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Idlewild Part 8

Story Title: Idlewild Part Eight
Summary: Her twp dads, and neither is Paul Reiser.
Genre: AU OC
Pairing: Desdemona/Joker, Bruce Wayne/Lily, Matilda/Dick Grayson
Rating: R
Disclaimer: If I owned them, I'd be too busy fucking to write my name...
Author Notes: Comments are love, bitches! Thanks to everyone who took the survey. Previous Chapter links are beneath cut!

The door to his cell opened and the guard called sternly, "Crane, you have a visitor." Crane closed his book, standing hopefully and straightening his jumper as he followed the guard down the hall. Crane smoothed his hair, nervous as the door opened. He rounded the corner and found Matilda sitting across the table waiting for him. Completely surprised, he called out, "Matilda!" She stood to face him and a near maniacal smile crossed Crane's face. Matilda in turn grinned, "Hi daddy." she said sweetly. Matilda stared at him amazed, he looked so worn, so old. Crane gestured to the table, and they both sat.

"How are you?" he asked. Matilda continued to stare empathetic, "I'm good." Crane nodded, "You changed your hair back," he offered. "it looks nice." Matilda tossed her hair back, "Well, I'm going to school, so I'm really busy and I needed something easy to manage." Crane's eyes lit up. "You are going to school." he said, relieved, "Am I to assume you have a gentleman?"

Matilda smiled looking to her knees bashfully. Crane nodded knowingly, looking over her head. "Does he treat you well?" he asked. Matilda clutched her purse, "Yeah dad, he's wonderful." she assured, "I'm really happy." An serenity washed over him, and he sat silently.

"Have you heard from mom?" Matilda asked carefully. Crane's serenity disappeared and he looked sadly at Matilda. "You know your mother." Crane scoffed, "Busy busy busy..." Crane squared his jaw, and Matilda reached across the table and held his hand. "She's not happy. I've seen her, I know." she offered.

Crane embraced Matilda's hand. "You're wrong, sweetheart. Maniacal is your mother at her happiest." Crane replied heartbroken, "She put normal on like a suit. For you, and for me." Matilda looked to the table, frustrated.

"I only ever loved you." Crane said seriously, "From the moment I found out she was going to have you. I only wanted for your happiness." Crane swallowed hard, "If I had known it would turn out like this, I would have done things differently for you."

Matilda smiled, her eyes filling with tears. "Dad, I need some information from you, its very important." Crane blinked several times, "Anything." he replied. Matilda went for her purse, producing a small notepad. "What do you know about mom and Liam Sotheby?" she asked.

Crane sat up, thinking, "The boyfriend." he said distantly, "Your mother took the Joker with her, and even they didn't speak of it publicly." Crane scratched his head, "He went away right after that, so I don't really know anything. Your mother keeps files on all her major endeavors though. Rather sociopathic if you ask me, but she keeps them like mementos, in a safe at her office. Perhaps you could ask Maroni."

Matilda scribbled everything down quickly, nodding appreciatively. "Sweetheart, are you sure you want to know this?" he asked. Matilda looked up from her notes pensive. "If it weren't for me, he'd be fine. I need to know what became of him."

Crane stood, looking down at her. "Matilda, my dear, that had nothing to do with you. You cannot be responsible for your mother's actions. Just be sure you know what you are in for." he advised. Matilda felt overwhelmed at her father's pardoning, and stood, hugging him close to her. Crane brought his hands to her back slowly, and Matilda said tearfully, "I am proud of you for staying here and getting better. I really am daddy."

Crane closed his eyes, holding the back of Matilda's head as he squeezed her. Matilda sniffed, stepping back and reaching for her purse. "You don't have to go yet, do you?" Crane asked, his loneliness obvious. Matilda nodded, "I have an appointment. I have to go."

Crane nodded, looking down as he backed away. Matilda looked at him, and felt a strange sense of sadness. "Do you think I could visit you more often?" Matilda asked, "Talking to mom is out of the question, and I miss you." Crane looked up at her hopefully. Matilda hugged him again, "I don't care what the truth is." Matilda whispered, "You're my dad, and I love you."

Crane hugged her hard before pushing her away. "Go on. A girl your age shouldn't be hanging out in an asylum, visiting her convict father." Matilda went to the door, tapping on it before she replied, "I'll see you soon." Crane smiled, nodding as she walked out of the room.

Crane turned to the guard waiting for him and extended his hands. "I need to speak with my therapist." Crane said calmly, "Can I arrange that?" The guard checked his classification and nodded, opening the door and leading Crane back to his cell. Crane walked along, equally full of hope and worry. I have to talk to Desdemona. He thought, but even he was unsure of exactly what to say to her. He entered his cell and waited for the therapist as he contemplated his next move and tried to calm his nerves. How bad could she be? he wondered, staring into space.

Desi winced, groaning softly as she stirred. The Joker looked down from the bedroom, and walked down the stairs to her. He said nothing, unbuckling her restraints one at a time, and she rolled to her side and curled into the fetal position. Desi laid there for several minutes, dark bruises forming along her wrists and ankles. Desi's muscles ached and she took a breath slowly as Joker turned her face up and shined a light in her eyes. "You should be dead." he said proudly, "A 70% solution would kill a much larger man, and cause permanent psychosis in those that survived." Joker checked her pulse, "You lucid?" Desi blinked a few times, chuckling ominously as he pulled her upright.

Joker looked at her, trying to read her reaction as Desi continued to chuckle darkly. She looked at him maniacally, with a crazed emptiness as he listened to her heartbeat. "You hallucinated last night." he commented, "Sounded pretty horrific. You want to share with me what you saw?" Desi pointed her finger and poked him in the chest several times slowly as she laughed. She hopped up from the table, stumbling around as her feet hit the floor and her fatigued muscles gave. Desi took a deep breath, quieting her laughter as she turned back to the Joker. "Matilda." she replied matter-of-fact. Without further explanation, Desi walked to the kitchen and retrieved the shovel. She threw it against her shoulder and breezed past as the Joker watched.

Desi disappeared into Matilda's room, and Joker stood silent for a few moments until he heard the first crash. Joker walked to the door as Desi swung the shovel a second time, sending Matilda's many school awards flying across the room. Desi panted, grasping the shovel and sending it through her framed birth certificate and into the wall before ripping it and a chunk of the drywall out. Joker observed her silent tantrum, a smirk on his face as she turn the shovel over and shattered frame after frame. Desi's hair was matted and unkempt, and she only grunted softly as she crushed anything her eyes settled on.

After about ten minutes Desi relented, stopping to catch her breath as she leaned against the shovel. Matilda's small bookshelf lingered crooked on the wall momentarily before collapsing with a loud crash as Desi's cell chirped. Desi sighed, dropping her shovel and turning on her heels. She walked over the broken glass, embedding it into her feet and walking a trail of blood back to the kitchen table as she grasped her phone and answered it. There was plaster in her hair and she rubbed her eyes as she answered flatly, "Yeah?"

"Darling?" Crane said kindly. He stood at the pay phone with his therapist, holding the phone and awaiting reply. Desi stood, shoulders slumped emotionless as she listened to the silence of the line. "Hello Johnathan." she said dreamily. Joker heard the name and turned, walking over to her as he listened in. "How are you? Is everything all right?" Crane asked. Desi closed her eyes, and the Joker pressed his ear near hers to catch Crane's comments. When Desi failed to respond, Crane nervously continued, "You haven't been to see me in a few weeks. I miss you and I was worried." Desi opened her eyes, drifting off as she mumbled, "I'm sorry dear, I've just been really busy."

Tears fell from Crane's eyes as he listened to the vacancy of his wife's voice. Joker pulled back, rounding to her other ear. "Desi, baby? I love what you've done with Matilda's room." Desi smiled, oblivious to what Crane was saying, and Joker slipped his hand over hers and gripped the phone. "Let's remodel this whole place, you and me. And when we're done, I'm gonna carry you up to our bed and I'm gonna..." Joker whispered silkily, "...until you can't walk straight."

Desi chuckled into the phone inadvertently, and Crane stopped. "Did you hear that darling? I was telling you about Matilda, that she came to see me." he explained desperately. Desi sighed, "Matilda did?" she asked flippantly. Crane closed his eyes, nodding. "Yes. She came to see me honey. She asked about you."

Joker sniffed, clearing his throat and speaking plainly, "Ok, time to say goodbye now." Joker took the phone from her hands and spun her around to face him, holding the phone up to her mouth. "I have to go now, Johnathan. I'll talk to you soon." Desi mumbled absently. Joker lowered his hand and went for Desi's neck with animailistic prowess. As he sank his teeth into her delicate flesh, Desi cried out in pained bliss. Crane held the phone incredulous as she heard her moans over the phone. "Oh, J. Take me now, I want you inside me right now." Desi pleaded. Joker growled happily, turning a malicious eye to the still open phone before slamming it shut hatefully.

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Tags: featuring: alfred, featuring: batman, featuring: bruce wayne, featuring: dr. crane, featuring: gordon, featuring: scarecrow, featuring: the joker, genre: au, genre: movieverse, genre: multi-chapter, pairing: bruce/ofc, pairing: joker/ofc, rating: r
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