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Idlewild Part 6

Story Title: Idlewild Part Six
Summary: Date night for J and Desi
Genre: AU OC
Pairing: Desdemona/Joker, Bruce Wayne/Lily, Matilda/Dick Grayson
Rating: R
Disclaimer: If I owned them, I'd be too busy fucking to write my name...
Author Notes: Comments are love, bitches! Thanks to everyone who took the survey. Previous Chapter links are beneath cut!

"I just love date night." Desi exclaimed as she skipped along up the walk, followed by Joker. They reached the door, and Joker stepped from view as Desi rang the bell. She waited several minutes, clearing her throat as she focused on the plan. The brass door peep hole opened and a man answered, "Can I help you?" he asked groggily. Desi took a deep breath, her voice shaking as she replied, "I'm so sorry to bother you, but my car broke down and I'm not getting any reception out here. Please, could I maybe just use your phone?" Desi eyed the Joker pleased as the door unlocked and opened and Desi swept in, attacking the sleepy man completely by surprise. Pressing her blade to his neck, she held the door with her foot as the Joker wandered confidently in.

"Such a kind citizen." She muttered snidely, walking him into the main foyer. Joker chuckled as his wife made her way down the staircase to investigate. She stood petrified as she gazed at him, and the man called out angrily. "Whatever you want, just take it and leave us please!" he pleaded. The Joker looked at Desi nonplussed before running up the stairs and throwing the wife over his shoulder. The man wrestled, bucking away from Desi as Joker carried her down the stairs. Desi giggled as Joker pulled a knife, halting the man in his tracks. "Whatever I want?" Joker asked, licking his lips, "Poor choice of words." Joker hummed, opening the wife's sheer nightgown with his knife as she began to weep.

Desi studied the Joker, her eye twitching mildly as he cruelly taunted the woman. Desi pushed the man to his knees and began taping his wrists together gnawing the inside of her cheek as she eyed the Joker. Joker groaned maliciously, touching the woman's hair as she trembled with fear. "So, what's next?" Desi asked cheerfully, hiding her growing concern. Desi lifted a heavy vase, examining it before focusing her attention on Joker and waiting for his reply. "I dunno." Joker said flippantly, "Why don't you carry on down here while wifey and I head upstairs and get acquainted." Joker examined her backside as Desi let the vase slip from her fingers and crash to the floor.

The Joker didn't look up and Desi held her breath. She was overwhelmed with fear as she watched what seemed like interest in that woman. Fleeting of course, but actual interest in someone so bland, so ordinary. Desi gripped her knife, tightening her fist while the Joker taunted his victim completely unaware. Desi found herself torn. She knew that any interference and there would be Hell to pay, but the thought of her beloved with anyone else broke her out in a cold sweat. The woman trembled as J slipped his gloved hand down her chest to the seam of her gown, and Desi snapped. Unable to abide it any longer, she rushed the woman, stabbing her in the stomach several times rapidly.

The Joker grabbed her arm as the man cried out desperately. Desi closed her eyes, awaiting punishment as the woman collapsed to the floor. "Explain yourself." He demanded as Desi swallowed and turned to him. "I can't have another Harley Quinn." she admitted quietly. Joker's grip on her arm relaxed. He looked at Desi, who couldn't bring her eyes to his and he realized: She isn't jealous, she's afraid. A triumphant smile crept over the Joker's face, and he released her arm. "Did..did you really want her?" Desi asked nervously. Before he could answer, the man threw himself onto the floor and inched toward his wife. "She's still breathing." he begged, "Please do something!"

Joker pressed himself to Desi's back, tracing his fingers up her chest and along her neck. "Hear that?" he whispered, "She's still alive. What are you going to do about that?" Desi leaned against him, her breathing heavy in response to his touch. "You didn't really want to..." Desi whispered timidly "did you?" Sensing his control over her, he wrapped an arm around her waist, resting a hand on her stomach. "Why would I want hamburger," he assured, "when I have steak." Desi felt his breath against her neck, and her relief was almost sexual. He tensed his hand, jerking her against him and Desi gasped at his strength. "Finish what you started." He huffed, releasing her. Desi threw herself over the woman, her legs sinking into the small pool of blood.

The woman coughed, emitting her barely audible plea as she stared at her husband. Joker moved happily around the ground floor, pouring gasoline over priceless artwork and mementos and chuckling loudly. Desi looked from the man to his wife, listening to the Joker's laughter like a serenade. She smelled the gasoline in the air and her body relaxed as she powerfully brought the blade down in a single swipe, cutting her throat. The man bellowed bitterly as he watched, and Desi dropped her hand and threw her head back. Her senses overwhelmed her, and Desi ran her blood drenched hands over her chest as she orgasmed.

Joker walked through the room, stopping when his gaze fell on Desi. She remained kneeling in the pool, her head back as she caught her breath. "Ahem." Joker said ironically, "Blow our load already?" Desi sighed, dropping her head slowly and returning his gaze with a look of complete euphoria. The Joker licked his lips, "What do we do now?" she asked playfully. Joker eyed the man lying on the floor as he struck a match. His eyes were sinister and his tone cool, "Now we check out the garage."

The garage opened and Desi skipped in, looking around at the many cars. Joker followed, pulling the man along when Desi gasped. "Oh my God." she uttered, "It's a 1949 Buick Roadmaster with a chopped top." Joker rolled his eyes as Desi hugged the hood. "I want to have sex with this car." Joker laughed, throwing the man against it, "Well pop the trunk before you get started." he joked.

Joker pulled right to the edge of the cliff which overlooked the island of Gotham City. He threw the car into park, and Desi stretched, extending her right leg straight into the air. "Remember when I was a bookkeeper?" she asked him. The Joker scoffed, "Do you?" He looked at her quizzically as she sat up, bringing the leg stiffly in front of the Joker as she twisted her body around to face him. "I went to college you know." she commented, "Gymnastics scholarship." The Joker suddenly gripped her ankle, pulling her over him, and she straddled his legs, facing him. "Just goes to show you." Joker commented dryly, "College is a complete waste of time."

Desi rubbed her nose against Joker's, intoxicated by the nearness of him. She pulled his tie slowly from his vest, her eyes closed as she continued to rest her face against his. "You smell different." The Joker remarked softly. Desi held her breath as he leaned in to take her in slowly. "Do I?" She mumbled, biting her lip as she extended her neck and rubbed against his forehead. Joker slipped his gloved hands up the outside of her strong things, "Not like my Desi." he said seductively. He looked up, bringing him mouth near Desi's trembling lips. "I must've gotten that bitch's perfume on me." she huffed.

A soft growl happily escaped Joker, and he squeezed her thighs lightly. "Did you kill her for me?" he asked sweetly. Desi moaned softly, nodding slowly and Joker brought his lips to hers, teasing her with his tongue before pulling away. Desi whimpered, her eyes snapping open and staring at him as he focused his attention on her body. He studied her dress closely before ripping it open hastily, and the cold air hit Desi's exposed skin breaking her out in gooseflesh. "My favorite color." Joker commented, running his finger along her bra, "This to get my attention?" Desi looked down objectively, "Do I still need to?" she asked innocently, "I mean, if the breasts don't do the job, I doubt what I wrap them in will."

The Joker shook his head softly, clicking his tongue. "It does make me curious what the panties look like." He looked at Desi, who smiled devilishly. "What panties?" she asked, spreading her knees to slide down closer to him. Joker held her face, running his thumb across her lips as a smile stretched across his face. Desi tugged at his hair, and he pulled her face to his, kissing her voraciously. She held his face with her hands, and felt him open his pants as his tongue explored her mouth. Joker broke the kiss, growling as he grasped her ass, pulling her onto him and Desi cried out in relief. She swiveled her hips, gripping the back of the seat as she thrust against him.

Desi threw her head back and her hair caught the wind as she continued to grind against his hips savagely.The Joker simply watched as Desi rode him wildly, bucking as she dug her fingers into the tuck and roll upholstery and threw her head back and forth as she moaned lustfully in response. He licked his lips as her breasts swayed mere inches from his face. "Aren't we vivacious tonight?" he asked humorously, "All of this because I made a joke?" Desi grabbed his hair, her pace quickening as she replied, "Don't be like that. She can't please you like I can." Desi leaned back, grasping his tie for support as she rolled onto her ass and brought her legs up forming a large V.

Desi lowered her legs on either side of the Joker's shoulders, and lifted her ass with her legs. She brought herself very near his erection and hovered there. Her calves were still bloodstained and Joker leaned over, licking up to her knee as Desi leaned back on her arms. Desi sighed, shivering as he licked slowly along her leg. "I can tease too." Desi said, rubbing herself delicately along the head of his penis. "You really want that woman instead?" The Joker stared at her with dark eyes, and answered charmingly, "What woman?"

Desi smiled blissfully. "You want it?" she purred, brushing across him again, "Take it. It's always better when you drive anyway." Joker grimaced determined as he grabbed her hips and began slamming her onto him. Desi immediately surrendered herself, crying out in complete ecstasy as he pounded against her mercilessly. Joker dug his gloved fingers into the delicate flesh along her hips, and her tattered lace dress chafed and burned her skin. Desi held to his tie, and Joker leaned forward slightly, allowing Desi to hook her ankles behind his head. "Don't say anything." he ordered intensely, "Not a word." Desi stared deeply at him, struggling to focus as the earliest waves of euphoria washed over her.

Joker slowed his pace, drawing her slowly over him in long strokes. Desi immediately looked up in protest but stopped short hen she saw his face. "Ah, ah, ah..."Joker said, "Not a word, now, and don't you come until I tell you." The Joker smiled wickedly as Desi looked at him desperately. Joker leaned closer to her and released her hips as Desi held his tie. Desi sank back onto him, taking him entirely into her. His thick shaft throbbed inside her, and Desi's eyes rolled back in her head. "Not yet." he uttered, "Wait for it or I'll never touch you again." Desi looked at him desperately, a whimper escaping her lips as he lingered in front of her. Joker stroked her hair softly, "My Desdemona."

Desi swiveled her hips over him, and Joker grabbed her hips. "Now." he soothed, "For me." Desi took a deep breath, ejaculating as she came and holding to him as he slammed her down. Desi threw herself forward, kissing him hungrily. Joker slowed to a stop, holding her ass comfortingly as he came and Desi continued to kiss him. "Only my Desdemona." Joker muttered as she kissed along his scars. Desi swallowed, trying to catch her breath. "May I speak now?" she asked sweetly. The Joker chuckled, and Desi continued, "You know, we still have a guy in the trunk to take care of." Desi giggled, "This night is almost too much wonderful." Desi rested her face against his, feeling along his vest idly.

Joker rolled his forehead along Desi's, muttering, "I'd miss you if you went away." Desi heart swelled at the remark, and Joker realized what he said and pushed her to his side and left the car. He said nothing as he walked away into the night. Desi watched him leave, looking down at the loose fabric that was once her dress and cutting the remainder of it away. She threw her trench on and buttoned it, unsure of what the Joker was doing or when he might be coming back. She lit a cigarette, blowing the smoke into the night wind as she fetched the shovel from the back seat.

She walked to the trunk and inserted the key, resting the shovel on her shoulder. Her cigarette was rescued by a gloved hand which sprung up from behind her and Desi smiled brightly as the trunk door opened and both she and the Joker looked down at the petrified man in the trunk. He stared up them, and Desi sprang into action, spinning around and she began singing lively and walking away from the car. "I'm fixing a hole before the rain gets in, and stops my mind from wondering." She sang happily, hopping on the shovel and sending it into the earth. The Joker threw the cigarette away, leaning into the trunk and collecting up the man as he mumbled, "...where it will go." He drug the man over to Desi as she worked. "It's wandering, not wondering." he corrected. Desi brushed her brow, "What?" she asked.

Joker removed his jacket and rolled his sleeves. "The lyrics," he replied, "Stops my mind from wandering." He took the shovel from her and set to work. Desi watched him sheepishly, and he replied, "Of course, it is the relevant choice. I prefer 'Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite.' personally." Desi smiled, admiring his forearms as pitched the loose earth out of the growing hole. The man lay on his side, sullen at the realization of his fate. As the hole began to deepen, Desi hopped in. "I'll never get you out if you don't trade with me now." Joker stuck the shovel into the earth and climbed out as Desi got back to work. Joker sat on the edge of the hole, beside the man. "See how well trained she is?" he commented, "If you trained yours as well you wouldn't be in this position." From below him she called, "I heard that, ass." The shovel went flying out of the hole past him, and he reached down and pulled her out and into his lap.

"So this is all training, huh?" Desi asked playfully, "I don't bring anything to the table?" Joker said nothing, bouncing her on his knee as she laughed roundly. She kissed him sweetly, and he held her face as he watched her closed eyes. She pulled slowly from him and as her eyes met his she giggled. "I cut your suspenders." she giggled, hopping from his lap as he examined his chest. He looked at her annoyed as he stood and walked over to the man. Desi ripped the tape from the man's mouth and stood smiling as Joker eyed her annoyed. he stood beside her, playing with the frayed end of his suspenders. "I don't want to be Harley Quinn either." Desi said flatly, and they both kicked him into the hole.

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Tags: featuring: alfred, featuring: batman, featuring: bruce wayne, featuring: dr. crane, featuring: scarecrow, featuring: the joker, genre: au, genre: movieverse, genre: multi-chapter, pairing: bruce/ofc, pairing: joker/ofc, rating: nc-17
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