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Idlewild Part 10

Story Title: Idlewild Part Ten
Summary: Relationships are like sharks, if they aren't constantly moving forward, they might eat a fat kid on a raft.
Genre: AU OC
Pairing: Desdemona/Joker, Bruce Wayne/Lily, Matilda/Dick Grayson
Rating: R
Disclaimer: If I owned them, I'd be too busy fucking to write my name...
Author Notes: Comments are love, bitches! Thanks to everyone who took the survey. Previous Chapter links are beneath cut!

"I'm sorry I had to be away so long, Desi baby." Joker purred as he stepped in the front door. "I'll be right over to unstrap..." Joker started, looking to the empty chair, "you." He walked over to the chair, examining the loose straps curiously. "Desdemona?" He called, looking up, "Come out, come out my lamby lamb." His eyes swept the room as a balmy laugh echoes in the building. "I love it when you call me that." Desi said airily as she walked up slowly from the stairs of the basement. Joker turned the strap over in his hand before looking up. "Did you chew through this?" he asked. Desi only moaned, giggling softly in response.

Joker was taken mildly aback at the sight of her. Desi's hair was teased into a frenzy of loose, wavy curls which puffed around her face wildly. Her eyes were alight in an almost frightening way, and she had darkened the sockets completely with black makeup in stark contrast to her deep red lips. She stood in an extremely tight black and cerulean corset with a short black skirt and high heels. Joker swallowed hard, licking his lips as her looked her over. "That's a new look for you." he commented, enticed. Desi stretched, extending her arms over her head as she walked to the kitchen.

The Joker followed her over, smiling slyly as Desi opened the fridge and retrieved the half gallon of milk. She popped the cap with her thumb and let in fall to the floor as she drank heartily from the container. The milk leaked slowly from the creases of her mouth and dripped from her chin as she took large gulps. The Joker stood before her as she lowered the container and licked her lips. "You look good Desdemona." Joker commented as Desi set the jug down. "I only chewed through one of the straps." she replied vacantly, "The others are fine. I wanted to bake cookies." Joker laughed, rubbing her chin affectionately. "How did that dose make you feel?" he asked curiously.

Desi took a calm, steady breath as Joker's gloved fingers went from her chin to trail along the underside of her hair. "High." she replied simply. Joker noted her body language and stepped closer to her. "I pushed our daughter out a window last night." he remarked softly. Desi adjusted his tie, "That's nice." she replied absentmindedly. Joker looked at her smugly, "Are you even gonna ask if she's ok?" he asked pointedly. Desi tapped her forehead, closing her eyes as she smiled, "Of course, how silly of me." she muttered. She looked deeply into his eyes but showed no emotion. "Did you kill her?" she asked. Joker looked into her eyes for a few minutes, smiling as he failed to detect any trace of emotion. "No." he replied, "She's on her way to that ex of hers."

Desi rolled her eyes, smiling as she made her realization. "Oh, I have something for you." She exclaimed, turning and skipping over to retrieve a bag. She set the Macy's bag on the counter and pulled a large Santa hat from it slowly. Joker grumbled, nonplussed as she placed it on his head and pulled it down snugly. "Now that is sexy. Nothing quite sets off the red hat like green hair." she said merrily, "Very festive." She popped a large cookie in his mouth and he looked upward at the hat as he chewed. "I realized during the dosing that you and I haven't in twenty years spent an actual Christmas together." She looked at her hands and shook her head, "It's just crazy." Joker looked past her into the living room. "Is that a fire?" he asked, noticing the glow of the cinders.

Desi shrugged, "Nothing more romantic that a fire on a cold night, so I started one." Joker blinked, his expression amused. "You don't have a fireplace." he said, still staring at the embers. Desi took his hand in hers, licking the cookie crumbs from his fingertips. "Yeah." she sulked. "Hey, I also planned for you the best Christmas gift ever given." Desi grinned maniacally, "It might be the best work I've ever done. Couldn't you just die?" Joker began chuckling gruffly as Desi looked up at him, her sanity never more endangered. "You still need a final dose before we can take it out." he said, and Desi hummed acknowledgment. "However, I must say I am pleased with the result..." he said, looking down at her corseted chest, "so far."

Desi giggled, her body nearly pressed to his. "Do you like Christmas, J?" she purred, "Look, I even bought mistletoe." She gestured above them, and Joker looked up to see mistletoe everywhere. He looked back at her smugly, clicking his tongue as he brought his eyebrows up quizzically. Desi barely resembled herself of late, and when the Joker looked at her he found himself reminded of a much younger Desi, who followed him home and would crawl across the floor the lick his shoes clean. A woman who thrice tried to kill him, but never asked him to love her. He smiled at her, "I love the holidays, people never see it coming during the holidays." Desi giggled, and Joker looked up at the Mistletoe.

He looked back charmingly and Desi eyed him quizzically. Saying nothing, Joker loudly unzipped his pants and stood waiting. Desi looked seductively at him, leaning up and licking across his lips before sinking to her knees in front of him. Her eyes remained fixed on him. Never had Desi seemed so lost or maniacal. Never had the Joker seemed more in control or happy.

Lily came down the stairs in a simple silk dress with embroidered beadwork. "Alfred, did we get my shoes?" she asked aloud, "I can't remember." Alfred came down the long hallway with a duster in hand. "I took the liberty, Miss." Alfred explained, retrieving the box. Lily slipped her shoes on, looking around as she kneaded her earlobe and adjusted her earring. Bruce hustled down the steps, his coat already on. He avoided eye contact with Lily, patting around with his keys before pulling his gloves and putting them on. "I've been thinking, actually." Bruce huffed, "I think that...I should go alone maybe." He met Lily's eyes as she looked on confused, "I don't feel ready, ok hon?" Lily had a far away look in her eyes, but nodded slowly. Bruce kissed her cheek then quickly left as she stood there.

Alfred placed a comforting hand on her shoulder as she stared out confused. "It's ok, I understand." Lily whispered to Alfred, offering a halfhearted smile before she excused herself and headed up the stairs. Lily walked to her door but stopped, turning to rest against it instead. Lily sighed, looking down the hall at several doors she'd never been to before. At the far end of the hall was an enormous oil painting of a a happy couple, and Lily walked over and stared up at it. The man greatly favored Bruce, and the woman held to his arm. she was beautiful, and they both looked incredibly happy. Lilly rubbed her head, feeling the healing stitched now obscured by her growing hair. She stared at the painting as it loomed over her and huffed.

Oh no you don't. Lily thought, suddenly determined. You don't get to do that this time. "Alfred?" Lily called loudly, turning to make her way back downstairs. She jotted down the stairs quickly, nearly running into Alfred as he appeared to answer her. Lily clutched her chest, startled. "Sorry, I'm...I'm sorry." she sighed, catching her breath. Alfred stared at her curiously. "You know where he's going, right?" she asked. Alfred smiled, "I do." Lily looked at him confidently, "I think that we should go out Alfred." Alfred's smile grew proudly as he began untying his apron. "Very good, Mistress Lily." he beamed, "I'll go ready the car." Lily nodded, going for her coat. She felt butterflies, but shook it off as she walked quickly to the garage.

Bruce stood in the large field, a single colorful smudge in a sea of snowy white. Lily stepped out of the Bently while Alfred waited in the warmth of the car, and stared across the field at her beloved. He stood before a large double headstone marked with the name "Wayne". Lily was stunned at how very frail he appeared with his scarf blowing in the wind. The snow crunched below her feet and the biting cold gripped her ankles as she walked up slowly. Bruce turned, wiping his face as he noticed her approach and looking away. "You don't get to do this anymore you know." Lily called confidently. She met Bruce, touching his elbow supportively. "I don't know what you mean." Bruce replied, sniffing but not looking at her.

"I'm not comatose. I'm not incapacitated and I am not going to let you go through this alone anymore." Lily declared, "I'm a lot stronger than you think, and I'm gonna follow you right into Hell if I have to." Bruce looked at her, sighing as a bittersweet smirk appeared on his face. Lily took a step closer to him, and shivered as the snow soaked her stockings. Bruce examined her ankles concerned, and rested his hands on her shoulders. "I know how strong you are." he whispered, taking her into his arms. Lily felt warmth radiate from his chest and she said sweetly, "But do you know how strong you are?" she asked. Bruce looked down into her unwavering stare. "They would want you to be happy, you do know that don't you?" she asked.

Bruce blinked away tears, his expression pained as Lily leaned up and touched her forehead to his. "I miss them so much." he whispered, "I still miss them so much." Lily wiped his stray tears with the back of her frozen hand and her reacted to the cold. "That's ok." Lily soothed, "It's ok to miss the people we love that are no longer with us." Bruce clutched her hands, seeking to warm them. "But at most, you owe them your love, not your life Bruce. You are every bit the man Thomas Wayne was, maybe more. If he could do it and still have a life for himself, so can you." Bruce kissed Lily softly as snow began falling on their shoulders and in their hair. "But you're not going through this alone anymore. I won't let you. I will be right there in that hole, holding your hand." Lily said, and Bruce kissed her passionately. "Let's go home." Bruce said as he took her hand. He waved Alfred along, and he drove off as they trudged out of the snow.

The fire roared as they arrived home. There was a small tray waiting with a note, and Alfred was nowhere to be found. "I think I ruined these shoes." Lily commented as Bruce read the note. He turned back to her, "Alfred has gone to bed, he left us the tray." Lily nodded, and Bruce stared for a few moments before taking her hand and walking in front of the fire. He kissed her, pulling her dress over her head and leaving her in her slip. He went to the couch and pulled the overstuffed pillows from it, throwing it down for her. They sat on the floor in front of the fireplace, tangled up in each others embrace as they kissed. "It scares me sometimes, how much I care for you." Bruce admitted. Lily giggled, "Of all the things to be afraid of." she said, "I'm not going anywhere baby." She kissed him deeply, "Nowhere." she assured. Bruce stopped, breathing heavy and looking down. "That's what they promised." he mumbled sadly. Lily just held him quietly, unsure of what to say.

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Tags: featuring: alfred, featuring: batman, featuring: bruce wayne, featuring: dr. crane, featuring: gordon, featuring: scarecrow, featuring: the joker, genre: au, genre: gen, genre: het, genre: movieverse, genre: multi-chapter, pairing: bruce/ofc, pairing: joker/ofc, rating: nc-17
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