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Desdemona's Return, Part 10

Story Title: Desdemona's Return Part Ten
Summary: The more you have, the more you stand to lose
Genre: AU OC
Pairing: Desdemona/Johnathan Crane, Bruce Wayne/Lily
Rating: R
Disclaimer: If I owned them, I'd be too busy fucking to write my name...
Author Notes: Comments are love, bitches! I owe this one to vonnix and my dear jokerluv

Crane sat against the foot of the bed, staring at Desi as she slept. His eyes were empty, as Joker's words turned ceaselessly in his mind. I bet she talks about me. he remembered, I bet she does in her sleep. Crane shook his head, desperate to rid himself of the dread which obsessed him. Desi slept, peacefully unaware of her husband's torment. She tossed, moaning softly as she settled on her back and rubbed her face. Crane winced, desperate to know what it was she was dreaming about. Unable to take it any longer, he crawled up the bed and on top of her.

Softly brushing her hair along her shoulder, Crane leaned down and lightly pressed his lips to hers. He looked down, noting the recent trauma to her scars and a pained expression came over him. "Darling?" he whispered. Desi furrowed her brow, and Crane quietly said, "Desi, please wake up." He kissed her again, and Desi stirred beneath him. "What...what is it honey?" she asked sleepily. Crane touched his nose to hers, "I just wanted," he said sadly, "I need you to..." His words trailed away and Desi let her legs fall open, welcoming him. "Baby, come here." She said sweetly, and Crane seized her suddenly. He plunged into her as he desperately held to her.

Crane kissed her shoulders and chest over and over, hiding his face from her. Desi, still half asleep, stretched beneath him as she rubbed along the back of his head in support. Although it felt great, Desi found herself unable to concentrate. Crane continued thrusting evenly, his heavy breathing almost rhythmic. "I love you so much." Crane mumbled, "I know I shouldn't let what he says get to me, but you make me so crazy. I just couldn't take it if I though I was losing you." Desi played with his hair, closing her eyes to focus. To her surprise, as soon as she did she saw the Joker.

Desi gasped softly, and as her runaway mind went wild with details of his body and memories of his touch, warmth flooded between her legs. Crane was relieved at the positive cues, and looked up at Desi, whose eyes were still closed. He watched her as her smile grew, and a knot formed in his stomach. "Baby?" Crane asked timidly. Desi bucked mildly as she moaned in response. "Where are you?" Crane asked sickly. Snapping out of it, Desi opened her eyes and smiled nervously at him. "I'm right here baby," she said breathless, "I'm here." Crane studied her eyes sadly, "No, you're not." he replied, slowing to a stop. He laid his head on her stomach, defeated. Desi lay unsure of how to fix this.

Crane looked back up at her desperately. "Tell me you love me." he demanded, "Make me believe it." Desi stared at him. "No." she responded, "I'm not going to say that just to ease your mind." Crane grabbed her hands, holding her to the bed as bitter tears escaped him. "Don't you know I love you?" Desi asked him, "This is all in your mind, and if I indulge you it won't get any better." Crane blinked, flushing the water from his eyes. He sniffed, "I..I know you love me." he admitted, "Why don't I feel it?" Desi winced, "Johnathan, you're hurting me." She spoke calmly, gesturing to her wrists. Crane looked to them, releasing her immediately. He sat back, vacantly trying to settle his mind.

Desi took a nervous breath, sitting up to meet Crane's face. She pressed her forehead to his, choking back tears. "I'm not mad at you." Crane assured her, and Desi sighed relief as he kissed her. He pulled from her, getting out of bed and getting dressed. "What are you doing?" Desi asked, worried. Crane calmed himself, turning to her. "Things without all remedy should be without regard." Desi smiled queerly, her eyes drifting in thought. "Macbeth?" she replied. Crane fastened his pants. "Very good, darling." He turned to her, "Lilian Stormer." he said sternly. He leaned down, kissing Desi slowly. "Dream of me." He pleaded, turning to collect up some fear toxin from the safe. Desi laid down and Crane started down the stairs with a determined look on his face.

Bruce was also without sleep that evening. Immediately following the Joker's departure, he rushed for the ladies' room, where he found Lily's abandoned purse. Grabbing it, he remembered the Joker's threat. His mind racing, he pulled his phone to call Robin. "dick, you have got to call Gordon." He instructed, marching out of the room and through the lobby. "Tell him to get to Gotham General. Joker made a threat against the oncology department." Bruce listened as he planned his next move. "I'm on it." Robin replied, "Meet you there?" Bruce exited the building, searching for evidence of the Joker's path. "Negative. I'm following another lead." Bruce closed the phone and disappeared into the crowd.

Bruce pursued every known place the Joker frequents, only to find each a dead end. His desperation mounting, he continued to the hospital only to find the evacuation well underway. he watched Robin working with Gordon, and for the first time since he could remember, he felt impotent and unsure of exactly what to do. You've got to go talk to her. Bruce told himself, She's never given you any reason to distrust her. Dammit Bruce, you have got to get over your prejudice. Bruce sat, and the fear of what might be happening to Lily gripped him. He thought he might be sick.

This is my fault. he thought, If I had only worked with Matilda, instead of avoiding her. God only knows what she could have warned me about. Bruce, how could you have let this happen? How could you have let things get so confused? At that moment, Rachel flashed into Bruce's mind. Bruce remembered sitting in the penthouse, holding his cowel as he cried bitterly as he looked out at the city. Bruce cranked the car, "Not this time." he said defiantly. He peeled away from the hospital, making his way home.

"What exactly did you say to him?" Desi asked. She finished painting her toenails and waved her feet in the air to dry them. The Joker sat across from her, staring down her boxers for glimpses of her as she kicked her legs. "Nothing. What's got sand in his vagina now?" he asked flippantly. Desi stopped kicking and rested on Crane's desk. "J, I know better than that." she said seriously, "Just leave him alone, ok?" Joker rolled his eyes as Desi walked the polish back to the bathroom. "Whatever it was, it sure got to him though." Desi announced, "He's been downstairs taking it out on that bitch all day. She only just stopped screaming recently." Joker's eyebrows arched as he listened, intrigued as to what was going on downstairs.

Desi returned to the desk, sitting on the end of it. She went to say something as muffled screams began to once again fill the loft. Joker looked as Desi extended her arms in a demonstrative way. "See?" she said, "All day with this shit." Desi dropped her hands, rolling her stiff neck. "Trouble sleeping?" Joker asked. Desi shook her head, closing her eyes as she relaxed. Joker looked passionately at her as her body relaxed. The screaming became shrill, echoing in the air of the loft. Joker brushed her kneecaps, kneading gently along the inside of her thighs.

Desi sighed as he massaged her, working his way inside her boxers. Joker tilted his head, getting a high from the tortured screams which issued from the basement. He stood, pushing her knees apart as he insinuated himself between them. Desi opened her eyes, looking in his dark eyes. Joker's gaze fixed on her as he ripped her shirt open, exposing her breasts. Desi held her breath as he gripped her boxers, ripping them from her body and letting them hang, still pinned under her. Chuckling softly, he ran his strong fingers down her neck and along her breasts before stroking along the outside of her labia.

Desi exhaled harshly, and Joker excitedly went for her neck. Desi's eyes rolled back in her head as he nibbled along her neck, biting playfully to tease her. "Um...John...athan might come up." Desi moaned as he continued to tease her, stroking the sensitive tissue along the inside of her lips. Leaving her neck, the Joker lifted to look at her. "You telling me to stop?" he asked, pushing his fingers into her. Desi grunted, biting her lip. Joker growled as he pulled out only to plunge deeply again. She brought her eyes to his and went serious. Matching his gaze, she replied "Fuck me like you hate me."

Joker growled smiling at the invite, and Desi felt his breath on her face. He grabbed her, turning her over violently and bending her over the desk. Desi felt the cuffs close around each wrist as he secured them to the drawers of the desk, pinning her down. He used his foot to spread her legs widely, and held her neck to the desk as he reached into his pants. Joker cracked his neck, listening to the screams like a symphony as he stroked himself. He released his firm cock and ran his hand along the curve of Desi's supple ass, slapping it.

All humor left his face, and though Desi moaned playfully in response to his slapping, a dark haze filled his eyes as he slammed into her forcefully. Desi moaned turning to look back at him. "God, J, you really know how to-" she started. In a tone she never heard from him, he seethed. "No one said you could speak." Desi looked back timidly, and her eyes settled on him as he worked. His eyes were cold, and his expression was hateful as he focused on her body objectively. "You know, it might not be that hard to hate you, Desdemona." He said calmly, slapping her ass much harder than before.

Desi looked away, unsure of what he was going to do next. Joker continued slow, even thrusts as he worked, tracing his nails along her back. "You lie to me. You only come around when you need me. You let my daughter..." He said quietly, digging his nails into her back, "get raised by a second rate criminal shrink?" He thrust harshly as Desi's winces mingled with Lilian's screams. He pulled her hair, bringing her head to his and his lips to her ear. "Seems to me, every time I fuck you its like I hate you." A desperate laugh escaped Desi as he held her by her hair, "You don't hate me." she gasped, "You wouldn't care if you did." Joker clenched his teeth, slamming her head into the desk with all his might.

Desi bounced from the force of it, going limp as her vision went blurry. Desi rolled her head to the side, gasping for air as the Joker leaned over her, wrapping his strong hands around her throat. His thrusts became erratic and violent as he squeezed, and Desi stretched as he choked her. "I told him, you know." Joker commented smoothly, "Crane. About how when you need a real man, you come to me." Desi gasped, gurgling a bit as he continued squeezing the life from her. "I told him the truth: that you may sleep with him, but you dream of me." Joker breathed into her ear. Desi began to worry that he might actually kill her, struggling for air as her vision began fading.

Joker felt her muscles relax as he thrust, and he released his grip on her. Desi immediately gasped, taking giant, panicked breaths as she coughed. "Tell me you don't love him." Joker instructed gently, "That you never did. I'm the only man you ever loved, and you don't care if he knows." Resurrecting the dark tone she heard earlier, he commanded, "Say it." Desi swallowed, and cried at the pain of it. "I can't, J." she choked out raspily, "I do love you and always will, but I can't say I never loved him." Desi coughed, spraying fine drops of blood on the desk, "It wouldn't be true, I do love Johnathan."

Desi ached, and her vision was doubled. Joker placed both hands onto the desk and looked up to the ceiling. He closed his eyes and let the panicked screams resound like a cheering section. Turning her refusal over in his mind, he thrust into Desi with more force than he had ever before. Desi winced, each thrust punctuated by a sharp internal pain. She wasn't sure if it was purposeful or not, and she was genuinely afraid to ask. Joker continued his assault on Desi's swollen body, thrusting like a man possessed while oblivious to the blood which was spreading from her and covering them both.

Desi felt contraction-like pain and cried softly as she listened to the aggression in J's voice. He sounded like an animal, and Desi found herself trying to focus on Lilian to calm herself. Joker suddenly stopped, burying himself in her as he pumped his load. He threw his head back, grunting loudly as he rested inside her. Desi could feel her wrists bleeding as he pulled from her and noticed the coat of her blood on him. Eying the blood, he looked to the cuffs, which were also bloody. Desi lay against the desk bruised and bleeding, her breathing labored. Joker stared at her as it slowly dawned on him what he had just done.

Joker released the cuffs, letting Desi's bruised hands fall against the desk. Desi tried to roll onto her side only to give up, crying softly to herself. Joker grabbed her wrists, pulling her slowly to her feet. Desi groaned, and as she her feet touched the ground a small pool of blood poured down her legs. She began sinking, unable to hold herself up and the Joker braced her as she cried out in pain. "Come on." Joker instructed, pulling her toward the bathroom, "Don't go to pieces on me." Desi stumbled along slowly, her feet heavy.

Joker noted her fuzziness as she stumbled, purring his mock encouragement. "It's all right, baby." he soothed, "I understand the Crane thing, and I'm not upset." He rubbed her back as she reached the bathroom, and she pulled away painfully as he brushed the scratches. She opened the door, leaning to the side of the tub as she began filling it. She said nothing, only sniffing every few minutes as she continued to quietly cry. Joker looked at the trail of bloody footprints she left from the desk to the door and Desi grabbed his forearm for stability. "You felt so good, Desi baby." Joker lulled, "You always give me just what I need to make me happy."

Desi shut off the water and released his arm. "Thank you J." She replied solemnly, unwilling to look at him. As she sank into the hot water, she cried out and the water tinted in traces of pink. Joker left her, closing the door without saying anything. Desi lay back, feeling the damage on her face and examining her wrists as she tried to figure out exactly what had just happened with her. Her head was pounding, and she found it hard to focus. She began to wash himself, lifting the cloth to find it red with her blood. She laid back, breathing deep to relax herself. After a period she couldn't ascertain, she opened her eyes and looked around the bathroom.

As she climbed out of the bath it occurred to her, its quiet in the loft. Desi panicked, throwing her robe on and limping out, leaving the tub to drain. She stumbled into the open room, looking around worriedly for Crane. To her amazement, the place was immaculate. All evidence of their activities had been destroyed, and as relief washed over her, she looked around for the Joker. As she made her way to the kitchen, the Joker walked in the front door, completely put together.

He looked at her seriously for several seconds before asking, "You ready for tonight?" Desi leaned against the counter, relaxing her still stiff body. "Yeah." she offered quietly, "Thank you, J, for..." Desi trailed away, signaling to the desk and office. Joker reached behind her ear as if grabbing a coin. Desi smiled as he placed the small bag in her hand. Desi opened it as he walked toward the living room, examining the small bag. "Vicondin?" She asked, smiling as she took them. "What good are you to me all hunched over?" Joker replied coolly, flopping onto the couch.

Crane emerged from the basement looking completely refreshed. "Wow, you look better." Desi said, opening a beer. Crane looked to her, and his smile faded immediately. "Oh my God, your face." He rushed over to her, "Are you ok?" Joker watched, his right eye twitching as Crane hovered over Desi. Desi shooed him politely, "I'm fine, really." she insisted, "I fell down the damn staircase. Look what I did to my wrist." Crane examined her as she locked eyes with the Joker. "The things I do to myself." she said ominously, "I really need to be more careful."

Crane released her wrist, and kissed her temple. "Are you in any pain?" Desi smiled, "Not anymore." Crane looked down at himself, "Well, I'm going to get ready." Desi offered her arm to him, "Me too." she said merrily. Joker stood, licking his lips and brushing his hair from his face. "While you two play house, a-ha, I'm going to collect up the bat bait." He chuckled maliciously as he went for the basement.

Batman paced, his mind racing. Robin walked up with Matilda in tow. "How can I help?" Matilda asked, equally worried and eager to help. Robin offered her a seat, and she watched as Batman continued to pace in front of her. Batman stopped, turning to Matilda. "The Joker has a hostage." Batman started, "He wants to see you. He said you should come to the place where you told him." A far away look came over Matilda, and she sat stunned at the information. "I know where that is." she said sadly, "When I was six years old, my Uncle J took me to see the skyline. I had no idea what he was, you understand. To me, he was my funny Uncle, always playing games and letting me do things mom and dad wouldn't."

Matilda admitted shamefully, "I guess I had a case of puppy love." Matilda closed her eyes, remembering as she skipped along in her dress and pigtails. She sat beside him, drinking her soda as they looked out at Gotham City. "It's so twinkly!" she exclaimed, "Thank you for bringing me to see it. Dad never lets me do fun stuff like this." Matilda sat on the ledge of the building, her feet dangling over. The Joker chuckled, "Yeah, your dad is no fun." he replied, licking his lips. "Tell me, Matilda, you ever wish I was your dad?" Blushing, Matilda held her bottle. She shook her head bashfully. "I know you're not my uncle." She bragged, "But if Miss Harley isn't around, I'll marry you." The Joker laughed heartily, tugging lightly at Matilda's pigtail. "Just like mom, huh?" he said, "Tell you what, kiddo. It's a deal." Joker looked out at the skyline and his eyes shined, "Even if Harley's around."

Matilda's eyes were wet with tears as she opened them. "I know where to go." she said bemusedly. Batman turned over a plan in his head. "Tell Robin where to go." He turned, walking from the table. "Wait, I'm not going?" Matilda asked as he walked to the door. Matilda turned her confusion to Robin, who looked at her sympathetically. Batman stopped at the door, turning back to face them. "Matilda." he said solemnly, "Thank you."

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