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Desdemona's Return, Part 9

Story Title: Desdemona's Return Part Nine
Genre: AU OC
Pairing: Desdemona/Johnathan Crane, Bruce Wayne/Lily
Rating: R
Disclaimer: If I owned them, I'd be too busy fucking to write my name...
Author Notes: Comments are love, bitches! I owe this one to vonnix and my dear jokerluv

Robin sat listening as Matilda pounded her frustration into the weight bag, as she had every day since she arrived. Matilda grunted loudly, striking the bag again and again and again. She continued until she was exhausted, and stopped to catch her breath. "You know the problem with training alone?" Robin said as he walked in the room. "The bag never hits back." Matilda moved swiftly on her feet, bouncing back and forth to keep her heart rate up. "What are you saying?" she huffed, "You wanna spar or something?" Robin held the bag, "I'm saying it's different out there."

Matilda went back to punching the bag, "I can handle it." Without warning, Robin rushed her, pinning her against the wall forcefully. Matilda struggled against him fruitlessly, "Your point is that you're better at this than me?" Robin held her, rendering her unable to even struggle. "My point is that I'm not trying to kill you. Not a reluctance you'll find out there." Matilda ceased resisting and Robin released her. She rubbed her wrists as she turned to face him. "Sorry about that." Robin offered. Matilda shot him a direct look, "Don't apologize. You were right, I need to be tougher."

Matilda walked to her room, where her lunch waited as it did everyday. She sat, and Robin sat at the desk across the room. "Are you hungry?" Matilda offered, "This guy always brings me too much food anyway." Robin shook his head politely. "Batman is checking on that stuff you wrote. There's, uh, a lot to cover. You must've filled that notebook." Matilda shrugged as she organized her tray. "My parents are bad people." she replied, "You wouldn't understand." Robin sighed, "You're right. My parents are dead."

Matilda looked up at him surprised. "I'm sorry." she said softly, "Does it get easier, when you lose people?" she asked, her voice breaking. Robin walked across the room, sitting beside her on the bed to comfort her. "It will in time." Matilda fought back her tears and nodded gratefully. "I went to private school, in England." she explained, "I met a boy. He was amazing. He showed me things I had never seen before, a gentler way of being and living your life." Matilda sniffed, "My mother disapproved of me being involved with boys, taking my focus from what's important. He persisted, stood up to her and said he loved me."

Robin rested a hand on hers as a single tear ran down her face. "The next day he was gone. Vanished without a trace." Matilda pursed her lips, "Even his registration vanished. It was like he had been erased from the earth." Matilda aggressively wiped her tears, "I went home to my mother, who held me as I cried and assured me that he was a fool. But I knew she had done something. My Uncle J was in Arkham, and he has stayed there ever since it happened." Matilda tilted her head back, taking a deep breath to settle her emotions, "It's my fault. He's dead, that wonderful person is dead because of me."

"Not because of you." Robin said sternly, "That had nothing to do with you." Matilda looked at her knees, and Robin was amazed at how fragile she seemed. "As soon as it happened, it became a whispering campaign at school. The halls parted in front of me." Matilda swallowed hard, "She hadn't even showed her face and the entire school was afraid of her." Robin wrapped an arm around her, and she leaned against him as she took deep breaths to calm herself. "You really want to do this, don't you?" he asked. Matilda looked up, "more than anything." she replied solemnly.

Robin touched his forehead to hers, their lips nearly brushing. Matilda trembled at the nearness of him and Robin took a deep breath, "Well come on then." he said, swallowing hard as he stood. Matilda remained, eyes closed, before snapping out of it and replying, "Where are we going?" Robin turned to leave as she stood. "To take measurements. Train all you want, you can't fight crime in sweat pants." Matilda exploded with happiness, bounding around the room happily before making her way out the door behind him.

Desi's phone chirped as she chopped celery and she fished it absentmindedly. Holding it between her shoulder and her ear, she answered. She continued to chop when his voice flooded her mind. "Good afternoon." Joker said smoothly. Desi smiled, "And to what do I owe this call?" The Joker leaned back in his office chair, staring out into the darkness. "I was just thinking about perfection." Desi dumped the celery into a bowl, listening as he sighed into the phone. "Perfection, huh?" She responded, unsure of what he was talking about. "You know that slight curvature along the inside of your right breast?" Joker asked, gripping the phone tightly in his gloved hand. Desi smiled as she listened to him whisper, "It's perfection Desdemona. I'm sitting here in the dark thinking of that."

Desi stopped what she was doing, unsure of what to say. The Joker knowingly read the silence and continued, "Is Crane there with you?" Desi swallowed hard, "No. He'll be home soon though." Joker sat up, resting his hand on his knee. "Then we don't have much time, Desi baby." Joker coached, "There's something I need you to do for me. A way to pay me back for my silence regard the Matilda situation." Desi stirred the bowl, "Name it." She walked the bowl to the dining room table, and leaned against it. The Joker sighed lustfully, "I want you to take Crane as soon as he gets home." Desi switched ears, unsure she understood him. "You want me to what?"

Joker relaxed into his chair, licking his lips as he continued. "I want you to take him upstairs, peel off all your clothes, and ride him until you nearly blackout. I want you to be voracious, Desi." Desi sat at the table, completely confused by his bizarre request. "Why do you want me to fuck Johnathan?" Desi inquired. Joker exhaled slowly, his tone soft and even. It was almost gentle. "Because you won't be fucking Johnathan." he explained, "Every touch...every kiss...every moan will be mine. I'm already there, baby, can't you feel me?" Desi shuddered at his tone, and began to grow wet as he continued. "It will be me inside you, driving you to orgasm. I'm there right now."

Desi's breathing grew frantic, and Joker noted her heavier breathing as his tone softened. "Tell me you feel me there, baby." he purred, "Do you feel my breath on you neck?" Joker exhaled loudly, and Desi closed her eyes, nearly dropping her phone. Joker sat in the darkness, his complete focus on reading her reaction. "Do you feel me Desi?" Desi sighed, "Yes, I feel you." she whispered, "You're here." The Joker smiled, switching ears as he licked his lips mischievously, "That's my good girl. I can't wait to hear you moaning for me. You'll leave the speaker phone on for me so I can, right?"

Desi gripped her phone, but said nothing. She hungered for him and the idea of making him happy excited her, but she was nervous as to his motives. "Sure I will. Anything you want." she replied quietly. "I want you on top now." The Joker instructed smoothly, "Just like I remember you. That way while I listen, I can close my eyes and imagine your body." Desi gasped, moaning softly into the phone. "Who will you be thinking of?" Desi smiled, "I'll be thinking of you. I'm already thinking of you."

The door rattled and Desi hopped up. "He's home." The Joker replied, "Stay on the line. I'll be listening." Desi ran upstairs, setting the phone on the bedside table and darting back down as Crane walked in. "Good evening, darling." Crane said sweetly. Desi stood on the staircase as Crane walked to the dining table. "Your pants." Desi called seriously. Crane looked down at his slacks as Desi remarked, "Take them off." Startled, Crane looked up at her. Desi crossed her arms, "Now." Crane swallowed, and excitedly began to remove his pants. Desi turned, walking upstairs to the bedroom. She checked the phone, setting the speakerphone as she began undressing.

"I'm getting naked for you." she called aloud. Joker sat listening over the phone as Crane entered the bedroom. As if listening to a symphony, he listens as a bewildered Crane is thrown onto the bed and taken by the overzealous Desi. He even chuckled softly as Crane exclaimed, "Jesus, Desi! What's gotten into you?" Desi smiled as she mounted Crane, grabbing the headboard for stability. She cracked her neck and looked up at the skylight as she began to grind into him. Crane began to moan softly, but when Desi looked down, she saw the Joker. Desi lit up, and responded by grinding into him violently.

"God, this feels great!" she groaned, and threw her head back as she moaned freely. Crane traced his hands up her body, and Desi met them. She threw them back, over his head as she leaned down. She continued to pant and moan loudly as she pressed herself against his pelvic bone. "My, you are vocal tonight!" Crane said happily. "I have wanted this for so long." Desi announced, her eyes cutting to the phone. As she began to rise up, Crane kissed her upper chest and cupped her breasts. "I want you to lick me." Desi requested. Crane looked at her, "Really?"

Desi nodded, throwing her hair back. "Along my scars. Put your mouth on them." Crane did as he was told, and as Desi soaked hm as she pulled his hair and howled loudly. Joker continued to listen, amused at the cues she was giving him. He barely stirred as he listened to the energetic grunting and soft moans over the phone. He listened patiently as Crane came, waiting for Desi. Desi worked, but just seemed unable to get there.She tried closing her eyes, imagining every blood stirring detail about her last encounter. She imagined his hands, his warm moist breath on her and Crane called to her. "You ok darling?"" he asked kindly.

"Quiet for a moment, ok hon?" Desi panted, "You're putting me off." Desi grasped her hips, digging her nails in as she came. The Joker listened with rapt attention as she screamed her orgasm, much to Crane's surprise. As Desi collapsed beside him on the bed, he exclaimed, "Where is that come from?" Fighting to catch her breath, Desi shook her head. "I don't know. I guess...I was inspired." A satisfied look washed over the Joker as Desi suggested, "Why don't you take a shower and then we'll eat something?" Crane nodded, kissing her before he headed downstairs.

As the bathroom door closed, Desi went for the phone. "How was that?" she asked, exhausted. "Desi, baby it was amazing!" Joker soothed, "How was it knowing I was listening?" Desi smiled as she laid back on the bed. "Once I focused, I was with you. I closed my eyes, and you were here." Joker crossed his legs and leaned back in the chair, "I was there. Next time we're together I'll show you all the things I imagined when I closed my eyes." Desi giggled, trembling as he sighed lustfully into the phone. "I'm going to go now, Desi, but I want you to think of me." Joker mused, "Every time I touch myself, I'll be thinking of you."

Desi looked at the phone for a solid minute before clutching it to her chest as she lay on the bed. She closed her eyes, imagining his lips on her body, his scent in the air. She imagined him and her hands drifted down, feeling herself as she bucked. Across town, the Joker ended his call with a smug sense of victory. The most sacred place in a marriage, and now I'm in yours. he thought, We'll see how long that marriage lasts now. Joker chuckled to himself as he lifted from the chair and left the apartment.

Lily bounced down the stairs lively, making her way down into the kitchen. "Good morning, Mistress Lily." Alfred said brightly. Lily furrowed her brow as he set a cup of coffee before her. "I thought we discussed that. I'm just Lily." Alfred smiled, "Yes, well, old habits die hard." Lily sat across from the massive kitchen island, sipping her coffee. "So, what are we doing today?" she asked. Alfred continued folding linen napkins, "We are going to prepare. The Winterbourne Ball is tonight, and you and Bruce are attending." Lily smiled, "What is that?" She asked, smoothing her body-length gown absentmindedly. Alfred began stacking the napkins in a patterned system of organization, "It one of the largest charity events of the year. They raise money for children's cancer support."

Lily got a far away look in her eyes as she finished her coffee. "The rich sure do a lot of charity, don't they?" she remarked. Alfred collected up the stacks before heading to the linen closet. "Seems to me, Miss," he replied, "money is worthless if you don't use it." Alfred left the room and Lily sighed, looking around at every lovingly minute detail. Alfred really knows how to run this house. she thought. "I took the liberty of hiring out a beautician for the afternoon." Alfred announced as he returned, "A little pampering never hurt anyone." Lily looked puzzled, "I thought we weren't supposed to leave?" Alfred smiled, "We won't be. They're coming in." Lily blinked, "They?" she said confused. Alfred just laughed.

"Alfred?" Lily asked, tracing her finger around the cup. "Do you think Bruce really loves me? I mean, you've said..." Lily sighed, dropping her shoulders as she searched for the right words. A smile slowly appeared on her face as she admitted, "I love him Alfred." She looked at him, her eyes pleading, "What do I do?" Alfred took the empty cup from her hands, "You could consider telling him." he suggested. Lily scoffed, "I've known him a month! I can't pressure him like that." Lily looked at her hands, "I just...I'm scared. He could have anyone." Alfred rounded the island, ushering Lily to her feet.

"I think that as long as you speak from the heart, you'll be fine." Alfred said, patting her on the back as she began walking to the staircase. "Besides, in my experience any day a beautiful girl gives you her heart is a good one. I can't imagine Bruce would disagree." Lily perked up, kissing Alfred on the cheek before making her way to her room to prepare for the evening. Alfred watched her, very pleased with his new information. As she disappeared, he shrugged and continued happily on his way.

Desi rolled her eyes as the policeman paced in front of her. "I was at work, officer." She spat, "Care to check to time sheets, or the security footage?" The policeman stopped, leaning onto the table as he spoke to her. "An awful lot of alibis you seem to have." he replied. Desi took a sip of her tea calmly, "Well, after years of the Gotham PD screwing up and trying to pin things on me, I got used to covering my ass." The policeman stared at her. "Speaking of such things," Desi said bitterly, "have you done anything to find my daughter? I filed the report over a week ago, like any other law abiding citizen."

The policeman leaned back, and in her frustration Desi fished a cigarette from her her clutch. Crane leaned in, offering her a light and rubbing her shoulders. Desi took a drag, exhaling as she continued, "He wants my daughter, isn't that right?" Desi asked. The policeman's expression softened and he looked at his notes. "That's what he said." he replied, as Desi took another puff. "Don't you think if I knew where he was, I'd tell you?" she said desperately, "For my daughter's sake if nothing else?" She turned to Crane, who held her head to his waist comfortingly.

"Listen, we've been very cooperative." Crane said, "I think its time you should leave." Desi pulled from him, sipping her tea as the officer gathered his things. "If we hear of anything concerning your daughter, we'll contact you directly." Desi swallowed hard, "I'll bet." Crane left her shoulders and walked the cop to the door. He closed the door, turning back to comfort Desi. He placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder as Desi held her face. Just as he went for her face, Desi began laughing maniacally. She dropped her hands, laughing loudly as Crane stood watching her. "What idiots!" she said, wiping her eyes. Crane stared, as taken in as the cop had been.

Desi hopped to her feet, setting the cigarette down as she made her way to the back door. "I mean, Jesus!" She exclaimed, pushing the door open so the Joker could step inside. He walked to the table as Desi closed the door and followed. Crane pursed his lips as the Joker sat in Desi's seat. "Ok, I'm going to get ready. You guys hang out, I won't be long." Desi announced, standing between them. Desi walked away, and Joker took charge of her cigarette. He licked his lips, turning casually to Crane. "So..." he asked quietly, "She still as tight as I remember?"

Crane nearly choked on his tea, leaning over the table as he set the glass down. He coughed as the Joker remembered, "She was a real hellcat back then. Wanted it all...the...time too." He took a final drag off of Desi's cigarette, "She had this thing about friction, and when she rattled it around just right." He chuckled softly, exhaling smoke as he watched Crane break out in gooseflesh. Desi walked up and the Joker at up abruptly. "What it is?" she asked Crane, who snapped out of it and shook his head at her. She went for her cigarette, only to find it extinguished. "Ok, everything's prepared. I'll hit the shower and be ready in about twenty minutes. You have the spray ready?"

Crane smiled, looking over Joker to assure Desi, "Yes, my darling. Everything is ready." Desi turned, making her way to the bathroom. "Still, it makes sense." Joker commented as Crane's smile faded, "I mean, marry up when you start to lose it." Crane stared at him, "She hasn't lost anything, believe me." he said priggishly, "Perhaps if she were more than a punching bag to you, you'd know that." Crane sat, "Every time she comes back from a visit with you she has new scars from fighting." Joker clicked his tongue and said airily, "Oh, they're not from fighting. Maybe she just has needs that are rougher than you can provide. You know, more Verile." Crane shook at the implication, watching Desi leave the bathroom wrapped in a towel.

As she made her way up the stairs, Crane turned to the Joker angrily. "If I don't satisfy her, then why is it that after almost 20 years together, we still make love in the afternoon?" Crane asked and Joker rolled his eyes. "She pounced on me like a horny schoolgirl just this afternoon, care to explain that?" Joker pulled the pack from her purse, and pocketed her wallet. Lighting another cigarette, he looked at Crane. His eyes flashed cold and he replied, "Easy. I was tired last night." Crane stared hatefully at him and he smiled satisfied. "Ok, ready!" Desi called from above them. Smiling, Joker turned his eyes from Crane as Desi started down the stairs.

"She talk about me?" Joker asked softly. Crane stared hatefully at him, but the Joker stared off at the kitchen. "I bet she does. I bet she talks about me in her sleep." Shaking, Crane turned to Desi as she walked up, stunningly put together. Desi looked in the ashtray, noticing the fresh cigarette. Joker snapped it up, taking a long drag. Desi smiled, leaning down in front of Joker face. Their lips almost touched as he slowly released the smoke into her awaiting mouth. Crane watched, his hands clenched in white-knuckled fists. Desi sat up, slowly releasing the smoke. "My wallet." she said dryly, extending her hand as the Joker sheepishly pulled it and dropped it into her hands.

"See you there?" she asked. The Joker stood, "Not if everything goes to plan." he replied, making his way out. Desi turned to Crane, who was still staring at the Joker. "You have everything?" Desi asked, "We gotta go." Crane responded by grabbing Desi, kissing her harshly and clinging to her. Joker walked away laughing as Crane desperately held to Desi. Desi pulled from him, her lipstick smeared. "O...K." she said, "You ready?" Crane wiped his mouth as Desi checked hers. He held her coat, and as she slipped into it asked, "That thing with the smoke, why haven't we ever done it?"

"What, shotgunning?" Desi said, laughing. "Because, Johnathan, you don't smoke. What's gotten into you?" Crane shook his head, offering her a small perfume bottle. Desi took it and tucked it into her her purse, "What, no lecture about how I shouldn't smoke?" Crane slipped into his coat, "You've heard it before." he responded. Desi looked at him, "Whatever he said to you, it worked." She said, shaking her head. "You know how he just loves fucking with you. You can't take it personally." Crane smiled sickly, "Come on." he offered, "Let's not be late."

Bruce held his breath, knocking on Lily's door. After a moment, Lily opened it as she straightened her dress. Bruce stared as she looked up at him. The layers of tulle material wrapped around her, creating a glow as the dress billowed from her hips to the floor. "Are those for me?" Lily asked, gesturing to the white roses Bruce held loosely in his grip. Bruce blinked a few times before nodding, extending them to her. Lily accepted them happily, "They're beautiful. Thank you very much." Lily turned back into the room, "Come in, please. I'll only be a minute." Bruce followed her in, nodding to the beauticians who were putting their equipment away.

"I have something else." Bruce commented, "On loan from a friend for tonight." Lily looked confused as she slipped on her gloves. Bruce stepped over to her, opening a large box. Lily gasped loudly, staring at a large necklace and earring set. The necklace was platinum, and held over a thousand white and yellow diamonds. "Worth over a million dollars." Bruce said, "It's something, huh?" Lily stared at it, unable to speak. Bruce lifted it carefully, slipping it on Lily's elegant neck. "Wow, its really heavy." Lily said, touching it. She put the earrings on as Bruce grabbed her shawl.

"You ready?" he asked. Lily caught her reflection and trembled. "Yes, I'm ready." She stepped by him and they made their way to the garage. She lifted her train and as they reached the door Bruce called out, "Oh! I forgot, just a sec." Lily stopped turning to him quizzical. Bruce kissed her tenderly, taking care to not muss her makeup. "You are stunning, and I am the luckiest guy out tonight." Lily smiled as Bruce concluded, "That's all." Lily took his hand, "I have something to tell you." She said as they walked outside into the night.

They arrived at the Plaza, and Bruce took Lily's hand as she stepped out of the car. They walked past flash bulbs and interviewers to enter the building, which was luminous Lily had never seen anything like it. "You know, I never got to go to my prom." Lily confided, hugging to Bruce's arm. "Me neither." Bruce said, leaning in. "We should blow this place and go find one." Lily laughed as they entered the ballroom. Bruce made the rounds, introducing her to each member of the board of directors. Lily shook hands graciously with each, holding her own with Gotham's elite.

Bruce gently pulled her elbow and Lily excused herself. "There's Lucius Fox from work." Bruce informed her, "I'm going to say hello." Lily nodded, "I'm going to visit the powder room." Bruce kissed her cheek and Lily made her way to the powder room. Bruce walked over to Lucius, patting him on the shoulder and making small talk. Lily checked her makeup in the mirror, looking with wonder at the decor of the ladies' room. Behind her, the stalls opened and people shuffled around making their way to the sink.

"I love these events, don't you?" A neighboring lady asked. Lily smiled at her, "This is my first time at one of these." she admitted.The lady smiled, "Well, you never forget your first." she said, "And in your case, I'm certain you won't." Lily looked confused, "In my case?" she asked. The crowd filed out of the room and she responded, "I'm dying to know. How is Batman in the sack?" Lily looked suddenly afraid as she continued, "Tell me, scale of one to ten." A panicked breath escaped her, and she took a step back. "How rude of me." The lady said as she extended her hand, "Desdemona Crane."

"" Lily squeaked out, trailing away. Desi shrugged, spraying the small perfume bottle in her face. Lily gasped, blacking out and collapsing to the floor. Desi turned, whistling for Crane as she pulled Lily to the door. Meanwhile, the party was interrupted as an explosion sent the chandelier crashing into the ice sculpture in the center of the room. "Ladies and Gentleman!" The Joker announced merrily, "Consider the party crashed!" Bruce locked eyes with the Joker, who stared maliciously at him, "I have rigged the pediatric cancer ward of Gotham General to explode." Joker called, "Tonight it seems, you really will be helping cancer victims."

The Joker howled as Crane carried Lily out of the Plaza among the crowd of people trying to escape. Bruce looked around the crowd for Lily, before rushing the Joker. Joker wrestled with him excitedly, "A little underdressed, aren't we?" he cried. Bruce punched him and the Joker fell backward. Bruce pounced on him, grabbing his by his collar. "I already have her Bruce." Joker seethed, "I got her first." Bruce released him and the Joker lay back laughing. "You...tell my niece to meet me in the place where she told me tomorrow night, or you'll never see her again." Bruce stared at him as he pulled to his feet.

Bruce made fists, and as the Joker backed away slowly true, honest fear gripped him. "Where is she?" he asked. Joker chuckled maliciously, "The place where she told me." he instructed, "Tomorrow."

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Tags: featuring: alfred, featuring: batman, featuring: bruce wayne, featuring: dr. crane, featuring: gordon, featuring: harley quinn, featuring: lucius fox, featuring: scarecrow, featuring: the joker, genre: au, genre: het, genre: movieverse, genre: multi-chapter, misc: request, pairing: bruce/ofc, pairing: joker/harley, pairing: joker/ofc, rating: nc-17
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