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Idlewild Part 5

Story Title: Idlewild Part Five
Summary: You know who loves a good party? Desi Crane, for starters...
Genre: AU OC
Pairing: Desdemona/Joker, Bruce Wayne/Lily, Matilda/Dick Grayson
Rating: R
Disclaimer: If I owned them, I'd be too busy fucking to write my name...
Author Notes: Comments are love, bitches! Thanks to everyone who took the survey. Previous Chapter links are beneath cut!

"So you can understand my embarrassment." Bruce commented, checking behind him as Alfred walked Lily to her bedroom. Dr. Winchester chuckled, "Bruce, there's no need to be embarrassed. Lots of couples engage in role playing during sex. Lily's an exciting young woman and that behavior is common, especially given the poor sexual impulse control you have reported." Bruce opened the door, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly. "So, she'll be alright?" he asked. Winchester shook his medical bag for measure, "As long as she takes her medication, she should be fine. If not, I'm only a phone call away." he assured, "If I were you, I'd take her out once in a while. Think of it as exercise. You can always make it an early night if she gets tired." Bruce stood pensive, "I'll do that, thank you doctor." Winchester stepped out and Bruce closed the door.

"You lied to him." Lily said solemnly as Bruce walked into her room. Bruce looked to Alfred, who finished collecting her soiled laundry and excused himself without comment. Once alone, Bruce walked over the bed where Lily rested and sat on the edge of it. "I hate that I had to lie to Dr. Winchester." Bruce explained, "However, the truth about Batman is a very important secret. Anyone who knows is in danger, so we cannot tell anyone." Bruce took her hand, and Lily looked at her hand as Bruce laced his fingers with hers. "Do you regret telling me?" Lily asked. Bruce stared at her, unable to tell her that she discovered it. She looked so ashamed, and Bruce replied kindly, "No. The night I told you was one of the most special nights of my life. We made love, and you healed a part of me that I wasn't even aware was damaged."

Lily lit up, looking hopefully at him. "You mean I got to take care of you?" she asked. Bruce rubbed her cheek, "Baby, that's all you ever did." Bruce kissed her grateful cheek, "You still do." Lily hugged to his neck fiercely, "Do you miss being intimate with me?" she asked as Bruce sat up. "I see flashes of when we were together, and it doesn't always make sense so I can't tell if its a memory or I'm fantasizing." Lily explained. Bruce rested his head on her chest, looking out into her room. "You never looked better, Lily. That's the hard part. You are ever-enticing, beautiful, and sometimes just being near you or your perfume in the air makes me want you so desperately." Bruce lifted his head to look into her eyes, "But I want to be certain that you're healthy. That is paramount." Lily patted her chest, and as Bruce returned his head there she held to him.

Bruce looked over investment plans, rubbing his eyes as he unfolded a large blueprint. His intercom buzzed, and Bruce removed his reading glasses and pressed the button to respond, "Yes, Doris?" The buzzer sounded and his secretary called out, "Mr. Wayne, there is a Miss Stormer to see you." Bruce smiled, surprised at the news. He pressed the button and replied, "Send her in." Bruce stood, buttoning his coat as Lily walked into the office carrying a basket and smiling brightly. "What a lovely surprise." Bruce said, crossing office to meet her. Lily swayed nervously, "You're not busy, are you? I remembered the lunch and the basket but I forgot to call." Bruce took the basket and wrapped an arm around her. "You don't have to call." he said sweetly, "So, what did you bring?"

Lily bit her thumb idly, "Baked chicken. I hope that's ok." Bruce took her hand and led her to his desk. Lily sat on the stenographer's stool and Bruce sat behind his desk. Bruce punched the button on his intercom. "Doris, hold all my calls please." he instructed, and Lily began setting out their lunch. Bruce grasped her hand, and Lily turned to him, placing a knee between his legs and leaning into him. "I'm so glad to see you." he said, holding her hips. Lily giggled, swaying subtly as she pressed to him. Bruce held to her and she looked into his eyes, pressing her forehead to his. Lily sighed as Bruce whispered "Ok, let's eat." Lily grinned and sat up, turning to her seat.

Bruce smiled in between bites, resting his silverware. "You put all this together yourself?" he beamed. Lily chewed thoughtfully, "Well, I had Alfred drive." she admitted. Bruce nodded, "Even still, Lily this is vintage you. I am just in awe, and I think it calls for a celebration." Lily tried in vain to mask her excitement as Bruce continued, "What do you say we go out tomorrow night, like the old days?" Lily covered her mouth, stunned. "Unless you don't want to." Bruce commented, "I know you used to be nervous about that sort of thing." Lily uncovered her mouth, swallowed and replied, "That was before I got this swell helmet." Lily knocked on the metal plate in her head and shrugged, "Nowadays...bring it on."

Bruce almost choked in response, and Lily laughed out loud. "Well, ok." Bruce said astonished, "When you get home, tell Alfred you need tomorrow's invitations. Just weed through all of them and pick something, anything you want." Lily jumped up, rushing Bruce and climbing into his lap. "Aren't you afraid I'll embarrass you?" she asked, hugging him tightly. Bruce groaned softly. "Tell you want, let's make a deal." he huffed, "As soon as you start feeling tired, we go no matter what. No overdoing it the first time out." Lily kissed his cheek, "Deal." Lily went back to her lunch, "I already can't wait. Tomorrow is going to be so much fun."

Matilda and Dick sat across from Bruce and Lily in the limousine. Lily trembled, equally nervous and excited. "Have I told you how captivating you look tonight?" Bruce asked, reaching for her gloved hand. "Well, you know I have a bad memory." Lily joked, "You might have to remind me." Matilda watched them with a sense of relief as Bruce lifted a stray lash from her cheek delicately. "What party are we going to?" Dick asked, and Lily went for her small purse. "I went through all the invites, and this name kind of jumped out at me." Lily explained, "I don't remember her though." She handed the invitation to Dick, and as he examined it his expression grew solemn. "We're going to the Crane Gala?" he asked.

Bruce looked at him, snatching the invitation and reading it himself. "The Crane Foundation Gala?" Matilda asked, and the men both looked at her knowingly. Lily studied the reaction sadly, "I messed up, didn't I?" she asked nervously, "I picked it because it seemed familiar, I didn't mean to cause a problem." Matilda turned to her, "You didn't, honey. The boys are overreacting because Desdemona Crane is my mother, and we don't really get along." Matilda looked to the men, "Isn't that right, gentleman?" Bruce swallowed hard, nodding along with Matilda. "That's it completely." he scoffed, "Silly when you really think about it." Lily turned back to Matilda concerned, "I'm sorry, I didn't know. We can cancel if you want."

Matilda smiled, "Absolutely not. We're all out, we're dressed up, and we are going to have a great time." Matilda cut an ominous look to the boys, "If anything comes up, we'll handle it then." The limousine came to a stop, and the chauffeur opened the door and reached for Lily's hand. "Ok," Dick commented, "Here we go." They formed a line, walking confidently into the auction house. Bruce was barely in the door when paparazzi swarmed him. "Take Lily." he instructed, deflecting the cameras as Dick and Matilda walked Lily into the main area. "I'm just going to find something without alcohol." Lily said, gesturing to the bar. Matilda nodded as Lily wandered over, dodging the rich and mildly drunk.

Lily drummed lightly along the bar, "Could I get a club soda please?" The bartender nodded and went to work. Lily heard from behind her, "Insufferable, isn't it?" and turned to face Desi. Desi was in a form fitting black lace gown, her rich purple lingerie visible through it. "You know, when you don't grow up rich, they can be be like a whole other species." Desi chuckled and Lily nodded as her club soda arrived. "It can certainly feel that way. Hi I'm Lily, um Lily Stormer." Desi finished her champagne, setting it on the bar and tapping it for a refill. "Delighted, Lily. Desdemona Crane, my friends call me Desi." Lily looked surprised, "This is your party then?" Desi sipped her refreshed glass, nodding.

Bruce emerged from the group and scanned the room for Lily, his heart sinking as he saw her and Desi waved to him charmingly. Bruce bounded across the room, and Desi threw her arms up in the air crying, "Bruce!" She threw her arms around him and Lily smiled sweetly, misinterpreting the situation. "Wow, Bruce." Desi whispered, "She doesn't seem st-st-st-stupid at all." Bruce pushed her away quickly, and Desi chuckled. "Lily, why don't you catch up with Dick?" Bruce instructed, "Desi and I are going to talk some business." Lily smiled, mildly confused before kissing Bruce on the cheek and walking away. "You stay away from her." Bruce seethed, watching her walk away smiling.

"Relax." Desi said calmly, "I left the important stuff alone. Long as she gets wet you don't don't have to have her replaced." Desi chuckled to herself, "Matter of fact, I probably helped that out." Desi straightened Bruce's tie, "With her all numbed out upstairs, I bet you barely have to try before you're hearing the old, oh God, oh yes, oh oh oh..." Desi looked maliciously, and Bruce was nearing shaking in his rage. "I'm warning you." Bruce said hatefully. Desi looked smugly at him, "No, I'm warning you." she corrected, "Look alive, you never know which of my friends might show up. You should be thanking me anyway. After what my ex did to her, trust me, forgetting was the kindest fate possible."

Bruce lost control of his temper, shoving Desi and sending her to the floor. Desi burst into laughter as several people crowded her. Bruce looked around embarrassed, and Lily stared at him upset. Desi sprang up, dusting herself off as she laughed. "Wow..." she commented, pointing at Bruce as the crowd watched, "You do hit like the Batman." Desi turned on her heels, grasping her glass and walking away from him. His focus was on Lily who just stared at him confused. Desi finished her champagne and grabbed another, fishing out her phone and pressing send. "You are never going to believe who's here." she said merrily. "Bruce Wayne. He brought the hadi-cripple with him."

Joker howled, "That is a thing of beauty. You thought that was going to be boring." Desi downed her glass, "I said it wouldn't be as much fun as you were having. Speaking of torture, is he talking yet?" Joker looked to his feet, "I was supposed to get him to talk?" he asked. Desi laughed briefly, her laughter dying abruptly. Joker sensed her tone an asked, "What is it?" Desi stared vacantly, "Matlida's here." she said simply. Joker scanned his mind, listening to Desi breathe. "I bet she's wearing pink." he said disgusted. Desi chuckled, "Yeah, she is, and you ought to see the boy she's with." Joker paced, switching ears, "So go over there and give her Hell. You know she's scared of you anyway."

Desi eyes shined, "Thanks J." she uttered adoringly, "Now if only you could handle a simple shaking down for information..." Desi chuckled playfully and the Joker growled low, "Blow me." he replied gruffly. Desi went for another drink "Later." She replied. They shared a laugh as Desi closed the phone and walked across the room to Matilda. "Oh Jesus. Here she comes." Matilda said to Dick as she watched Desi approach. From across the room, Bruce watched her cautiously. "Bruce, what is it?" Lily asked, "Why are you and she fighting?" Bruce faked a smile, "We're not, don't worry about it honey." Bruce took a step toward the buffet and Lily pursued him annoyed, "You're lying." Lily said bemusedly, "You just lied to me."

"Well, you've healed up nicely." Desi commented, looking over her. Matilda straightened herself, pulling her shoulders up as she looked at her mother. "Guess he went easy on you." Matilda licked her lips, "Perhaps beating me up isn't as fun as slapping you around." Desi leaned in to answer when a drunk patron stumbled into the conversation, hugging to Desi. "What a great party!" the drunk exclaimed, "Wow, doesn't she look fantastic?" Desi smiled hospitably. Matilda crossed her arms, "She looks cold, in my opinion." The drunk laughed, stumbling away. "Cold...cause its lace. That's funny." he said to no one in particular. "You need to loosen up, Matilda." Desi mused, "Not all of us need an inch of rubber between us and the action."

Matilda stared coldly at Desi, who seemed to ignore Dick completely. "Given your type of action, I'd worry about being flammable myself." Desi blinked several times rapidly, "Well...I don't know what you're referring to, but I will keep that advice in mind." Desi stepped up to Matilda, touching her chin tenderly. "I know about the Bat's hiatus." she purred, "Be careful, Matilda. It would be almost as much fun scaring this up as it was making it." Matilda's confidence eroded, and Dick stepped in, wrapping his arm around Matilda. "Mattie, why don't we.." Dick sighed, "get out of here." Desi turned to him stunned, "Well, I'll be. I didn't even see you there." Dick eyed her disapprovingly as he pulled Matilda and walked past her.

Dick walked over to Bruce, who was trying unsuccessfully to calm Lily. "We're getting out of here." Dick informed Bruce, "Mattie and I have work to do." Bruce looked at them concerned, "Is everything ok?" he asked, looking from Dick to Matilda. Matilda flashed a conflicted smiled, "She looks so empty. Without dad here to..." She trailed off, looking across the room as Desi commiserated with a crowd. "I'm worried. I figured she'll be far more dangerous now that she's alone, but I never imagined this." Matilda swallowed hard, and Dick took her hand. They looked at each other, and both nodded to Bruce before they left. "Good luck." Bruce offered, turning back to Lily.

"Dance with me?" Bruce asked, and Lily stared at him. "I don't want to dance with you. I want to know why you would lie to me." Lily looked at though she might cry, and Bruce took her hand as he pulled her to the dance floor. He pulled her close and whispered low to her. "I'm only trying to protect you." Lily wrapped her arms around Bruce's neck as she listened. "I know you mean well, but how can I get better if you shelter me from everything?" Bruce took a deep breath, "You have to trust me Lily." Lily scoffed, "Says the man who is lying to me. Bruce, why did you hit that woman?" Lily rested her head against his chest, and Bruce filled with dread. "Desdemona Crane is behind your abduction and shooting." he whispered sadly.

Lily's grip loosened around Bruce, and she glazed over. "She's the one that shot me?" she asked sadly. Bruce held to her, "Her husband did, sweetheart. He's in Arkham Asylum now." Lily sniffed, "But she got away with helping him? And um...she knows that it's me, the woman she shot, that she was just having a drink with?" Bruce rested his head against hers, shushing her as he rubbed her back. "I'm so sorry, I wanted to protect you from that. I'm sorry I lied." Lily cried softly, "Bruce, please take me home. I want to go home." She stopped, and Bruce rested his chin on her head. "Ok, let's go home."

Bruce untied his bow tie, stopping outside Lily's door to contemplate exactly what to say to her. She said nothing the entire ride home, and went immediately to her room upon their arrival. Bruce was unsure how she was taking it, and as preparing for the worst as he reached for the doorknob and knocked softly. Lily took a deep breath, calming her nerves. "Come in." She called, and Bruce walked in, stopping cold as he saw her. Lily stood looking at him in a short silk nightie of a soft peach color. She changed her wig, and she nervously tugged the end of her slip which barely covered her hips. Bruce stared, his mouth agape as Lily smiled at him. "I picked the wig from pictures. It looks the most like my hair." she offered.

Bruce smiled, walking over to Lily slowly. "No." He said kindly, pulling the wig away, "This looks most like your hair." Bruce mussed her pixie-like hair back and forth, tossing the wig across the room. He looked lovingly at her and Lily rolled her eyes nervously. "Bruce..." Lily said, taking his hand, "I'm not gonna break." Bruce sighed relief, kissing her hungrily. Lily held to his shoulders as her tongue mingled with his. "I have wanted this for so long." Bruce moaned, going for another probing kiss. Bruce kissed along her cheek and nuzzled her neck with his nose as Lily giggled softly.

"Shoes off, trousers down...shirt unbuttoned, nightgown." Lily said methodically. Bruce pulled, looking at her mildly amused, "What?" he asked. Lily blushed, "It's a system I have to remember. The doctor said that it would help to make up little things..." Bruce shook his head slowly, "My god.." he sighed, "I really love you. This you, not just the you before." Lily's eyes watered, and she sniffed as she replied, "Then start with your shoes." Bruce slipped out of his clothes hurriedly, and Lily watched him adoringly. She slipped the straps off her shoulders and let the nightie slide down her frame to the floor.

Bruce swept her up in his arms, and Lily clung to his body as he carried her to the bed. Her laid her down, kissing her shoulder as he slipped into her gently. Lily brought her lips to his ear, whispering sweetly, "I love you so much." Lily softly tongued Bruce's earlobe, and he thrust deeply into her. She moaned loudly, running her nails through his hair as he began to suck her neck intensely. Bruce slipped his arms under her, holding to her as she pressed her forehead to his cheek. Lily whimpered, grabbing Bruce's ass as he drove into her. Lily moaned loudly, but said nothing as she held to Bruce and Bruce found watching her react to each thrust incredibly arousing.

"Bruce..." She sighed, breathing heavy. He looked at her rigorously, brushing his nose against hers. "I'm here." He assured her. Lily smiled, relieved. "Just making sure of you." She leaned up, kissing him softly. Bruce kissed down her body, kissing her breasts and licking along her nipples. His thrust shortened and continued deeply as he focused on her breasts, and Lily pulled her hands from him, covering her face and panting loudly. She moaned almost painfully, her body seizing completely as she came. Bruce returned his attention to her face, touching it softly as he kissed her. "I want you to come for me." Lily panted, "You are so incredible. God, how I love you."

Bruce rested his forehead against hers, driving into her at a quickened pace. "Baby, you are so beautiful." he whispered to her, "I was so lost without you. So scared that I wouldn't get you back. I..." Bruce stopped, burying himself into her as he came. Lily lay back, exhausted as he held to her. Bruce kissed her stomach as he pulled from her and Lily stirred. "I'm not asleep." she mumbled, "I'm just resting. Don't go, ok? Just stay here with me." Bruce lay beside her, watching her lay peacefully breathing. He lay back, looking up at the ceiling with a sense of serenity when he felt her snuggle up to him and kiss his torso.

"Thank you for letting be take a little cat nap." Lily purred, "I'll make it worth your wait." Bruce blinked, confused as Lily backed down his body. "Lily...we just did." Bruce commented, "Don't you remember?" Lily began massaging him, resting her face against his abs. "I have wanted you for so long." Lily said softly, "I missed you so much baby." Bruce rested a hand on her head, confused as to what to do. Lily continued to fondle him, and Bruce looked down at her. She looked so content, and she looked at Bruce lovingly as she said, "Take me Bruce."

Bruce gave into his desire for her, grabbing Lily by her hips and turning her onto the bed. He kissed her fiercely, holding to her desperately. "I need you." Lily whispered, tears filling her eyes. Bruce smiled, running his strong hands down her soft frame to her thighs. "You have me." He whispered, leaning down to catch her glance. "Baby? You have me."

Matilda sat in the window box, pressing her back against the cold glass of the window. She looked across the room at Dick as he lay asleep in her bed. Matilda drew her knees up to her chin, holding her legs in place as she turned the images of her mother over in her mind. Matilda took a deep breath, tears streaming from her eyes. Never did she think she'd be this happy or feel this proud. Never has she felt so afraid of the future. She sighed deeply, her eyes lingering on Dick. How do I bring myself to say it? Matilda thought, How do I tell him that I love him?

Idlewild, Part One Two Three Four
Tags: featuring: alfred, featuring: batman, featuring: bruce wayne, featuring: dr. crane, featuring: lucius fox, featuring: scarecrow, featuring: the joker, genre: au, genre: movieverse, genre: multi-chapter, pairing: bruce/ofc, pairing: joker/ofc, rating: nc-17
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