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Idlewild Part 9

Story Title: Idlewild Part Nine
Genre: AU OC
Pairing: Desdemona/Joker, Bruce Wayne/Lily, Matilda/Dick Grayson
Rating: R
Disclaimer: If I owned them, I'd be too busy fucking to write my name...
Author Notes: Comments are love, bitches! Thanks to everyone who took the survey. Previous Chapter links are beneath cut!

Lily laid the deli tray on the island, closing the refrigerator door with her foot. Bruce thumbed through the large three ring binder slowly, looking at each page amazed. "So I just though it might make more sense." Lily said, putting her sandwich together. She leaned up on her toes to examine what he was looking at, and Bruce looked up elated. "This is what you've been doing while I work?" he asked, "Lily, this is fantastic. I really needed this done, too." He flipped through the pages, noting the detail, "Now all my charity functions and commitments are completely mapped out. I tell you, would you consider keeping this up for me? I could get you an assistant." Bruce offered. He watched her complete the sandwich, pulling each item from its designated place with no confusion.

Lily met his glance, "Can I make you one?" she asked. Bruce smiled as he shook his head. Bruce continued to observe, his heart swelling as Lily put everything away effortlessly. "You're offering me a job then?" she asked playfully. Bruce rested his face in his palm, "You do good work." he said pleasantly, "I'm sure we can work something out." Lily nodded, chewing thoughtfully, "Didn't I do something before the accident?" she asked. Bruce sighed, "You weren't really attached to it. A woman of your intelligence really ought to do something fulfilling." Lily smiled, chewing slowly. "Besides, I seem to remember you saying that if you could do anything, you'd help people in need." Bruce replied, "Well, anyplace you can tighten the budget will free up some cash. You could invest that anywhere you like."

Lily hopped down, walking around the island to Bruce. "I don't know." she mocked, "I'll have to check out the benefits and the insurance and such." Bruce smiled as Lily continued, "Can I take a day before I give you my answer?" Bruce kissed Lily softly, and Lily touched his face as she leaned against the island. Bruce rested his hand on Lily's ample breast, and Lily sighed joyfully at his touch. Lily looked into his eyes, smiling as she cupped his other hand to her breast, and Bruce ran his hand up her shirt as he went in for another kiss. He trailed down her neck with soft kisses, and Lily hopped onto him, hugging her knees to his waist as he held her up. Lily hugged his neck and he carried her out of the kitchen.

Stopping at the staircase, he asked charmingly, "Yours or mine?" Lily giggled, contemplating. She leaned in, squinting, "Yours." She replied, and he charged up the stairs happily as she held to him. Bruce kicked his bedroom door open and Lily squealed as he tossed her her onto the bed. Bruce descended onto the bed, kissing her passionately and Lily nearly went limp at his touch. His long fingers slipped under her simple cotton shirt and traced her ribcage and Lily nibbled his earlobe gleefully. Bruce sat up, unbuttoning her jeans as Lily pulled her shirt over her head. Bruce stared into her eyes, tracing a single finger slowly down her stomach to her navel before removing his shirt. His eyes never left hers, and as he pressed his body to hers Lily ran her hands down his back and sighed. "God, you're handsome." she whispered.

Bruce chuckled, mildly embarrassed as he kissed and nibbled along her shoulder. His hands gripped her thighs and he buried his face in her bosom, blowing soft raspberries as Lily laughed and kicked against the bed. Lily wiggled, laughing loudly as Bruce pulled up to her face and penetrated her. Lily's laughter slowly faded to soft moaning as Bruce lovingly rested his temple against hers and drove into her. Lily held the back of his head, her lips lingering very near his as she whispered "Faster. Please." Bruce touched her face, thrusting from his hips at an ever increasing pace as he watched Lily's eyes roll back and close. He watched her react seriously, relieved to see her succumb to pleasure. Lily relented, her body relaxing as she came and her cries filled the room. Hearing her call out his name pushed Bruce over the edge, and he seized as he came into her.

Bruce laid his head on Lily's chest, catching his breath. "What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon." Lily huffed, out of breath. Bruce looking up at her, "How are you feeling? You're not tired or anything?" he asked as he looked her over. Lily smiled as she looked out the looming window at the sky, "No." she said softly, "I feel... normal. I feel like me." Bruce kissed her stomach softly, and Lily laughed. "Hope you don't lose interest in me now that I'm getting better." she joked. Bruce hugged her midsection, "Alfred said he worries that I'm acting out on you with some sort of hero complex." he admitted, "That's what I get for giving him those introduction to psychology books." Lily giggled softly, "Good old Alfred. You can always count on him to shoot from the hip." Bruce sat pensive for several minutes. "You don't really worry about that, do you?" he asked. Lily mussed his hair, "No." she replied simply.

They laid together in silence for several minutes. Bruce stretched, sitting up and Lily snuggled into the featherbed. "Don't go." she pleaded. Bruce smiled charmingly as Lily stretched, rolling onto her side. "I have to work." he replied, rubbing her cheek. Lily kissed his hand sweetly, "You miss Batman, don't you?" she asked. Bruce sat quietly, tracing his fingers lightly down her back, "Yes I do, but not quite as much I thought I would." Bruce stood, replacing his boxers and kissing Lily on the forehead before walking out of the room silently. Lily rolled over, staring out at the frost along the windowpanes.

Matilda couldn't believe what she was doing. She gently cut the glass, slipping her hand inside the window and pulling the trigger wire to the alarm system. Matilda held her breath as she opened the window and climbed into the main corridor of the club. As her feet touched the floor in the hall, a wave of nervous nausea struck Matilda and she secretly wished she had told Dick where she was going. Matilda stopped, calming herself and slowly creeping down the hall to her mother's office. She tried the door, finding it unlocked and silently entered the the dark office. She closed the door and took a deep breath in the dark.

Matilda felt along the wall as she stepped lightly across the office to the corner under the bar. She opened the cabinet and touched the cold metal of the safe as she wondered the combination. She drew her nails over the rotary lock and began turning it. She input her first guess at its combination, and smiled as her birthday resulted in a loud click and the safe opening. "Good old mom." Matilda whispered, reaching for her flashlight as the desk lamp switched on behind her. Matilda gasped, nearly choking as she fell backward and turned sat with her back to the other presence in the room. There was an uneasy silence in the room, and Matilda tried in vain to calm herself. "Mom?" she asked.

"You mother is being corrected." The Joker said smoothly, "She isn't here at the moment." He turned in the chair to look on Matilda, "It's just you and me, kiddo." Matilda read his peaceful tone and feared what he meant concerning her mother. She turned to face him, and he looked her over chillingly. "Couldn't resist your better nature I see." Joker said coolly, turning one of his knives along his callused thumb, "Not bad for a first attempt, but then again it is in your blood." Matilda stood, with all the bravery she could fake, "I'm not burgling my mother. I came for one partic-" she started.

Joker waved dismissively, "I know what you're here for. You're easier to read than Dr.Seuss." He rolled his eyes, shaking his head at her. Matilda squared her toes as he tapped on a single file on her desk. "Relax Matilda, I'm in a good mood. You have nothing to worry about." Matilda took a deep breath, "Well, you beat the Hell out of me last time we were alone together." Matilda explained, "So I'm a little touchy Uncle J." Joker waved with the knife seriously, "That was for your mother." He explained, "And don't call me 'Uncle J'. It isn't appropriate." Joker licked his lips, glancing out the window. "Besides, this talk is long overdue."

"Not like you to take instruction from mom." Matilda reasoned. Her comment was ignored by the Joker however, who carefully considered his next statements. "If you had a real male influence..." he said quietly, "If I had known." He leaped up, walking over to her zealously. "How could you do this to me? You're my daughter, and your mom is definitely villain stock of respectable order." Joker brushed her hair with his knife, "How could you repay us by becoming a worker bee?" Matilda didn't know how to respond, and the Joker sniffed along her shoulders and face. He paused in one position, sniffing a few times. "And over a boy. Very depressing Matilda." He concluded.

Matilda closed her eyes and sighed. "This is not about Liam." she declared. Joker burst into a fit of maniacal laughter. "Liam? No, no, no. I'm referring to the..." Joker sniffed again, "Is that Old Spice?" Joker made a sour face, shaking his head as he paced away from Matilda. "Well, you fight crime with someone, you bond. Kind of like you and mom, I guess." Matilda said dryly, "Only sane." Joker howled, "Yes, yes. Masked vigilantism." he huffed, "That has sane written all over it." Joker turned, pacing in front of Matilda as he spoke. "I seem to remember a pigtailed girl with teddy bear and a crush. What happened to that girl?" Joker asked, stopping in front of her.

Matilda swallowed hard, and looked up to respond when Joker cut her off, "All grown up and getting balled by the Boy Blunder." Joker sneered, "You're just a whore for a costume, and a cheap one at that." Joker paced away from her again, "At least your mother had a sense of humor." Matilda smiled sickly as she listened. "You know, when I was a kid, you guys used to tell be such stories about shaking up the system and the great plan." Matilda rolled her eyes, "I did love you, and I believed in what you said. I couldn't wait to grow up and make you all proud of me." Joker turned back to observe her, and Matilda struggled to maintain her composure.

"But that isn't who you are anymore." Matilda blurted out, "There is no plan. You just hurt people and do bad things." Matilda took a deep breath, "And mom is sick." Joker swept his hair from his face, rushing Matilda and placing his blade in her mouth. "Your mother" he seethed, "is becoming. She understands more about chaos than you could ever learn, and she paid for her knowledge in blood." Matilda took slow, calming breaths as she stared into his eyes. Joker was fiery in temper and continued, "Get real, kiddo." he said hatefully, "I don't hold her down by making her crazy, you and that shrink hold her down by keeping her sane."

He held the blade at the crease of her lips, and Matilda tried not to imagine the feel of it cutting through her. "Should I start worrying?" she asked courageously. Joker looked seriously for a solid minute before pulling the knife quickly and tapping her nose with it. "Are you kidding? I couldn't be happier!" Joker released her neck and walked back to the desk. "That tight-ass Crane locked in a nut war, finding new and interesting things to penetrate your mother with, running this place into the ground," Joker said with a laugh, "Times are good, and I can't wait until you get back from this little expedition."

Matilda looked puzzled as the Joker threw the file at her feet. "You're gonna be so much fun once your spirit breaks." he remarked happily, "Until then, I pardon you Matilda. Go visit your ex." Matilda looked around confused, and the Joker laughed viciously, "Carry a notepad, you'll need it." he quipped. Matilda licked her lips, her rage brimming and eclipsing her fear. "I'm not just follow you like mom does, this isn't a game dammit!" she cried, "I'm not here to entertain you. I'm not your property!" Joker's eye twitched as he watched her, his humor fading at her growing disrespect. The Joker clicked his tongue, closing his knife and pocketing it slowly.

Without warning, he lunged at Matilda, who deflected his initial blow and successfully blocked his second. The Joker faked low, and wrapped both hands around her throat as she lowered her guard. He immediately applied crushing pressure, pulling her down as he went for the file at her feet. Matilda threw punch after punch, landing several but failing to thwart her father's violent control. "So beautiful..." He whispered as her blows wilted and she wheezed softly, "" Matilda looked hatefully at him, clawing at his eyes desperately as he dragged her to the window.

"You have a nice trip now." Joker spat, pulling her along by her neck, "But by the time you get back, I'd have that attitude adjusted. Some people might respond violently to that I think you'll find." Joker released her neck and Matilda collapsed against the wall, coughing and gasping for air. He stuffed the file into her coat and zipped it up, and brought her face up to his, examining it carefully before he pulled her upright. He pulled his knife and cut a small piece of her hair away, pocketing it gingerly. Matilda stared up at him, confused and for the first time, really and truly afraid of him. "Don't make long term plans with the sidekick." Joker warned ominously, and as Matilda massaged her throat he kicked her through the window.

Matilda fell two stories before landing flat on her back and lying motionless on the snow kicked up from the street along the walk. Joker looked out the window at her in the snow, clicked his tongue, and switching the lamp off, disappeared into the dark.

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Tags: featuring: alfred, featuring: batman, featuring: bruce wayne, featuring: dr. crane, featuring: scarecrow, featuring: the joker, genre: au, genre: het, genre: movieverse, genre: multi-chapter, pairing: bruce/ofc, pairing: joker/ofc, rating: nc-17
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