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Desdemona's Return Part 8

Story Title: Desdemona's Return Part Eight
Genre: AU OC
Pairing: Desdemona/Johnathan Crane, Bruce Wayne/Lily
Rating: R
Disclaimer: If I owned them, I'd be too busy fucking to write my name...
Author Notes: Comments are love, bitches! I owe this one to vonnix

Note: Special thank you to jokerluv for being my unflappable muse, and for putting up with all my crazy bullshit.

Joker's eyes snapped open as the handcuffs snapped shut. Desi straddled him, watching as he wrestled the cuffs. Frustrated, he turned his attention to the woman resting on his waist. "Desdemona..." He seethed, testing the cuffs against the bed rails. Desi smiled as she looked down at him. "Good morning." she said brightly. Joker ceased his writhing, huffing as he stared up at her. "What are you doing, Desdemona? " Desi grinned as she reached behind her, pulling his knife and opening it slowly. "That's my knife. I don't like it when people touch my things." Desi began to unbutton her shirt. "Do you remember these?" she asked.

Joker's expression softened mildly as he watched her. Desi threw her shirt onto the floor and leaned over him, running her hands over her breasts. Desi looked at him seductively, "Hmmm? Do you J?" Joker's breathing grew heavy as he watched her, "Mmm-hmmm." he replied, annoyed. Desi smiled as she pressed the Joker's blade against her scars. Desi closed her eyes, dragging the blade over the scars and reopening each wound. Joker's eyes went wide as thin lines of blood seeped along each freshly reopened wound.

"You like that?" Desi asked sweetly, rocking over him as he grew hard beneath her. Joker looked lustfully at Desi's chest, eying each would hungrily. "If you promise to be a good boy, I'll let you kiss and make them better." Joker brought his eyes to Desi's and he growled with animalistic enthusiasm. Desi leaned down slowly, offering her chest to his hungry mouth. Joker gripped the bed rails as he lapped feverishly along her scars, and Desi moaned her appreciation at his careful demeanor. "That's it. That's my good boy. Now, if you are prepared to help me out..." Desi said, grinding into his erection, "I am prepared to help you out."

Lily slept soundly, resting against Bruce's chest. She even dreamed of Bruce. She held to him as she slept, and Bruce watched her quietly. Lily stretched, wiggling as her eyes slowly opened. She moaned softly, stretching to find his mouth. Kissing him, she pulled away as he whispered, "Morning beautiful." Lily smiled, her eyes still closed. Bruce kissed her fingertips as Lily sat up, stretching happily. She looked at Bruce as he lay back contented and threw a leg over his midsection, straddling him. "Well, hello." Lily exclaimed, feeling Bruce's thick shaft pressing into her as she perched.

Lily slid a hand along his leg to his boxer briefs, teasing him as she leaned in to kiss him. Bruce moaned his appreciation as she massaged along his shaft. "Lily, you're too good to me." Bruce sighed as Lily rested on his shoulder. "I could fall in love with you, you know." Lily tried hard to seem cool, but her heart raced. "Then do it." She replied, sitting up as she pulled her gown up to her waist. She carefully removed him from his boxer briefs, and slowly slid down onto his erection. Lily took a deep breath, leaning back as she lifted only to sink back onto him. She rested her hands against his chest, gently pushing against him as she lifted with each stroke.

Bruce rubbed her legs, bringing his arms to her hips as he moaned in response to her touch. Lily drew her nails over his chest. "You are so beautiful." he said as he stared up at her. Lily giggled, blushing as she would slowly ride him. A chill ran down her spine as she looked into his eyes, his intensity overwhelming her. She grasped one of his hands, sucking on two of his fingers. Bruce responded by bucking, thrusting himself against her and driving himself into her. Lily released his hand, and Bruce ran it down her body slowly, feeling her heaving breasts before dropping it. Lily leaned forward, out of breath and resting on her hands as Bruce continued to drive into her from below.

The metal posts of the bed pounded the floor, lifting as Desi gripped the footboard. She took the Joker in reverse, and as he pounded into her, she gripped the bed, pulling it with her. Desi panted, throwing her sweat-moistened hair back from her face as she kneaded against Joker's lean hips. Joker snarled like an animal, thrusting against her harshly in response to his captivity. Their growls were dense, animalistic as they pressed to one another. "Oh, fuck yeah." Desi cried, throwing herself against him. Joker grimaced, unable to touch her her pale skin as she bounced against him.

"Desi, turn around." The Joker instructed, "I want to watch you." Desi looked over her shoulder at him as she bucked. "Come on, be a good girl and show me those beautiful breasts of yours." Desi smiled, turning around to face him. Joker growled low, pleased with her submission. "Let me out of these cuffs, baby, and I guarantee you'll feel things you never imagined." Desi began grinding into him feverishly, "Not a chance." She replied with a laugh. Joker said nothing, his right eyes twitching momentarily. Desi leaned back, yelling out, "Jesus J, nobody feels like you do." She grabbed the headboard, "God, this feels good!"

"Oh, Bruce." Lily said softly, leaning on her hands as she hovered above him. Bruce held to her hips and began rocking them with his strong hands. Lily's eyes rolled back in her head and she sank onto him as he took control, guiding her over him. "Baby, that feels so nice." Lily moaned, "Please don't stop, oh please please don't." Lily bit her lip as her body reacted, pulling toward Bruce in an almost mammalian way. Bruce watched her reaction, quixotic as she bucked and moaned against him. Lily's moaning grew in intensity as Bruce focused his attention on her breasts. Lily in turn happily opened her gown, granting him complete access to kiss, lick, and caress them.

Bruce squeezed her ass, grasping it as he continued to move her back and forth over him. "That feel good, baby?" he asked, kissing her neck. "God, it feels incredible." Lily panted, "For the love of God, don't stop. Please, Bruce." Lily pulled upright as he continued to drive her. She looked down at Bruce's peaceful expression. How did I get here? she thought, Why does a man like this want me? Lily looked out the window, trying to decide whether or not to tell him that she loved him. "Come for me." He coached as she bucked above him. Lily eyes grew misty as she held to him, and she nodded excitedly. Her eyes closed and she pleaded over and over, "Don't stop. Don't stop, oh don't. Please. Don't. Stop."

Joker smiled wide, seeing his opportunity. "Does anybody else give it to you this good?" he purred. Desi bucked wildly, shaking her head as she neared orgasm. "Tell me, baby, who makes you this crazy?" He thrust harshly into her, and she cried out, "You do, J. Just you." Desi released a guttural moan, throwing her head back to look up at the ceiling. "Does Crane make you feel like this?" he demanded, his tone less sweet. Tears streaked her eyes as she nearly sang, "No! No..." Joker grinned mischievously, "You belong to me, Desi. No one will change that, so let me hear it." His tone regained his sweetness, and as Desi responded with a breathless, "I'm yours, J. Always have been." they both came, in throws of strained aggression before collapsing, exhausted.

Lily stopped pleading, her body going rigid as she moaned loudly before going limp, falling in his arms. She laid there catching her breath as Bruce held her. "That was wonderful." She commented, catching her breath, "Thank you." Lily looked up at him, "Did you?" Bruce shook his head, kissing her temple as he held her. "No?" Lily asked, looking as though she wanted to cry. "Lily? What is it?" Bruce asked, taking her face in his hand. "I just...I really wanted you to enjoy it, that's all." Lily replied, deflated. Bruce chuckled sweetly, "Oh, Lily. Baby, I did enjoy it." Lily looked up at him as she continued, "Are you kidding? A gorgeous twenty-something trembled at my touch, and begged me not to stop giving her pleasure before she collapsed breathless in my arms. I'm an old man, Lily. Believe me, I enjoyed every minute."

Lily smiled, resting her head on his chest. "You're not an old man." she whispered. Bruce ran his fingers through her hair, and she rubbed her head against his chest. "I gotta get up." Lily yawned, "I'm going into town with you." Lily sat up, and Bruce grabbed her arm suddenly. "You can't go into work today." Bruce said. Lily rolled her eyes, "Bruce, we talked about this. I need to work, running the shop is important to me." Bruce sat up, holding to her shoulders. His demeanor changed, and Lily began to worry. "Lily, listen to me. The Joker knows that I am Batman." Lily gasped, clutching his chest as he held to her. "He made a threat against you, you aren't safe there. We can hire a temp if you like, but you need to stay here."

Lily sat quiet for a second, letting the information sink in. After a moment, she nodded agreeably. Bruce stepped out of the bed. "Just rest here, ok? I'll be back in a moment." He kissed Lily on the cheek and she laid back against the pillows, watching him walk away. Alfred opened the door, pushing a small tray into the room. He poured the coffee, carrying a steamy cup to Bruce. "Thanks, Alfred." Bruce said, throwing his tie around his neck, "Listen, Lily needs to stay in for a few days, so she's not riding in with me. Keep an eye on her ok?" Bruce walked back into the room, only to find Lily fast asleep. Bruce looked peacefully at her, pulling a blanket to cover her shoulders. "Let her sleep, ok Alfred?" Bruce whispered, touching her hair.

Desi sat up, looking down at her blood smeared chest. "I don't remember you blacking out before." The Joker commented smugly. He rubbed Desi's back with his foot as she sat on the edge of the bed, "How long has it been since your were properly fucked?" Desi smiled, looking over at him. "Not only is my sex life more than satisfactory, it's none of your business." Desi stood, fetching her shirt from the floor and putting it on. "Great sex life, huh." Joker replied with a chuckle, "That's why you're out raping clowns?" Desi turned to face him, buttoning up her shirt. "You owe me a favor. That's what I came for." Joker pouted, "Aww, don't put those away." He writhed, "What's the favor?" Desi walked over to the bed, leaning over him. "I haven't decided yet, but you still owe me."

Desi leaned down, kissing Joker passionately. She forced her tongue against his, grazing his teeth as his tongue wrestled for dominance. His chest lifted from the bed, pressing to her as she continued to probe his mouth forcefully. Joker responded by biting her tongue, and Desi drew back in response. Joker smiled up are her, blood from the bite at the corner of his mouth. "I have missed you." Desi whispered, wiping his mouth. "Then unlock these things." Joker demanded. Desi stood, grabbing her purse. "I did. But I wouldn't flail around too much." Joker looked up, focusing on the key as it rested in the lock. He went to work, using one hand to unlock the other. As he freed his hands, he heard the door. He looked around, but she was gone.

Desi walked into her house with a spring in her step, making her way to the shower. "You seem in a good mood." Crane called, sitting behind his desk in the dark. Desi turned to face him, gliding on her feet. "Where were you?" Crane asked, "You didn't even take your phone." Crane waved her phone for her to see. Desi watched him set it down slowly. "I went to see J. We had business." Crane stared at her coldly, "You had business already? What kind of business?" Desi laughed with a sick sort of desperation, "Work stuff. You'd find it boring."

"I think we're close to getting Matilda back. Aren't you happy?" Crane's face was shrouded, but his eyes shined as he stared out at her. "Because of Joker getting involved?" he asked. Desi looked determined, walking over to his desk and leaning against it. "Because she is our daughter, and we want her home safe." she said reassuringly, "The how is incidental." Crane placed a hand on her knee, and Desi took the hand in hers. She bit playfully along his thumb, and Crane closed his eyes. "Do you love me Johnathan?" Desi asked softly.

Crane swallowed hard. "I love you so much I can't stand it sometimes." Desi responded by taking another finger in her mouth, sucking aggressively. A pained expression came over Crane, and he crossed his legs, embarrassed. Desi relished her control over him, asking, "Do you trust me?" She traced her tongue down his finger, sucking as he submitted. "Of course I do, darling." He choked out. Desi rested his hand against her chest. "Then trust me." Desi hopped up, heading to the shower. Crane looked at his hand, "Are you bleeding?" he asked. Desi continued to the shower. "Indeed I am." She replied, closing the door on him.

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Tags: featuring: batman, featuring: bruce wayne, featuring: dr. crane, featuring: harley quinn, featuring: scarecrow, featuring: the joker, featuring: two-face, genre: au, genre: het, genre: movieverse, genre: multi-chapter, misc: request, pairing: bruce/ofc, pairing: joker/harley, pairing: joker/ofc, rating: nc-17
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