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Idlewild Part 4

Story Title: Idlewild Part Four
Summary: Privacy: Sometimes its so very overrated.
Genre: AU OC
Pairing: Desdemona/Joker, Bruce Wayne/Lily, Matilda/Dick Grayson
Rating: R
Disclaimer: If I owned them, I'd be too busy fucking to write my name...
Author Notes: Comments are love, bitches! Thanks to everyone who took the survey.

Robin winced as he peeled away his suit. "Hold still." Matilda ordered, examining the abrasion along his shoulder blade. She patted the abrasion with iodine, frowning as he grumbled. "I'm telling you, my mother was behind that fire." Matilda frowned, "I just know it." Robin rolled his shoulders to stretch the muscles, and Matilda found herself staring as she unzipped her suit. "You can't assume everything you encounter is your mother." Robin advised, "Trust me, it isn't healthy. The sooner you shake that out and get objective, the better." He looked over to Matilda, who looked away from his abs quickly.

"I don't think I'm ever going to get used to this suit." Matilda huffed, pulling her arm from the sleeve. Robin walked over in his boxers, holding the cuff for her. "Where's your talc?" he asked. Matilda looked at him confused, and Robin just laughed. "Don't worry, we'll get you some baby powder and you'll be all set." Matilda rolled her eyes, "Pardon me for not knowing proper technique when squeezing into a rubber suit." She remarked, "I'll have to read up on it." Robin grinned, leaning into her as she pulled free of it, "I guess you're just not as learned as I am." he mocked. Matilda touched her nose to his. "Don't worry, I won't hold it against you." Robin offered, "For now."

Matilda sighed laughing as Robin tilted his head and kissed her softly. Matilda gripped his broad shoulders, pressing her lips to his and probing softly with her tongue. Dick pulled away his mask and framed her face in his hands, kissing her with renewed intensity as she held to his strong shoulders. "Dick..." she whispered, kissing him briefly several times over, "take me home." Dick pulled from her concerned, "Sure. Mattie, is everything ok?" Dick looked in Matilda's eyes and she sighed, "No, I mean..." she explained shyly, "I mean come home with me. Dick, I'm ready." Matilda kissed hungrily, and Dick rested his hands on her forearms before he pulled back, nodding.

"Just, um, let me get this stuff put away?" he replied hazily. Matilda blushed, nodding quietly. They both went immediately to work putting away materials and filing notes on the nights activities. They barely spoke, both acutely aware of each other as they busied themselves with their tasks. As they closed each cabinet, they walked to Dick's motorcycle and continued to Matilda's apartment silently. Matilda stopped at the door, weaving nervously as she turned to him. "Just give me...five minutes, then come in ok?" Matilda rested her hands on his chest and Dick nodded encouragingly. Matilda opened the door and went in, leaving him at the door.

Dick pushed the door open, stepping in and locking the door behind him. He looked around the dark room and marveled at the completely furnished layout. "Didn't waste any time I see." He called, stopping to pick up a towel as he walked the hall to her bedroom. He tapped the door lightly, looking into the empty room. "Mattie?" he asked. From behind him he heard, "I'll be right out." Dick undressed to his boxers, and began laying the towel down across the bed. Matilda left the bathroom in a modest chermuse, watching him quietly as he looked up at her surprised.

"I just thought, you know, because..." Dick offered sheepishly, and Matilda smiled. "It's thoughtful." She responded, walking slowly over to him. After a couple nervous attempts, they leaned into each other, kissing softly. Dick sat up, looming over Matilda, "You are beautiful." he whispered. Matilda blushed, and pulled her chermuse over her head, dropping it to the floor. Dick hugged her body, kissing her comfortingly as she backed her way to the bed. Matilda laid down, her gaze never leaving his and she held to his hands as he lay beside her. He stroked her body lightly, leaning over to kiss her deeply.

Matilda trembled at his touch, and looked away to the ceiling. "Hey, if you're uncomfortable we can go slow or wait." Dick soothed, "Whatever you need." Matilda sighed, smiling at him, "I don't want to wait. I want you...just, um..." Matilda laughed sickly, "Do you think we could turn the light off?" Dick looked at her relieved, "For you I'd turn all lights off, everywhere." Dick kissed her passionately, reaching the cord on the ikea lamp as she wrapped her arms around him, and turning off the light.

Joker leaned back in Desi's office chair, completely obscured by the open newspaper. His feet rested on the desk, wagging as he read and Desi watched him from her bar. The Joker rattled the paper, howling loudly. "You care to maybe with the rest of the class?" Desi commented as she poured her drink, and the Joker tilted the paper from his view. "They're calling her 'Redemption' You know, when she behaves this way, she's your daughter." Desi threw back her drink and grimaced, "No when she behaves that way, she's Crane's daughter." Both shared a laugh as Moroni walked into the room.

Moroni stared at the Joker in disbelief. "So it's true." he stammered, "You know, when I got the call, I was sure there was a mistake and yet here he is. Desi, this is your, hell, OUR legitimate cover. Wat are you thinking about?" Desi downed a second drink, pausing to light a cigarette. "Which one of my people called you?" she asked as smoke escaped her mouth. The Joker looked smugly at Moroni before returning to his paper victoriously. "Sal-va-tore." Desi purred, "You better tell me, or I'll have to torture them all." Moroni looked at her, confused. "I'll do it." she said ominously, "Believe it."

"Lamb?" The Joker called from beyond his paper, and a sinister smile came over Desi. "Yes, my darling?" she responded adoringly. The Joker responded smoothly, "Allow me to respond to Mr. Moroni, if you please." He tapped on the table idly, "Besides, I have a job much more befitting your...talents." Desi chuckled as she began slipping her heels off, tossing them to Moroni. "Don't wanna scuff them. YXL's and all." She joked, crossing the room and dropping to her knees in front of the Joker. As she diligently began to open his pants, the Joker dropped his newspaper and addressed Moroni.

"Now," he began seriously, "as you can see, Desdemona and I have reconnected and are exploring new and creative methods to our given profession." Moroni stared repulsed as she moaned, deep-throating the Joker. "Hey!" The Joker called, snapping his fingers, "Up here, pervert." The Joker rolled his eyes, crossing them momentarily at the sensation. "The thing is, we work well together, and this is an act you don't want to get between." Joker commented, licking his lips, "Unless you want to wind up like Gambol." Moroni grimaced, glancing down at Desi in disgust.

"I can't have you interrupting business." Moroni said firmly, "Desi, I need to talk to you." Desi raised a single finger above her head, "Umph, mm-hmmm, mm-mm." She muffled as she worked. Joker placed a hand on her head, leaning back. "She'll be done in a minute." he assured, laughing at Moroni's expression. "Listen, Desi explained everything about the business. She'll run the office, and I'll handle the fun underhanded stuff." Joker rationalized. His eyes narrowed, "It's not like you really have a say anyway, Moroni." The Joker stopped, swallowing hard as a solemn look overcame him.

Desi threw her head back, panting happily as she carefully closed the Joker's pants. He pinched Desi's nose, and she giggled happily as she rested against his knee. Joker cut barren eyes to Moroni, who felt intensely uneasy about hat he had just witnessed. "Desi?" Moroni called. Desi sighed, her eyes fixed on the Joker. "Yeah?" she said dreamily. Joker smiled triumphantly, "Go on." he granted, running his hands over her lips. Desi licked his thumb gratefully before lifting to her feet and following him out. Moroni met her in the hall impatiently. "Desi, what are you doing?" he asked desperately.

"You wanna know what's great about J and I?" Desi mused absentmindedly, "I will do anything he asks me to." She explained, "But he never asks me to do anything that I would never do." Desi squinted, contemplating. "It's a good formula. I'll be sure to tell him that when he's fucking me from behind later." Desi stared off, and Moroni shook his head sadly at her. "Where is your husband Desi?" Desi's eyes trailed back down to him, and she frowned. "I have no husband." he said bitterly, "Listen, I like you Salvatore. I always have, and we've always done great business together. Don't fuck around with me now." She smiled at him, "You won't win."

Moroni frowned, "Just take care of yourself, ok? Don't let all of this fall apart." Desi's eyes shined, "It was great talking to you Salvatore." she said flatly, "I'm sure we'll do it again soon." Moroni sighed, turning to leave as Desi stared darkly at him.

Lily skipped into the kitchen merrily. It had been a good week, and she hadn't even bothered to take her medicine that morning. She opened the fridge, pulling components as she called aloud. "To make a sandwich," she began, "I need bread, mayonnaise, cheese, and.." Lily dropped the loaf as a wave of pain struck her. She saw a bright flash and gripped her temple as she crumpled to the floor. Lily whimpered, struggling to focus as she collapsed. Her pain was unbearable, and she couldn't even bring herself to call out as she lay there.

It was almost an hour before Alfred entered the kitchen and discovered Lily crying, curled in a ball on the floor. He rushed to her, collecting the phone from the counter and dialing her doctor. He lifted Lily's head, placing his apron beneath it. "The light." Lily choked out, "It hurts Alfred." Alfred closed the door to the refrigerator, standing to turn the light off. "Please don't go!" Lily cried, and Alfred returned and knelt beside her. "Your doctor is on his way." he assured her, "You're going to be just fine." Lily whimpered, nodding slowly.

The doctor arrived quickly, living in the Palisades himself and lifted Lily from the floor. He carried her into the sitting room, laying her on the chaise lounge and covering her face with a cool cloth. "Have we been skipping our pills?" Winchester asked sternly. Lily nodded slowly, "I'm sorry." Wincheter turned to Alfred, who went to retrieve the pills. "Don't apologize, Lily. But you have to take your medicine." he replied sternly, "It's very important." Lily whimpered, and Winchester checked her pupils and blood pressure.

Bruce came in quickly, his concern evident. "I just got in. What's going on?" he asked. Winchester calmed him, extending his hands in the air calmly, "We just learned a valuable lesson about taking our medicine, didn't we Lily?" he asked. Lily covered the cloth over her eyes with her hand, "Oh, it hurts so bad." she sighed. Alfred appeared, extending the pills to the doctor and offering her glass of water. "Here we are." The doctor instructed, and Bruce helped her sit up to take them. Lily swallowed, blinking a few times to adjust to the light.

"Can you focus for me, Lily?" the doctor offered, "A good memory, just one." Bruce sat beside her, taking her hand and looking at her encouragingly. Lily smiled lovingly at him, relaxing as they held each other's stare. "Can you tell me something you remember?" the doctor asked again. Lily smiled, "You're the Batman." She replied proudly, rubbing Bruce's chin as he sat shocked.
Tags: featuring: alfred, featuring: batman, featuring: bruce wayne, featuring: dr. crane, featuring: scarecrow, featuring: the joker, genre: au, genre: het, genre: movieverse, genre: multi-chapter, misc: rec, pairing: bruce/ofc, pairing: joker/ofc, rating: nc-17
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