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Idlewild Part 2

Story Title: Idlewild Part Two
Summary: Always leave them lauhing, whether they liike it or not.
Genre: AU OC
Pairing: Desdemona/Joker, Bruce Wayne/Lily, Matilda/Dick Grayson
Rating: R
Disclaimer: If I owned them, I'd be too busy fucking to write my name...
Author Notes: Comments are love, bitches! Thanks to everyone who took the survey. Also, Part One is Available HERE.

Bruce opened the door, greeting a smiling Dick and Matilda. Matilda extended a bottle of wine as Dick introduced her. "Bruce, this is Matilda Crane." He said, and Bruce shook her hand as Alfred helped Lily walk forward. Lily tugged at her wrap nervously, her expression blank as she stood slightly behind Bruce. Bruce stepped to his side, wrapping a reassuring arm around Lily's back. Dick smiled kindly at the mildly disheveled Lily, "How are you feeling?" he asked. Lily blinked, "Do I know you?" She asked politely. "Sweetheart, this is Dick Grayson. You met him in the hospital." Lily shrugged, "I'm sorry." Dick turned to Matilda, who extended her hand to Lily. "My name is Matilda, and it's nice to meet you."

A relief washed over Lily, who shook her hand excitedly. "Nice to meet you too." Lily smiled nervously, and Bruce squeezed her before showing her the wine. "Look what they brought us." Lily looked at the bottle and frowned, "Doctor Winchester says I can't drink wine, I can't cause of my" Lily clutched her forehead, and Matilda hopped to grasp the bottle. "Why don't we got get a glass of Perrier? I would much prefer that." Matilda offered, "How about you join me in the kitchen?" Lily looked relieved, and Alfred said, "Well then, if you ladies will follow me." He led them away from the boys and through the foyer to the kitchen. As they left the group, Dick turned to Bruce concerned.

"She looks really good." Dick offered, and Bruce placed his hands in his pockets and scuffed his feet. "She does." he responded quietly, "The doctor says she has Post-Concussion Syndrome, and it could be months before she is really completely healed. Some things," Bruce sighed, "she may never get back." Dick looked to him, and Bruce sniffed as he shook off his demeanor. "How is the plan working out? How is Matilda doing?" he asked. Dick nodded, glad to get his mind off the subject. "She's doing really well." he commented, "Everything is taken care of Bruce. Don't worry." There was a moment of silence between them, and Bruce commented, "Yeah, she looks great. Let's go eat."

They all sat at the table, and Lily ate slowly. Bruce looked over her lightly every few seconds. Lily smiled as she looked at each of them, and announced randomly, "I don't remember anything before my therapy. I don't even remember how it happened." Bruce looked at Matilda, who rested a hand on hers, "Well, we're all glad for that. I hope you never remember that hon." Bruce swallowed hard, and Alfred walked it carrying a small cake with candles burning. Matilda blushed, grasping Dick's hand as the cake was set before her. "Happy 18th Birthday Mattie." he said, kissing her cheek. Lily saw the candles and panicked, tossing her water across the cake and extinguishing them.

Everyone at the table froze, and Lily looked around confused. "I was just trying to stop the..." she started, "I was just." She grabbed her napkin, patting the cake but only making a further mess. Frustrated, she slumped into her chair and began crying. She stood, walking quickly into the kitchen in her embarrassment. Bruce wiped his mouth with his napkin before excusing himself to follow her in. He found her leaning over the island, hiding her face. "I can't find the paper towels." she admitted. Bruce pulled his handkerchief, walking it over to her. "We don't keep paper towels."

Lily turned to him, brushing her hands through his hair and kissing him. Bruce was surprised at her response, standing rigid as she leaned up to continue her probing kiss. She went for his pants with abandon, panting as she pulled at him. "Lily, honey, we have guests remember?" Lily grabbed his large hand, shoving it up her skirt and going for another kiss. "Lily..." Bruce said, closing his eyes painfully as he pulled away, "remember what the doctor said about impulse control." He grasped her shoulders, and Lily looked brokenhearted at his response. "I'm sorry." Lily whimpered, "I can't think. I'm just really tired." Bruce kissed her forehead softly, "I know you are, babe." he whispered, "I know. Let me send Alfred to take you to bed, and I'll take care of the guests." Lily nodded and Bruce went for Alfred. "I'll see you in a little while." he soothed, "I love you."

Desi winced as Joker strapped her down tightly. "What are we doing?" she asked curiously. Joker continued strapping her down without answering. Desi laid her head back, looking up to the ceiling as he worked. Joker finished strapping her down and tied off her right arm. "Make a fist." he instructed, turning to Crane's desk and retrieving a syringe. "Have you ever heard of Sardinian Cabbage?" Joker asked, turning with the syringe in hand. Desi watched him puzzled, "No, I haven't." Joker walked over to her, "Of course not." he replied smugly, "This is a toxin I developed. It's fatal, so if you wanna come out and play then you have to build an immunity." Joker began slapping her forearm before quickly inserting the needle. His gaze fixed on her face as she watched the plunger quickly depress. "Relax, it's only a 10% solution. You just gotta let it run its course." Joker removed the needle, turning his back on her and walking back to the desk.

Desi felt a mild cramping as she waited impatiently. "What is this supposed to do to me?" she asked. Joker studied her seriously, and Desi began to chuckle. A malevolent smile spread across his face as her chuckling grew louder. Unable to cover her mouth, Desi burst into a fit of laughter and howled loudly as Joker began walking up the stair to her room. "What're...what're you..." Desi gasped, shaking from laughter. Her eyes watered, and Desi found it hard to concentrate. Joker appeared at the ledge, looking down on her holding one of her suits. "You wanna explain this to me?" He asked, displaying the outfit. Desi laughed harder and Joker tossed it over the balcony, landing in a heap beside her. A stream on her business attire followed, and Desi heard the Joker call down, "Nope, nope, this one's gotta go, what the hell is this one?"

Desi ached, and had to gasp desperately for air. "I...can't...breathe..." she wheezed as the Joker appeared at the ledge. "If you can talk, you can breathe." he replied, "Relax, you've only got to do this three times a week for a the next month. Then we'll be all set." Desi's expression grew desperate, and she dropped her head, staring up at him as she continued to laugh hysterically. Joker held up an ornate silver frame with a picture of she and Crane together in it. "The happy couple." he sneered, "I may vomit." Joker tossed the frame absentmindedly over the balcony and went for any other pictures in the room. Desi's face was wet with tears and a deep red color. She coughed violently as she fought her body for oxygen, and her muscles ached. Joker said nothing as he threw several handfuls of knickknacks over the side, sending them crashing to the floor.

Desi's laughter continued, strained as she choked and grew exhausted. Joker swaggered down the steps satisfied, "Well, that room is clear." he said smugly. In his arms was a large suit bag, and as he walked over to the pile of discards, he looked at it with a sense of beguiling merriment. He opened the garment bag, pulling her wedding dress from its protective sleeve. He showed it to Desi, who gargled, "No really, I can't stop." Joker chuckled softly at her, tossing the dress onto the pile. "Look at all this junk." he said, gesturing with his hands at the pile. Desi continued to laugh, her exhaustion beginning to overwhelm her. "Now all we gotta do is destroy it." Desi's expression darkened as she looked at all the mementos he had amassed. She fought her incessant chuckling, and Joker's demeanor changed. "Don't you love me Desi?" he asked. Desi blinked away tears, nodding as she chuckled. "Don't you want me to be proud of you?" he inquired. Desi had struggled to breathe for several minutes, and felt dizzy.

She struggled to concentrate, turning her eyes away from the Joker. "I am...nobody's wife." she choked out. Joker laughed heartily, stomping the tchochkes to pieces triumphantly. He splashed the items lightly with gasoline, and walked over to Desi. Desi's symptoms ere subsiding, and she lay exhausted in the chair. Joker removed the restraints, placing a zippo in her hands. "Show me." he said sternly. Relieved for the experience to be over, Desi sat up slowly. Her muscles ached, and she looked at the lighter for several minutes. She thought about her Johnathan and all her memories of him. She focused on the picture of them that Joker had stomped in the pile, and she imagined him in his cell pining for her.

Her expression sharpened, and her anger mounted. How could he do this to me? she thought, How could he leave me and then expect me to sit around and wait for him? Desi sparked the lighter. How could he have turned me into this? Desi took a deep breath, her laughter having completely subsided. "Fuck him." she announced, tossing the lighter onto the pile and igniting the pile in her living room. As the fire grew, filing the room with smoke, Desi stumbled along for her extinguisher. "I just love cement floors." She commented as she emerged with the extinguisher. She grew silent as she looked at the Joker, who stood watching the fire with serenity about him. Desi couldn't remember the last time she saw him so happy.

Desi opened the skylight, allowing the smoke to escape. The fire began dying down and Desi extinguished the remainder as Joker watched with an almost lustful look in his eyes. Tossing the extinguisher don, she turned to him. "So, what's next?" she asked. Joker swung her around in his arms, "Well, after we find you some acceptable new threads, I think we should go out." he announced. Desi looked excitedly at him. "What do you have in mind?" She asked, barely able to hide her excitement. Joker wrapped his arms around her and began nibbling along her neck. "Tell me about this club you run for Maroni." he asked.

Lily sat at her vanity, staring at her reflection. She slowly pulled her wig away, exposing her nearly hairless scalp. She looked to the side of her head, tracing along the staples and stitches, and tapped along the small plate just below her skin. "You feeling alright?" Bruce asked softly from the door. Lily looked at her wig, defeated. "Not really. I feel stupid," she huffed, "and bald." Lily tossed the wig onto the vanity and Bruce walked over, wrapping his strong arms around her. He rubbed his nose against her head, and Lily smiled. "You aren't stupid." he whispered to her, "You're just getting better, and everybody knows that." Lily relaxed, closing her eyes. "As for bald..." Bruce assured, kissing her head, "it will grow back very soon. Besides, the wigs are very sexy."

Bruce handed pills to Lily, followed by a glass of water. Lily accepted them, taking her medicine. "I'm afraid Bruce." Lily said sadly, "Everything is so confused, and my memory keeps playing tricks on me. What if I forget you?" Lily leaned back against his shoulders, and Bruce turned his face to her. "You won't forget me, baby. I won't let you." He kissed her softly, and slipped his arm under under her knees to lift her. Bruce stood, carrying her to bed as she held tightly to him. He laid her in her bed, and pulled the covers up and over her. "You'll be here when I wake up?" Lily asked meekly. "I'll be here." Bruce assured her, rubbing her cheek lovingly as she snuggled in and drifted to sleep.
Tags: featuring: alfred, featuring: batman, featuring: bruce wayne, featuring: dr. crane, featuring: gordon, featuring: scarecrow, featuring: the joker, featuring: two-face, genre: au, genre: movieverse, genre: multi-chapter, pairing: bruce/ofc, pairing: joker/ofc, rating: r
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