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Idolatry Part 2

Story Title: Idolatry Part Two
Summary: To everything, there is a season.
Genre: AU OC
Pairing: Desdemona/Joker, Bruce Wayne/Lily, Matilda/Dick Grayson
Rating: R
Disclaimer: If I owned them, I'd be too busy fucking to write my name...
Author Notes: Comments are love, bitches! Previous stories, over 70 chapters are beneath cut!

"Anyone who knew Barbara Gordon could tell you, she was a woman of incredible integrity. A woman who showed unwavering grace as the wife of the commissioner and a benevolent force in the community." The preacher looked at the ocean of people who filled the massive church before shuffling his notes. "It's difficult when someone we love is taken from us, and harder still when it happens so senselessly, but in times like these we must strive to be thankful for the precious time we did share with Barbara. We must continue in a way that would make her proud." The crowd stared up at the pulpit with rapt attention as he spoke, and his voice echoed in vaulted ceilings of the Gothic church.

The stone church was filled beyond capacity, and people spilled out of front doors as they stood to pay their respects to the commissioner's wife. The air was thick in the church, and the recent cold had subsided to an eerie warmth as the people sat in the silence of the church. The week was filled with funerals all over town for the many people who had died in the Christmas massacre, and the entire town seemed in mourning along with the mayor and the commissioner. Even the mob families had taken a hiatus to regroup and remember those who had fallen. Gotham had simply ground to a halt just shy of the new year, and no one was sure what the new year would bring.

Jim Gordon sat in the front row, his son beside him and his daughter's wheelchair at the end of the row. Jim stared at his knees, a far away look in his eye, utterly forlorn as the casket was carried up the aisle and the many people took turns speaking about his beloved. He looked absent, disaffected, and responded to little outside the touch of his daughter during the entire ceremony. Lily watched him closely as she sat in the church beside Bruce. She had never met Barbara Gordon, but over the many years Bruce had supported the police force he and Gordon had developed a friendship and Bruce wanted to pay his respects. Lily sat in her wool overcoat, her hand in Bruce's firm grip as she looked around at the archaic features of the old building. The events of the recent days had taken an unexpected toll on Lily, and she found herself wondering things she had never before imagined.

Lily sneaked looks at Bruce as music played and several lined up to take communion. He looked solemn as he stared ahead, and she longed to touch him or comfort him in some way. This could be me. Lily thought, He faces the people that did this on any given night. How long before they get lucky? If he were killed, I don't think I could take it. She looked at Bruce, and he felt her stare, granting her a reassuring smirk and patting her hand. Lily looked ahead, pondering. Will he ever give it up? How many more years does he safely have?

Lily rolled her eyes at herself. Like that's fair. Honestly, Lily, how fucked up is that? If it isn't Bruce, it will be Dick and what would that mean for poor Matilda? Lily sighed, confused and unsure of herself. Part of her didn't care who it was that replaced him as long as he stopped, and she was alarmed by that reasoning. She needed Bruce, which made her immediately wonder about his feelings for her. She glanced at him as he watched Jim and followed his stare to the commissioner and his family. Jim and his son took communion, while his daughter stayed behind, and Lily wondered briefly about the wheelchair.

You're one to wonder. Lily thought to herself, What must it have been like for Bruce when you got kidnapped and shot? He sat beside that bed for a month while you were in that coma. He never wavered, not once. Lily looked lovingly at Bruce, resting her head on his shoulder. He never missed a beat since it happened. Could you handle that if it ere you, Lily? And why are you talking to yourself in the third person? Lily sighed slowly, hugging Bruce's arm lightly as her head rested on his shoulder. She felt guilty, as if she had disrespected Bruce by not having faith in his abilities. She also felt horrible about thinking so much about herself at the funeral of another.

People began to stand, filing out of the Church slowly to continue to the graveside service. Bruce handed her small purse to Lily and she stood waiting to exit. This, all of this. she thought, This is your life now. How strong are you, really? Lily watched Jim tearfully carry the coffin out with the other pallbearers and her blood ran cold. She continued to watch, her head swimming as Bruce took her hand gently and led her down the pew to the exit. Her eyes never left the coffin, and she remained silent as they exited and went to the car. "Are you ok?" He whispered as they broke from the crowd. Lily snapped out of it, looking up as they reached the car. "Yeah..." Lily said, opening the door and climbing in. She paused, shaking her head softly, "No..."

Bruce studied her face, "Are you tired? I can drop you off if like so you can rest." Lily forced a smile, shaking her head. "I just feel so bad for the mayor and Commissioner Gordon. The whole city is suffering." she explained. Bruce touched her cheek, and Lily leaned back and belted herself in. The graveside was a much smaller affair, and the sky was bleak overhead as Bruce walked up to Gordon. Lily lingered behind shyly as a harsh wind blew along the hill and she shivered uncontrollably. She worried about her wig briefly as she walked slowly up to Bruce and Gordon. Bruce took a step back and Gordon gave her a polite nod before turning to the service. Bruce and Lily stood back from the small crowd, the wind blowing their coats as the family threw loose soil onto the lowered coffin.

"I love you." Bruce said simply. His gaze never left the grave, and Lily looked at him for several seconds, wondering what he had been thinking about on the day. She turned back to the service as music wafted on the breeze, and the thought about every moment of her life since he walked into it and ordered coffee. Some memories were sharp, others a darkened, out-of-focus snapshot. She took a deep breath, knowing she was going to have to change if she wanted to survive what her life had become. "I know." she replied. Bruce turned, walking away and Lily followed as Gordon knelt beside the grave and wept. Lily looked back, her heart sinking as she found herself darkly grateful that it wasn't her in that circumstance.

The long drive home was a silent one. Lily bundled herself in her overcoat, unable to break the chill she had caught in the cemetery. Bruce stared ahead, focused on his driving and avoiding even a glance in her direction. Their minds were both pregnant with business of life, death, and all the things that make them both tragic. Lily had lied to Bruce, she was tired, but was unwilling to allow her condition to dictate their plans. She knew it was only matter of nightfall before he'd be out for the evening, and she wasn't going to miss any time with him. In the few days since Christmas, he had spent much of his time as Batman, and it seemed he and Dick weren't getting along.

Lily tried her best to mind her own business when it came to that, but she couldn't help the worry. They arrived at home and parked in the garage before heading to the entrance. Lily stepped in, moaning thankfully at the rush of warm air which finally seemed to defeat her chill. She removed her coat and began to slowly unwrap her scarf as Bruce shed his coat quickly. "I have to go." Bruce said as she turned to Lily. Lily smiled somewhat sadly, "I know." she said, "Be safe." Bruce kissed her, and Lily squeezed him with all her might as she continued to kiss him. Bruce pulled back, catching his breath. "I'll see you in the morning." He assured, turning to suit up. Lily watched him until he disappeared from view, swallowing hard as he left her sight.

Lily turned back to her coat solemnly. She hung her scarf up and slowly pulled the wig away as she stood in the narrow corridor from the garage. She stood there in the dark, holding the wig for several minutes, all alone with her thoughts. She took a deep breath, dropping the wig into the trash as she crossed through the kitchen. Lily considered eating, cracking her neck as she stood at the island. She grabbed a single glass and a bottle of wine from the rack and went for the staircase in the dark.

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Tags: featuring: alfred, featuring: batman, featuring: bruce wayne, featuring: dr. crane, featuring: gordon, featuring: scarecrow, featuring: the joker, featuring: two-face, genre: au, genre: het, genre: movieverse, genre: multi-chapter, pairing: bruce/ofc, pairing: joker/ofc, rating: r
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