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Idlewild Part 3

Story Title: Idlewild Part Three
Summary: Everybody remember Schiff?
Genre: AU OC
Pairing: Desdemona/Joker, Bruce Wayne/Lily, Matilda/Dick Grayson
Rating: R
Disclaimer: If I owned them, I'd be too busy fucking to write my name...
Author Notes: Comments are love, bitches! Thanks to everyone who took the survey.

Lily stirred, opening her eyes as Bruce pushed the service cart into her room. "Good morning, darling." Bruce said brightly, and Lily stretched as she stepped out of bed and rubbed her eyes impishly. Lily sat on the stool Bruce provided and tugged her pajamas straight, looking over her breakfast. "I'm going into the office today." Bruce said as he sat down, "You have therapy with Dr. Winchester, and Alfred will take you to that this afternoon." Lily chewed slowly, watching him. "Will you be late tonight?" she asked. Bruce poured his coffee, taking a sip and shaking his head. "Shouldn't be. Do you have something in mind?" Lily wiped her mouth before folding and replacing her napkin methodically. "Not really. Thought maybe we could watch an old movie or something." Lily shrugged as she focused on her plate.

"Sure, we could do that." Bruce said. He looked across the cart at Lily, who sighed as she shuffled her food around. Bruce tossed his napkin on the tray, standing and kneeling beside her. "I know you're frustrated." Bruce said, taking her hands in his, "Baby, you are doing so well, and I am so proud of you. You'll see, before long we'll be going out to parties and doing all the things you are missing." Lily smiled, "Am I really doing ok?" Bruce threw his hand in the air dramatically, "YES!" he cried, and Lily giggled as he kissed her on the cheek. He stood, pulling her up and hugging her. "You're doing better than ok." he said, "You're getting better by the day."

Bruce released her and Lily smiled at him, "Go to work. I'll be fine." Bruce touched her cheek, and turned to leave. "I love you." She said, and Bruce walked back to kiss her before he left. Lily picked up the last piece of her bacon, munching as she walked to the closet to get dressed. Moments later, she surprised Alfred by pushing the cart into the kitchen where he was working. "Good morning, Mistress Lily." he offered, "You didn't need to do that. I will attend to it, and thank you." Lily leaned against the island, "It's ok, it makes me feel useful." she said happily. She modeled for Alfred, who helped her turn her shirt around and adjust her wig. "Any confusion today?" he asked. Lily thought briefly, "No." she said excitedly, "None at all."

"Very good then." Alfred said, turning back to his baking Lily sat at the island watching him work. "Am I really different than before?" he asked, "I don't feel different." Lily fiddled with her nails nervously, and Alfred stopped to face her. "You know, you and I are pals." Alfred started, "Have been since Bruce had the good sense to ask you out. And I think you are just as sweet as you have alays been." Alfred wiped his hands on his apron, "Furthermore, if this unplesantness helps you forget to doubt yourself so much, well..." Alfred scoffed, "All the better." Lily smiled, biting her lower lip. "I don't want Bruce to have to take care of me." she admitted, "I want to want him, not need him. Does that make sense?"

Lily tapped her forehead, frustrated. Alfred began clearing her tray. "It seems to me that you and Master Bruce are at your best when you take care of each other." Lily rubbed her bare feet together and released her lip. "Quickly," Alfred said seriously, "what is today's memory?" Lily closed her eyes, wrinkling her brow as she focused. "Oh! How I met Bruce." she replied. Alfred grinned, "How did you meet?" Lily looked up pensively, "I made him coffee, and he overpaid me for it. I tried to give him change, but he told me to keep it until the next day." Lily scoffed, "Boy, he sure thinks he is charming doesn't he?" Alfred said nothing, laughing as he carried the dishes to the sink.

"So I closed the cart down, and there he was." Lily continued, "How's that?" Lily crossed her legs, remembering to check her skirt. Dr. Winchester applauded her jovially, "It's just marvelous, Lily. Your memory does appear to be returning and your pace is remarkable. You doing your exercises?" Lily nodded, "Every morning." Winchester scribbled something down, "And the fatigue? You are getting plenty of rest?" Lily nodded, "Whether I'd like to or not." she joked. The doctor looked over his notes, "How about the mood swings? Are we still getting confused?" Lily frowned, "Sometimes. I did last night after dinner, it was so embarrassing." Lily shook her head as she thought about it.

"What did you do?" Winchester asked. "Bruce saved me as usual." Lily admitted, "He's too good for me." Lily smiled, biting her nails nervously. Dr. Winchester observed her for a few moments s he wrote in his file. "Lily, do you remember your three 'C's?" he asked her. Lily swallowed, nodding quickly. "Yes. Um...C-calm." Lily slapped her knees lightly as she spoke, "Control, no wait...challenge, then control." The doctor smiled, "Very good. You just remember to use your devices. You really are doing quite well." The doctor stood and extended a hand to her, "Let's go make your video log for this session and you'll be ready to go." Lily hopped up and followed him out.

Bruce sat at his desk, looking over several business plans a Lucius walked in. "Everything coming along?" He asked as Bruce shuffled papers. Bruce looked out at the setting sun pensively. "Dick doing alright?" he asked. Lucius stopped at the corner of his desk, "So far, and that girl he's working with is a spitfire." he laughed, "Speaking of lovely ladies, how are things at home?" Bruce's eyes glazed over, "She's much better, thank you for asking." Bruce looked at him as he sat up. "Sometimes, watching her struggle can seem like the hardest thing in the world. But even right now, just thinking about her," Bruce smiled, "I love her as much as I did the first time I saw her."

Lucius smiled as Bruce stood and packed his briefcase. "I'm going home, Lucius." Lucius nodded, "I'll see you tomorrow, Mister Wayne." Bruce headed for the door, and Lucius called, "Oh, Mr. Wayne?" Bruce turned to him, "It's really nice to see you happy. Your father would be very pleased." Bruce smiled and stepped through the door.

Joker wrapped on the door quickly and it opened to reveal a bleak single room. Desi stepped in, looking around in mild disgust as the Joker followed. "Desi, this is Schiff. We work together." the Joker introduced. Schiff stared at Desi before replying, "Sometimes. When I'm not in Arkham we do." Schiff nodded simply, nervous to be speaking to a woman like Desi. Desi smiled at him before turning to the Joker. He held her coat at the lapels as she rested her forehead against his cheek. "I'll do anything to make you happy, you know." she whispered. The Joker looked over to Schiff as he fidgeted, unsure of what they were doing in his room. "I want you to put on a good show for me." he instructed, touching her hair, "Show him a good time now, and you'll make me very happy." Desi said nothing, turning away quickly to face Schiff.

Schiff whimpered softly, confused as Desi rounded him and slowly opened her red trench coat to reveal her vivid blue bra and garter belt. She dropped the coat at her feet and turned to the bed, and Schiff trembled as he studied the seams along her stockings. Desi flopped across his bed, her hair spilling over the edge and she looked up seductively as she motioned for Schiff. Schiff tugged at his shirt as the Joker sat down on the single chair in the dingy room. He tightened his gloves and Desi giggled, adjusting the buttons on her garter as she called sweetly to him, "What's the matter honey?" she purred, "Because whatever it is, I guarantee I can make it all better." Schiff looked at the Joker, who waved him along dismissively. Turning back to her, Schiff scrambled to remove his clothes and Desi ripped open her condom, slipping it into her mouth.

She sat up, taking his cock in her hand and slipping the condom down onto it using her mouth. Schiff waved his hands excitedly, his gaze avoiding both she and the Joker. Desi sat up, leaning back before him and looking out at the Joker. As soon as she spread her legs, exposing her crotchless panties, Schiff pounced and began thrusting feverishly. Desi barely noticed, running her polished nails down her neck and chest and stroking her breasts for the Joker. The Joker did nothing, his face resting in his palm as he watched. Schiff chuckled incredulously as he continued along, and Desi stared hungrily back at the Joker, hoisting her hips upward as she sucked on two of her fingers intently.

The Joker's jaw tightened, and he shook his head slightly as she worked her hands through her hair and threw her head to the side. Schiff began to moan as he worked, slowing to a stop sheepishly and falling against her. Desi eyes narrowed as she returned her stare to Joker, and she began stroking his hair comfortingly. "That's my boy." she cooed, "You were very good." Desi watched as Joker's eye twitched, and he stood and crossed the room. Schiff backed away frightened, and Desi smiled wickedly as he grabbed her by her arm and pulled her up from the bed.

"Enjoy the show?" she asked playfully as Joker slammed her against the wall. He lifted her at the hips and drove into her violently. Schiff oscillated between staring and averting his eyes as Desi cried out in pleasure and Joker panted his low growl in response. "Oh, J!" Desi cried, her body pressed against the wall, "God, that's good!" Desi pulled his hair, and he grabbed her left leg, lifting it as he buried himself in her harshly. "Baby, I wanna set something on fire." Desi cooed, "Can we when we're done here? Please, J?" Joker bit along her neck, and Desi screamed out in pleasure.

Joker looked up at her, and as she studied him expression she exploded ith happiness. "Oh, thank you, J! Thank you! Thank you!" She panted, kissing along his face as he continued driving into her. "I can't wait" Desi lost her train of thought as he bucked, her body going rigid as orgasm washed over her, "Oh my, oh!" she cried out. Schiff stared in wonder as she shook, clinging to him as he worked against her. "God, I'm coming, I'm coming..." Desi moaned, out of breath. The Joker shuddered, rubbing his cheek along hers as he came into her. He lowered her down the wall, where she leaned to catch her breath.

Joker put himself together and bent for Desi's coat as she extended a hand to Schiff, "A pleasure working with you." she offered, and Schiff shook her hand bewildered. She stepped over and slipped her coat on as the Joker held it for her. Joker slapped his back hard and followed Desi out chuckling, leaving Schiff with no idea what had just happened. As they reached the elevator, Joker kissed Desi's neck playfully, "Told you that you would enjoy it." he bragged. Desi smiled at him, "Maybe I enjoyed it." she admitted. The elevator opened and they stepped on. "New rule," Joker announced, "When & wherever I want it. No arguments." Desi looked at him surprised, "You think you're pretty irresistible, don't you?" she nudged.

The Joker pressed the button, rushing Desi's body passionately. "To you, I am. Unless you want to look up Schiff sometime." He replied, slipping his hand into her coat and massaging her privately. "You know it belongs to me. Why fight it?" Desi shuddered, "You're right." she moaned, "No arguments." The Joker released her and stepped away just as the elevator opened. "No exceptions." he instructed. Desi nodded, a smirk forming, "No exceptions. So, what are you gonna let me burn?" Joker excitedly took her hand and pulled her from the elevator and out into the night.
Tags: featuring: alfred, featuring: batman, featuring: bruce wayne, featuring: dr. crane, featuring: lucius fox, genre: au, genre: het, genre: movieverse, genre: multi-chapter, pairing: bruce/ofc, pairing: joker/ofc, rating: nc-17
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