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Idlewild Conclusion

Story Title: Idlewild Part Twelve
Summary: That's evolution for you. It's just a jump to the left....
Genre: AU OC
Pairing: Desdemona/Joker, Bruce Wayne/Lily, Matilda/Dick Grayson
Rating: R
Disclaimer: If I owned them, I'd be too busy fucking to write my name...
Author Notes: Comments are love, bitches! Thanks to everyone who took the survey. Previous Chapter links are beneath cut!

Joker stood in the multi-hued glow of the massive tree, and Desi studied his expression candidly. She walked past the row of mobsters, all sitting at the base of the tree tied together. "Five golden boys!" she explained, waving her arms at them in demonstration. The Joker smiled sickly, his eyes shining as the makeup reflected the Christmas lights along his face. "How festive you look." Desi commented adoringly, "Thank you for wearing my hat." Joker's eyes trailed up, then rolled dismissively. He hopped down to Desi's level and stood with her in front of the mobsters. Desi looked up at him, and he could barely conceal his excitement. "What do you plan to do with them?" he asked.

Desi smiled, "They're one of my gifts to you." He looked over them and she leaned up to his ear, "It's gentleman's choice." Joker set to work, pulling tubing from the trunk and carrying it to the platform. Desi lit up as the batmobile came thundering up the road toward them. "They're here." Desi chanted, "Two vigilantes." Desi removed her trench coat, bouncing up and down to loosen up like a boxer. The batmobile came to a stop, opening as Nightwing and Batman leaped out. Joker continued ripping tape from the mouths of the mobsters as Desi squealed. "Well my stars," Desi said silkily, "Batman himself. Don't I feel like the prettiest girl at the dance?" Desi tossed a detonator to the Joker, and they turned in unison to confront the crime fighters.

"Two against two, huh?" Desi asked laughingly, looking to the Joker. The Joker clicked his tongue, "Hardly seems fair." he remarked smugly. Desi pressed her detonator, and an explosion echoed somewhere in town. Desi covered her mouth excitedly in mock surprise, and the Joker explained. "It isn't the detonator you need to get this time, it's the explosion. In town there are seven cars, each car has either one of the Mayor's sons or a member of the Gordon family." Desi interrupted, singing, "Three Gordon's hostage, four Mayor's children.." she extended her hands to the stage, "Five golden boys!" Joker applauded jovially, "That was one car down. Every fifteen minutes, another car will blow." Desi waved, "Hurry hurry now." Nightwing rushed to the batmobile, but Batman stayed behind. "What about yours?" he demanded.

Joker howled with delight, "Oh this?" He waved the remote at him, "This is eleven. Eleven students strumming at the Gotham concert hall. I push this little button and a mere twenty minutes later they too will be blown to bits." Joker sneered, pushing the button slowly as he stared Batman down. "Oops." he spat, "All the way across town, too." Batman took a step toward him before turning and running to join Nightwing. "Hey, where are you going?" Moroni demanded. Several mobsters joined in, calling out. "Wait! Help us!" Joker made a face, pulling the purple string from under his coat. A mist issued from the tubing, spraying each mobster and sending them into bouts of strained laughter.

Joker turned to admire his work as Desi walked over beside him. "It's like they're caroling." she said dreamily. Joker nudged her chin and Desi giggled, holding up a Molotov cocktail. "Twelve escaping inmates." Desi sang softly, "Eleven strumming students, ten broken bankers, nine dancers dismembered, eight no longer leaping, seven cars exploding, six ferrys sinking." Joker chimed in, happily hooting, "Five mobsters dead!" Desi chuckled as she watched him, lighting the cocktail. "Four mayor's sons." she sang as he took the cocktail. "Three Gordon's." he replied. Desi yelled, "Two crime fighting dupes." Joker tossed the cocktail over the writhing mobsters' heads, setting the tree ablaze before them. "And an arson of Gotham's prize tree." he said merrily.

Joker swept Desi up in glee, kissing her with unbridled passion. "Merry Christmas my little lamb." Joker whispered, his breath on Desi's neck. "I love it when you call me that." Desi giggled, hugging to him. She tugged on his hat playfully as he held her hips, "You like your gift baby?" she purred. Joker looked at the now paralyzed faces of the dead mobsters, his eyes settling on Moroni. Desi nuzzled his neck and he replied, "Twelve acts of chaos in under a week. Yeah, you could say I'm pleased." Desi looked up and the Joker kissed her again hungrily. "Let's go attend to Crane." He seethed as Desi gazed up at him, "Consider it my gift to you." Desi laughed as he grabbed her hand and pulled her along from the stage.

Matilda looked from her window out over the night's sky. The blanket of streetlights shined up like a reverse sky, and Matilda stared down at it as she tried to ease her mind. She found herself wondering what her mother was thinking as she came to England that day, and if she realized she would be forever changing their lives. Matilda shook her cup of ice nervously, taking a deep breath and looking across the plane at the many people sleeping. He'll be fine. she tried to convince herself, Mom talks a big game, but what is really capable of? She just scared him in all likelihood. Matilda shuddered, trying to shake off the doubt as it crept into her mind.

She looked at her notebook, reading the information she has on Liam as she turned Bruce's penthouse key over in her hand idly. Matilda thought about her past three months, about running away and going to Batman. She thought about standing up to her mother and both times the Joker has attacked her. Matilda laughed in disbelief at how much her life had changed in such a brief time, rubbing her eyes desperately. How did I get here? she thought, If I wasn't here, I'd never believe it. Her thoughts settled on Dick, and she smiled as she thought of the past month with him. She took a deep breath, silently praying that he's ok as she looked back out the window.

The Joker pushed the desk across from the dining room table, lining them up. "I want to see some more of those gymnastic moves you have." he instructed, slapping the desk harshly. Desi stood staring at Crane, who was bound to a chair unconscious. "I need a chair." she said vacantly. The Joker happily complied, setting a chair between the desk and table and patting it to call her over. Desi sighed, stretching as she walked over. She gripped the armrests with both hands, extending her right leg to her head before laying it on the desk. She then slowly lifted her left leg to the table, in a complete split as she held herself up on her arms. Desi released a slow, steady breath as she focused.

The Joker chuckled maliciously, coming up behind her. He licked along her neck, and Desi held to the back of his neck as she leaned against him. Joker traced his fingers up her neck and Desi giggled feverishly, moaning softly as she held to him with her other hand. Laughing fiendishly, Joker kicked the chair from beneath her, and Desi huffed as she held to him. "Sh-sh-sh..." he soothed, slipping his hand down her body and stroking her gently, "I've got you." Desi tightened her grip on his neck for support, and the Joker nibbled along her neck as he mumbled to her. "That's right, get wet for me." he instructed, "Let's give that ex of yours something to cry about."

Crane stirred, lifting his head hazily and shaking it as he realized he was restrained. He pulled his arms against the straps, hearing his wife moan aggressively before looking up at her and the Joker. Crane cried out at the sight of her, contorted and in his embrace. "Desi..." he choked out, "What're you..." Bitter tears spilled down his face, and the Joker grinned as he penetrated Desi with his fingers and she called out in pleasure. Desi opened her eyes to look at Crane, who stared at her in disbelief. Desi smiled back at him before succumbing to the sensation and throwing her head back to moan loudly. Joker brushed her hair from her face as he stared Crane down in victory. "You want me to fuck you?" he asked seductively. Desi could only softly whimper, nodding quickly. Joker drove his fingers into her harshly and Desi called out desperately.

"Then kill him." Joker commanded. He pulled from her, grabbing her hips for stability and lifting her so she could return her feet to the floor. Desi slid along in her stockings, doing a cartwheel and stopping in front of Crane. Desi began to unfasten the straps slowly, stopping front of her heartbroken and confused husband. Desi took a deep breath, reared back and struck Crane hard across the face. "Well, come on." Desi taunted, "Hit me." Crane leaned across the chair, but did nothing. Desi twitched, waiting for his reaction as her rage built. When she received no reaction, Desi lunged forward and grabbed Crane's collar, pulling him from the chair. "Come on you pussy!" Desi shouted, "Hit me!" Desi kicked Crane hard in the stomach, spitting on him as he rolled onto his side. Crane gasped, coughing as he clutched his side. "I won't treat you like he does." he coughed.

Desi responded by grabbing him by the scalp and slamming his head against the metal chair. Crane recoiled, and Desi stepped over him, pulling him up by his shirt. Looking down into his eyes, her expression hardened. "Do something to save yourself or I will kill you." she seethed. Crane shuddered despite himself but failed to blink. "No." he whispered gruffly. Desi dropped by, walking in a small circle as she pulled her knife. "You know, I think I've figured it out." Desi said, slashing across Crane's back and cutting his shirt. "Why do we seek out agents of chaos?" she asked, "Why stop there?" Desi slashed again, sending Crane rolling over. "Everyone deserves it." Crane reached for clemency, and Desi carved along his upper arm in response. "Everyone should suffer." Desi grabbed the chair, swinging it over her head and bringing it down across his lower back.

Crane collapsed, groaning as he lay bleeding. Desi stomped him repeatedly as the Joker watched silently elated. "GODDAMIT, HIT ME!" She screamed as her voice went shrill. Blood dripped slowly from his mouth and he took a deep breath. Looking up at her as she loomed over him he mumbled, "I love you." Desi's twitched, staring at him hatefully before stomping over to the Joker. "Give me a gun." she said, shaking her hand at him. Joker stood, looking nonplussed as she began to wind down. "Gun!" she demanded. Crane rolled onto his back, groaning as he called out, "Harriet please." The Joker laughed, "He's delusional! Almost too good to end this." He slapped the gun into her hand as he saw the telling expression on her face.

Desi's expression weakened and there was a far away look in her eye as she turned slowly back to Crane. "Please don't do this." he begged. Desi wavered, and Joker asked, "Who the Hell is Harriet?" Desi's eyes bore into Crane as trailed down to him. "There is no Harriet." she mumbled blankly to the Joker. Desi held her gaze at Crane as she fired the gun randomly over him. She paced around him, saying nothing but firing a few more times around him. "Run." she said flatly, "Leave this and never come back. There's no home for you here and all that we had is gone from me. Run." Crane pulled to his knees, shaking his head in disbelief. "You can't mean..." he said desperately. Desi cracked her neck, turning from him. "I'll not hear another word!" she demanded, "Do you not comprehend the rareness of my mercy? Go!"

Crane sobbed, scrambling to his feet and backing from her. He halted, his eyes pleading and Desi fired, shooting him in his upper thigh. Even as he bled, he longed to touch her and he looked up to the Joker with an unimaginable, burning hatred. He opened the door and stumbled out into the night as Desi stood breathing heavy. "Do you want to tell me what that was?" the Joker asked. Desi said nothing, instead firing the gun a last time, repeatedly pulling the trigger with no effect. Desi yelled hatefully, throwing the gun down and marching past him to the basement. Joker smelled the gasoline long before he saw it, and he stood watching as Desi splashed everything with the fuel silently.

Lily lay on the steps sleeping when Batman roared up the path to the cave. The echo of the engine woke her, and she bolted upright as he hopped out and walked to put away his weapons. "How did it go?" she asked nervously. Batman said nothing, working methodically for several minutes before he replied, "Three dead. Two of the Mayor's sons, and Commissioner Gordon's wife." Lily covered her mouth, stunned to silence at the news. She walked over, touching his shoulder tenderly. "We didn't get to them in time." he huffed, "I failed..." Batman fell silent, removing pieces of his suit and putting them away. Lily slipped between him and the table, leaning into his field of vision. "No." she whispered seriously, "You hear me? No. This was not your fault."

Bruce removed his cowl, looking mournfully at her. "How many lives did you save tonight, Bruce?" Lily asked pointedly. Bruce looked at her as he worked, "It isn't that simple Lily." she sniffed. "Yes." she replied, touching his face, "It is." She leaned up, gently kissing Bruce's lips. "It's Christmas, remember?" she said, "Come upstairs, I gave a gift for you that I think you really need right now." She held his cheek, and Bruce reluctantly nodded. Lily nodded hopefully and walked to the staircase as he finished undressing.

Bruce walked quietly down the hall, spying Lily on the sofa in front of the television. He looked on her for several minutes before coming in and sitting down. "Merry Christmas!" Lily said happily, extending the remote to him. Bruce took the remote, his eyes wide. " my remote controller." Bruce said, smiling. Lily tapped the remote, "There's a bow on it." she said indignant, "Push the button." Bruce scratched his head, looking back at her. "Go on." she said playfully, "Push it." Bruce looked up at her quizzical, pushing the button slowly. The television lit up, and the DVD started playing. Bruce was stunned to see Lily appear on the screen.

He looked over to her as she studied herself onscreen solemnly. "My name is Li-ly." the television sounded. He looked to the screen, watching the befuddled, hairless Lily as she tugged at her clothes and rolled her eyes. ", I'm 26?" she said confusedly. The doctor spoke off screen to her and she looked sadly, "Oh, that's right. I'm 27, I'm sorry." Bruce covered his mouth, remembering what seemed already so long ago. Lily blushed onscreen, biting her lower lip, "Bruce is...he and I date." She giggled, absentmindedly tucking non-existent hair behind an ear out of habit. "He's amazing. I love him." Bruce sighed quietly, his smile growing as the DVD flashed forward to a later interview.

Bruce watched for the better part of an hour, watching as Lily's hair slowly returned and her outfits changed, but her warm and loving regards for Bruce barely wavered. He turned, looking at Lily as she sat on the couch and his eyes watered. "Before I could remember my name." Lily said, "I remembered you." Bruce slid across the couch, coming closer to her. "Even when I couldn't remember what day it was, I knew I loved you." Lily stroked his hair as he blinked, flushing away the water in his eyes. "I just knew it." she said. Bruce kissed her on her nose softly. "Thank you very very much. I will treasure it." Bruce said before kissing her deeply. Lily giggled softly, wrapping her arms around him.

"Well, one good turn deserves another." Bruce said, pulling from her and standing. He took her hand and walked to the hall, grabbing her coat. "Are we going out?" Lily asked, "I'm in my pajamas." Bruce kissed the back of her neck as he slipped her coat on. "And they're adorable." he said, "Come on." Lily followed Bruce out the back door and past the pool to the massive rose garden by the greenhouse. Lily followed curiously, not sure what to expect. In the center of the garden, just past a large fountain stood a massive rose sculpture made of stainless steel and stained in a myriad of colors. Lily stared at it amazed, unable to speak.

"A local artist made these for you." Bruce explained, "Always blossoming, always lovely, always here." Lily blinked several times rapidly. "That's the coffee stand, isn't it?" she asked low. Bruce hugged her to his side and squeezed her, "Yes. It and all it's debts are a thing of the past." Bruce kissed her head, "In the spring, you can pick the new crop of roses and this will be your garden." Lily continued to stare at the sculpture. "It's beautiful." she whispered. Lily turned to Bruce, "It's unbelievably beautiful. Thank you. I love it, I really do." She held to him in the garden, and snow began falling softly around them. "I can't wait for the future." Bruce said softly. Lily pulled to look at his face. "Let's go make breakfast. I want to surprise Alfred."

Desi finished soaking the house, throwing the gas can onto the embers in the living room and setting them alight. Joker went to her, grabbing her hand as she stared at the blaze and pulling her out with him. They stood watching the building burn down together, and Desi asked blankly "You think you did this don't you?" Joker looked curiously at her but said nothing. "That you led me to this, that you suckered me. That's what you think, right?" Desi continued, "I am sorry J, but I knew you were full of shit that day on the bed. I knew what you wanted." Desi sighed, pulling a cigarette from her cleavage. "I wanted you so badly that I let you think you were manipulating me. Now I have you as much as you have me." She said matter-of-fact, lighting her cigarette.

The Joker pulled his knife and went for Desi, who grabbed his hand and brought it to her throat. "Just like old times." she laughed, "So do it this time." Tears streamed down her face as the Joker stared at her. "I hate everything." she spat, "Except for you." Joker looked at her, unable to maintain his anger. "Everything burns." he comforted, "Even the past." Desi laughed relieved as he lowered the knife and kissed her voraciously. "We must reinvent chaos." he instructed, "The scale must be much grander than it ever has been." Desi nodded devotedly, "Everyone should suffer, let no one escape." The Joker growled happily, "Now you're talking. Let's get out of here."

Matilda walked through the large iron gate of the Causeway Retreat and continued across the lush field to meet the director. She was greeted warmly, shaking hands with the director before walking along through the center. "May I ask your interest in Mr. Sotheby?" the director asked. Matilda nodded agreeably, "We were involved before the incident." she explained, "I'm not here to bother him, I just wanted to see him and perhaps find some closure." The director nodded, "Well, Liam is doing much better that he was when he arrived with us. He's come very far." The director shook his head, "Of course, with the tragedy there's simply no chance he'll ever leave here." Matilda stopped her, confused. "What tragedy?" she asked.

The director looked at her stunned. "Liam's family was brutally murdered not long after he arrived here. Unbelievable really, they faces were disfigured and they were left in their home." Matilda closed her eyes, swallowing hard as it sank in. "I see." she said disheartened. The director turned, walking her to the activities field. She pointed to a small grouping of lawn furniture, and Matilda immediately recognized Liam's back as he sat at the table working. "His art is his passion." the director noted, "Very therapeutic." Matilda smiled, staring out at him and immediately checking her hair and face. "Take your time." the director offered. Matilda took a deep breath and began walking toward him.

She tried to calm her mind, but memories of their affair flooded it, and Matilda felt youthful and giddy. She wondered what she might say to him, and was suddenly worried as to what her mother had said to him. Before she could indulge these worries, Liam turned, seeing her for the first time in years. Matilda stopped cold, staring at him with a slight smile as he tried to process seeing her after so long. Liam's face registered first shock, followed by slow, gripping horror. His hand gripped his metal ruler and began banging it loudly against the table. Matilda looked on worriedly as he pointed at her, terrified.

Liam opened his mouth, wailing inaudible as he pounded the desk with his ruler. Tears streamed down his face and nurses came running to assist him in his fit. Matilda gasped, covering her mouth as she noticed his profile. One orderly brushed her as they swarmed, seeking to contain and relax him. Liam tried fleeing, falling out of his wheelchair and lying on the ground. Matilda felt sick, her head swimming as she watched them sedate this man and heard his strained gibberish. "Dear God..." Matilda cried softly, "What... did... she... do... to... you???"

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Tags: featuring: alfred, featuring: batman, featuring: bruce wayne, featuring: dr. crane, featuring: gordon, featuring: harvey dent, featuring: scarecrow, featuring: the joker, genre: au, genre: het, genre: movieverse, genre: multi-chapter, pairing: bruce/ofc, pairing: joker/ofc, rating: nc-17
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