfold onscreen.

"He sure didn't waste any time." Crane said, leaning against the counter. They watched together as GNN reported the explosion that consumed the elementary school and the footage of the Joker merrily pacing. Desi smiled at the image of him in the backdrop of flames. "Do you realize where he is?" Desi asked. Crane stared for a few moments, shaking his head. "That was the only public school we ever had Matilda enrolled in. Remember that?" Desi asked, "We had to pull her, because..." Crane set his cup down, "Because she caused a row defending her Uncle J to the teacher." Crane blinked incredibly, "Wow." Desi smiled, "Yeah, wow."

"Are you going down there?" Crane asked. Desi shook her head, "I'm going to work. I've been told to stay out of this one, and I need an Alibi." She watched the crews try to put out the flames as Batman showed up before heading to the shower. "I may be home late in the day tomorrow, ok?" Crane looked at her, "Ok, hon. Are you hungry? I could make you something." Desi stretched, "Ok." He went to work as she entered the bathroom.

Batman approached the schoolyard when he saw the Joker standing on the slide. "Well, well. We meet again. Told you we'd be doing this forever." Batman made his way toward the Joker, who coolly pulled another detonator from his waistcoat. "I assure you." He announced with relish, "There are people in this one." Batman stopped, "What do you want?" The Joker laughed maniacally, "After all these years, Bruce, I figured you would know it is always that simple." Batman stood shocked at his revelation. Joker huffed, "Come on, it isn't that hard to figure out, and I have had a lot of time to think about it."

"What I want is simple." Joker said, "I want Matilda." Batman seethed, "I can't help you. I don't even know where she is." Jokers eyes narrowed, "Well, I'm sure you can find her. Kind of like I'm sure I could lay hands on your pretty little coffee grinder." His tone darkened, "If I needed to." Batman took a few steps toward him, and Joker waved the detonator, stopping him. "So, you tell my niece that I'd like a word with her, and for every day that I have to wait, people will die." Joker began pacing backwards, "Don't forget now." He called as he was snatched up by two police officers.

Batman watched relieved as they threw the detonator down and carried him toward a waiting police car. Batman walked over to retrieve the detonator, and found a note attached. As he read it, the police car cranked up and carnival music began blaring out of it. Batman dropped the detonator and went for the car, but it sped away into the night. Batman turned and looked down. the note, which read, "Can't even trust cops in this town." stared back at him. His fury filling him, Batman stomped the detonator to pieces.

Lily wandered the kitchen, directionless hunger driving her. "Can I help with anything?" Alfred offered, and Lily shook her head. "Nah, I was just thinking that maybe I could put together a midnight snack for Bruce and I. I kind of robbed him of dinner, and I thought it would be nice." Alfred nodded, "Well, we have lots of cheeses and deli meats. I'm sure we could put a cold plate together. Just let me fetch a nice bottle of wine to go with it." Lily smiled, "Alfred, you are a sweetheart, thank you." Alfred went into the pantry, and Lily took up his keys and headed to the silver closet.

Lily looked around the silver closet for candlesticks, reaching way over head to feel for a set. She gripped a cylinder and tried to pull it when she heard a loud click. The shelf swung back, nearly knocking Lily down. Stunned, she pushed the shelf to find a staircase behind it. She could hear bats in the background. Alfred returned with the wine to find the kitchen empty. He looked out into the foyer, and saw his keys still inserted into the silver closet door. Nervously, he made his way to the closet. He entered, and found Lily sitting at the foot of the stairs, staring up at the Batcave.

Lily looked up at Alfred. "He's Batman?" she said, a mix of jovial and desperation to her tone. Alfred walked toward her, at a loss for words. "He's Batman." She said again, as if trying to convince herself. She stood as Alfred met her and began pacing around the batcave. She approached a small pool of clear water, dipping her bare foot into it as she looked at Alfred. "Is this what he's out doing right now?" she asked. "Yes. It is." Alfred replied, "He loves you, Lily. He just wants to know he can trust you. Now you see why."

Lily scratched her neck, suddenly unzipping her dress. She pulled at her clothes as if they were on fire, and Alfred looked away as she stripped completely naked. She took a deep breath and jumped into the small pool sinking completely for a few seconds before bobbing back up again. "Wow, that is cold." She said, kicking her legs to keep herself afloat. Alfred stared at her as she looked around the cave, surveying in the darkness. "Should I continue with the meal then?" Alfred offered, lost on what to sat to her. "Alfred, wouldn't you know I've lost my appetite." Lily said kindly, "I am sorry."

She smiled at him as her lips turned blue. "I'll just collect these up then." Alfred replied, grabbing her clothes, "I'll bring back your dressing gown and a warm towel." He made his way up as Lily smoothed her hair back, shivering in the water. She paddled around, sorting her thoughts as she listened to the bats flutter around in the dark. She herd an engine roaring in the distance, and braced herself as it grew nearer to her. The batmobile thundered into view, pulling past her and resting as Batman climbed out. "Your hobby is quite impressive." She called out to him.

Batman turned, staring at her in the water. Lily just shivered as he stared at her. "Alright, now." Alfred said as he appeared, "You are going to make yourself sick. Out you come." He extended the open towel, and Lily climbed out, rapping herself as he laid her gown on the large metal table across the room. Batman looked at Alfred incredulously, and Lily called out, "It's not his fault. It's mine, so don't be angry at him." Alfred ducked from between them, making his way back to the mansion. "Goodnight Alfred," Lily called, "and thank you."

"You're not playing fair." Lily said as she approached him. He stood rigid, saying nothing. "A smart, handsome, funny, kind..." Lily started as she rested a hand on his armored chest, "Oh, and he's a super hero. Like a real-life, goddamn super hero." Lily backed away from him, walking over to the metal table. She tried several times to lift herself onto it, only to find it too tall. Batman walked over to her, grabbing her by her hips and sitting her on the table. "Thank you." Lily said. She touched his cheek, "It really is you in there. How could you not tell me?"

Batman looked to the floor, immediately unsure of how to respond. "I am so proud of you." Lily said passionately, and he looked back up at her confused. "What? How could you think I would be anything but proud of you? You're amazing. Going out each night and protecting the helpless. Stopping awful people, and making the city safe again. Aren't you proud of you?" Batman stepped closer to her, "I don't think about it." Lily flashed a determined smile, "Well, it's tremendous. If no one else has said it then I-" Lily's comments were cut off by his abrupt kiss, which was far more forceful than Lily was prepared for.

The locked eyes, breathing heavy before Lily began to tug at his suit. "How does this thing come off?" she asked excitedly. Still looking at her, he began to remove pieces by memory. "You can't tell anyone." he warned her, "For your own safety." Lily watched him work, "I know. I won't tell a soul." He suddenly grabbed her knees, pulling her to the edge of the table. Resting his still masked face against her neck, he drove into her violently. Lily wrapped her arms around his neck for support as he buried himself into her deeply.

Batman said nothing, working with a rhythmic precision as Lily threw her head back, moaning loudly into the darkness. Her cries of pleasure echoed in the cave, sending bats swarming in all directions. Any place he mouth brushed, he kissed as his gloved fingers dug into the small of her back. Her towel fell away leaving her naked and she held to him as he continued to slam into her. Lily lifted his head from her neck and she pressed her forehead to his mask. "You can take this off. It's ok." She slipped it off, revealing his face as her orgasm hit her in an awesome wave.

Lily cried out in ecstasy, and Bruce rested his forehead against hers as he groaned. Lily moaned softly as Bruce tensed, releasing himself into her. He grip on her relaxed, and he lifted his head. They both strained to catch their breath. "I can't feel my legs." Lily admitted, clinging to him. He swept her hair from her face, kissing her as he lifted her in his arms. "Sleep with me tonight, in my room." Bruce requested. Lily grabbed her gown, as he held her. "Okay. I need shower though." Bruce chuckled, "We both do, I think."

He started up the stairs, carrying her in his arms. "So, I suppose now is a good enough time to tell you. Batman gets me really hot." Lily admitted. Bruce chuckled softly, "Did he live up to your fantasy?" Lily went limp in his arms, "It was better. Under that mask was you." Lily nuzzled his neck as they left the batcave. Bruce yawned peacefully, "You have made me very happy, Lily."

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Tags: featuring: alfred, featuring: batman, featuring: bruce wayne, featuring: dr. crane, featuring: harley quinn, featuring: scarecrow, featuring: the joker, featuring: two-face, genre: animated series, genre: au, genre: het, genre: movieverse, genre: multi-chapter, misc: request, pairing: bruce/ofc, pairing: joker/harley, pairing: joker/ofc, rating: nc-17
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