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Idlewild Part 7

Story Title: Idlewild Part Seven
Summary: It was a beautiful day in Gotham...
Genre: AU OC
Pairing: Desdemona/Joker, Bruce Wayne/Lily, Matilda/Dick Grayson
Rating: R
Disclaimer: If I owned them, I'd be too busy fucking to write my name...
Author Notes: Comments are love, bitches! Thanks to everyone who took the survey. Previous Chapter links are beneath cut!

Bruce circled the date slowly. He sat in front of the monitors examining Lily's notes while on hold. A pleasant voice returned to the line, and the speakerphone nearly echoed in the expanse of the cave. "Good afternoon, Dr. Winchester's office. Natalie speaking, how may I help you?" Bruce cleared his throat, letting the pages fall from his hand. "Hello Natalie, Bruce Wayne calling. Is he available?" Bruce leaned back in his office chair to focus on the call. "Hello, Bruce! How are you and Lily doing?" Dr. Winchester asked. Bruce removed his glasses and rubbed his eyes, "Dr. Winchester, I have a question and I'm not entirely sure how to ask it. About a week ago Lily and I were... intimate." Bruce stopped, surprised at his embarrassment. "Wonderful!" Dr. Winchester exclaimed, "A pleasant experience, I hope?"

Bruce ran his hand across him mouth, "After we were finished, she had a minor episode. She didn't remember the sex, and was pretty aggressive concerning..." Bruce trailed away, and the doctor read his frustration. "That's actually pretty standard behavior, Bruce." The doctor explained, "Nothing to alarm yourself over." Bruce stared up, mildly annoyed, "So, my girlfriend and I make mad, passionate love." He explains, "She dozes for a few minutes and then wants it all over again, like it never happened, and that you call standard?" Bruce looked at the speaker, annoyance mixing with his concern. The doctor laughed, "No, I'd call that wife material. Bruce, relax. Did she enjoy herself? Was she harmed in any way?" Bruce furrowed his brow, "No, but it just seems wrong." The doctor's tone softened, "Bruce, when Lily is exhausted, that can happen. You haven't done anything wrong, in fact she has been very happy and productive in treatment and a lot of that is thanks to you. You light her up inside."

Bruce smiled as his thoughts lingered on Lily. "So she's ok?" he asked. Winchester replied, "She's ok. You have my word. Bruce, take your cues from her, she's getting better everyday." Bruce nodded, "Thank you Doctor. I'll be in touch." Bruce ended the call, looking up at the television at the news broke of the Tidwell Mansion fire. Bruce went for the remote, listening at the gruesome details of the discovery that morning. He switched the television off and went upstairs to look for Lily. He walked into the large living room, and Alfred stopped arranging tinsel on the massive tree as he spied Lily in the corner. Lily rested against an overstuffed pillow, her back to Bruce as she watched the news. She was bundled up in a bright red blanket, and Bruce smiled as he walked past the fire to sit with her.

"Oh Bruce," Lily gasped as she covered her mouth in horror. Bruce opened his arms and Lily hugged him. "It's just awful. The Tidwell's were such wonderful people." Bruce held her as she rested against his chest. "Vivian even brought that basket when I left the hospital. It's just so sad." Bruce nodded, examining her scarf as he reclined against the couch. "I like this head wrap thing." he said. Lily sat up, nodding and she wiped her eyes with her handkerchief, "I wasn't feeling the wig today." she sighed, "I should be able to go without it soon enough." Bruce kissed her forehead, "I'm very glad to hear that." he said softly. Lily lay against his chest, and they both stared at the fire quietly. "How is work coming?" She asked, kneading cheek against his chest. Bruce sighed, "Good, everything is coming along great." Content in each others' arms, Bruce and Lily dozed peacefully while Alfred left his work with the tree and brought another blanket to them.

Across town, Dick held to Matilda as they both slept. Matilda stirred, tossing restlessly as she muttered, "No, don't. Mom...what did you?" Matilda twisted in the bed, waking Dick as she called out, "God, please stop! Liam!" Matilda bolted upright, sweating as she caught her breath. Dick grasped her shoulders, "Hey, it's ok." Dick soothed, "Mattie, calm down. What is it? Talk to me." Matilda calmed herself, swallowing as she looked at Dick nervously. "I'm ok. Just...a nightmare." Matilda covered her eyes, breathing deep. Dick rubbed her back supportively, "Who is Liam?" he asked carefully. Matilda looked through her fingers at him, "Where did you hear that name?" she asked. He looked at her woefully, and she shook her head dismissively. "Liam Sotheby was the boy from school." she explained.

"I thought getting away from them would help, but it didn't." Lily turned to Dick, nearly overwhelmed by her grief. "I have to find out what happened to him. I just have to. If he's dead, what she might have done to him if not." Matilda touched Dick's chest with her open palms, "You understand, don't you?" she asked nervously, and Dick smiled subtly as he looked in her eyes. "How can I help?" Dick replied, and Matilda sighed her relief as she kissed him passionately. Dick hugged her, and as she pulled from the kiss he commented, "Just come back to me, ok?" Matilda's eyes shined, and she nodded as she touched his chin and went in for another kiss.

Meanwhile, Gordon had his hands full as he roamed the burn site. The mansion burned nearly to the ground, and the corpse found amongst the cinders was truly gruesome. Gordon directed the police as they searched in vain for Arthur Tidwell; and for the first time in the nearly two month hiatus, he missed Batman. The medical examiner collected the body, and Gordon signed her papers as he contemplated exactly what he was going to tell the media. The Bullock walked up slowly, his breath condensing in the cold morning air. "Well, it's an arson all right." Bullock concluded, "That makes the second one within a week, Commissioner."

Gordon sighed, "I know, and I'm willing to bet the Joker is involved." He looked around exhausted, "Any word on the missing Tidwell?" Bullock shook his head, "Nah, but there is a car missing. It could be this guy is alive somewhere, snapped and is responsible for this." Bullock sniffed, "What a fucked thing to hope for, eh?" He looked to Gordon, who contemplated silently for several minutes. "Yeah," he concluded, "I'm going back to MCU and working out what to tell the press. Can you take over here?" He looked to Bullock, who pulled the toothpick from his mouth and threw it down, nodding affirmatively. "Go on, I got this." he offered.

It had been almost two months, and Crane rarely slept at all. His thoughts lingered on his beloved Desdemona, whose visits started as frequent and loving only to erode into sporadic and cold as time wore on. It had been weeks since she visited at all, and Crane completed each daily task with the growing worry of where his wife was and who she was with. She loves you. He assured himself, You have to remain calm. There's no reason to imagine anything awful just yet. Give her time, she's been through a lot lately. Crane tried to calm his worried mind, but the knowledge of the Joker's freedom with his wife simply terrified him. He was exhausted, and the events since his daughter's departure weighed heavy on him. Crane found himself actually regretting his actions, and praying to get information soon.

Crane sat in the corner of the recreation area at Arkham Asylum, watching the other patients. He stared as some painted, wile others sat staring up a small television with an overwhelming sense of disgust. The door nearest him opened and a guard walked in a middle aged, mousy-looking man who sat timidly by Crane. "Hi, my name is Schiff." He offered, extending his hand. Crane shook his hand, "I'm not in the least interested." he replied cuttingly. Schiff pulled his back sheepishly. Crane noticed the news, which showed stock footage of the Joker with a warning to alert the police if you see him. "Hhhmpf." Crane emitted audibly, and Schiff looked at him. "Aw, he's not so bad." Schiff commented, "Mr. Joker can be okay if you're working for him." Crane looked sickly at him, and Schiff continued, "No, it's true. Just the other day, he showed up with a woman for me to..." Schiff twisted his hands, obviously embarrassed as he blushed and looked to the floor.

Crane furrowed his brow, turning his complete focus to Schiff. "The Joker came to see you?" he asked, "With a woman?" Schiff nodded, still looking at the floor, "A really pretty one too. An honest to goodness lady." Schiff continued to fidget with his hands, "She was so soft, and smelled like baby powder. I even got to, you know, before Mr Joker." Crane closed his eyes, feeling as if someone had punched him right in the center of his chest. "Baby powder." he mumbled, "She sounds wonderful." Schiff looked at him, mildly confused to the severity of his reaction, "See? Told you he can be a great guy." he offered quietly, "If you know how to work with him." Schiff looked on as Crane got up, walking away to the guard as if in a daze.

It seems the only people in Gotham that got plenty of rest were Desi and the Joker. Desi rolled over and rested on his chest, and the Joker inadvertently pushed her off the bed. Desi landed with a thud, moaning as she sat up wearily. "Morning to you too, best beloved." Desi said sarcastically as she stood. She climbed onto the bed like a predator stalking her sleeping prey. As she went to pounce on Joker, he grabbed her wrists and flipped her over on the bed, holding her down as he looked down into her eyes. "Treatment today." he said seriously. Desi nodded, her hair scattered around her face. "I know. Do you want me to get everything arranged?" Joker stared at her silently for several minutes, saying nothing.

Desi's eyes trailed down his face and shoulders to his muscular forearms as they held her down. "You know, for 50 you're really fit." Desi remarked, "Good genes, I guess." Joker leaned down close to her face, "I'm not 50 quite yet, and I'll never be old." Joker countered dryly. Desi smiled, "Say that to your graying temples." she giggled, and Joker's smile faded briefly, "Oh, don't be sad, it's really sexy." Desi offered, "Besides, you'll never be old remember? Age is a state of mind." Desi smelled him and closed her eyes, her desire for him making it almost hard to breathe. "No, my dear, I'm afraid you're mistaken. I'll never be old because I am canon."

He hopped up, releasing her and walking away from the bed as Desi looked on confused. "The best you can hope for is a great death and to be remembered fondly." Joker called over his shoulder, "I get to live forever, more popular even than the bat." Desi looked around puzzled at the remark as she heard the bathroom door close. She stood and went down to the office and climbed into the chair. She began tying her arm off as the bathroom door opened and Joker walked through with his shirt untucked and only half buttoned. "I got it." Desi said and he went to examine, "Christ, we look like Sid and Nancy." Joker prepped the shot, "They had no style." he said coolly.

He walked over to Desi and finished strapping her down before he inserted the needle. "Villains are different, Desdemona. We don't get older, we just become less afraid." He looked at her calmly, "More violent, more creative. Villains grow desperate instead of old, is there anything more frightening that that?" Desi smiled as she looked up at him, "I'm still learning from you. You're so very good to me." Joker's eyes left hers as she said it, and he depressed the plunger on her shot. Looking back at her, he said coldly, "This the twice the dose you're used to." Fear washed over Desi's face as Joker concluded, "This is gonna hurt."

Idlewild, Part One Two Three Four Five Six
Tags: featuring: alfred, featuring: batman, featuring: bruce wayne, featuring: dr. crane, featuring: gordon, featuring: scarecrow, featuring: the joker, genre: au, genre: het, genre: movieverse, genre: multi-chapter, pairing: bruce/ofc, pairing: joker/ofc, rating: r
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