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Idlewild Part 1

Story Title: Idlewild Part One
Summary: Everything as it should be.
Genre: AU OC
Pairing: Desdemona/Joker, Bruce Wayne/Lily, Matilda/Dick Grayson
Rating: R
Disclaimer: If I owned them, I'd be too busy fucking to write my name...
Author Notes: Comments are love, bitches! Thanks to everyone who took the survey.

Matilda stumbled into the small apartment, dropping the heavy box at her feet. "Where will I put all of this stuff?" She called down the hall. When she didn't get a response, Matilda walked down the hall to investigate and was immediately pulled down to the bedroom floor by Dick. Laughing, Matilda kissed Dick playfully before falling backwards onto the plush carpet. "Dick, um, what are we doing on the floor?" she asked. Dick said nothing, and instead clicked the white ikea lamp which at on the floor in the corner. Smiling, he turned back to her. "Your first lamp." he offered, "Thought we might celebrate." Matilda smiled as she looked at the lamp. "I did the right thing, didn't I?" she asked, laying back on the carpet, "I can't help feeling like I did something dishonest."

Dick rested against the wall. "You didn't Mattie, you did the most responsible thing you could've done. Taking the ivy league tuition gave you enough to not only pay for the tuition at Gotham University, it paid for this apartment and all the stuff at ikea." Dick leaned, putting her in view, "You did the right thing." Matilda sat up, stretching her tired back and rolled forward onto her knees to kiss Dick. "Thanks." she replied, "And thanks for putting this place in your name. At least now I have a little time to settle in before mom finds me." Matilda pulled to her feet, "Well, I gotta get cracking if I ever want to be done today." Dick followed, clicking the lamp off as he left the room.

"Don't forget, we have plans for dinner." Dick called to her. Matilda carried a box to the kitchen, "Right. Where are we going exactly?" she asked, pulling items from the box. Dick grabbed another box and carried it past her. "Wayne manor. Bruce's girlfriend just got out of the hospital and we were going to visit and wish her well." Matilda continued digging around in her box, "I can't believe you know Bruce Wayne." she commented, "Wow, and I'm so relieved to hear about Ms. Stormer. She's only been conscious for a month, her progress is really impressive." Dick stopped at the counter, nodding his agreement. "It is a relief, but she's still getting better, so we're there for moral support."

Matilda looked pensive, "I can't even imagine. Having that kind of trauma..." Matilda shook her head, "I hope she'll be alright." Dick took her hand, "Bruce is taking good care of her." he assured, "You'll see." He rubbed her cheek before going for another box. "Besides, you think you're getting away with not celebrating your eighteenth birthday, and that's not happening." Matilda looked up as Dick continued down the hall. "Can't we talk about this?" Matilda tried. "I can't hear you..." Dick mocked, calling down the hall "La la la la la."

He watched her silently from the stairs. Desi sat on the edge of the bed, kneading her feet and looking at the floor as she did following every visit with Crane. Joker took a deep breath as he looked on. He never imagined Crane had such an effect over Desi, and he didn't like the idea of it one bit. Licking his lips, he walked up to bed as he rolled up his sleeves. He climbed across the bed and rubbed Desi's shoulders. "What're you doing?" Desi asked, surprised. "You know, I really resent this image you have developed for me." he replied annoyed. "Wasn't I the one who sent you after Crane in the first place? You don't think I might want to see you happy?"

Joker rolled his eyes as he said it, but Desi completely bought it. "True." she admitted. Her shoulders relaxed and Joker smiled triumphant. "Your hands are so callused." she commented, closing her eyes, "Its very attractive, a man with rough hands." Joker leaned her back into his arms, looking down at her face. "And you aren't happy, Desi baby. I haven't seen you happy since you came to me." Joker took advantage of her stunned silence to kiss her softly. Desi pulled from him, "I can't. I promised..." she said emotionally, "I lost Matilda, J. I can't lose Johnathan too." Joker laid her on the bed and began kneading down her frame, starting at her neck.

"You have to relax, and learn to enjoy life more." He purred, watching the slightest reaction as he worked his way down her body. "When I met you, you were so tenacious. I actually let you live to see what you would do next." Desi smiled and Joker stopped at her knees, slowly working his way back up her thighs. "And you didn't disappoint, Desdemona. In your prime, this entire city held it breath, and you were able to handle it." Joker watched as her expression softened, remembering. "You were my prize pupil, my favorite project, and without doubt the hottest little sexbomb in the business." Desi giggled, and Joker began working the inside of her thighs.

"Have you forgotten about that woman Desi?" Joker asked, licking lightly along her thigh, "Because I sure haven't." Desi's entire body relaxed and she sighed. "Matilda wasn't your fault, and neither was Crane. They are grown ups and they made their own decision." Desi shifted nervously, "Do you mean it, J?" she asked. Joker hitched up her skirt, stroking delicately across her lace g-string. "At the beginning it was just you and me." he soothed, "You were so much bigger than all of this." Joker sliced the string delicately, and Desi didn't even feel as it fell away. Joker leaned down, his hot breath making Desi shiver. "You were feared." Desi moaned softly as she felt his rough hands against her soft folds. "You could be again."

Joker took a deep breath, taking long strokes against her clit as he wrapped his arms around her legs to hold to her. He worked with a precise knowledge, applying ever-increasing pressure as his broad strokes continued evenly paced. Desi relented, drenching him as she gave in to the sensation. Her body writhed, and the Joker stopped, slowly working his way up her body. Desi looked down, laughing as she saw him. "Half your makeup is missing." she giggled, a sense of relief overtaking her, "You look silly." Joker rubbed his face on her top, leaving white streaks all over it. "Leave..." Desi gasped, "leave the eyes. That's always my fave part." Joker looked up at her lustfully, opening his pants as he climbed his way up her body.

Desi held her breath as he ripped open her top and pressed to her body, She felt the cold metal tabs of his suspenders and he looked intensely at her. "I am nobody's mother." Joker instructed. Desi sighed harshly, "I am...nobody's mother." she whispered. Joker touched her soft lips, dragging his coarse fingertips over them. Desi smelled gasoline on them and she hungered for him. "I am nobody's wife." Joker continued calmly. Desi eyes shined and she replied slightly louder, "I am nobody's wife." Joker smiled, "That's my girl. Don't worry, you'll get it all back." He stroked her hair, "I'll show you how." Desi's eyes locked with his defiantly, "J, if I give myself to you again, and you turn me out, I will kill you."

Joker looked at her, and she continued severely, "I will kill you. I... will..." Joker cut her off, kissing her passionately as he sank deeply into her. Desi wrapped her arms around him, a slight whimper escaping her. Joker hovered over her face as he continued deep thrusts, thoroughly enjoying his control over Desi, who held desperately to him. "Why do you still want me?" Desi implored, grabbing his suspenders as his thrusts shortened. Joker growled, focusing on his manipulation as he kissed along Desi's neck and shoulder. "Because I see you, Desdemona, hiding in there waiting to come out and play." Joker thrust harshly, and Desi cried out and pulled his hair.

"I remember you standing in the moonlight with your coat blowing in the wind, watching as we left our first heist. I remeber the fire in your eyes." Desi bucked, "Harder." she moaned and Joker smiled, "Why so quiet? We're the only ones here." Joker smiled at her as she grinned mischievously, calling out "Please, J." Joker pulled from her, "I'm sorry, I couldn't quite hear." he mocked. Desi grabbed his collar and bucked as she shouted, "Quit fucking around and satisfy me." Joker lifted, grabbed Desi's hips and slung her around in one quick motion. Desi's face was still buried in a pillow when he began slamming into her, growling happily as he held to her hips. Desi rested on her forearms as he worked her back and forth with crazed abandon.

"Let's tight as I remember. Did I mention you taste better?" The Joker evaluated, pounding against her and listening satisfied to her howls of delight. As Joker began to shudder, his climax approaching, Desi screamed unintelligibly as she pulled upright. Tears streamed down her face as she came, and Joker held to her torso, holding her upright. "And, finally tits that are bigger than your feet." Joker offered jovially, "This is the Desi I want." He held to her as she caught her breath, and she turned to him, "Its about time you and I had some real fun." He commented and she smiled. "I will do whatever you ask." she admitted, "Just want me."

Joker smiled wildly, "Then let's get started."
Tags: featuring: alfred, featuring: batman, featuring: bruce wayne, featuring: dr. crane, featuring: gordon, featuring: scarecrow, featuring: the joker, featuring: two-face, genre: au, genre: movieverse, genre: multi-chapter, pairing: bruce/ofc, pairing: joker/ofc, rating: nc-17
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